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The secret origins behind the customers' life be told here.


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Double Life of a Vigilante

Important Characters:

  • Joy/Ninjoy (Main Character)
  • Master Kunochi
  • Treasure (Main Antagonist)
  • Chelsea
  • Roy
  • Papa Louie
  • Iggy
  • Professor Fitz


"Treasure has causing havoc around Flipverse with his men on his side. Ninjoy has to stop her reign of terror, but throughout her adventure...we get to know her side of the story and relationship. Any secrets she has to be revealed? Any sentimental side? Any shocking truth? Read her adventure and see her untold origin."



  • This takes place before Papa's Cheeseria.
  • This will be filled with headcanons of mine.
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Double Life of a Vigilante: Prologue
The Pirate Reign:
Outside Koilee's House

Koilee: *Walking with Elle* Thanks for helping me feed my koi fishes.
Elle: No problem, anything to do for a friend.
Koilee: Alright, let's go and...
Elle: Thieves!? *Points at the thieves*
Koilee: There not just thieves, there Treasure's Pirate Gang!! And there stealing my fishes!!
Treasure: Ye idiots!! Take them a pair into th' Golden Plank Ship
Pirate 1#: Right away captain!!
Elle: *A pirate grab Elle* Hey...!!
Koilee: Let us go!!

Both Koilee and Elle got drag to the flying ship and saw Emmlette, Vincent, and Wylan being tied up.

Vincent: I travel so far from my home and now i got captured by those criminals.
Wylan B: This is so uncool man!!
Emmlette: I just wanted some eggs.

Outside the ship

Duke Gotcha: This is Duke Gotcha and this is my co-worker Shannon, and we both in Sakura Bay where Treasure's Pirate Gang stole Japanese items and kidnapped 5...people!! *A Pirate grab Duke Gotcha*
Shannon: Duke Gotcha!! *Runs away to the empty slot(Future Papa's Sushiria)* This is bad!! So bad!!
??: Hey stranger, what are you doing?
Shannon: *Looks behind her and saw a lady in brown hair tied to a pig tails, wears a purple turtle neck, has black leggings, and black shoes* Oh...sorry, i'm just hiding from those pirates.
??: Oh you mean Tresure's Pirate Gang i see...
Shannon: Why are you so calm? The pirates are stealing people's stuff and kidnapping people.
??: Yeah...but they be stop no time. Besides, Sakura Bay has the least crime rate of all Flipverse. Those pirates never win.
Shannon: Ummmmm...thanks? Huh...? *Looks around and she's gone* Weird...where is she? *Saw a notebook and grabs it* She might of dropped it...hey...*Looks at the name* Her name is Joy?
One Woman War:

If you wonder who am i, well i'll tell you. My name's Joy...people in Sakura Bay think i work a random job, but the truth is...i'm the mysterious mask girl named Ninjoy who protects anyone from criminals. I'll stop all criminals, especially this criminal.

Ninjoy: *Jumps to the flying ship* Treasure that's enough!!
Treasure: Ninjoy!! Do ye have to be here everytime i commited a crime?!
Ninjoy: Give up now or face the consequence!!
Treasure: Or what!? I have an army 'o men 'n ye all alone!!
Ninjoy: Doesn't matter!! Ahhhhhh...!! *Kicks one pirate and falls, and punch another one*
Treasure: Urrrrrrrrrrrrr...!! Get her!! 'N make sure she's destroy!!
Pirates: Ahhhhhh...!! *Runs to Ninjoy*
Ninjoy: *Throws smoke bomb here and make her disappear*
Pirates: *Cough*
Ninjoy: *Throws shuriken on them*
Pirate 1#: Owwwww...!! Me arms!!
Ninjoy: *Kicks Pirate 1#*
Pirate 2#: *Starts the cannonball and aims Ninjoy*
Ninjoy: *Miss the shot* Wow...!! That's not fair!!
Treasure: *Miss the shot* Avast, thar...!! ye almost hit ye cap'n!!

Most of the pirates got hit by the cannonball even the one who shoot it. Only people who didn't hit are Ninjoy and Treasure.

Ninjoy: *Pulls her ninja sword* End of the line Treasure!!
Treasure: *Pulls her pirate sword* Gunna spy wit' ye eye 'bout that?
Ninjoy and Treasure: Ahhhhh...!! *Sword fight*
Duke Gotcha: Huh...? A sword fight between a vigilante ninja and a criminal pirate.
Elle: Well ninjas and pirates are like mortal enemies.
Treasure: *Falls* Owwww...!!
Ninjoy: It's over...!!
Treasure: Oh really...*Press the button and a mini-ship came in the floor Treasure is standing* I'll be back!! Sooner or Later!! *Leaves*
Ninjoy: *Looks above*
Emmlette: Hey...!!
Ninjoy: *Looks behind and saw many people being captured* Oh sorry...i'll let you guys out.
Nowtime News:
1 hour later

Shannon: I'm Shannon and we are in Sakura Bay were many people got captured from Treasure's Pirate Gang including my co-worker Duke Gotcha. Okay again...why am i interviewing you?
Duke Gotcha: Cause' i'm one of the captives...
Shannon: Can we just give people some screen time?
Duke Gotcha: Oh fine...
Shannon: You with the lip piercing...*Pointing Wylan B*
Wylan B: Yes...?
Shannon: How's is it feel like to be captured?
Wylan B: It was bad bros, i was about to carry some priceless junk when all of the sudden some pirates stole those junk and kidnapped me.
Shannon: And who do you think they been stopped?
Vincent: From that vigilante Ninjoy, if it wasn't for her then i would be in danger.
Shannon: Okay...that's all for today.
Duke Gotcha: Good now...say my catchphrase.
Shannon: No...why can't you do it?
Duke Gotcha: Cause' i....
Shannon: *Slaps herself* Fine...Well, It seems like once again, Duke… GOTCHAAAAH!!
Kunoichi Dojo:
In Kunoichi Dojo

Joy: *Turns off TV* I hate Nowtime News...
Master Kunoichi: Of course Joy...
Joy: Now...why did you send me here?
Master Kunoichi: Well i'll tell you the good news and bad news.
Joy: News...? You could have send me a letter with news.
Master Kunoichi: Then you would be here any moment for question, do you want some tea?
Joy: Yes please...
Master Kunoichi: *Pours tea on Joy's cup*
Joy: *Sips on tea*
Master Kunoichi: The good news is that i'm almost getting old and weaker too. In my retirement, you'll be the new master.
Joy: *Spits on tea* Really...? Oh...sorry. *Grabs the napkin and wipes Master Kunoichi's face*
Master Kunoichi: Yes i'm seriously...but the bad news is that most of your classmates disagree with this idea.
Joy: Why?
Master Kunoichi: Cause' they think your too perfect for everything seen you're a vigilante and know every move that they don't about.
Joy: You teach me those so i could protect the city from danger. Afterall, my father is missing for 10 years and he is the reason i wanted to be a vigilante. Not only that, i want to protect my brother and my uncle from harm.
Master Kunoichi: You do miss your family, do you?
Joy: Yeah...everyday.
Master Kunoichi: Then why not reunite them.
Joy: Really...then what about...
Master Kunoichi: Go...family is important you know. Don't worry about the dojo...
Joy: Thanks Master...*Leaves Kunoichi Dojo*

In her apartment

Joy: *Packing her things* Alright...i'm almost done with this, after that i could...*Hears a knock* Who's there? *Opens the door and revealed to be Shannon holding a notebook*
Shannon: Hey...Joy dropped your notebook when you went on your own.
Joy: Oh sorry and thanks...*Grabs her notebook* Wait...how do you know my name? And how do you where i live?
Shannon: Your notebook contains your address and name so i know.
Joy: Silly me...well thanks for my notebook.
Shannon: No problem...*Leaves*

You might wonder why i became a vigilante, well i'll tell tomorrow when i'm traveling the road seen i know that Tastyville is so far from Sakura Bay and it will be a long day to go there.

Whenever i post a chapter here, i'll do the next in Papa's Gamerias Shorts. Also i'm too lazy to put the info of my Ocs, so i'll do it in my next chapter.
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Double Life of a Vigilante - Chapter 1:Sentimental Family
In Sakura Bay Airport

I finally pack my thing and i'm off to Sakura Bay Airport to go to Tastyville seen its so far to  go there. I went inside the airport to get a ticket to Tastyville. I saw Ivy in the Travel Trout Agency, i do know Ivy seen i first met her in Calypso Island as Ninjoy. I decided to go there for my ticket.

Ivy: So what location are you going?
Joy: Tastyville...
Ivy: Tastyville...all right, well you can have your ticket to Burgerburgh seen it's the nearest city to Tastyville.
Joy: Cool...
Ivy: But unfortunately, the plane to Burgerburgh is delayed everseen the plane got crash at the landing site. It's a good thing the passengers survived. So you have to go to Portallini to get trip to Burgerburgh seen that plane over there isn't broken.
Joy: Ok then...thanks.

1 hour 30 minutes later in the Plane

Joy: (Well that take long then i hope)
Girl: Is is true mom? Are we having a baby?
Mom: Of course...
Girl: I'm excited mom, i can't wait to see my baby sister.
Dad: What if its a boy?
Girl: Boy...? I don't know...
Mom: It doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl, atleast you have someone to take care.
Girl: Okay mom...

I just listen to those family. Those family reminded of me when i was kid.
Joy's Birth

Louise: Hey Louie!! What are you doing here in the hospital? Shouldn't you be in Papa's Pizzeria...
Papa Louie: And miss seeing my newborn niece, i wouldn't miss it for the day. So where is she?
Louise: She's in the nursery, let's go.


Papa Louie: *Looks though the glass* Where is she?
Louise: Right over there...*Points Joy*
Joy: *Sleeping*
Papa Louie: She's so cute, what's her name?
Louise: Well me and Joyce saw her with happiness, she made us so happy that we decided to call her Joy.
Papa Louie: A joyful name for a joyful baby.

So that's how i got the name, my parents were so busy to take of me. My mother was a gardener once, while my father is a police officer in Tastyville Police Department who inspire me to be a vigilante. So my uncle babysit me when i was a kid.

Fun times with your Uncle

Papa Louie: Hello Joy, i'm your uncle Louie and today i'll take care of you while your parents are busy.
Joy: *Looks around and started crying* Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!
Papa Louie: Joy, Joy...stop crying!! *Gives a pizza slice doll and sings a lullaby*
Joy: *Being happy* Pizza...
Papa Louie: Did you say 'Pizza'?
Joy: Pizza...
Papa Louie: I can't believe it, your first word!! I'm gonna grab the camera. *Ran out*
Joy: Pizza...

It's nice to hangout with my uncle. I wish i could hangout my parents much, but that's when the incident came.

In the Hospital

Joy: I'm so excited to see my new baby brother.
Papa Louie: Of course, then you could play eachother.
Joy: Yeah...*Sees her father* Hi dad...
Louise: *Looks sad*
Papa Louie: Louise, why do you look so sad?
Louise: Can we talk somewhere else Louie?
Papa Louie: Ummmmm...yeah.
Louise: Joy, please stay here for a while.
Joy: Okay dad...

My father and my uncle when to the males bathroom. I saw dad drops his wallet, i decided to grab it and give to dad through the males bathroom. I know i'm not suppose to enter, but i'm depressed. When i enter, i heard everything that mom died after my brother got birth. I'm been so sad for a week, i never talk to everyone.

One week later

Louise: Hey my little Joy, i brought pizza and its the kitchen.
Joy: *Cries*
Louise: Look...*Sits in the bed* I know she's gone, and you miss her. I also miss her and it's hard to let go. On the bright side, your brother is okay. Wanna meet him? He's here already.
Joy: *Stops crying* He's here.
Louise: Yep...let's go meet him.

We both went to the living room and saw a baby in a crib. I look at him and saw the cuteness of him.

Joy: Hes like when i was a baby, what's his name?
Louise: Well your ol' man is a terrible namer, so i name him Roy.
Joy: Roy...hello Roy, i'm your big sister Joy.

After that, i let go my mother's dead. I grew closer to him, we watch cartoons together and eat pizzas from our uncle's restaurant. I grew up being nice and responsible to people, i did watch many ninja movies that wanted me to learn martial arts but dad said that i couldn't. No one knows about that other than my dad.


Roy: *Looks at the picture of his mom*
Joy: What are you looking at?
Roy: Oh...just a picture of mom. I wish i could meet her.
Joy: I know, it's hard to let go. That's what dad said to me.
Roy: Yeah...atleast dad is here.
Papa Louie: *Opens the door* Hey there...!!
Roy and Joy: Uncle Louie!! *Hugs Uncle Louie*
Papa Louie: So sweet...do you know where's your father is?
Joy: No...i thought dad is with you.
Roy: Dad is missing for a week, where is dad?
Papa Louie: I don't know, but i'll try finding him.

Weeks became months and months became years. The disappearance became longer and longer, me and my brother now live with my uncle which is above Papa's Pizzeria. I miss him so much that i...
Welcome to Portallini:

Captain of this Plane: *Announcement* Attention Passengers, we are arrived in Portallini. You may leave.

I was daydreaming the whole time, i grab my bags and leave the plane. I was about to go to Travel Trout Agencies, but that's when i saw a group of airport police chasing a guy in a pirate suit.

Joy: What's going on?
Man: One of Treasure's Pirate Gang came in and tries to steal the plane.

I decided to go to the girls bathroom and change my outfit into Ninjoy.

In the Landing Site

Pirate: Almost to th' plane, so i can...
Ninjoy: *Kicks the criminal* Not's so fast...You must be one of Treasure's Pirate Gang.
Pirate: That's right ye stupid ninja, I be on mission to pillage th' plane fer parts. Not only that, but to stop ye from gettin' to Burgerburgh.
Ninjoy: Wait...this is the plane to Burgerburgh? And what you might have plans to Burgerburgh?
Pirate: None 'o ye business, *Grabs pirate sword* now the hour fer ye to die.
Ninjoy: *Grabs ninja sword* Ahhhhhh...!!

He avoid my attack and try to attack me but i avoid the attack. After i kick him and he tried to punch and avoid the attack. I found the rope and i use it to tie the pirate.

Ninjoy: There...
Pirate: *Tied up* Th' cap'n isn't grog-filled 'bout this.
Airport Police 1#: We take it from here...
Airport Police 2#: Thank you Ninjoy...
Ninjoy: You're welcome...

After that, i change and went to the Travel Trout Agency that's when i discovered the plane to Burgerburgh is delayed due to the weather in Portallini. They reschedule it to tomorrow, so i have to stay in Portallini for tonight. Just great...atleast i stop a pirate, but what does Treasure have to do with parts from the plane?

This is what i headcanon the names of there parents.
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Woow, this time I cant wait for the next chapter to be released
yeah, cause this fan-fiction is very awesome
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Yay a Ninjoy fanfic Smiley

I cant wait for more

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Double Life of a Vigilante - Chapter 2: Fight for Justice
In Portallini:

I went to Ricotta Inn and stay there for the day seen you guys know that the flight to Burgerburgh is cancel and have to reschedule to tomorrow night.

Joy: Um hello, i want to rent a room.
Inn owner: What kind of room?
Joy: The single bedroom...please.
Inn owner: Alright, it's in room 3. *Gives the key to me*
Joy: Thank you...

I stay in room three for the night and i got myself sleepy. The Next day, i pack my things again and give keys to the inn owner. I haven't had breakfast so i decided to go to Papa's Pastaria and sat at the dining room.

Joy: I want...

Doan: Okay...*Leaves*
Mac: I don't know grandma...
Crystal: Come on, just try...
Mac: Okay grandma...
Mac's Prediction

Transportation air versus water start the day of crime,
the enemies from the seas planning on redoing the plan from the other day.
With the help of unusual hero, they about to stop there doing.

Mac: Do you think it will happen?
Crystal: I'm sure my dear. *Hugs Mac*

It feels like a relationship with me and Master Kunochi. If you wonder how i met Master Kunochi, let's just say its started in my brother's 9th birthday.
Joy: Hey uncle, i'm heading to the toy store to pick up the gift for Roy.
Papa Louie: Alright, i'll just prepare the pizzas.
Joy: Okay uncle...

I went to store to pick up a gift, my gift to him is a remote control car. He actually wanted to drive a car everseen he was a toddler, when i was about to enter the toy store i saw 2 guys carrying two sack. I enter the store and saw many gone missing. There is even a guy tied up in the counter looking scared, so i decided to untie him.

Joy: Sir...what happen!?
Cashier: Two robbers stole everything!!
Joy: Wait...!! Even the remote control car!?
Cashier: Yes...!! I have to call the police!!

I can't believe the robbers stole my gift for Roy, i save my money for that gift. I'm so mad that i can break a glass window. I have no choice but chase those robbers so i can retrieve my gift for Roy. I spotted them in the junkyard.

Robber 1#: Once we sell this toys, we will steal another one.
Robber 2#: Then we have enough money to buy those pizzas from Papa's Pizzeria!!
Robber 1#: Didn't we agree that were using the money to buy that yacht.
Robber 2#: Oh yeah...let's go with that.
Joy: Hey...!!
Robbers: Huh...!?
Joy: Give me back that remote control car!! Return those items you stole!!
Robbers: *Looks eachother and started to laugh* Hahahaahaahhahahahahahahahah...!!
Joy: Is it because of my appearance!?
Robber 1#: Of course little missy...
Robber 2#: I have an idea, let's take her so the police would pay the ransom for her.
Robber 1#: Good idea!!
Joy: (Oh no...)

I was so scared to fight this on my own, i don't know what to do. That's when i remember the ninja movies i watch, so i have no choice but to copy the moves from the movies. I punch the eye of one of the robbers and i ran away, i tried to escape from the junkyard but trip over some garbage. One of the robbers grab my leg, so i grab an old baseball bat and hit in the head.

Robber 2#: Owwwwww...!! My head!!
Joy: I need to call the police!! Shoot, i left my phone at Papa's Pizzeria!!
Robber 1#: Gotcha!! *Grabs me*
Robber 2#: Let's tie her up!!

I was capture by the robbers, i made a huge mistake on following them in the first place. There about to tie me up but that's when i finally meet Master Kunoichi.

Master Kunoichi: I can believe you two tie up a young girl. Such a disgrace...
Robber 1#: Out of our way old lady or you want to be captured like her?
Master Kunoichi: Do your worst...
Robber 1# Fine...you hold her for a while.
Robber 2#: Okay then...

One of the robbers is about get the Master Kunoichi while i'm tied up. Atfirst i thought they already capture Master Kunoichi. But that's when she avoid the attack, i see her fight that robber and has no serious injury. One of the robbers drop me and help the other robber. Even if Master Kunochi is all alone, but she fight them successfully. That's when i realized it's Martial Arts.

Robber 2#: I can't believe we were beaten by an old lady...
Robber 1#: I know right...
Robbers: *Fainted*
Joy: Help please...
Master Kunochi: I'm sorry young girl. *Unties Joy* You shouldn't follow any bad guys next time, but i appreciate your bravery. *Leaves*
Joy: Wait...how do you that?
Master Kunochi: Do what?
Joy: That moves you use to defeat those robbers...i know that's martial arts. I know about it from ninja movies.
Master Kunochi: I guessing you're a fan of ninjas.
Joy: Yeah, it's quite embrassing. My name's Joy...
Master Kunochi: Kunochi...Master Kunochi.
Joy: Kunochi? That means 'female ninja'. Are you saying your a ninja?
Master Kunochi: Once a ninja, but now i'm a sensei.
Joy: Cool...can you please teach me? Please...
Master Kunochi: Martial Arts, are you sure? Some of my former students decided to quit seen my lessons are hard.
Joy: I don't care, give me the worst.
Master Kunochi: Fine...will start 3 am in the morning. I'll meet you in Papa's Pizzeria.
Joy: Shocked
Master Kunochi: Yes i know you're the niece of Papa Louie.
Joy: Okay, but 3 am.
Master Kunochi: You did said 'give me the worst'.
Joy: Okay Kunochi...oh sorry, master. *Martial art position*

Birthday Party:
After that i went back to Papa's Pizzeria with gift and that's when i saw Roy about to enter Papa's Pizzeria. I decided to go to the other door to Papa's Pizzeria to avoid the surprise.

Papa Louie: *Whisper* Thank goodness your here...Hide.
Joy: *Whisper* Okay...

I hide like the others here and when Roy opened the door. We all said...

All: Happy Birthday!!
Roy: Wow...you guys did that for me.
Papa Louie: Yep...we want to celebrate your birthday.
Roy: But it's also the day mom died.
Joy: I know mom died, but we all happy that you're still alive.
Roy: Thank you sis...
Joy: No problem bro, here...*Gives gift to Roy*
Roy: A present for me...*Opens the gift* It's a remote control car. I love it!!
Joy: I knew you love...
Papa Louie: What are you two waiting for? Let's the party!!
All: Yeah...!!

That's the funnest day of my life...beside the part when the robbers kidnapped me.
The Gondola Versus The Ship:
I finish eating my pasta and i'm off to the airport. I'm thinking of riding the gondolas. I waited for a gondolier to show-up, i hope it isn't Deano seen he's still finding a new lover. But that's when an strange boat came so fast that it splash water in me.

Joy: I'm soaking wet.
Ripley: *Use telescope* Oh my gosh, it's Treasure's Pirate Gang!!
Joy: (Treasure's Pirate Gang?) Excuse me, but may i borrowed your telescope?
Ripley: Oh sure... *Gives telescope to Joy*

I use the telescope and see through it, and she's right. Treasure's Pirate Gang is here. 3 times a row in 3 days, i wonder what there planning. I return the traveler's telescope and when somewhere so people wouldn't see me change into Ninjoy. After that, i chase those pirates like last time and jump on there ship like the other time.

Ninjoy: Okay Treasure, it's time to stop...your menace? *Looks around and no sign of Treasure*
Pirate 1#: If ye be lookin' fer cap'n Treasure, well she isn't here.
Ninjoy: You...!? Weren't you in jail!?
Pirate 1#: I was but that's when me fellow crewmates rescue me 'n now I be gonna continue me plan to pillage.
Ninjoy: Not am i gonna stop you filty...

That's when i got hit by a cannonball and got thrown out of the ship. It's a good thing the water broke from fall. After that the pirates laugh and there heading to the airport.

Ninjoy: (I'm not gonna miss the plane to Burgerburgh)
Deano: *Rows the gondola and spotted Ninjoy* Ninjoy...is that you?
Ninjoy: Deano...?
Deano: *Grabs Ninjoy* Why are you in the river?
Ninjoy: I'm trying to stop those pirates from getting that plane.
Deano: Pirates!? As in Treasure's Pirate Gang!?
Ninjoy: Yeah, seems there ship is faster than a speed boat.
Deano: Faster than a speed boat!? Hah...when i was in the Gondola 500, i won the Gondola 500 and people think i row faster than a speed boat!!.
Ninjoy: That's it!!
Deano: What 'that's it's'?
Ninjoy: You said you can that you can row than a speed boat?
Deano: Yes...why?
Ninjoy: Then you steer fast to the Pirate ship, while i try to stop it.
Deano: What...!? I'm not doing it.
Ninjoy: What happen to the closer that said 'Closers always stick together'?
Deano: Yeah i said it, but pirates. Nope...
Ninjoy: I give you 50 bucks...
Deano: Deal...!!

Deano stir faster than a speed boat and we're closer to the pirate ship.

Pirate 2#: *Spotted Ninjoy* Guys...!! She's here.
Pirate 1#: As th' scurvy pirate in-charge 'o th' mission!! Blast her usin' th' cannonball!
Pirate 3#: I be on it!! *Fires the cannonball*
Deano: Cannonball!?
Ninjoy: You just stay here!! I'll take care of them!!

I jump out the gondola and into the ship, this time i avoid the cannonball and the pirates are ready for a sword fight. Whats up with Pirates and sword fight? I half way on defeating those pirates. I kick the one of the pirates' stomach and i use my knun-chucks the pirates surrounded me.

Pirate 2#: We're almost on to th' airport. *Pointing at the airport*
Ninjoy: Oh no you...
Pirates: *Holds Ninjoy*
Ninjoy: Let me go...!!
Pirate 1#: Finally!! Not only were almost completin' our mission, but we also capture Ninjoy!! I knew 'tis plan gunna set the sails!!
Deano: Oh really...
Ninjoy: Deano!!
Pirate 3#: Stop him!!
Deano: Just needed to steer this wheel!!

I saw Deano steering the ship and the ship is heading through the Romano Building. The ship got crash and the building is safe.

Pirate 1#: I...I...I'll murder ye!! ye stupid litt
Polices: Hands in the air you filty pirates!!
Pirates: *Hands in the air*
Pirate 1#: 'tis isn't over!!
Pirate 2#: Th' cap'n isn't gonna like 'bout 'tis!!
Police: Thanks again for your help Ninjoy!!
Ninjoy: Thanks...but Deano is the one who stop the pirate ship.
Police: The Gondolier? Well congrats!!
Ninjoy: Thanks for helping me!! Here is 50 bucks!!
Deano: Thank you!! *Grabs the money*
Ninjoy: Also...what happen to your gondola? And why did you jump out the gondola?
Deano: Oh...Mac took care of it. Also, i don't want to leave you all alone. Like i said "Closers always stick together."
Ninjoy: Like a wise person told me, even if you're a scared that doesn't mean you can't fight.
Deano: Thanks...!!
Delayed Again!!:
I went back changing as Joy and need to go back to the airport, that's when i saw the news in the TV store that a cannonball from the pirate ship just shot though the airplane to Burgerburgh and has an another delayed...again!! Just great!! That's when i heard something near Chicory Cafe.

Mac: *Hugs Deano* You're my hero Deano!!
Crystal: Mac!!
Mac: Sorry Grandma!!
Sienna: I can't believe you stop those pirates from damaging the airport!!
Hope: Too bad one of the airplanes got shot by the cannonball. I was hoping to go to Burgerburgh to try those burgers from Papa's Burgeria.
Deano: Yeah...you know Hope, you could use the train. But it will be slower and take 3 days to get there. But it's the only transportation available here.
Hope: That's a great idea!! Well seeyah soon!!
All except Joy: Bye...!!

Train...of course. I decided to go to the train station, it will be slower but it's the only transportation available. Our next stop is...Tacodale. I hope the pirates are done with the shenanigans.

I rather put the info for the Oc, but i just gonna leave it at Papa's Gamerias Shorts. Also Deano is gonna get himself a short in my other fanfiction.

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cool, this story is getting better and better
I cant wait for the the next chapter
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Oh i just realized Master Kunochi was a girl Laugh

Great chapter btw

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Double Life of a Vigilante - Chapter 3: Patience is the key to success

I arrived in Tacodale, a place where the best place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I went out the train station and went to the ticket station to get me another ticket to Toastwood. The train starts at 4 hours so i have time to go to Papa's Taco Mia. But that's when i heard a noise behind Papa's Taco Mia, i look and saw pirates stealing motorcycles from Akari and Rico who are tied up.

Behind Papa's Taco Mia

Pirate 1#: Ummmmm...cap'n 'o 'tis mission, should we leave them here?
Pirate 2#: 'o course, 'tis not like they gonna stop us or somethin'
Pirate 1#: Good point...

Does Treasure's Pirate Gang have to appear everytime i travel somewhere, it's a good thing Treasure isn't here. When the pirates left with the stole motorcycles, i went somewhere to change to Ninjoy and headed over there.

Ninjoy: Akari...!! Rico...!! I'm here!!
Rico and Akari: *Tied up* Ninjoy!!
Ninjoy: *Untied Akari and Rico* Are you guys okay?
Akari: We're okay...
Rico: But our motorcycle...
Ninjoy: I know, i'll get them back...
Rico: Can we come?
Akari: Please, we want our motorcycle back...
Ninjoy: Sure...
Akari: Really...?
Rico: I thought you wouldn't let us come to your mission.
Ninjoy: Well you guys can handle fighting Munchmore baddies seen the Free Burger Day, so why not handle fighting pirates.
Akari: Cool...i'm getting my bazooka.
Rico And i'll get my chili bombs.
Ninjoy: Let's go...
Closers versus Pirates:
Somewhere in Tacodale

Pirate 1#: What be we doin' here?
Pirate 2#: We be here to wait fer cap'n Treasure's arrival. Let's just wait before w- *Almost got aim by the Shuriken* A Shuriken!?
Ninjoy: Return those motorcycles in an easy way or the hard way!!
Pirate 2#: Stop them before they stop us!!

We fight those stinking pirates so we could return those stolen motorcycles. Akari dodge those pirates and use her Banana Bazooka, while Rico throw his chili bombs to the pirates and it explode making it the place covered in chili. While there doing that, i stop those the leader of this mission.

Pirate 2#: Get th' motorcycles, we're out 'o here.

All of the pirates fled and use the motorcycles to make there escape.

Rico: There getting away!!
Akari: There heading to the desert!!
Ninjoy: We need a plan...
Rico: We don't have time!!
Akari: Let's just follow them!!
Ninjoy: They would stop us!! We need a plan...
Akari: Fine!! We need this quick!!

I explain the plan to them but they didn't listen, so i explain the plan again but they didn't listen again.

Ninjoy: Do you understand?
Akari: Yeah...
Rico: I understand...
Ninjoy: Okay...so what is the plan?
Akari: The plan...i will...ahhhhh.
Rico: We will....hmmmmmm.
Ninjoy: You didn't listen me, again.
Rico: We can't just listen what you're saying, we need to go now!!
Ninjoy: Look i now you guys want your motorcycles back, but we can't just go without a plan. We need to think before we something.
Akari: It doesn't matter...
Ninjoy: Look i know you guys are losing your patience, but Patience is the key success. When i was young, i wanted to do some Martial Arts fast that i almost end up losing my interest of becoming a vigilante.

That happen when my first training of becoming a ninja. I was so inexperience that i almost end up losing my dream. I'll tell you my experience at the training course at 3 AM in the morning the day after my brother's birthday.
Master Kunochi's School for Future Kunochi:
3 AM: Outside Papa's Pizzeria

Joy: Master...Master.
Master Kunochi: I'm here...
Joy: Good...so what now?
Master Kunochi: Now, you follow me.
Joy: Okay...?

In Tastyville Park

Joy: Are we there yet? I think we're in the park.
Master Kunochi: We're almost there grasshopper. *Opens the bushes and revealed to be a japanese door*
Joy: Wait...what is that cave lead to?
Master Kunochi: Just be patience, Patience is the key to success.

Master Kunochi opens the door and we enter the cave. I saw hallway that is Japanese, i went through the hallway and saw a bigger Japanese door. When Master Kunochi opened the door, i saw the room and i was surprised that the room is huge. It has a dumm...weapons...all of it is look like a dojo from the movies i watch.

The Old Kunochi Dojo

Joy: This place is so huge!!
Ninjas: *Jumps infront of Master Kunochi*
Joy: Cool...
Ninja 1#: Master, who's this?
Master Kunochi: This is Joy, she will be my new student here.
Ninja 1#: New student?
Ninja 2#: Are you sure we need another student?
Ninja 3#: Remember Holly, Lizzy, Jenny, and Gale.
Master Kunochi: I know, but Joy wanted to.
Ninja 1#: Like the rest of them...
Ninjas: Hahahahahahaahhah...
Master Kunochi: Silent...all of you, back to training.
Ninjas: Yes master...*Jumps out*
Joy: I just realized that all of them are females.
Master Kunochi: That's because we are the Kunochi Clan, were a group of ninjas are female. No one knows but about this clan beside me, you, those ninjas, and my former students. I created this clan in Sakura Bay so kunochi can fight for what was right, seen people think that ninjas are made for male. But i believe its for everyone and i want to show them about it.
Joy: Sakura Bay? Why are you guys doing in Tastyville?
Master Kunochi: The dojo in Sakura Bay have been destroyed by the fire. Till' it be rebuild, we're staying in Tastyville.
Joy: Oh i see...so when is my training?
Master Kunochi: Now...here. *Gives mop to Joy* Now start cleaning...
Joy: Say what now?
Everyday when i came to the Old Kunochi Dojo, i always stuck cleaning the dojo while the ninjas are busy training. It's so amazing to see those, i don't know why Master Kunochi let me do cleaning. I scrub the floor, polish the mirror, and something like that. I ask Master Kunochi about "When will i start doing training?" I ask the same question all over that i lose patience.

In the Old Kunochi Dojo

Joy: *Walks forward and backward* (What should i do? I'm been thinking that Master Kunochi is just using me to clean the whole dojo. Is she see me as a student or a janitor?)
Ninja 1#: *Walks pass Joy* Hey Joy...
Joy: Hey...(I don't know why the other ninjas aren't laughing at me, i mean...they saw me cleaning but they aren't laughing)
Master Kunochi: My student...
Joy: Yes Master...
Master Kunochi: *Gives mop to Joy* I want you to clean the whole dojo...*Leaves*
Joy: (That's it, i done...she's think i'm a janitor. I'm outta-) *Almost got hit by a shuriken* (Here..?)

That's when a swarm of shurikens from the wall started to active on its own. I duck below the table and turn the table up. The shuriken still not stopping, i spotted a button that's far away. I sneak in the floors like the one use to scrub the floors. I also discovered a hole in the floor that started to have fire. I also realized i have to jump pass through them like the one i try to jump through the wet floor, Master Kunochi doesn't want me to step on the wet floor. I'm almost near the button but that's when smoke came and i can't see well, so i decided to use the feather duster to dust away the smoke. All of it disappear, and i push the button that all of the shurikens stop.

Joy: That's quite...fun.
Master Kunochi: *Opens the door with the ninjas* Congratulations on completing your first lesson!!
Joy: First lesson?
Master Kunochi: The cleaning you do is actually your first lesson.
Joy: Wait...your not using me to clean the whole dojo?
Ninja 1#: Of course you didn't, we did the same thing you did.
Master Kunochi: And it's all thanks to your Patience...Patience is the Key to Success. And seen you waited, we're starting the actual training tomorrow.
Joy: Really...!? I'm so excited...

After that, i learn that Patience is the Key to Success.
Closers Versus Pirates II:
Akari: Wait...without Patience, you wouldn't be a vigilante.
Ninjoy: Yep...you guys understand why we need think before we do anything.
Rico: I suppose so...
Akari: We want to hear your plan again...
Ninjoy: Okay...

12 minutes later

Pirate 1#: We're almost thar!!
Pirate 2#: When we're out 'o here, cap'n Treasure be gonna gift us-
??: Free Tacos!!
Pirates: Huh...!?
??: Free Tacos from Papa's Taco Mia!!
Pirate 3#: Tacos!!
Pirate 1#: Let's be off thar!!
Pirate 4#: Okay...
Pirate 2# Wait...!! What 'bout th' mis...*Sees them off* sion? *Got punch by Akari*
Akari: That's for stealing my motorcycle!!

Few minutes later

Pirates: *Singing* Tacos!! Tacos!! We off to get tacos!! Tacos!! Tacos!! We off to get- *Saw smoke*
Ninjoy: *Kicks Pirate 1#* Rico!! Get your motorcycle!!
Rico: *Grabs his motorcycles and rides it* You guys aren't getting tacos!! You guys getting my famous chili!! *Throws chili bomb on them*
Pirate 3#: Hot!!
Akari: *Bumps one of the motorcycle* What am i miss?
Pirate 4# *About to ride towards Ninjoy*
Ninjoy: *Avoid the attack*
Nick: *Walking in the streets with Jojo, Quinn, and Georgrito* So what is like to be closers?
Georgrito:And why am i walking with Quinn?
Jojo: Well...*Almost got hit by a motorcycle*
Quinn: What is the big idea!? Huh...!? *Sees the fight*
Georgrito: Is it me or is a bunch of biker gangs look like Treasure's Pirate Gang?
Jojo: It is Treasure's Pirate Gang!!
Nick: And Ninjoy, Akari, and Rico is there!!
Quinn: Let's get outta here...
Jojo: Quinn, we need to help them. Like Deano said "Closers always stick together."
Quinn: I'm started to hate Deano now...

Jojo and Quinn went to the police station for help. While there doing that, we already tied up the pirates.

Akari: Oh btw, here...*Puts one of the pirates here*
Rico: That's for messing our motorcycle!!
Next stop...Toastwood:
After the day i have, i went to Papa's Taco Mia as Ninjoy to order a taco. Then i change back into Joy and when off to train station that's when i saw train is about to move. I ran so fast to catch the train, i even jump one of the windows and i made inside.

Joy: Sorry i'm late...here. *Gives ticket to the ticket man*
Ticket Man: Thanks...? *Leaves*

I went to my room to take a break from the day i had. Then i suddenly fall asleep, this day keeps tiring and tiring. My next stop is...Toastwood.

This is the hardest to think and the most longest chapter.

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Woo, this chapter is awesome
btw I like the "Closers Versus Pirate" parts
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Double Life of a Vigilante - Chapter 4: The Birth of the Ninja of Flipverse

I arrived in Flipverse's most hottest town "Toastwood". Like last time, i went out, get a ticket to Starlight city, and be here for 4 hours. I don't know what to do, my uncle's restaurant is not even here, yet. My uncle is planning on having a another restaurant here at Toastwood. I do know what it will be serving, but i'm not telling you. It's a family secret. So i went to Buckwheat Bakery for some bread but that's when i heard a noise outside Toastwood Trading Point

Rhonda: Do any of you guys seen my Josephine the truck? I need to deliver a large shipment to Tacodale.
Chester: I don't care of your vehicle, but have you seen my bombs.
Brody: Not gonna ask that, but i'm busy finding my sketchpad. I think it's stolen...
Chester: Who would stole a sketchpad?
Perri: You guys lost something, i lost my trusty bike "Old Blue*...
Austin: Me too...i lost my collection of sauce bottles...
Rhonda: Is everyone missing there stuff? Who could have stole it?
Chester: I bet its that Thorned Emerald Clan, they always cause' trouble here in Toastwood.
Perri: We not sure it's them, let's called the police department.
Brody: Okay, everyone inside the car.
Chester: Not me...i'm walking. *Leaves*
Austin: What a grumpster...

I guess i have to be Ninjoy again, i change my clothes and off to the Police Department. I hope those police wouldn't make me mad again.

Police Officer 1#: Your saying, your stuff is stolen and you guys think the Thorned Emerald clan did it?
Chester: Yes...!! Arrest those criminals!!
Police Officer 2#: Do you have evidence?
Austin: Ummmmm...
Brody: No...
Perri: Not really...
Police Officer 2#: Well we have no doubt to the Thorned Emerald Clan.
Rhonda: Even if it's not them, you need to find our stuff.
Brody: Yeah...i need my sketchpad back...
Police Officer 1#: Who would stole a sketchpad?
Chester: That's what i said to him...
Police Officer 2#: You guys are not the only ones who have a stolen stuff, there is a stolen motorcycle, boats, and more. We have trouble finding them...
Ninjoy: *Opens the door* I think you need a vigilante...
Papa's Cheeseria Debutants: Ninjoy!?
Police Officer 1#: Nononononono...we don't want help from you.
Police Officer 2#: Yeah, you just gonna ruin it.
Ninjoy: Look, i know you hate me. But trust me, i experience handling criminals. You need me, and  don't worry...it's for just for the day.
Chester: No way...the police wouldn't help you.
Police Officer 1#: I hate to agree with her, but she did save me from the stampede.
Police Officer 2#: Yeah...fine, you may join us.
Ninjoy: I'm appreciate your honesty.
Brody: Make sure you find my sketchpad...
Ninjoy: Who would stole a sketchpad?
Police Officer 1#: That's what i said to-

That's when a sound came from outside.

Brody: That sounded like my car!!
Perri: Let's check outside!!

We all went outside and saw a bunch thieves stealing cars including Brody. And once again, it's not regular thieves, it's Treasure's Pirate Gang. Believe it or not, but Treasure's Pirate Gang is the biggest crimanal gang of Flipvers, next to Thorned Emerald Clan. They need a vacation...on an uncharted island.

Ninjoy: Okay...that's the 5th time this row is about Treasure's Pirate Gang!! What are you planning!?
Pirate 1#: I be not tellin' ye after ye did that me crew!! Goodbye losers!!*Leaves with the pirates*
Austin: 5th time this row?
Ninjoy: It's been 5 days that Treasure's Pirate Gang try to do crime. It's weird that they about to steal aiplanes, motorcyles, and...wait. I know what there planning to do next.
Police Officer 1#: Really...?
Police Officer 2#: Tell us...
Ninjoy: The stolen stuff you mention, i think i know what there about to do next.
Rhonda: Did you just eavesdropping on us...
Ninjoy: It is a job to listen any important detail...and there next stop is the...train.
Runaway Train:
All of the police went to the train station and saw not only the train but the pirates chasing train.

Police Officer 1#: They got away!!
Ninjoy: Not on my watch...

I use my grappling hook and shoot it to the train making me went to the train. I jump above the train and saw pirates driving the stole vehicle, i even saw Perri's bike.

Pirate 1#: Ninjoy...
Ninjoy: I know what your planning, your planning to steal all the transportation.
Pirate 1#: That's right!! th' cap'n be plannin' so big that ye can't handle it!! ye don't have a chance!!
Ninjoy: Let see about it!!
Pirate 1#: Stop her before she stop us!!

The Pirates got above the train and brought swords of their own. We live in the modern world and pirates use swords. I use my sword and battle the pirates to victory, gosh those guys are easily defeated by one girl and there captain is a girl. Then i got surrounded by those pirates.

Pirate 1#: Avast, thar ninja!! thar be a bomb at th' railroad at th' bridge 'n i have 'tis button. ye got a pair choices, surrender 'n th' ship gunna be safe or th' not, then th' ship 'n th' people inside be in Davy Jones' treasure chest. ye can't do both...
Ninjoy: Choices?

That pirate made me choose those two rather one of it is good or one it is bad. I mean i experience doing this doing my life as ninja, making me remember about my mistakes and success over the years as a vigilante. But...how did i become a vigilante?
It was just another day in the old Kunochi Dojo, i was training on becoming a ninja. Master Kunochi gave me the weapons that ninjas use. My favorite is the shuriken seen i love using this in many ways.

In the Old Kunochi Dojo

Joy: So...this is mine?
Master Kunochi: Yes, you earned it after the training you did.
Joy: Thank you Master, now...what now?
Master Kunochi: Now you need break from training for couple of weeks.
Joy: A break?
Master Kunochi: Well you need to rest your muscles, ninjas also need rest.
Joy: I do need a break, okay master...seeyah in a couple of weeks.
Master Kunochi: I hope so...

I went home and try to be sneaky seen its still early morning time, i went to bed and pretend i'm sleeping then the alarm got on. I off the alarm and went to the kitchen. I saw my brother in his pizza pajamas and my uncle woke up.

At the kitchen

Papa Louie: Joy, your up early...
Joy: Can't sleep, but hey uncle...can you teach me how to cook pizza?
Roy: In the morning...
Joy: Well its more with eggs and bacon...stuff.
Papa Louie: Eggs and bacon...? Oh...you mean the breakfast pizza.
Joy: That's the one...
Papa Louie: Great idea for a breakfast.
Roy: I wanna help...
Papa Louie: Okay then, let's start cooking...

We started cooking a pizza for breakfast, we put roll the dough, put some sauce, add some ingredients, and put it at the oven. After its finished, we started eating the pizza.

Roy: Delicious...
Papa Louie: Well i'm off to work, you guys need to be ready for the first day of school tomorrow. Seeyah later... *Leaves*
Joy: I'm ready for the first day...right Roy.
Roy: Sad
Joy: Hey Roy, whats wrong?
Roy: I don't want to go to school, they might bully me.
Joy: Hey...if those bullies bully you, i'll just march into them and tell them off.
Roy: Thanks Joy...*Hugs Joy*
Joy: *Hugs Roy* That's what big sis do...hey, we should tell uncle Louie about going to Sugarplex Theater to see a ninja movie.
Roy: Okay, let's go there now.

We both went to Sugarplex Theater to get tickets to the movie premiere, after that we went to Papa's Pizzeria to tell our uncle that he's coming to the movies and he said yes. We all went to the movies at night time, we both are standing inline for the movie.

Roy: I'm so excited...
Papa Louie: Thanks for inviting me...
Joy: Hey, your our uncle. We love to hangout with yo-

That's when a robbers are about to steal stuff from those people. But i recognized those robbers, those are the ones who broke in the toy store, stole the items from the store, and tied me up for ransom.

Lady: My purse...
Man: My wallet...
Roy: My hat...
Robber 1#: Back-off or else... *Holds a gun*
Robber 2#: If you told this to everyone we will...
Joy: Hey...!! Give me back my brother's hat!!
Robber 1#: Or what little...wait a minute, your that girl who we try to use you as ransom.
Joy: Ahhhhh...
Roy and Papa Louie: Wait what!?
Robber 2#: Oh yeah, she does look familar.
Papa Louie: Joy...what are they talking about?
Joy: Oh just...give me back my brother's hat...
Robber 1#: Do you remember last time when you try to get your stuff? Well you just give up you pig tail freak.

It makes me so mad that i...punch him in the face. I saw him very angry and about to punch back, but i duck and kick his legs that he fell down. The other robber is about to use a plank but i karate chop the plank making it to half. He is about to punch me but i jump through him and kick him in the back making him fell.

Robber 1#: Great...first the old lady, now her.
Robber 2#: This is embarrassing...

The robbers faint and i stop them from stealing people's stuff. Many people started to applause and congrats on my heroism. Anyone is happy about it, except for my uncle and my brother.

Papa Louie: Joy!! Explanation...!! Now!!
Joy: Ahhhhhh...let's go somewhere else...privately.

We went somewhere else so no one listen of our conversation. I told them that i know them when a toy store got rob, i chase them to return the gift, and they caught me. I never told them about Master Kunochi and about how it happen next.

Joy: And that happen...
Roy: You did that to get the gift for me...
Papa Louie: I understand your bravery, but promise me you don't do it next time. I don't want to lose you like your mother and your father.
Joy: I promise...*Crossing her fingers in the back*
Papa Louie: Okay let's go to the movie, and after that your grounded.
Joy: I deserved that.
Roy: Hey Joy...how did you do those moves?
Joy: Oh uhhhh...i copy the moves from the ninja movie.

After that happened, we finish the movie, went home, and off to bed. While there sleeping, i sneak out to go to the Old Kunochi Dojo to talk to Master Kunochi about what happened today.

In the Old Kunochi Dojo

Master Kunochi: So they know...
Joy: Yeah...but i didn't tell about you and the dojo.
Master Kunochi: Hmmmmm...i admire you.
Joy: You do?
Master Kunochi: Well i admire that you defend someone and fight other than yourself. Unlike your classmate, who they use for self-defense. But you, you use it to defend someone. It's like you're vigilante. I'm off to see my students. *Leaves*
Joy: Vigilante...?

So that's how i got the idea of becoming a vigilante, to protect everyone. So i ask Master to use my moves she taught to be vigilante, and she agree to use it.
Another Transportation:
That's my purpose, to protect everyone and stop all criminals including this stupid pirates.

Ninjoy: I got another choice, i defeat this pirates *Kicks all the pirates out of the train* and attack you.
Pirate 1#: Wait what!?

I jump out of the train and attack that pirate. I grab the remote and destroy the remote. The train went across the bridge and make there way to Starlight City. I just realized...i missed it. I saw police came over here and arrest all the pirates.

Police 1#: We'll take care of it.
Police 2#: Thanks for stopping them and i'm sorry for misjudge you.
Ninjoy: Its okay, i use to being misjudge.
Pirate 2#: Great...'n i was 'bout spy wit' ye eye more pages 'o th' sketchpad i stole from that sock golve
Pirate 1#: Who would stole a sketchpad?
Ninjoy: That's what i said...

I change back to my normalwear and seen i miss the train, i went to the bus station to wait for the bus to Starlight City and this will take longer than the train. I don't know what Treasure is gonna do with the transportation. But i gonna worried tomorrow. Need rest, i wonder what's next for her.

Not the hardest to think, but i think it's longer than the last one and the Thorned Emerald Clan they mentioned here. I got the idea of the name from the game Cactus McCoy, i do have an Oc (There is another one but he's a former member)who is a member of that clan and i think of putting in my other short.

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once again, this chapter is awesome
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lol nice chapter Laugh

I would steal a sketchpad :p

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ohhh, jolly good chapter

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