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Author Topic: Jester X Game's Challenge  (Read 31292 times)
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« on: June 06, 2017, 02:26:49 AM »

X-Games Introductions

Hello there...my name is Jester X Game. If you don't know about me, well i'll tell. I was once a royal jester in the kingdom of X, i bored of making everyone happy and that doesn't make me happy. Why not make a challenge to the kingdom of X, so i could be happy. I force the kingdom of X to play on games and making me happy. But that time stop when the king exiled me from the kingdom of X with my warp coin the same day the X-twins disappeared. When i was out of X-world, i was in a strange place made of food called Munchmore. So i use my warp coin to travel to another dimension called Flipverse, and when i found there is the same as X-world. The only difference is there plain boring and there eyes are the same color. That's when i got an idea, i could use both Flipverse and Munchmore to play on there games. That will make me happy...i also realized the next-generation of royal guardians for the magical Warp coins is here. So i pretend i don't know much about them. This will be fun...

Gosh i hate my dad's games, my name is Harlequin X Game but people called me Harley and i'm the daughter of Jester X Game. No i don't have a mother i was just a created by my dad seen my dad is lonely all those years. Unlike my dad, i don't want to be the mastermind instead i wanted to be a Psychiatrist. Yes i know everyone's information and there abilities, i even know somethings that they didn't themselves. For examples the X-twins, i know there the next-guardians of the warp coin and i wish i can tell them about it but i'm cursed by my father 8 years ago, he's afraid if they know they might return to my father's birthday place and the king and queen will tell about it. And you might wondering why i didn't follow my dad's footsteps, i'll tell you...it was 8 years ago. My dad invited me to his game and saw many competitors. Atfirst i thought it will make everyone happy but i was wrong when i saw person crying about playing in this game, i feel guilty about that i decided to help them the games for there lives and i acomplished it. That's when my dad discovered that i help them and we argue eachother that he cursed me, after that i ran away from him and never seen him that much. After that happened, i decided to help those competitors from my father for there lives.

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Jester's X Game's Challenge

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Closer Camp Challenge


  • Jojo (Food Critic)
  • Robby (Uncharted Island Survivor)
  • Akari (Courier)
  • Allan (Hockey Player)
  • Quinn (Lawyer)
  • Rico (Chili Maker)
  • Xandra (??)
  • Kahuna (Surfer)
  • Captain Cori (Captain of S.S. Louie)
  • Gremmie (Snorkel Guide)
  • Hank (Highway Patrol Man)
  • Ninjoy (Vigilante)
  • Johnny (Lumberjack)
  • Boomer (Daredevil)
  • Xolo (??)
  • Professor Fitz (Scientist)
  • Bertha (Heap Umpire of Griller Stadium)
  • Pinch Hitwell (Baseball Player)
  • Kenji (Competitive Eater)
  • Trishna (Sale Associates)
  • Radlynn (Radley Madish Fan)
  • Mayor Mallow (Mayor of Frostfield)
  • Deano (Gondolier)
  • Crystal (Clairvoyant)
  • Rudy (Bass Guitarist/Papa's Cheeseria Chef)
  • Rhonda (Truck Driver)
  • Chester (Survival Prepareness)
  • Whiff (Buff Bouncer)
  • Emmlette (Egg Lady)


"My fellow competitors thought they gonna be relax on soon to be called Camp x here in Maple Mountain. They haven't know the person who invite them is me. They have to take 6 challenges in 2 weeks, and if they lose, they will be stuck here forvever."




  • OcFanatic is having Ocs in one of the chapters, but there minor characters here. Afterall, she is OcFanatic and i'm a Oc.
  • All closers is taking a break of being closers for two weeks. (Eventhough one of is a worker, i mean two. But no one knows except me)
  • The main character of this game is our favorite food critic Jojo.
  • Don't ask about Xandra's and Xolo's title.
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Closer Camp Challenge - Prologue


Welcome to Breakfast Camp:
My name is Jojo, i'm known far and wide as the premier food critic. I'm a adventurous foodie that never orders the same meal twice. I make weekly stops at restaurants to sample their food. If i enjoy my meal, i will award the shop his Blue Ribbon. Customers always tip more when a Blue Ribbon is in sight. Afterall it's my job to critizied there food. I'm also a closer of any of Papa's restaurant and i mean "any" i mean "every" seen me and Quinn are the only closers who is the closer of all of Papa's restaurant. What is closer? Closer are picky customers who appear in the restaurant everyweek. It's not easy to be a closer, you have to think the order and judge there food. It's a good thing i was invited to a camping trip to Camp Breakfast for two weeks, all the closers will be appearing there.
Jojo's Invitation:
Dear Jojo,

You're currently invited to a
camping trip to Camp Breakfast
in Maple Mountain.
All the closers will be appearing
there to take a break on being
closers of any of there assign

I don't know who invite me, but i think it's Hank or Johnny afterall they both live in Maple Mountain. But before that, i went to Papa's Pancakeria to have criticzied there work.

In Papa's Pancakeria

Jojo: Hello, i'll have... *Made-up an order seens he's a food critic*
Prudence: Okay...
Jojo: Oh by the way Prudence, can you tell Papa Louie that all the closers will be camping for two weeks?
Prudence: Okay, i'll tell Papa Louie about this. *Leaves*

I waited 30 minutes for my order, then Cooper gave me pancakes. Believe it or not, but pancakes on night time. I ate the pancakes, critizied them, gave them a blue ribbon, and went to the car to drive to the camp. I'm already late to camp, that's when a weird color fog appear. I can't see through, and when the fog started disappeared. When it disappeared, i saw the entrance to Camp Breakfast. I saw many vehicles. There is truck, three motorcycles, and many more cars. I got out of my car with my bags. When i was out, i saw many people in the entrance to the camp with there bags.
Meet the Closers:
In the Entrance to Camp Breakfast

Pinch Hitwell: He's here...
Quinn: 29, that's everyone.
Trishna: Gosh he's a slowpoke. Grumpy
Mayor Mallow: My dear citizen, please behave. Smiley
Robby: Most of us isn't from Frostfield... Grumpy
Mayor Mallow: I know...Jojo, your late. Smiley
Jojo: Sorry Mayor Mallow i was late, i went to Papa's Pancakeria to do my last critic before going here.
Mayor Mallow: Of course, you're a food critic afterall.
Trishna: Ugh...that smell. Camping is the worst. Grumpy
Johnny: Then why did you come here in the first place?
Trishna: Cause' i need a break... Grumpy
Allan: Hey does everyone has Nutty Butter Cup, because i need it. *Looks at Robby and saw has Nutty Butter Cup* Hey Rob, can i have those?
Robby: No way Al, you finished it all. Angry
Allan: Oh come on, give it to me!! Angry
Robby: No way...!! Angry

Robby and Allan started to fight eachother, Captain Cori came to stop them

Captain Cori: Boys!! Stop fighting!! D:
Xandra and Xolo: Fight!! Fight!! Fight!! Hooray
Boomer: Hey Akari, i brought bananas. Smiley
Akari: Ughhhhh...bananas. I brought Popsicles Boomer. Smiley
Boomer: Aghhh...your my bestfriend. Smiley
Akari: You too... Smiley
Kenji: Can i have some bananas? Smiley
Bertha: Some...? More like all of it Kenji. Grumpy
Kenji: You don't have to be mean Bertha
Pinch Hitwell: He might be a competitive eater, but that doesn't mean he'll eat it all.
Bertha: Oh shut up Pinch... Angry
Pinch Hitwell:  Roll Eyes
Rico: Hey everyone, who wants to try my chili. Smiley
Rhonda: I do my love... Smiley
Rico: Here my wand...*Gives chili to Rhonda* Smiley
Rhonda: Thank you my love...*Kiss Rico in the lip* Kiss
Whiff: Ahhhhhh...those couples are sweet. Smiley
Radlynn: Ewwwwwwww...love, gross. Why did you care about this?
Whiff: Cause' they reminded me of me and my girlfriend, Mindy. You understand when your older Radlynn...
Radlynn: The only thing i love about is Radley Madish. Who is the best scientist than the old man...
Professor Fitz: I heard that!! Angry
Chester: You kids and your technology. Grumpy
Professor Fitz: I'm around your age...
Emmlette: Jojo, right? I'm the newest closer here. Smiley
Jojo: Yep, i'm Jojo. You must be Emmlette. *Shakes Emmlette's hand* Smiley
Emmlette: That's right. *Shakes Jojo's hand* Smiley
Deano: I guess your right on Jojo being last. Smiley
Crystal: Of course Deano...
Kahuna: Does she have to be right all the time? Roll Eyes
Gremmie: I can't believe cheese boy is invited here... Angry
Rudy: I never wanted to be a chef in one of Papa's restaurant in the first place. Sad
Ninjoy: Don't worry, your not the only who has problems from closers.
Hank: I don't know why she's here... Angry
Quinn: Blame Jojo for inviting her... Angry
Jojo: Me...!?
Quinn: Well you did set up for the camping trip, we all discussed who invited us and seen your not around that time. We all think it's you who invited us. Angry
Jojo: No i didn't...I thought Hank or Johnny is the one who invited us seen both are from Maple Mountain. Sad
Johnny: I never heard of Camp Breakfast.
Hank: Me too...
Mayor Mallow: Wait...!! It wasn't you who set up.
Jojo: Not really...
Trishna: Maybe the X-twins are trying to prank us.
Xolo: We didn't do it...
Xandra: That's because we like to prank people, that doesn't mean it's us.
Professor Fitz: Chester...did you-
Chester: If i did, it should have take place in Toastwood.

All of us started to argue eachother for who is the one who set up this camping trip. That's when the announcer came.

??: *In the announcer* Attention campers!! This is the Camp Counselor!! It's 7:00 PM, come to the Camping Grounds this instant. *Off*

Ninjoy: Appears it's in the center of this camping site...
Gremmie: How do you know about this?
Ninjoy: *Shows map*
Mayor Mallow: Give it to me...please.
Ninjoy: *Gives map to Mayor Mallow*
Mayor Mallow: She's right...Citizens, follow me.
Robby: Most of us aren't your citizen.

All of us follow Mayor Mallow to the camping ground which is in the center of the camping site.
We all arrived in the camping grounds, it has a campfire, the bathroom, and 29 chairs with our names on it. Not only that, but each chairs has gifts on it.

??: *In the announcer* Each chairs has names on it and gifts. You may sit and open it.
Trishna: Gifts!! Hooray

Trishna ran straight to her assign chair, sat on it, and open her gift. When she open it, it appears to be a E-book, two badges (Which is a Papa's Pizzeria and Papa's Cupcakeria), and a plush who is her bestfriend Prudence.

Trishna: Aw...my bestfriend in plush version and a E-Book that said "Use this for two weeks".
Radlynn: I want to see mine... Hooray

Radlynn open her gift and appears to be the same as Trishna. But it has 5 badges (Which is a Papa's Cupcakeria to Papa's Bakeria) and the plush appears to be Radley Madish.

Radlynn: Radley Madish!! *Hugs her plush* Hooray
Professor Fitz: Radley Madish? Sad
Captain Cori: It's the same as Trishna, but different.
Rico: *Open his gift* It also has E-Book, but this has one badge that is Papa's Taco Mia and the plush is Rhonda.
Rhonda: Aw...my plush is you and i have 2 badges which Papa's Cheeseria and Papa's Bakeria.
Robby: Ummmmm...?*Holds a E-book, 3 badges which is Papa's Burgeria to Papa's Freezeria, and a Captain Cori Plush*
Captain Cori: This is awkward... *Has a E-book, Papa's Freezeria Badge, and a Robby plush*
Allan: Hahahahahahah Laugh...now you use those to kiss eachother. Now what's mine...*Open his gift and appears to be a E-book, two badges which is a Papa's Taco Mia and Papa's Burgeria, and a Bertha plush* Wait what? Shocked
Robby: Ahhahahahhahah... Laugh
Bertha: I have a E-book, a Papa's Hotdoggeria badge, and a plush which is Allan. Sad
Professor Fitz: Aw...i have my very own Iggy plush. *Hugs his plush* Smiley

All of them opened there gifts, which all of them has E-books, different badges, and a plush. Whiff has a Mindy plush, Emmlette has a egg plush, Chester has bomb plush (Weird), Kenji has a hotdog plush, Pinch Hitwell has a baseball plush, Hank has a pumpkin pie plush, Gremmie has a lobster plush, Mayor Mallow has a marshmallow plush, Rudy has a Scarlett plush, Crystal has her granddaughter plush, Deano has a Julep plush, and Kahuna has a Gremmie plush. I saw Ninjoy open her gift and grabs her E-book and badges, but i didn't see her plush and she close the box.

Akari: Hey Boomer...*Shows Boomer a Boomer plush* Cheesy
Boomer: Me too...*Shows Akari a Akari plush and hugs Akari* Cheesy
Johnny: I guess i have my stepson plush.
Jojo: Wait...your a father? Shocked
Johnny: Yep...
Xandra: Hey guys!! I have not just one but two plushes which is a my brother and my mother!! *Holds a Xolo and Edna plush*
Xolo: Mine too... *Holds a Xandra and Edna plush*
Xandra: I guess we're the only one with two plushes. Grin
Quinn: Okay...why did i have a plush on my ex-partner? *Holds a Timm plush*
Allan: Maybe because you guys are so close.
Quinn: Shut up!! Angry
Mayor Mallow: Hey Jojo, what is yours?
Jojo: Oh i haven't open it...
Xandra: I want to see it!! Hooray
Jojo: You don't have to be so loud!! Angry

I opened a gift and appears to be a E-book, 13 badges, and plush appears to be my son Benjamin. Benjamin is my one and only son who is interested on becoming a food critic like me, he is the only one that makes happy everseen my wife passed away. That plush makes me want to cry.

Xolo: Hey Ninjoy!! We haven't see yours!! Can you show it? Grin
Ninjoy: Sorry bu-
Trishna: Hey everyone...!! Have you seen my phone!? I been looking for it seen i got here!! I need to text Prudence about the Prudence plush!! Angry
Professor Fitz: Now i'm thinking about it, i lost my phone seen i got here. Eyebrow
All except Chester: What!? Shocked

All of us react, and look through our pockets, bags, and somewhere we put our phone and no sign our phones.

Quinn: Where is my phone!?
Hank: I now had it!!
Chester: You cityfolks and your technology. Grumpy
??: *In the announcer* Seen you open your gift!! Sit down and and be ready for the opening of this camping trip!!
Radlynn: Hey...!! Where is my phone!? Angry
Kenji: Do you really think a annoucer would- Hmm
??: *In the announcer* Oh i confiscate those seen we're camping here!!
Kenji: Wait what!? Shocked
Professor Fitz: He or She listen to us!? Shocked
Emmlette: Wait...you confiscate our phones!? How!? Angry
??: *In the announcer* Well i...
Whiff: Just show yourself, who are you?! Angry
??: *In the announcer* You guys know i'm the...
Chester: We know!! Just show yourself!! Angry
??: *In the announer* Well you ask for this...
Jester X Game:
The weird color fog start to appear again and it's in center of the camp ground. Everything got shaking and i hear many laughter...weird laughters. Then the fog started to disappear, appearing a short man in a jester outfit with the color purple and black, and his eyes are same as Xandra and Xolo which is the left is green while the right is red.

Jester X Game: Hello Closer Campers, my name is Jester X Game and i'm the camp counselor of Camp X. Laugh
All: Camp X!? Shocked
Jester X Game: Well i renamed this Camp Breakfast to Camp X. Laugh
Deano: Your eyes!? Shocked
Jester X Game: What's wrong with my beautiful eyes? Laugh
Crystal: It's so different...
Rhonda: There like the X-twins...
Jester X Game: Oh yeah, you see...no wait, i'm not gonna say about it. Laugh
Chester: You clowns, what is the meaning of this!? Angry
Xandra: You really think it's us...
Xolo: There's no way it's us...
Jester X Game: You really think i'm working with this future ro- i mean those twins. There stupid and stink at this... Angry
Xandra and Xolo: Hey...!! Angry
Jojo: So you're the one who set up this...!! Angry
Jester X Game: That's right... Laugh
Quinn: Why did you set this all up!? Angry
Jester X Game: That's because i want you all join to my games... Laugh
All: Games...!? Shocked
Jester X Game: Of course, like my name. I'll explain, it's my job to let everyone both Flipverse and Munchmore into playing my games for me to be happy. And my current challenge is about closers and you guys are the competitors. You'll be taking 6 challenges in two weeks, and if you guys win all those challenges, you all be able to leave with the gifts i gave you. But if you guys lose, you'll be stuck here forever!! Laugh
All: Forever...!? Shocked
Jester X Game: Yeah...!! Is it great!? Laugh
Bertha: No way, i'm outta here!! I'm outta here!! Angry
Trishna: Me too...!! Angry
Radlynn: I rather be stuck with Radley!! Angry

Bertha, Trishna, and Radlynn left the camp grounds, but that's when they reappear here the otherside in the camp grounds with the weird color fog.

Bertha: What the...!? Shocked
Trishna: How am i...!? Shocked
Radlynn: Didn't i- Shocked
Jester X Game: Try to escape and reappear here!! The only escape is that you need to win this game!! Laugh
Whiff: Okay!! If you don't make us leave now!! I'll beat you up!! Angry
Jester X Game: Sorry Whip Cream, but i wouldn't let you g- Laugh

That's when Whiff grab Jester X Game in the air.

Whiff: Only my girlfriend can call me Whip Cream!! Angry
Jester X Game: Violence against the camp counselor is strictly prohibited!! D:
Whiff: I'm gonna beat you up so hard that gonna make us lea- Angry

Everyone is getting silence when we heard the ticking noise.

Whiff: Um...what's going on?  Hmm
Chester: It's a bomb!! And it's coming from Jester!! Throw him off!! Shocked

Whiff throw Jester in the air, and when Jester is in the air, he got exploded and confetti is dropping here.

Xandra: Confetti!! Cheesy
Pinch Hitwell: Did he just explode like a pinata? Hmm
Hank: Atleast he's gone... Cheesy

We all happy that's he's gone, but that's when the fog appear. And Jester X Game appear...

Jester X Game: I'm back!! Laugh
Rico: Oh come on...!! Angry
Jester X Game: That is an example for people who prohibited my rules. The rules are in your very own E-books. Well goodbye...

Jester X Game disappeared in the blink of the eye.
The Arguement:
I open my e-book and when on it, it appears my info, rules, and a map of Camp Breakfast, i mean Camp X.
Jojo's info:
Name: Jojo
Occupation: Food Critic
Likes: Food
Hates: Overcooking

Jojo is known far and wide as the premier food critic. He is an adventurous foodie that never orders the same meal twice. Jojo makes weekly stops at restaurants to sample their food. If he enjoys his meal, he will award the shop his Blue Ribbon. Customers always tip more when a Blue Ribbon is in sight.
Rule 1# - No one is allowed to escape the camp, and when you escape you return here back.
Rule 2# - Violence against the camp counselor is strictly prohibited.
Rule 3# - Night time is around 9:00 pm to 6:30 am, no one is allowed is allowed to sleep anywhere other than the cabin.
Rule 4# - To escape, you must win the challenges or be stuck here forever.
Rule 5# - You may free to explore the camp.
Rule 6# - Rules will be added later.
I also look at the infos of the closers and appears to be blank. The only way to be filled is to grow a relationship to them.

Rudy: If we lose, we all be stuck here forvever!!
Gremmie: Yes cheese boy, we all heard.
Mayor Mallow: Please calm down citizens.
Robby: Most of us aren't your citizen...
Akari: I have an idea, let's split up and check around the camp.
Mayor Mallow: Great idea Akari, let's do that tomorrow.
Ninjoy: All of you should split up, except me.
Hank: Your not gonna go all by yourself!!
Ninjoy: Hey...!! I face danger all the time!! I'll do by myself!!
Whiff: *Went infront of Ninjoy* Look ninja, i don't normally hit girls. But seen you acting so selfish, maybe i should....
Ninjoy: What are you gonna do!? Punch me? Go ahead...
Jojo: *Went to Ninjoy and Whiff* Wait...!! You guys need to stay calm!! Anger is our least of our problems!!
Whiff: Anger!? I'll show you anger!!

That's when Whiff punch me in the face, making be faint to the ground. Are we all gonna win or we all gonna lose from the clutches of this Jester?

I'll be doing three chapters and after this, i'll be taking a break for two weeks. Seen it's almost school time in my country. You might be wondering about Crystal's and Deano's plush. The answer is right here in my other fanfiction.

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Many closers in every gameria

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Closer Camp Challenge - Chapter 1: Cook for a Feast

Second Day
Free Time

The Second Day:
In Jojo's Cabin

Jojo: *Wokes up* Ugh...my head. Huh...!?

I woke up and when i realized i'm not in my room. I don't know what happened, oh wait...i remember that all of closers including me went camping to take a break on being closers but we realized that we are force to participate on some challenges from that Jester, Jester X Game. I also remember that Whiff punch me, explaining why i have a headache. I look around in my cabin and appears it has a flatscreen tv, some blue ribbons, a closest filled with my clothes, and a table with in it is a book called "Blue Ribbon Dining." That's when the flatscreen tv started to appear.

Jester X Game: *In the TV* This is a Camp Announcement...good morning!! Rise up in a beautiful day!!
Jojo: What am i gonna do?

That's when the door knock. I open the door and appears to be Rico.

Jojo: Rico...?
Rico: Jojo, your up already.
Jojo: Yeah...why are you here?
Rico: Oh, Mayor Mallow told me to see Jojo if his okay. Are you okay?
Jojo: Well i have a head-ache...
Rico: Gosh Whiff punch you so hard, follow me.
Jojo: Where are we going?
Rico: To the Mess Hall, everyone is waiting for you.
Jojo: Okay...
The Meeting:
I follow Rico to the Mess Hall for the meeting. Rico open the door and i saw many closers here.

In the Mess Hall

Mayor Mallow: Aw...Jojo, your okay. Sit so we could start the meeting.
Jojo: Okay...

I sit in one of the chairs that is near Whiff and Ninjoy.

Whiff: Sorry i punch...
Ninjoy: And i'm sorry of my selfishness yesturday.
Mayor Mallow: Seen everyone is here, let's start the meeting. Now let's start with Allan and Robby.
Robby: I don't why the mayor pick us to be partners. Well seen you all know that we discovered the mess hall. It has food, water, and
Allan: I went to the kitchen and saw many ingredients. Jester X Game told that they will be restock whenever there out of stock.
Kahuna: Wait...he appear?
Allan: Yeah, he disappear with the smoke.
Mayor Mallow: Okay...Akari and Boomer.
Akari: Well we went back to the entrance to the camp. Seen the rules said a fog may appear when we leave, so we decided to bring our personal fan to clear out the fog.
Boomer: When we about to leave the parking lot, a force field came.
Mayor Mallow: Interesting...Kahuna and Gre- wait, why are you guys wet?
Kahuna: Well we discover a lake that has a boats. That's when Gremmie accidentally push me into the lake.
Gremmie: I  decided to help him out of the lake, and we both have no time to change.
Kahuna: I can swim, you know.
Trishna: Disgusting...
Mayor Mallow: Deano and Crystal...
Crystal: Seen we're the first one to discovered the cabins last night, we decided to look at the cabins one more time.
Deano: All of our cabins have different styles based on our personalities, talents, and interest.
Rico: That explains why i have a picture of Rhonda in my cabin.
Mayor Mallow: I see...Trishna and Radlynn.
Trishna: We went to the back of the Mess Hall and saw a garden containing fruits and vegetables. There's orange, apple, cabbages, carrots, and many more.
Radlynn: But there's no radishes!! Does everyone hate radishes!? I know the old man hates radishes!!
Professor Fitz: I'm just his arch-nemesis!!
Mayor Mallow: Just behave Radlynn...Rudy and Whiff.
Rudy: We found a stage containing many instruments.
Whiff: In the back, there's a make-up room and many stage lights.
Mayor Mallow: Could be use for entertainment? Professor Fitz and Bertha.
Bertha: There is a house containing many technologies.
Professor Fitz: I try to contact someone outside, but no luck.
Bertha: We even try finding our phones, but it's not there.
Mayor Mallow: I guess technology is out...
Chester: It's always out!!
Mayor Mallow: You don't have to be mad...so what did you and Ninjoy discovered?
Ninjoy: Well near the garden that Trishna mention, there is a farmhouse containing farm animals.
Chester: There is also a pitchfork, shovel, and things needed for the farm. But no sign of bombs.
Kenji: Bombs!?
Pinch Hitwell: Why would you need bombs!?
Chester: So i could destroy this place...
Mayor Mallow: Moving out to Johnny and Hank.
Pinch Hitwell: Huh...!? Oh sorry, i thought you mentioned me. Sorry, never got the use of the name Johnny.
Xolo: Well it was your name...
Johnny: Okay, we discovered a clinic that could be useful for all of us.
Hank: Not only that. Near there, there is a party house...could be use for celebration.
Mayor Mallow: I see...X-twins.
Xandra: Well there is Arts n' Crafts house.
Xolo: But that's not really important.
Mayor Mallow: Pinch Hitwell and Kenji.
Kenji: There is a obstacle course could be useful when there's a challenge.
Pinch Hitwell: Near there, is a gymnasium.
Mayor Mallow: Quinn and Captain Cori...
Quinn: We found a small library, it appears to be empty other than books
Captain Cori: We have to get back there later after we eat.
Mayor Mallow: And last but not the least, the closer couple. So what do you two love birds discovered?
Rico: Actually, we didn't discovered anything.
Rhonda: We just went near the lake to have a picnic.
Mayor Mallow: In early in the morning!? We all have to split up to find clues here and you just have a date!!
Xolo: Jojo didn't participate...
Crystal: That's because he fainted after Whiff punch him.
Hank: Say Mayor, what did you discovered?
Mayor Mallow: Well me and Emmlette aren't discovered any new places, but we found this.

Emmlette show us a book with cover of Jester X Game's face.

Radlynn: I think that's the clown's diary!!
Professor Fitz: Diary is more of a teenage name for Journal.
Radlynn: Shut your old mouth!!
Professor Fitz: Old mouth!?
Emmlette: We found this at the camp grounds.
Boomer: We should read it!!
Akari: I wonder if there is a deep dark secret from him.
Emmlette: I'll start reading, eh hem. The kingdom of X called me Jester X Game, but my real name is-
Jester X Game: Give me back!! *Grabs his journal*
Closers: Jester X Game!?
Jester X Game: Have anyone taught you keep everyone's privacy!? Oh by the way, i made breakfast for you all. *Shows pancakes*
Johnny: Pancakes? I be better if there's bacon on it.
Hank: I prefer chocolate toast than pancakes and maybe you should-
Jester X Game: My cooking!! My recipes!! Hey technology hater, you dropped this in the trash...
Chester: More like throwing it, keep it away from me.
Jester X Game: You need this!! And seen you don't want to, i'm putting another rule.

A sound came and appears it's coming from our E-books. We open our E-books (except Chester) and appears to have another rule.
Rule 1# - No one is allowed to escape the camp, and when you escape you return here back.
Rule 2# - Violence against the camp counselor is strictly prohibited.
Rule 3# - Night time is around 9:00 pm to 6:30 am, no one is allowed is allowed to sleep anywhere other than the cabin.
Rule 4# - To escape, you must win the challenges or be stuck here forever.
Rule 5# - You may free to explore the camp.
Rule 6# - Rules will be added later.
Rule 7# - Always bring your E-book
Jojo: Always bring your E-book?
Chester: Gosh dammit!!
Jester X Game: Well be prepare for the game... *Disappear*
Mayor Mallow: Well citizen!! Let's dig in!!
Robby: We're not your citizen...
Johnny: It's better if there's bacon.
Hank: Need coffee, not orange juice.
Jojo: Well you guys are the closer in Papa's Pancakeria.
After breakfast, we all went to our cabins. I don't know what to do, i can't just stay here in this cabin. I decided to go out to give a fresh air. When i was out, i saw Rudy. I follow him and appears he went to the stage.

Rudy: Jojo, what are you doing here?
Jojo: I don't know, i just follow you.
Rudy: Or you just wanted to say mean things.
Jojo: Look i hate that you become a chef. But your still a closer...
Rudy: I know, just leave me alone.
Jojo: That reminds me, what are you doing?
Rudy: I'm looking for a bass guitar to help me be happy here, seen we'll be stuck forever or before we win.
Jojo: I forgot your the bass player of your girlfriend's band. Scarlett, right?
Rudy: Yes, i been in the band everseen i first met Scarlett. She has a incredible voice making me play the bass, after that, we became a couple.
Jojo: It's nice that you have someone you love around...
Rudy: I forgot your wife pass away, what happened to her?
Jojo: She die from a car crash, i save my son but i didn't save her. That's 10 years ago...
Rudy: That's sad, it's nice talking to you. I'm just going to my cabin. Bye...
Jojo: Okay...i still hate about you being a chef.

He left with the bass guitar he found in the stage. You might be wondering about Rudy,
well he is the first and only closer to be a chef. Some closer hate about it, even me. That's when a sound came from my E-book. I open my E-book and realized Rudy's info got updated.
Rudy's Info:
Name: Rudy
  • Bass guitarist of Scarlett and the Shakers
  • Papa's Cheeseria Chef
Likes: Donuts
Hates: Avoided

Rudy grew up in the town of Powder Point where the ever-present roar of rollercoasters lulled him to sleep as a kid. His mother worked at the amusement park headlining a variety show in the park's now-shuttered theater. Rudy is the bass player for the popular band, Scarlett and the Shakers. One day, Rudy and his girlfriend, Scarlett, had to quickly take side jobs at Papa's Cheeseria. This was due to their band equipment being inexplicably stolen by a crabby chef named Guy Mortadello.
Jester X Game started to split us into two or three to do clean up in the camp. I can't believe he invite us and made us clean. He assign me and Emmlette to take care of animals in the farmhouse. I don't why i got pick to do this job, seen i'm not good with my animals. I did accidentally kill my son's pet goldfish when he was 4. I was feeding the pigs, then the pigs started splatting eachother making mud everywhere even my own clothes. I'm a food critic, not a farmer.

Emmlette: I guess you got mud on your clothes.
Jojo: Yeah, hey...what's in the basket?
Emmlette: Some eggs from the chicken coop.
Jojo: You sure like eggs...
Emmlette: Well not only eggs, but i like to cook with eggs. I do have chickens in my home.
Jojo: I guess why you have the title "Egg Lady"

That's when a sound came from my E-book. I open it and saw a Emmlette's info got updated.
Emmlette's info:
Name: Emmlette
Occupation: Taking care of chickens
Likes: Egg
Hates: Poop

Emmlette has a weird obsession of eggs. She has her own flock of chickens in her home, that she use to deliver eggs to the people. She also like to cook with eggs on it.
I change my clothes seen my clothes got mud on it. After that, i went to the Mess Hall for lunch time. I came late, and saw many people eating hotdogs for lunch. I don't know why hotdogs,
that's when Bertha and Kenji argue eachother.

Kenji: No way you win this!!
Bertha: Yes i can!! I been officiated numerous eating competitions!!
Kenji: Well you didn't experience!!
Pinch Hitwell: The Hotdog eating contest starts...now!!
Jojo: Um...what's going on?
Quinn: There doing some dumb eating contest...
Rhonda: The winner will have a great dinner cook by the loser...
Deano: While the loser will clean the dishes.
Jojo: Okay...

I saw Bertha and Kenji eating much hotdogs. Kenji taking the lead, while Bertha just ate 7 hotdogs. Kenji is taking the lead, that's when more hotdogs appear.

Jojo: What the...!?
Emmlette: Oh no, please don't tell me...
Jester X Game: *Appears* Jester X Game is here!! Rather there is a mini-contest in this challenge, i'll be helping with it. So new rule, if someone surrender the white flag, they lose.
Kenji and Bertha: Wait what!?
Professor Fitz: I started to hate him...

It's been 15 mintues seen they started, that's when Kenji raises the white flag and started to barp.

Girls except Akari and Boomer: Ewwwwwww...!!
Akari and Boomer: Cool!!
Jester X Game: I guess the winner is Bertha!!
Bertha: I hope you serve me a dinner and wash those dishes!!
Jester X Game: Now start cleaning the dishes!!
Kenji: Wait...!! *Barps*

Few mintues late, Kenji is in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. I went there to help him clean the dishes.

Jojo: May i help? You seem a little sick after you barp...
Kenji: Thanks...
Jojo: So...is this your first time you lost?
Kenji: Yes...i would have won if Jester didn't make more hotdogs. Can't believe i got sick from my favorite food.
Jojo: Seen you lost, i guess you cook her dinner. What are gonna cook her?
Kenji: Well she request a BBQ ribs, but i just gonna put hot sauce.
Jojo: Okay...? I heard you're practicing eating pizzas.
Kenji: That's right, if i win the pizza eating competition, i'll get the title "Best Competitive Eater Award"
Jojo: Well you always win, except this one.

Kenji's info:
Name: Kenji
Occupation: Competitive Eater
Loves: Hot Dogs
Hates: Dining Etiquette

Kenji is a world famous Competitive Eater from Tastyville. He is the title holder for the Hot Dog Eating Championship, a yearly competition hosted by Griller Stadium. Kenji also holds numerous other eating records. Some of his highlights include 52 donuts, 34 quesadillas, and 76 cupcakes. He is currently training for the National Pizza Eating Championship.
It's almost night time, i went to the Mess Hall for dinner. When i got there, no one is here except Rico who's preparing something.

Jojo: Rico, where is everyone?
Rico: I don't know, hey can you help me carry this? *Carries a huge pot*
Jojo: Okay...?

I help Rico carry a huge pot to the the table.

Jojo: I'm guessing, you're making chili, right?
Rico: Yes, i want everyone to try my chili so they be enjoy this night seen all of us are stuck here.
Jojo: Yeah, why do you always cook chili?
Rico: Well everytime i cook chili, it always reminded from my mother.
Jojo: Wait, your mother taught you how to cook chili?
Rico: Yes, she is the only family member i had before. But she pass away...
Jojo: I feel the same, but atleast Rhonda is here...
Rico: Yeah, she always makes me happy...

Rico's Info:
Name: Rico
Occupation: Welder
Loves: Chili
Hates: Shaving

This tough biker arrived with an attitude as a Closer in Papa’s Taco Mia!, but after a relaxing vacation on Calypso Island he started to mellow out. When he’s not visiting Papa’s restaurants, he’s riding around the country and sampling chili at various roadhouses. Rico is perfecting his own original chili recipe, and hopes that customers will one day line up to try a bowl of his chili!
Games over...i think:
Rico has finished cooking his chili. Jester X Game appear and is almost finish cooking pasta, that's when all the closers came.

Mayor Mallow: Sorry we're late, the farm animals escape the farmhouse.
Hank: We have to chase them and return to the farmhouse
Gremmie: And who is the person who left the the gates open...

All of the closers excluding Rico, look at me with anger.

Ninjoy: Let's just ignore that, we need to eat now.
Johnny: So what's dinner?
Jester X Game: Pasta...*Throws pasta at them and appears they haven't miss it* Ba-bye... *Disappear*
Allan: To be honest guys, we haven't have a challenge beside earlier.
Captain Cori: He's right, why is the clown haven't start the game?
Xolo: Maybe he's lazy...
Quinn: Maybe he lie that there is a game.
Mayor Mallow: Let's just worried about it tomorrow, for now...dig in.

All of us started eating our dinner. After that, we went back to our cabins and we about to sleep.

They think there's no game, well there wrong. Ahahahahahahahahhah...

The next one will be the challenge 1#, and after that a two week break. Emmlette and Xolo are the only closers who haven't yet got a flipdeck. We all know that Xolo will be 200# seen his sister is 150# and his mother is 100#, while Emmlette i just made-up her info. There is also some closers who haven't had likes and dislikes in there flipdeck so i made them up.

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very very cool
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Closer Camp Challenge - Chapter 2: Chef for the Day!!

Third Day
Challenge 1#

6:30 AM

Jester X Game: *In TV playing the trumbone loudly*
Jojo: *Wakes up* Ah...!! *Fell* Ow...!!
Jester X Game: This is a Camp Announcement...good morning!! Rise up in a beautiful day!!
Jojo: Do you have to play the instrument so loud?!
Jester X Game: Yes...

That what he said and the TV got off. After that, i took a bath, put on some clothes,
and went to the Mess Hall for breakfast. When i was there, i saw everyone looking sleepy.

In the Mess Hall

Bertha: Hey Jojo, did you woke up from the trombone?
Jojo: Yes...
Kahuna: That was happened to all of us.
Jojo: That's explained why everyone is so sleepy...
Quinn: So what's for breakfast?
Captain Cori: I guess it's eggs and bacon.
Emmlette: Eggs!!
Hank: Why can it be coffee than orange juice?
Quinn: Need energy...
Rhonda: I wish there's toast in it...
Chester: Yeah, i need to eat toast...with cheese.
Rudy: I could to that, if you guys want to.
Rhonda: No thanks Rudy, you look tired.
Jester X Game: *Appear* Is everyone enjoying there meal?!
All: Ah...!!
Akari: Stop doing that!!
Rico: Do you have to appear out of nowhere!?
Professor Fitz: Are you trying to scare us to death?!
Jester X Game: Not really...i just wanted to see if you guys are finish, so we can start the game here.
Jojo: Here?
Allan: Wait a minute, the first challenge is here?
Jester X Game: That's right, eat it up and be ready for the challenge. *Disappear*
Robby: No way we have to participate on a challenge.
Whiff: We have to or we all be stuck here forever.
Mayor Mallow: He's right, i have to be in Frostfield to govern them.
Ninjoy: We should be ready for this one.
Gremmie: Let's stop talking and start eating. I'm hungry!!
Crystal: You don't have to so loud.
Closer to Chef:
All of us finish our breakfast. After that, Jester X Game appear.

Jester X Game: I guess of all of you finish your breakfast!! *Poofs the plates, cups, spoons, and forks away*
Deano: Hey!! I haven't finished my breakfast!!
Jester X Game: Well i'm bored waiting!! Let's just start the game!!
Jojo: So what's the game?
Jester X Game: Well of you...are gonna be chefs for the day!!
All: What!?
Jester X Game: This challenge is simple...i'll be the picky closer while all of you are the chefs. You all have to finish those on the end of the day. If i like all or most of the food, you guys win. If not, then you guys lose. The Mess Hall is your kitchen and the dining room is in the camp grounds. The garden has now more vegetables and fruits to use for the ingredients and some of the ingredients appear here. You all start cooking now...Ahahahahahahahahah.

Jester X Game disappear in the blink of the eye. After that, a list came infront of me.
I grab it and saw the list of orders.
  • Cheesy Chick
  • Rico's Special Chili
  • Papa's Special Pizza
  • Tastyville Tomatoe's Hotdog
  • Chocolate Eggy Bread
  • Cherry Cordial
  • Radley Roll
  • Blazing Blue
  • Roast Chicken
  • Nutty Donuts
  • Triple Chocolate Cake
  • Berry Mix Sundae
Jojo: I guess we got many orders, most of it are specials from Papa's restaurant.
Mayor Mallow: Can i take a look?
Jojo: Sure... *Gives list to Mayor Mallow*
Mayor Mallow: I see...do any of you know how to cook?

After hearing what Mayor Mallow said, Rudy, Rico, Kenji, Bertha, Emmlette, Radlynn, Robby, Rhonda, Chester, and also me raise our hands.

Rudy: You can cook Jojo...
Jojo: Just a little...i learn it from my wife. She's a good cook.
Mayor Mallow: Here's the plan, those people who raise there hands will be cooking called Team Chefs.  While the rest of you will be divided into 2 teams. Team Helpers will help Team Chefs, while Team Ingredients will gather some fruits and vegetables in the garden. I'll be checking you guys if there okay or not.

People started picking the team they be. Team Helpers are Ninjoy, Quinn, Allan,
Deano, Crystal, Gremmie, Kahuna, Hank, and Trishna. While Team Ingredients are Whiff, Captain Cori, Boomer, Akari, Professor Fitz, Xandra, Xolo, Johnny, and Pinch Hitwell.

Mayor Mallow: We have until the end of the day, we need to win this.
Deano: And remember what i said "Closers always stick together"
Trishna: Yeah yeah, we know you stupid boat man.
Deano: Why is she so young so mean?
Crystal: There there Deano...
Catastrophic in the Mess Hall:
Mayor Mallow assigned as in any food orders we cook, Mayor Mallow said that Triple Chocolate Cake and Papa's Special Pizza will be last seen there the most diffucult orders. I was assigned the roast chicken with the help of Hank.

Hank: Are you sure you know how to cook?
Jojo: Of course, i started cooking for my son everseen my wife died.
Hank: Okay...

I putted the chicken in the open, that's when Robby and Allan fighting eachother.

Allan: You're putting too much Blazeberry sauce!!
Robby: No i don't!!
Allan: Yes you did!! Look at the taco!!
Robby: Look if you could just- *Accidently dropped the tacos*
Allan: Nice going islander!! You just dropped the tacos!!
Robby: If you haven't make me mad!! *Start attacking Allan*
Allan: *Accidentally hit Radlynn's cooking*
Radlynn: Hey...!! *Joins the fight*
Robby: *Accidentally punch Quinn*
Quinn: Why you...!!

Both Team Chefs and Team Helpers are fighting eachother, leaving me, Hank, Ninjoy,
and Chester who are in the kitchen.

Chester: Gosh those people and there modern life...
Ninjoy: Mayor Mallow is coming...
Hank and Jojo: What!?
Mayor Mallow: *Enters with Team Ingredients* We brought...what the!?
Captain Cori: That's enough!!
Whiff: It's not the right time to fight!!
Xandra and Xolo: Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!
Pinch Hitwell: You guys stop or we all gonna0
Jester X Game: *Appears* What's wrong here?

Everything stop when he appear.

Closers: Jester X Game!!
Jester X Game: How is everyone doing?
Gremmie: Great...
Rico: All of us help eachother...
Bertha: All of it are good...
Jester X Game: Excellent!! Also those Tacos are too uncooked, those chocolate is too sweet, i prefer my bread without crust, those sundaes are too mix, and all is too too too. And i want more sauce on those, and add more cheese. Ba-bye... *Disappear*
Mayor Mallow: Phew...now, who started the fight!?
Team Chefs and Team Helpers except Robby and Allan: *Pointing on Robby and Allan* They started it!?
Captain Cori: Really Robby...
Robby: I was mad at Allan...
Deano: Do you guys hear what Jester said?
Bertha: I can't believe he said that to us about the food.
Radlynn: "Those Tacos are too uncooked" blah blah blah "Those chocolate is too sweet" blah blah blah "I'm Jester X Game" blah blah blah...
Boomer: He doesn't have to be picky on there foods!! It makes us so tired about that!!

All of them (Except Rudy and Ninjoy) are saying mean stuff about Jester X Game being picky leaving me behind, that's when it sound familiar.

Jojo: Wait guys!! Isn't this the same as us?
Xolo: What do you mean!?
Akari: How could this be the same?
Trishna: Yeah, we don't have something incommon with that clown. Beside those eyeball freaks seen there eyes are the same to him.
Xandra and Xolo: Hey!!
Jojo: Well we are closers and closers are picky customers.
Allan: What does to do with that?
Jojo: Well today we are the chefs and he's the closer. He did the same as us when we are closers in any or every to Papa's restaurant. We haven't realized the chefs are so stressful. Rudy, you experience being a chef when you serve a closer.
Rudy: It's a good thing someone notice that, yes...it makes me stressful when you Rhonda, Chester, Quinn, Xolo, Radlynn, Hank, and you are picky on your orders.
Jojo: Sorry, but i'm a food critic.
Rudy: Not only that, but when i experience being a chef, i sorta feel bad for the Papa's Donuteria chefs...Tony and Scooter. I made them stressful, i decided to be kind to them but still picky.
Rico: I sorta knew about that too. After a relaxing vacation on Calypso Island i started to mellow out.
Kenji: I also knew about this when the Papa's Hotdoggeria workers are done finishing the hotdogs for the hotdog eating competition.
Emmlette: I might be new, but i already know about this.

All of the closers even me feel sorry about the chefs of Papa's restaurant.

Quinn: After this, i gonna tell all the chefs i'm sorry.
Rudy: Even me...?
Quinn: Yes...but it still don't like you as a chef.
Rudy: Okay...
Mayor Mallow: Okay enough with this, we need to cook or we all gonna be stuck here. Let's cook.
Closers: Yeah...
All of us started cooking and not trying to be stressful like the chefs. We finished the 10 orders and now we have to finished the triple chocolate cake. Team Ingredients deliver the foods to Jester X game. We have finish the Triple Chocolate cake, and about to give it to Jester X game. Now the only problem is the pizza. We have 30 minutes left...

Mayor Mallow: Do any of you guys know the recipe?
Quinn: None of us know the recipe.
Kenji: That's right, it's Papa's secret recipe.
Pinch Hitwell: The best pizza we ever tried.
Gremmie: Hey cheese boy, you might know about this. You're the only one here who is a chef in his restaurant?
Rudy: Well i do know recipe from other of his restaurant, but not that recipe seen it's strictly prohibited to use not even his own chefs. Only the Papa's Pizzeria chefs know.
Deano: Useless, why did Jester X Game pick this order?
Akari: Um, guys...
Allan: Does he look like were his niece and nephew?!
Akari: Um, guys...
Whiff: I know this best pizza we try, but why this order?!
Akari: Um, guys...
Trishna: It's not like the Papa's Pizzeria chefs are here!!
Akari: Guys!!
Closers except Akari: What!?
Akari: Someone already cook this pizza!! *Shows pizza*
Closers except Akari: What!?
Boomer: Who cook this!?
Akari: Don't look at me, i just saw it.
Kahuna: Guys, we have 28 minutes left. Let's just give the pizza to Jester.
Captain Cori: But we need to try this first so-
Boomer: Um...guys, the pizza disappear.
Closers except Boomer: What!?
Emmlette: Where is it?
Deano: I don't know...
Radlynn: I bet the old lady do magic and teleport somewhere...
Crystal: I'm a Clairvoyant, not a witch.
Jester X Game: *Appears with the pizza he's holding* Hello everyone...!!
Closers: Jester X Game!!
Rico: And he has the pizza...
Jester X Game: And this pizza is...delicious!! It's like the original recipe!! I guess you guys won!!
Bertha: Really!?
Mayor Mallow: But we didn't -
Trishna: *Covers his mouth* We didn't give you the pizza.
Jester X Game: I'm bored at waiting!! Anyway, seen you guys won. All of you get pizzas... *Poofs pizza* and this. *Poofs a Jester X Game plush and give everyone each*
Rudy: We don't need a Jester X Game Plush!!
Robby: Yeah, we just wanted to eat!!
Jester X Game: Well too bad, ba-bye. *Disappear*
Chester: I suggest we burn this plush!!
Closers except Chester: Yes...!!

We all agree on Chesters suggestion, but that's when a sound came and appears it's coming from our E-books. We open our E-books (except Chester) and appears to have another rule...again.
Rule 1# - No one is allowed to escape the camp, and when you escape you return here back.
Rule 2# - Violence against the camp counselor is strictly prohibited.
Rule 3# - Night time is around 9:00 pm to 6:30 am, no one is allowed is allowed to sleep anywhere other than the cabin.
Rule 4# - To escape, you must win the challenges or be stuck here forever.
Rule 5# - You may free to explore the camp.
Rule 6# - Rules will be added later.
Rule 7# - Always bring your E-book.
Rule 8# - Do not destroy your gifts.
Jojo: Do not destroy your gifts?
Chester: Stupid rules!!
Good Night:
After that, we went back to our cabins to have good night sleep. I put the Jester X Game plush in the trash. That's when Jester X Game came.

In the Cabin

Jester X Game: I said "Do not destroy your gifts"!!
Jojo: Ah...!! Do you have to appear out of nowhere!?
Jester X Game: Yes...also throwing it could lead to destroying. Imagine the plush in dumpster and got smash. So pick it up or you have a warning.
Jojo: Oh fine...

I pick the plush and put it in the table near my son plush. After that, i went back to sleep.

I guess this the last of it before having a break, see you guys on June 23.
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I know, (Nin)Joy cooked the pizza!
We'll see about that...

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Poor Closers  Sad
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Closer Camp Challenge - Chapter 3: Tonight is the Party!!

Fourth Day
Free time

The Arguement:
I woke up early in the morning so i wouldn't wake up by the camp announcement.
Same as the other days, i took a bath, changed clothes, and went to the Mess Hall. But when i almost in the Mess Hall, i heard noise. I went inside and saw Robby and Allan fighting eachother.

In the Mess Hall

Robby: For the last time, she is not my girlfriend!!
Allan: Oh really, it's quite dramatic when she saved you from an island.
Robby: Shut up!! Atleast i can handle in the island for three years, while you can't handle being in Oniontown in your highschool years.
Allan: What do you say you big-
Jojo: That's enough, it's still morning and you guys are still fighting!! You need to stop!!
Robby: Sorry...
Allan: Yeah, sorry...
Jojo: Okay, why are you guys so up today?
Robby: I woke up in early in the morning so i wouldn't woke up by the morning announcement. Captain Cori is up too and but she is still in here cabin.
Allan: I guess you guys are getting close Rob.
Robby: Don't called me Rob, Al.
Allan: And don't called me Al, Rob.
Allan and Robby: Errrrrrrrrrr..!! *Staring eachother looking angry*

After that, they started to fight eachother again. You might be wondering about Robby and Allan, well they been fighting eachother everseen the opening week of Papa's Taco Mia. They used to be friends, but due to there disappearance and absent, they changed. Eventhough they hate eachother, they do have something in common. Both are of the captives from the first attack, both were absence in the opening year of Papa's Burgeria, both used to live above Papa's Pizzeria, both got changed there looks and attitudes during there disappearance, and both are closers in Papa's Taco Mia and Papa's Burgeria.

Radlynn: *Opens the door while carrying a sack* Great, some loser adults are here.
Jojo: Radlynn, what's in the sack?
Radlynn: None of your business creepo!!
Jojo: Creepo!?

Radlynn opened the sack and appears to be radishes. She puts the radishes on one of the tables.

Jojo: Wait, i thought there is no radishes in the garden. You confirmed it.
Radlynn: That's from two days ago, the radishes stared to appear in the garden yesterday. I pick all of it for myself and took me a whole night to pick it up.

After hearing Radlynn, Robby and Allan stop fighting.

Robby: Whole night!? Without sleep!?
Radlynn: Yeah, that's what i get for my hard work.
Allan: What's up with you and radishes?!
Radlynn: Oh shut up Weakling Al!!
Robby: Weakling Al?
Allan: Wait!? How did you know that nickname!?
Radlynn: I'm from Oniontown!! I heard you got humiliate from the prom night!! It's funny that girl pretends she loves you just to get her boyfriend back!!
Allan: You take that back!! Atleast i'm not there anymore!! The Oniontown is worst place to be!! Everyone is so...mean!!
Radlynn: *Slaps Allan* Your the same, you been in there in highschool and you changed!!
Allan: Oh yeah!! You just a stupid fan girl who is a fan of the evil radish who is the reason my parents decided to the first place!!
Robby: Look Al!! Eventhough she is mean, she is still a teenager!!
Allan: I'm not listening to a person who lost his rent money from buying those pizzas!!
Captain Cori: *Opens the door* Hey!! No one said mean things to my bestfriend!!
Allan: Or you guys starting dating eachother!?
Captain Cori: Shut up!! Do you want me to ban you on taking the S.S. Louie!?
Radlynn: S.S. Louie, i remember the time when Captain Cori ruined everything!!
Captain Cori: What do you mean!?
Radlynn: If it wasn't for you, i'll still be with Radley Madish!!
Robby: Radley Madish doesn't care about you, he just care of himself and the other radishes.
Captain Cori: Besides you're one of the captives.
Radlynn: I don't care, you adults are so mean.
Allan: Mean!? You're mean too!!
The Announcement:
They all argue eachother for so long. That's when the fire alarm came.

Radlynn: *Covering her ears* Ow...!!
Allan: *Covering his ears* My ears!!
Captain Cori: *Covering her ears* Why is there a alarm!?
Jester X Game: *In the Announcer* Attention!! This is a emergency!! A fire is occurred here, head to the camp grounds now!!
Robby: *Covering his ears* Fire!!
Jojo: *Covering his ears* We need to get out!!
Captain Cori: Agree!!

We all went to the camp grounds. When we got there, there many closers in pajamas.

Johnny: Where is the fire!? I can handle it!!
Hank: Hurry!! I can't handle that much fire!!
Radlynn: Why are you guys in pajamas?
Pinch Hitwell: We're in hurry!!
Trishna: It's not like i have a choice!!
Ninjoy: Why are you guys in your normal outfit?
Jojo: We woke up early, except Radlynn.
Jester X Game: *Appears* Really?
Jojo: Yeah, it's true Jester X Ga- wait...
Closers: Jester X Game!!
Kenji: Can you stop doing that!?
Jester X Game: But i like it!!
Professor Fitz: *Holds the fire extinguisher* Where is it!? Where is the fire!?
Jester X Game: Fire? What fire?
Rudy: You mentioned a fire is here!!
Jester X Game: Oh that, here is your fire. *Shows the campfire*
Closers: What!?
Jester X Game: Ohhhhhh...!! You though there is a forest fire here!! There is no forest fire!!
Bertha: You made us panic in our pajamas for this!!
Jojo: And i thought waking up would stop us from that announcement!!
Boomer: First yesterday, and now this!!
Jester X Game: Hehehehhehehehe...i guess you don't want hear about a party tonight.
Akari: Party?
Rico: What party?
Jester X Game: A party like the other parties. There's food, music, and something the party has. This takes place near the lake and it has to be in formal.
Trishna: It's a good thing i brought many formal clothes.
Johnny: Who would brought formal clothes in a camping trip?!
Quinn: Wait, none of us beside Trishna brought any formal outfits!?
Jester X Game: That's why i'm giving you all this. *Gives formal outfits to everyone including Trishna*
Radlynn: Yeah, this outfit is radish themed.
Gremmie: Boo...
Mayor Mallow: Hm...what time is the party?
Jester X Game: 6:30 PM, don't be late. *Disappear*
Kahuna: Do we have to attend?
Captain Cori: This might be a trick.
Mayor Mallow: It might be, but should we not go on this amazing party. Maybe all of us should go.
Chester: Do we all have to wear those outfits?
Jojo: It did said formal so yeah.
Boomer: I wish it's a tuxedo than this dress.
Akari: It doesn't suit me.
Radlynn: Maybe you two should switch outfits with Rob and Al.
Robby: What?!
Allan: We are not wearing a dress!!
Deano: Hey Ninjoy, i'm guessing you're wearing a different outfit.
Rudy: We never seen have different outfit which is not a ninja outfit.
Ninjoy: This dress is blackish purple and i'm still wearing the mask.
Mayor Mallow: I guess everyone is going.
It's 6:15 PM, i was already dressed in my tuxedo which my clothes are black, my tie is blue, and i still wearing my black beret. I left the cabin that when i bump into Radlynn and she fell. She is in the ground in her dress. Her dress is short, sleeveless, and it's radish themed. Her footwear is also radish themed with socks. And of course she is still covering her eyes using a brown wide-brimmed fedora with a small radish clip on it.

Radlynn: *In the ground* Hey...!! Watch where are you going!?
Jojo: Sorry... *Grabs Radlynn*
Radlynn: *Get ups* You should be...ah...sor-ly.
Jojo: Sorly? You mean sorry.
Radlynn: Yeah, that word. Sorly.
Jojo: You don't apologize people that much.
Radlynn: I don't even like to apologize, okay.
Jojo: I don't know why you are a closer. You're not just the youngest but you're the only Munchmore fan to be closer.
Radlynn: That's because every Papa's restaurant doesn't have radishes, i been asking Papa Louie to have radishes and no luck. It's a good thing Papa's Sushiria is the only restaurant that has radishes.
Jojo: Less people order that.
Radlynn: I heard that!!
Jojo: Look, why are you a fan of him? I heard he kidnapped you.
Radlynn: Because he ask for help and i never had someone to beg help for me. I just live with my unactive parents, feeling lonely. He even gave me a gift and i never forget that moment. Wait, why am talking feelings? I'm outta here!! *Leaves*

Gosh i don't understand teenagers this days.
Radlynn's Info:
Name: Radlynn
Occupation: Vice-President of the Munchmore Fan Club
Loves: Radishes
Hates: Apologizing

Radlynn is a rambunctious teen who grew up in Oniontown. Her strange affinity for radishes can be traced back to when she was approached by a mysterious man in a wide brim hat. He asked Radlynn to watch a crate of hamburger buns for a few hours. In return she was given a shoebox containing 5 "radish" coins, 3 paper clips, 2 mismatched buttons, some sawdust, and a gently used knitted hat.
I arrived and saw many closers in formal attire. I so many men wearing different color tuxedo. Akari and Boomer are the only girls in tuxedo.

Near the Lake

Jojo: Where do you get those tuxedos?
Akari: We got it from Trishna.
Boomer: We switch the dresses for this tuxedos.
Jojo: Okay...
Jester X Game: *Appears* Hello campers, are you guys excited for the party?
Kenji: It will be better when you're not here.
Jester X Game: Don't worry, i'm not gonna be in the party.
Professor Fitz: Really...?
Jester X Game: Really, i'm just going somewhere. But here is some music.

Jester X Game started putting the music and appears to be a song from Scarlett and the Shakers. Then Jester X Game disappeared in the blink of the eye.

Mayor Mallow: Let's start the party!!
Closers except Mayor Mallow: Party!!

We all have a great time in the party, all of us ate the amazing food. It taste like the food from Papa's restaurants. I'm been enjoying the party that's when i saw Allan leaving. I don't know why but i follow him.

Jojo: Allan!!
Allan: Jojo? What are doing?
Jojo: I'm asking the question, why aren't you in the party?
Allan: Oh it's nothing, its- who am i kidding, i don't want to be in the party.
Jojo: Why? People is having great time even you.
Allan: It...it reminds me on a prom night that i got humiliate.
Jojo: A girl who is using you to bring back her boyfriend.
Allan: Yes, after that party, i'm afraid to be in a party. Look, i'm might be a jerk but that doesn't mean i have feelings.
Jojo: Hey, it's a good thing your not with that girl anymore. Who knows, you might meet a girl who is nicer than her. You really think that time would stop a fun time in a party.
Allan: Yeah, thanks.
Jojo: No problem, let's go back to the party.
Allan: Agree...

We both went back to the party.
Allan's info:
Occupation: Hockey Player of Tastyville Cold Cuts
Loves: Nutty Butter Cups
Hates: Bullies

Allan was happy living in Tastyville, but during high school, he had to move with his parents to the dingy streets of Oniontown. Being the new kid, Allan got picked on by the hardened students of Oniontown High. He always stuck up for himself, even if it meant a black eye or a chipped tooth. When Allan graduated, he moved back to Tastyville. His friends were happy to see Allan, but Oniontown had definitely changed him.
Captain Cori and Robby:
We all have great time. We talk, dance, and eat. All of it sound nice, that's when the announcer came.

Jester X Game: *In the announcer* Okay closers, i'm be doing in romance music. Feeling love...i know i do.
Bertha: There aren't many couples here!!
Crystal: Only Rhonda and Rico are the couple here.
Jester X Game: *In the announcer* Whatever...
Rico: Care to dance my love?
Rhonda: Of course...
Xandra: Hey Xolo, let's dance as twins.
Xolo: Yeah...
Bertha: Hey Al, you...me...dance.
Allan: No way Bertha...
Bertha: Oh come on *Grabs Allan's hands*
Allan: Ah...!!

Some closers started dancing, even Akari and Boomer are dancing eachother. Weird,
i even saw Captain Cori and Robby dancing. I guess there dancing as friends. I saw Whiff and Rudy in the dining table looking sad.

Whiff: I wish my girlfriend is here.
Rudy: Me too, but atleast there safe.
Whiff: You're right...
Jojo: It's quite nice...hm.
Quinn: You missed your wife.
Jojo: Yeah...
Quinn: The dance reminds me of my ex-partner.
Jojo: Timm right?
Quinn: Yes, sure he's joyful but he is a grea-

Before finishing Quinn's words, i heard a splash from the lake. I look at the lake and saw Captain Cori and Robby in the lake.

Jojo: Are you guys okay!?
Captain Cori: We're fine...
Robby: We just fell from the lake.
Trishna: It's horrible!!
Robby: Being in the lake is not horri-
Trishna: I'm talking about your clothes!! You guys need to change!!
Crystal: Really? Clothes?
Trishna: You guys have to go change!! Proton!!
Jojo: I'll help them dry up.
Robby: Thanks Jojo
Jojo: No problem

We went to Robby's cabin and appears to be island themed could possibly his time in the uncharted island. I help them dry up.

Jojo: Okay you guys are now dry up, now how do you guys end up in the lake.
Captain Cori: Ugh...
Robby: We fell when we are near the lake.
Captain Cori: Yeah, we're near the lake.
Jojo: Isn't the dance floor way far from the lake.
Robby: *Blush* We might accidentally near there.
Captain Cori: *Blush* Yeah...
Jojo: Are you guys blushing?
Robby: No we didn't...
Captain Cori: We just, ugh...who we thinking we fell cause' we...
Robby: Kiss eachother.
Jojo: Wait what!?
Robby: During the dance, we accidentally kiss eachother.
Captain Cori: After that, i ran and Robby followed and we fell from the lake.
Jojo: In the lips!?
Robby and Captain Cori: Yes!! Please don't tell anyone!!
Jojo: Okay...
Robby: Thanks, we rather be bestfriends than couples.
Captain Cori: Yeah...
Jojo: I know you guys been bestfriend everseen you met.
Robby: Yeah, if it Captain Cori wasn't there then i'll be stuck in that island forever.
Captain Cori: Remember the time when a giant spider chase us.
Robby: Yeah, and the time a monkey stole your hat.
Captain Cori: Yeah, and...

They been talking about the fun times they had when they first met. It reminds me and my wife. When we first met, she is my bestfriend but we grew up and became a couple. After talk,
we went back to the party.
Robby's Info:
Name: Robby
Occupation: Deckhand in S.S. Louie
Loves: Guacamole
Hates: Shrimp

Robby once lived in the apartments above Papa's Pizzeria. Having spent all his rent money on pizzas, Robby desperately needed a job. He soon found an opening as a deckhand aboard a small shrimp boat for the summer. The voyage went awry when a rogue wave capsized the boat and sent him drifting to an uncharted island. After 3 lonely years, he was spotted and rescued by Captain Cori.
Captain Cori's Info:
Name: Captain Cori
Loves: Calamari
Hates: Seagulls
Occupation: Sea Captain in S.S. Louie

Captain Cori has been sailing the open seas since she was just a little girl. Although she can be a little salty, Cori is hard working and very reliable. She was recently offered a job by Papa Louie to captain his first luxury food cruise aboard the S.S. Louie.
Party Pooper:
12:00 PM

Jester X Game: *Appears* Okay campers, it's twelve Pm so party's over. Go back to sleep.
Closers: Ugh...!!
Gremmie: Party Pooper!!
Mayor Mallow: *Walking* Don't be rude, we need rest. Who knows there might be a game to- *Bumps into a invisible shield* Huh...?
Bertha: What's going on?
Chester: Why can't i go out!?
Hank: I'm trying to get out!!
Deano: It's like we been block.
Boomer: Wait, Akari...do you really think?
Akari: Yes, Jester X Game!! Did you create a forcefield!?
Jester X Game: Yes!! And all of you are feeling sleepy!!

After hearing Jester X Game, a fog appear and all of us are feeling sleepy. I saw many closers fell and gotten to sleep. I try to get up but i fell and gotten...sleepy.

Prepare for my Second Challenge, Do you guys win or lose?

Okay i decided to cancel my break seen i'm bored, but i have school in my country so i might be doing it on weekends and maybe after school without homeworks.

Papa's Gamerias Shorts -> Flipverse Tale -> Jester X Game's Challenge -> Papa's Gamerias Shorts -> ...

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Yaay, more Fan-fic
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Closer Camp Challenge - Chapter 4.1: Long Term Memory

Fifth Day...i think?
Challenge 2#

In the Memory Lane:
Jojo: *Wakes up* Ow...!! My head, this is like the 2nd time this trip. Huh...?

I woke up where everything is made white. I saw many closers woke up with same reaction.

Johnny: What the heck is going on!?
Deano: Ahhhhhh...!!
Professor Fitz: How is this impossible!?
Mayor Mallow: Citizen!! Please calm down!!
Robby: Most of aren't your citizen!!
Trishna: Okay what just happened!?
Jojo: What happened? Wait, didn't Jester makes us sleepy after the party?
Radlynn: Yeah, i forgot that time!!
Xandra: Where is he!? Where is that stupid clown!?
Xolo: I want to beat that shorty clown!!
Chester: You guys look like clowns!!

We all talk over and over till' Jester X Game appear in the screen.

Jester X Game: Hey!! Look who's here!!
Crystal: Jester X Game!?
Jojo: Okay Jester, why did you made us sleepy after the party!?
Quinn: Yeah, also...why did you made a forcefield!?
Jester X Game: Well that's because...we're doing the challenge!!
Closers: Challenge!?
Hank: Okay? What kind of challenge?
Captain Cori: It better not make us stressful like the last challenge!!
Emmlette: That made Albert and Robert fight eachother again...
Allan: It's actually Allan and Robby...
Emmlette: Really? Sorry, i'm just new here.
Jester X Game: Well the challenge is...finding the way out in the Long Term Memory!!
Closers: What!?
Jester X Game: The 2nd challenge is finding the way out in the Long Term Memory. You guys are 29, that means there 29 Long Term Memories you have to find the way out. That means each memory belongs to a person which is you guys, you all have to split up to find the door leading to a another person's memory. If you complete the 29 way outs before the day is over, you guys win!! But if you lose, then i win!! Oh by the way, when opening the wrong door...you might see the memories about this person. Some may have secrets, embarrassing memories, and more. Also, you guys are actually still sleepy in a dream!! So don't think of getting hurt here!! Ba-bye!!

That's what he said and he was gone. Appearing the door infront of us.

Rudy: So wait? We gonna go to each of our memories!!
Gremmie: I hope we find the right door!! I don't want everyone to see my cousin beating me in a arm wrestling everytime!!
Kahuna: Which cousin? You have 3...
Gremmie: It doesn't matter!!
Quinn: If i see a memory of me and Timm, i'm gonna hit one of the Papa's Bakeria closer beside myself.
Jojo: Okay? Let's enter the Long Term Memory...
Bertha: It's not like we have a choice...
Long Term Memory I:
All of us enter the door, when we got there, we saw a hallway filled with many doors and appears to be in egg themed.

Jojo: Why is this memory lane has egg themed?
Boomer: *Opens the door and saw Clover giving the sushi to Emmlette*
Clover: Here...*Gives sushi to Emmlette*
Emmlette: *Tries on sushi* Fantastic...!!
Clover: First succesful closer...*Takes a picture of Emmlette*
Matt: Give me the camera!!
Boomer: *Closes the door* This is Emmlette's memory lane!!
Emmlette: My memory lane!?
Akari: That's explain the egg themed?
Jojo: Jester X Game said that there is a way out!! If we find the right door, we can find the way out!!
Rhonda: But make sure we find the right one or we might see a embarrassing secret.
Whiff: *Opens the door* Like this one...
Young Emmlette: *Runs away from the chicken* Ah!! Stay away from me!!
Chickens: *Angry chicken noise*
Whiff: *Closes the door* Chase away from a chicken?
Emmlette: I used to have a fear of chickens!!
Crystal: *Opens the door and appears to be an exit* Guys!! I found the exit!!
Deano: What are we waiting for!? Let's go...

All of us enter the exit...
When we got there, the memory lane appears to look like Portalini that the road is replace by a a river and appears to have a gondola.

Chester: I'm guessing this belongs to that coward gondolier.
Deano: Coward!?
Johnny: *Opens the door*
Young Deano: *Cleaning the gondolier*
Boy: *Throws garbage at Deano*
Young Deano: *Covers in garbage*
Boy: Loser!!
Johnny: *Closes the door* Yep, this is Deano's memory lane!!
Deano: I forgot that kid!!
Mayor Mallow: Okay!! Everyone split up!!

We all look to every door to find the exit. Gremmie has found the exit and we went to that door.
This memory lane appears to be dark and everything is more like halloween due to many cards and a crystal ball everywhere.

Ninjoy: *Opens the door*
Mac: I don't know grandma...
Crystal: Come on, just try...
Mac: Okay grandma...

Mac's Prediction

Transportation air versus water start the day of crime,
the enemies from the seas planning on redoing the plan from the other day.
With the help of unusual hero, they about to stop there doing.

Mac: Do you think it will happen?
Crystal: I'm sure my dear. *Hugs Mac*
Ninjoy: *Closes the door* That's a coincidence...
Deano: Why do you think it's a coincidence?
Ninjoy: Nothing...
This memory lane appears to look like Calypso Island. It appears to be Gremmie's memory lane.

Kahuna: *Opens the door*
Gremmie: It's been 4 years Sundae and you want me to do a arm wrestling.
Sundae: I'm ready...
Gremmie: Okay then...

Sundae and Gremmie battle eachother in a arm wrestling and appears Gremmie is about to lose. Gremmie lost.

Sundae: I won!!
Gremmie: What!?
Kahuna: *Closes the door* Sundae?
Gremmie: Yes...
Professor Fitz:
This appears to be filled with science stuff which is chemistry and technologies.
This belongs to Professor Fitz.

Radlynn: *Opens the door*
Professor Fitz: Okay Radley, it's over.
Radley Madish: No...it can't be over!!
Professor Fitz: *Toss away the chess piece* Checkmate...
Radley Madish: I can't believe i lost in chess!!
Radlynn: *Closes the door* Professor Fitz!! *Runs towards him*
Professor Fitz: *Sees Radlynn looking angry* Ah...!!
This memory lane appears to look like desert from Toastwood. This is Chester's memory lane.

Rhonda: *Opens the door* Aw...Chester is on a romantic date with Corn.
Chester: So Corn, how to you like the dinner here?
Corn: It's wonderful, i can't believe you pay the bills.
Chester: Yeah...ahahahahahahah.
Corn: Ahahahahahahah...
Chester: Ahahahahaahhah (Okay Chester, ask her to be my wife. But...i'm too nervous to said to her. Not only that, but her grandson is here outside the window)
Grimm: *Looks angry while holding a cactus gun and a paper "Don't even think about it"*
Chester: I'll be accused!! *Ran outside*
Corn: Huh...
Rhonda: *Closes the door* Geez Chester...wait, how did i hear Chester's voice while he's still laughing?
Jester X Game: That's because you heard his thoughts!!
Rhonda: Jester X Game?
This appears to like a police themed lodge. This belongs to Hank.

Trishna: *Opens the door*
Hank: *In his shorts only* Hey ya handsome... *Holds his stomach* Hey ya hank... Want some soap? *Holds his stomach* Of course, nomnomnomnom...
Trishna: *Closes the door quickly* Seriously Hank!?
Hank: I don't have someone to talk at home!! Okay!!
This memory lane appears to be in forest themed. This is Johnny's lane.

Jojo: *Opens the door*
Young Johnny: Look Marble, i know you have issue with your father. But i'm not like him you know.
Young Marble: *Looks sad*
Young Johnny: Right now, i'll be your father and i'll try everything for you.
Young Marble: Thanks Johnny...
Jojo: *Closes the door* I'm guessing that's his stepson he mentioned in the first day.
This memory lane appears to have many clocks which any of them is big and small.
It belongs to Quinn.

Rico: *Opens the door*
Timm: Before i leave, here... *Gives watch to Quinn*
Quinn: Your father's watch? No, i can't take it.
Timm: You have to, i'm done following his footstep. But you can have it. Good-bye... *Leaves*
Quinn: *Started crying while holding the watch*
Rico: *Closes the door* That's so sad *Crying*
Rhonda: Rico!! Why are you crying!?
Quinn: *Punch Whiff*
Whiff: It's a good thing it's in our heads.
This appears to be Akari's memory lane, due to the hallway looking like roads and there many motorcycles.

Jojo: *Opens the door*
Akari: *Got in 2nd place* I can't believe this...i lost.
??: Yeah you lost!! I win!! You lose!!
Akari: *Looks sad*
??: I'm sorry about...i just wanted to try racing with someone. This is my first time anyway.
Akari: First time? You could have said it, that reminds me. What your name?
Burnjamin: I don't have to reveal my real name, but when the taco burns town, Cinco de Mayo is gone and lives with freedom of Tacosdale, i'll taking risk whenever i'm here...my name is Burnjamin!!
Akari: Okay Burnjamin.
Jojo: *Closes the door* Okay? Who's Burnjamin?
Boomer: What!? Your from Tacosdale and you don't know him?!
Jojo: Why would i know him!?
Akari: Burnjamin is the surburban daredevil of Tacosdale, just like Boomer, he can be a human cannonball and jumps from a high building.
Boomer: We're friends afterall, he even beat us from a motorcycle race.
Rico: Some people think that he is actually the son of Akari or Boomer.
Rhonda: Not only that, but it's unknown who he really is due to his mask.
Jojo: A daredevil in my hometown? How come i never heard about it!?
Allan: Maybe your so old?
Jojo: What did you say!?
Allan: Nothing...
We appear in Boomer's memory lane which is Starlight Jubilee themed.

Jojo: *Opens the door*
Boomer: *Sees Burnjamin being fired from the cannonball and landed on a giant pie* That's amazing Burn!!
Burnjamin: You got it Boom!! *High-fives Boomer*
Jojo: *Closes the door* (Why do i feel like i recognized that voice?)
We're in Ninjoy's memory which this lane is japanese themed.

Hank: That reminds me, seen we're in Ninjoy's memory lane. We might stumble upon her secret identity.
Professor Fitz: Hm...never thought of that.
Radlynn: *Opens the door*
Ninjoy: *Puts on her mask* I hope no one knows my secret, if they find out, they think that Ninjoy is actually...
Radlynn: *Closes the door* Boring!! *Went to the other door and opens the door* Hey guys!! I found the exit!!
Hank and Professor Fitz: Wait what!?
Jojo: That was fast...
Kahuna: So long for that...
Long Term Memory II:
Kahuna's memory lane is look like the inside of Surf Shack.

Kahuna: *Opens the door*
Young Kahuna: Okay Gremmie, last chance. If you want to be one of my students, you have to surf.
Young Gremmie: Yeah yeah old man...
Young Kahuna: Old man!?
Kahuna: *Closes the door* Once a jerk, always a jerk.
Whiff's memory lane appears to look like Fitz Frenzy Gym.

Rudy: *Opens the door*
Young Whiff: *Holds a love letter* (Okay Whiff, just put the letter in Mindy's locker. If she read it, she'll fall in love with me. But i just put it as anonymous.) *Puts the love letter in the locker* (She's coming...) *Leaves*
Young Sue: I can't believe that jock gave me chocolate and ask me to go to the dance...
Young Mary: But it will be nice do date the popular jocks.
Young Mindy: Yeah, i'm so jealous...
Young Sue: As if... *Opens her locker and saw letter falling from her locker*
Young Mary: What is that?
Young Mindy: Is that a letter with a heart?
Young Sue: *Picks up, open, read, and gets angry* That's it!! I'm getting straight to that jock over there!!
Young Mary: It's just a love letter!!
Young Mindy: It doesn't harm everyone!!
Young Whiff: (I accidentally gave it to Sue!! Dang it!! Control yourself Whiff!!)
Rudy: *Closes the door* If i met him way longer than the opening day of Papa's Bakeria, i could ask him to take advice to my girlfriend.
We appear in Kenji's memory lane which appears to have many gold medals.

Deano: *Opens the door*
Kenji: If i ate 50 cupcakes in 5 minutes, i'll get free cupcakes for a month!!
Willow: If you lose, then you'll pay for the cupcakes use for the eating competition!!
James: Timer starts now!! *On the timer*
Kenji: All right then... *Eats the cupcakes*

5 minutes later

Kenji: Done...!!
Willow and James: What!?
Kenji: Free cupcakes!!
Willow and James: Fine!!
Deano: *Closes the door* Gosh he needs to eat more healthier...
We appear in Bertha's memory lane, this place look like in the baseball locker room.

Allan: *Opens the door*
Bertha: *Leaves Crystal's View with Allan*
Allan: Hey Bertha, i left something there.
Bertha: Make it quick...
Allan: *Enters Crystal View*
Bertha: (Maybe i should enter so he wouldn't do something stupid) *Enters Crystal's View*
Allan: *Opens the curtain* Any slight chance that i get a girlfriend?
Crystal: *Shakes her head left to right* smh
Allan: *Gets angry*...Ahhhhhhhhhh!! *Left*
Allan: *Closes the door* She watch me?
Pinch Hitwell:
Pinch Hitwell's memory lane appears to look like Griller Stadium.

Quinn: *Opens the door*
Quinn: So your telling me you want to change your name?
Pinch Hitwell: Yeah, i keep mistaking on my name when people started to said Johnny to someone else.
Quinn: Okay then, i did that to a person once named Sullivan, i can do the same.
Quinn: *Closes the door* Johnny...
Rico's memory lane has chili themed, he does love chili.

Rhonda: *Opens the door*
Rico: You must be Burnjamin...
Burnjamin: And you must be Rico, Akari and Boomer told me about you.
Rico: Of course, want some chili?
Burnjamin: Thanks, but i have to keep my mask so no.
Rico:I understand...
Rhonda: *Closes the door* So that's how he met Burnjamin?

Seen there is no space i'll make a part two of this...
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I have a strange feeling about that Burnjamin here...
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What's the name of Jojo's son again?
It's Benjamin

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