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Author Topic: Ianiant's FC News, Discussion, and Q&A (Halloween Costume Suggestions!)  (Read 139574 times)
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« on: June 21, 2017, 04:44:00 PM »


This place used to be the archive for (almost) all of Ianiant's FC's. However, due to lack of space, I'll had to create a new topic solely for archiving my FC's. However, until an FC from here is fully moved to the archive topic, they will still stay here so that they are not forgotten. Wink

Need the info on my FC's? Look no further than my FC Archive!!!!!

For an old, abandoned FC Q&A of mine, check this topic (WARNING: Almost all of the information in that topic will be outdated):
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Click on the FC's picture to immediately be taken to their profile:

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This post is for showcasing the latest news in my FCs' clean-ups.

Currently being cleaned-up: Cade

Progress: All done! Will be added to the archive 2020/09/26.
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29: Cade

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Frankenstein's Monster
Full Name: Cade Lobus
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 27 (Libra)
Age: 47
Family: N/A
Hometown: Tacodale
Occupation: Construction Worker
Favorite Food: Broccoli
Likes: Lunch Breaks, Dirt
Dislikes: Complex Equations, Splinters
Personality: Hard-Working, Unemotional
Bio: Cade is a stoic worker for the Carotene Construction Company. However, he didn’t used to be that way. He used to be a determined and optimistic worker who could get a chuckle out of any of his fellow coworkers. However, on one fateful day in November, when they were working on some small demolition, a piece of shrapnel flew into Cade’s head when he took off his helmet for one second. While undergoing surgery, part of his frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain that controls thought and emotions, was removed. This has made him more irritable and void of emotion; sometimes, he can’t even think clearly.
-Ever since the accident, he now wears a helmet or other protective headwear 24/7.
Fidget Spinner:

30: Cassidy/Cassie Opea

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Genie
Full Name: Cassidy (Cassie Opea) Opal
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 6 (Gemini)
Age: 37
Family: Unnames Relatives
Hometown: New Pepperton
Occupation: Phone Operator (Cassidy); Belly Dancer (Cassie Opea)
Favorite Food: Curry
Likes: Caffeine, Being Alone (Cassidy); Belly Dancing, Attention (Cassie Opea); Jewelry, Sunbathing (Both)
Dislikes: Multiple Callers at Once (Cassidy); Being Outshone (Cassie Opea), Mud (Both)
Personality: Communicative, Tense (Cassidy); Lively, Superficial (Cassie Opea)
Bio: At a first glance, Cassidy seems to be just another boring individual blending into the crowd. She works as a telephone operator at Anderson Inc., where she makes a living by answering calls in a cramped cubicle 8 hours a day. However, under the façade of a bland, everyday citizen, Cassidy hides a second identity: the famous Cassie Opea! As Cassie Opea, she performs her belly dancing act at many establishments throughout Starlight City, and has recently started doing shows in other cities. Although she could quit her job and do belly dancing full-time, Cassidy keeps her belly dancer identity a secret because she wants to live a normal life as well as her dancing one.
-Her parents are the only ones who know of both of her lives.
-As Cassidy, she does not like having her name shortened to Cassie.
Fidget Spinner:

11FlipTube is Flipline's version of YouTube.
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31: Daxana

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Werewolf
Full Name: Daxana Hazel
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 4 (Taurus)
Age: 47
Family: Flora (Daughter)
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Therapist
Favorite Food: Hazelnut Swizzles
Likes: Helping People, Mother-Daughter Time
Dislikes: Time Limits
Personality: Patient, Loving, Overly Persistent
Bio: Daxana is the local therapist of Tastyville. She is ranked as the best in town, and for good reason. She has a knack for helping out even the most troubled people. She even helped her daughter Flora, who once was so shy that she wasn’t able to speak in public, to become a bit less shy. Daxana has received many awards for her excellence, but she doesn’t gloat about it. Rather, she keeps doing what she loves doing: helping people with their plights.
-She often sees some of my other FC’s in her sessions.
   -Some examples are Ian, Lucas, and Cade.
-Sarge Fan!, Radlynn, and LePete have vowed never to go to her therapy sessions.
-She and Daxana first met in college as dormmates.
      -Although they were different overall (Palindroma being laid-back and cool and Daxana
       being prudent and awkward), they soon became good friends.
Fidget Spinner:

32. Mr. Anderson

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Royal King
Full Name: Mr. Gerald Anderson
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 28 (Leo)
Age: 52
Family: Pearl (Wife), Macy (Daughter)
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: CEO of Anderson Inc.
Favorite Food: Brownies
Likes: Money, Golf
Dislikes: Public Speaking, Paying Taxes, Falling Stocks
Personality: Creative, Forceful, Stubborn
Bio: Mr. Gerald Anderson is the powerful CEO of Anderson Inc., which is the leading provider of electricity. His company has helped to provide lighting and other electricity-based necessities all across the Flipverse. Over the years, as Anderson Inc. has grown, so has the wealth of the Anderson family, which now rakes in millions upon millions of dollars per year. When Mr. Anderson’s is not at his CEO desk, he likes both spending time with his wife Pearl and daughter Macy and playing rounds of golf.
-He owns his own private golf course on his own estate.
   -However, he also likes to go to country clubs, where they have other golf courses.

33. Pearl

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Royal Queen
Full Name: Pearl Anderson
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 13 (Scorpio)
Age: 43
Family: Mr. Anderson (Husband), Macy (Daughter)
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Explorer
Favorite Food: Tropical Fruit
Likes: Exploring, Adventure, Public Speaking, Papa Louie
Dislikes: Sarge, Poison Ivy
Personality: Passionate, Determined, Overzealous
Bio: Pearl Anderson is the rather vocal wife of Mr. Gerald Anderson. She is usually the one who does the public speeches for Anderson Inc. rather than Mr. Anderson himself. But when not giving speeches or spending time with her family, Pearl is usually her favorite thing; exploring the wildernesses of the Flipverse. She is always prepared when she goes on her expeditions, and rarely runs into huge trouble. However, on one of her expeditions through Munchmore, she was abducted by Sarge and the Onion Ring. She was held captive for two years until Papa Louie managed to help her escape. Since then, she is always extremely wary when she travels to Munchmore.
-She got the scar on her face while escaping from Fort Onion with Papa Louie.
   -When in formal attire, she covers the scar up with make-up.
Fidget Spinner:

34. Macy

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Royal Princess
Full Name: Macy Anderson
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 30 (Saggitarius)
Age: 14
Family: Mr. Anderson (Father), Pearl (Mother)
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Student
Favorite Food: Milkshakes
Likes: Emojis, Social Media, Cats
Dislikes: Slow Internet, Cleaning the Litterbox
Personality: Optimistic, Attention-Seeking, Addict
Bio: Macy is the teenage daughter of the Anderson family. While most girls her age use social media a great deal, Macy is almost addicted to it. From waking up to falling asleep, she is almost always checking her phone for new updates. It’s gotten to the point where her parents need to take her phone away during family time. Her favorite thing about using social media is the emojis, which she finds very cute and often uses more than actual words. Macy takes advantage of being in a very wealthy family by often buying the latest gadgets.
-She also owns a pet cat named Browny, whom she loves a lot.
-At first glance, she seems to be rather spoiled.
   -However, her father does require her to have respect, and to refer to him as “Sir”.
Fidget Spinner:

35. Molly

Other Outfits:

Romano Wedding:

Sky Ninja Returns:

Valentine's Day:

Comet Con:

Sugarplex FilmFest:

Cherry Blossom Festival:

Lucky Lucky Matsuri:



Halloween: Mummy

Full Name: Molly Nouchenne
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 10 (Pisces)
Age: 31
Family: N/A
Hometown: Frostfield
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Favorite Food: Lollipops
Likes: Fashion, Crop Tops, Make-up
Dislikes: Clothing Stains, Sock-and-Sandal Combos
Personality: Selfless, Imaginative, Idealistic
Bio: Molly thoroughly enjoys her career as a top-notch fashion designer. Her charisma and unique sense of style have made huge contributions to the fashion world. Her most popular works are featured on the store fronts of many different clothing stores around the Flipverse, such as Cari’s and Fashion Flambé. Apart from making popular outfits, Molly also runs a little shop in Frostfield called Molly’s Clothing Co., where she makes personalized outfits at customer request. To show off her pride in her work even further, she almost always wears outfits that she designed herself.
-Quite a few of the customers’ outfits have been made by Molly. Notable examples include the following:
   -Olivia’s Style B
   -Prudence’s BavariaFest outfit
   -Penny’s “Cowgirl” outfit
   -Most of the Halloween costumes
-She is a lesbian.
-At age 3, she got third-degree burns on her right hand from touching a hot pan on the stove.
   -Her right palm is still somewhat disfigured, so she usually wears a glove on her right hand to cover it up.
-She wears her signature cursive M on all of her outfits.
-She can speak French.
Fidget Spinner:

36. Beatrice
Other Outfits:
Halloween: Honeybee
Full Name: Beatrice Abel
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 26 (Libra)
Age: 16
Family: N/A
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Student
Favorite Food: Honey
Likes: Honeybees, Beekeeping, Breakfast
Dislikes: Bee Stings, Arguments among friends
Personality: Sociable, Honest, Easily Persuaded
Bio: Beatrice is a student from Tastyville High School. She first moved to Tastyville from Oniontown during her freshman year. Being new there, she was often lost and confused, but she soon met Sally and Flora, and the three became best friends. Taking one look at her, one would think that she is a huge fan of bees, which is true. She loves bees and has her own miniature beehive farm in her backyard. She has also started campaigns to raise the bee population, for it has been somewhat decreasing over the years.
-She is ambidextrous.
-When she was being created, she was originally supposed to be called Mavis.
   -But, Beatrice sounds MUCH better.
Fidget Spinner:

37. Sally

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Kelley CooCoo12
Full Name: Sally Swits
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 29 (Aquarius)
Age: 16
Family: Nai (Little Sister), Ian (1st Cousin), Palindroma (Aunt)
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Student
Favorite Food: Pink Lemonade
Likes: School, Friends, The Colors Pink and Yellow
Dislikes: Oniontown High, Rudeness
Personality: Very Friendly, Loyal, Unpredictable
Bio: Sally is very prideful of her current stance at Tastyville High School. She is a very active and busy student, being a part of the Yearbook Committee and a member of the Student Council, as well as potentially a soccer player next school year. When she graduates, she hopes to go into politics and change the Flipverse for the better. However, despite her busy schedule, she is usually able to make time for her best friends Beatrice and Flora.
-During the Blackberry Bush incident, she was at another friend’s house, which is why she didn’t tell her
 parents that Nai was stuck.
-Whenever Nai tries to tickle her, Sally holds her down and tickles her back.
Fidget Spinner:

38. Flora

Other Outfits:
Cherry Blossom Festival:

Halloween: Monarch Butterfly
Full Name: Flora Hazel
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 13th (Gemini)
Age: 17
Family: Daxana (Mother)
Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Student, Part-Time Julep’s Tulips Employee
Favorite Food: PB&J Sandwiches
Likes: Flowers, Gardening, Eating
Dislikes: Droughts, Public Speaking
Personality: Very Nice, Passionate, Timid
Bio: Flora is one of the nicest, and shyest, students at Tastyville High School, and a member of the Gardening Club. When she was very little, she was so timid that she could barely communicate in public. Being a therapist, Flora’s mother Daxana was able to build up a bit of confidence within Flora, allowing her to make friends, including her best friends Beatrice and Sally. Flora is very passionate about gardening, especially with flowers. She has a backyard full of different flower types and a summer job at Julep’s Tulips. One thing Flora does not like to admit, however, is the fact that she has a huge appetite and loves to eat food.
-She is not, nor has ever been, allergic to pollen.
-Despite her love of food, she does not like meat.
-I entered her in KCP2018.
Fidget Spinner:

39. Shelby

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Viking
Full Name: Shelby Aricell
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 19 (Leo)
Age: 28
Family: Unknown Parents, Aunts, and Uncles
Hometown: Oniontown
Occupation: Spray Paint Artist, Speaker
Favorite Food: Cherry Cordials
Likes: Spray Paint Art, Boots
Dislikes: Vandalism, At-Risk Teens
Personality: Wise, Peacekeeping, Cheeky
Bio: Shelby is an artist whose sole medium is spray paint. However, her skill with aerosol wasn’t always used for good. She had a rough life as a kid, what with her family living on the streets and constantly getting in trouble with the law. At age 19, after dropping out of high school, she got caught graffitiing several important buildings (in a destructive manner, not artistic). For this, she was sentenced to 7 long years in prison. Her time incarcerated had led her to want to reform herself. Nowadays, when not making another art piece with spray paint, she goes around to schools and other conventions, where she talks to the youth about her experiences and helps to guide them along the right path.
-The building she vandalized in her youth that got her incarcerated was the Anderson Family mansion.
   -Despite Shelby trying to redeem herself, the Andersons don’t like her.
-Though she doesn't admit it, she enjoys singing and dancing.
-I've entered her in KCP2017, KCP2018, and KCP2019.
-She participated in Season 1 of Mr. Maple's The FC Games.
   -She was the 2nd runner up.
Fidget Spinner:

40. Colby

Other Outfits:
Halloween: Taurus
Full Name: Colby Jackson
Gender: Male
Birthday: September 19 (Libra)
Age: 17
Family: N/A
Hometown: Toastwood
Occupation: Student, Mechanic Apprenntice
Favorite Food: Colby Jack Cheese
Likes: Trucks, Girls
Dislikes: Being Rejected, Sunburns
Personality: Outgoing, Laid-Back, Obnoxious
Bio: Colby is a laid-back and party-loving teenager. He likes to impress other girls his age, but most of them just roll their eyes or turn him down. Due to his appearance and demeanor, people often mistake him for being a freeloader or a slacker; however, he does work as Wendy’s apprentice at the Greasy Gear Garage.
-When he grows up, he plans on owning his own garage.
-I entered him in KCP2017, KCP2018, and KCP2019.
   -So far, he is the only FC of mine to get to the Top 32 of a KCP.
Fidget Spinner:

12Kelley CooCoo is the Flipverse's version of Harley Quinn.
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41: Paulina

Full Name: Paulina Marron
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 29 (Taurus)
Age: 16
Family: Youseph (Adoptive Grandather)
Hometown: Portallini
Occupation: Pastaria Server
Favorite Food: Olive Oil
Likes: Serving Food, Her Beauty, Touring New Places
Dislikes: Making Mistakes, Sweat
Personality: Kind, Helpful, Overly Confident
Bio: Paulina is a beautiful young lady and a gregarious server at Papa’s Pastaria. Patrons who sit in the dining room at the restaurant hope to be served by her due to this kind behavior. She collects plenty of tips at the end of every day, which she spends on little trinkets or meals at one of Papa’s many restaurants.
-Although she is an amazing waitress, she is not that good at cooking.
-I entered her in KCP2017.
Fidget Spinner:

42. Azaleah

Style A:

Style B:

Full Name: Azaleah Ghirardelli
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 9 (Taurus)
Age: 29
Nationality: American
Family: Natalie13 (older sister)
Hometown: Tacodale
Occupation: Barista at The Ghirardelli
Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate
Favorite Restaurant: Papa's Taco Mia!
Favorite Holiday: BavariaFest
Likes: Partying, Fine Champagne
Dislikes: Hangovers
Personality: Wild, Determined, Self-Indulgent
Bio: Azaleah is a stylish young party-loving girl who is always ready for a night out on the town (more specifically, partying the night away at The Ghirardelli, owned and operated by her older sister Natalie). Her lifestyle is very expensive, but she can easily afford everything due to her high paycheck and generous tips from working as a barista at The Ghirardelli, the very night club she frequents. Azaleah loves her job, and has made her experience more enjoyable by getting around via roller skates and wearing a cute custom uniform. Although prone to a love of partying, Azaleah is, overall, a kind person, which helps keep Natalie's avarice in check at times. Although not very picky, she likes fancy alcoholic beverages such as champagne and margaritas, and is practically a connoisseur.
  • She was a birthday gift from Mystic.
  • She was the winner of # Sweet cake Customerpalooza season 2.
    • During this very same contest, it was decided between Kaito and me that Azaleah and Natalie would be sisters due to their striking similarities.

43. Reginaldo

44. Johanna

45. Mason

46. Charlie

13Natalie is owned by Kaito
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Here are my FC's birthdays organized in a chart:

1 - Montague ♑
19 - Eve ♑
29 - Sally ♒
31 - Chris ♒

6 - Youseph ♒
19 - Bertram ♒
20 - Ernest ♓

7 - Saje ♓
10 - Molly ♓
24 - Ruby ♈
25 - Chase ♈
28 - Priscilla ♈
31 - Ruto ♈

9 - Odea ♈
12 - Lucas ♈
29 - Paulina ♉

4 - Daxana ♉
9 - Azaleah ♉
22 - Emily ♊

6 - Cassidy/Cassie Opea ♊
8 - Ian ♊
13 - Flora ♊
23 - Rodrick ♋
25 - Markus ♋
30 - Stanlee ♋

24 - Neander ♌
28 - Mr. Anderson ♌

11 - Palindroma ♌
17 - Malaysia ♌
19 - Shelby ♌
24 - Neil ♍

3 - Marilynn ♍
12 - Sophia ♍
19 - Colby ♍
26 - Beatrice ♎
27 - Cade ♎

26 - Q-Zyx ♏
28 - Bessecker ♏
30 - Deborah ♏

13 - Pearl ♏
30 - Macy ♐

3 - Nai ♐
21 - Reginaldo ♑

♈ - Aries
♉ - Taurus
♊ - Gemini
♋ - Cancer
♌ - Leo
♍ - Virgo
♎ - Libra
♏ - Scorpio
♐ - Sagittarius
♑ - Capricorn
♒ - Aquarius
♓ - Pisces
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My FCs' Orders

FC Fan Art

"Ianiant" by ComicSans

"Ianiant and the X-Games" (Owned by OcFanatic) by OcFanatic

"Ianiant" by if|Wasabe

"Ianiant Receiving a Gift from Club" by OcFanatic

"Ian" by FlippingOcFanatic

"Ian" by FlipplingOcFanatic

"Nai" by AyKooChao

"Nai" by RoseKitty

"Nai's Halloween Costume" by Chika~

"Deborah's Style B" by The color of mood is blue

"Deborah's Style B v.2" by The color of mood is blue

"Deborah" by Marshmallow guy

"Deborah's Style C" by Chika~

"Palindroma" by Kamarov

"Palindroma" by Muffin

"Priscilla in Flipline Style" by why

"Priscilla's Style B" by Luke

"Priscilla's Halloween Costume" by pastelFailure

"Priscilla" by Chika~

"Priscilla" by woozah

"Emily" by Chika~

"Emily" by FlippingOcFanatic

"Emily's Style B" by Kamarov

"Emily" by WhiteShirt

"Ruby" by Mystic

"Ruby and Pepper (owned by FlippingOcFanatic)" by FlippingOcFanatic

"Ruby" by blue175

"Ruby" by Shinblade

"Malaysia" by Petey K

"Malaysia" by Mystic

"Sophia" by OBED Art

"Odea" by Luke

"Cade" by OcFanatic

"Cade Angry at Mercury" by FlippingOcFanatic
Cassidy + Cassie Opea:

"Cassidy and Cassie Opea Split" by FlippingOcFanatic

"Macy (Style Cool and Choco (Owned by FlippingOcFanatic) by FlippingOcFanatic

"Molly" by DokiDokiTsuna

"Flora" by Petey K

"Flora with Brother Z During New Year" by JEBZ Komics

"Shelby" by DeviantArt User CepProductions

"Shelby and Phillop" by DeviantArt User CepProductions

"Shelby" by WhiteShirt

"Colby" by RoseKitty

"Colby and Lucas (by StringedDuck359)" by Kaito

"Azaleah - Ruler of the UK" by Kaito

"Azaleah - Ruler of Nashville" by Kaito

"Colby, Stanlee, Montague, Priscilla, Paulina, and Stan Lee" by OBED Art

"Youseph and Paulina" by FlippingOcFanatic
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You may post now.

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I like your FC's, you're a very clever person.

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Your FC's are very detailed. I like them.

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Your FCs look nice!

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« Reply #12 on: June 21, 2017, 07:52:36 PM »

Thanks for the support, everyone. It really means a lot.

Also, I've posted a new poll.

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I voted for Ianiant

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I like Priscilla
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