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Author Topic: TWG LXXXV: Choosing Faction (Lounge)  (Read 18450 times)
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« on: July 09, 2017, 06:31:42 AM »


Role List:
Disguised Wolf


Shaman Wolf
Dauber Wolf


Sign Ups:
1. Ravine Roth MODKILLED N2
2. Lyka
3. DJ Roomba
4. Zero
5. Arme Thaumaturgy WOLVED N1
6. Wheatley WOLVED N2 REVIVED N3
7. Strombreaker
8. Leia
9. Symphony
10. Ataino LYNCHED D2
11. Penguin022 LYNCHED D3
12. Tin LYNCHED D1
13. DonutsILike
14. dar
15. Punny Toasty
16. Mayor Kiefer MODKILLED N2
17. Lenny
18. SenpaiViolet
Role PMs:
1. You are a human. You do not have any special abilities. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
2. You are the insomniac. You will know who visited you on nights. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
3. You are the seer. You may check one person each night to learn their color. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
4. You are the guardian. You can guard someone from wolves each night. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
5. You are the wolfsbane. You will survive the first attack from wolves. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
6. You are the necromancer. You can revive a dead person once, and only once. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
7. You are the priest. You can ask for two prophecies on a topic of your choice each night. However, the more specific a topic is, the less suggestive the prophecy will be. One of your prophecy would be true and one would be false. You must lynch all the wolves to win.
8. You are the wolves.
  • A is the disguised wolf. They will appear green in seer checks.
  • B is a normal wolf, with no special abilities.
  • C is the shaman wolf. They may check someone to see their color each night.
  • D is the dauber wolf. They can paint someone thrice in the game, and the paint will last for two nights.
You must have at least 50% of the alive population to win.
9. You are the amnesiac. You can choose to remember the role of a dead person. You win by remembering and then following the objectives of your new role.
10. You are the refugee. You have 4 vests, that would save you from dying the nights you use them. You win with anyone, as long as you stay alive.
11. You are the undecided. On either night 1 or 2, You must decide either the human fraction or the wolf fraction. Depending on what you choose, you would count as a human/wolf to the ratio. On Night 4, you could upgrade to one of the two random roles from your fraction given to you. You win by choosing a faction, and then following your new faction's objectives.
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« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2017, 06:33:37 AM »

I would also like it to be noted that only the priest would get the prophecies, not the whole town. If the priest dies the town would not get any more prophecies. This is to make sure the priest isn't OP.
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Sign up :3
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TWG stats:
TWGXI - Human (Unfinished)
TWGXII - Brutal Wolf (Loss, Wolf MVP)
TWGXIII - Coroner (Victory)
TWGXIV - Guardian (Victory)

TWGXV - Hunter (Loss)
TWGXVI - Fool (Loss)

TWGXVII - Seer (Loss, Human MVP)
TWGXIX - Brutal Wolf (Loss, HM)
TWGXX - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGXXI - Human (Loss)
TWGXXII - Wolf (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGXXIII - Guardian (Victory)
TWGXXIV - Brutal Wolf (Loss, HM)
TWGXXVI - Guardian (Loss)
TWGXXVII - Human (Victory)
TWGXXVIII - Disguised Wolf (Loss, Wolf MVP)

TWGXXX - Mason (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGXXXII - Mason (Victory)

TWGXXXIII - Trapper (Loss)
TWGXXXIV - Human > Cultist (Victory)
TWGXXXV - Cop (Loss)
TWGXXXVI - Guardian (Victory)
TWGXXXVIII - Transporter (Victory)
TWGXXXIX - Mercenary (Unfinished)

TWGXL - Riddler (Loss)
TWGXLI - Amnesiac (Loss)
TWGXLII - Vigilante (Loss, Independent MVP)

TWGXLIII - Guardian (Loss)
TWGXLV - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGXLVI - Maniac (Victory, Independent MVP)

TWGXLVII - Wolf (Loss, Wolf MVP)
TWGXLVIII - Moderator (Loss)
TWGL - Gentleman > Cultist (Loss)
TWGLI - Wrathful Tenant (Victory)
TWGLII - Wolf (Loss)
TWGLIII - Human (Victory)
TWGLIV - Bounty Hunter (Loss)
TWGLVI - Pack Leader (Victory)
TWGLVII - Amnesiac > Necromancer (Victory, Independent MVP)
TWGLVIII - Seer (Loss)

TWGLIX - Maniac (Loss)
TWGLX - Warden (Victory)
TWGLXI - Student (Loss)
TWGLXII - Student > Hunter (Victory, Independent MVP)
TWGLXIII - Human > Fool (Loss)
TWGLXV - Wolf (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXVI - Maniac (Loss)
TWGLXVII - Wolf (Loss)
TWGLXVIII - Wolf (Victory)

TWGLXIX - Traitor (Victory, HM)
TWGLXX - Amnesiac > Seer (Loss)
TWGLXXI - Tinker (Victory, HM)
TWGLXXII - Seer (Victory, Overall MVP)

TWGLXXIII - Human (Victory)
TWGLXXIV - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGLXXV - Mason (Loss)
TWGLXXVI - Wolf (Loss)

TWGLXXVII - Sun God (Loss, HM)
TWGLXXVIII - Soldier (Loss)
TWGLXXIX - Vigilante (Loss)
TWGLXXX - Insomniac (Loss, HM)
TWGLXXXI - Vigilante (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXXXII - Human (Loss)
TWGLXXXIII - Psycho (Loss)

TWGLXXXIV - Potion Maker (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXXXV - Priest (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGLXXXVI - Insomniac (Victory)
TWGLXXXVII - Necromancer (Loss)
TWGLXXXVIII - Clairvoyant (Loss, HM)
TWGLXXXIX - Succubus (Victory, Independent MVP)

TWGXC - Wolf Shaman (Victory, Wolf MVP)
TWGXCI - Brutal Wolf (Loss)
TWGXCIII - Eidetic Wolf (Loss)

TWGXCIV - Disguised Wolf (Victory, Overall MVP)
TWGXCV - Hypnotizer (Unfinished)
TWGXCVI - Amnesiac > Kingsley (Loss)
TWGXCVII - Human (Unfinished)
TWGXCVIII - Amnesiac > Wolf Shaman (Victory, Independent MVP)
TWGXCIX - Tide Chimer (Victory)
TWGC - Clairvoyant (Loss)
TWGCIII - Necromancer (Victory)
TWGCIV - Knot Expert (Victory)
TWGCVI - Snezhinka (Loss)
TWGCXVIII - Mason (Victory)
TWGCXIX - Coroner (Victory, Overall MVP)

TWGXVIII: Traitor!
TWGXXV: The Inhospitable Hospital
TWGXXXI: Colourblind
TWGXLIV: Independence Day
TWGXLIX: Deserted
TWGLV: Video Games
TWGLXIV: A Ghost Story
TWGXCII: Werewolves in SPACE!
TWGCVII: Age of Mythology
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Totally thought that said 90 sign-ups left.


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It'd be fun to be a Faction!

err... ohh.

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Dar you signing up?
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Sign up (this is my frist game it seems).

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