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Author Topic: Wherever/Miptown RP  (Read 34549 times)
Keeza Andrews
« Reply #135 on: April 09, 2018, 08:45:12 PM »

((Small timeskip.))

The cornflakes have finished their lunch and are scattered all over the house...

Len: Meebling microwaves, noooo!  Shocked

((Anyone who's seen MintExprezz's reqweet topic and Len's FC wiki page recently should be able to guess what that's about. Roll Eyes))
((uhh i can't figure it out srry for my unculturedness))
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« Reply #136 on: April 09, 2018, 08:54:21 PM »

((I reqweeted a picture of Rosalina and Len from MintExprezz and he made it a shipping thing, and now Carrie thinks Len likes Rosalina. Then...

Quote from: Len Spencer
AyChao, could you please do me a favour? I need you to confiscate her phone, hide her computer... basically, take away anything she can Meeble* on. If anyone else finds out, I'm a doomed cornflake!

*In this case, Meeble means "post on MeebleIt"... which Carrie might have done.))

The Pencil-Staff is a powerful thing, AyChao. If you wanted to, you could rewrite history-
Look at me, I have wings!


[May 18 04:31 PM]:   AyKooChao wonders why no one is shipping the user above them
[May 18 04:33 PM]:   Monika is going to ship AyKooChao in the forum game called "Ship user above you"
[May 18 04:35 PM]:   AyKooChao scrolls down very slowly...
*sees that she's been shipped with a certain Yu-Gi-Oh character...*
AyKooChao [May 18 04:36 PM]:   Again? *insert untypeable Cheesy +  Embarrassed + Cheery + Nervous + "put that notebook down, Carrie" face here*
[May 18 04:37 PM]:   Monika bursts out of laughter
Monika [May 18 04:37 PM]:   Laugh
[May 18 04:48 PM]:   AyKooChao sits in the corner of the Shoutbox and plots her revenge...
AyKooChao [May 18 04:48 PM]:   Meh, I'll just type what I always do.

Joey x AyChao shipping incidents: 21 (counting the Shoutbox and the deleted posts) Yes, I'm keeping track.

Mystic [Dec 07 01:32 PM]:   The earth is a box of cereal.

Keeza Andrews
« Reply #137 on: April 11, 2018, 06:05:01 PM »

Malena would be in the lobby, or whatever is first walked into.
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