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Author Topic: My Inactivity in the Forum  (Read 111 times)
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Hello children.

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« on: August 15, 2017, 04:41:40 PM »

I decided to make this as it kind of relates to the forum.

I know I wrote about how I was going to be less active here: (Click), but some things change and I want to write a new one explaining well about my inactivity in the forum.

I've been starting to become less active, obviously. It's because of school, (homework, tests, projects and studying), busyness at home, and the Flipline Wikia. I put them in spoilers so it won't be a long post, even though they're not long.
I sometimes get a lot of homework at school to complete by the next day. Hmm It can take me all day (and maybe night too). Sometimes, I have to study and/or work on projects as well.
Busyness at home:
I have things to do at home. Mostly everybody does. (This is something I felt like it causes my inactivity as well.)
Flipline Wikia:
I also like to help the Flipline Wikia now that I have an account there. I've been filling out the orders from the Pizzeria HD game. It takes me 5 minutes to fill the customer's orders each time.
I'll try to be more active in the forum, if I can. Hmm

My FCs:
My Restaurants!:
My Orders:
Papa's Pizzeria:
12 Pepperonis
20 minutes
8 Slices
Papa's Burgeria:
Bottom Bun
American Cheese
Medium Patty
American Cheese
Top Bun
Papa's Taco Mia:
Papa's Freezeria:
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