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« on: October 08, 2012, 08:22:45 AM »

Meepy meep people! This topic is about us forumers. So dig back your memories and put it in the list! Try not to fire insults at people! Please try to avoid personal information unless they don't mind it (still in debate). I'll add more! Smiley Any mistakes, correct me ASAP! You can also PM me to add in facts but it must be verified with proof because it's very hard to compile everything without making mistakes. Certain personal info are only added with the consent of the users.

*Please post your injuries in the "Injuries" topic.
*Records don't include Flipline Awards 2012. For the winners, please go here.
*I'm cutting out records to save space. For now it's only basic facts.
*To get in, you must have at least 500 posts. Or as a special exception, be a prominently helpful member here. If you happen to be less than helpful, you'll not get a section here.

*Don't even bother trying to double/triple/multi-post in an attempt to increase your post count.
  • Matt is, of course, the very first member of this forum but the funny thing is that his forum ID is #2. So who could be the #1? While most of you think that Tony is right after Matt, he's actually the 4th (ID #5).
  • Account "DevTester" was the first to have a purple name before the new ranks came in. It still got it!
  • DevTester is the first and only account to have the Hall of Fame rank. There's no way to achieve said rank as the account is only used for development testing purposes.
  • Matt "cried" for the first time the Shoutbox was implemented when "nobody was around". It turned out that he forgotten to enable it for the members... Too bad that most of us missed that epic moment...
  • Matt actually dislikes anchovies and mayo.

  • Older brother to PapaLuisJr.
  • Birthday is on 30th of June, 2000.
  • Past names: noname, PapaLuis664, AbcdIsBack, etc...
  • Title: Prince of Trolling and Captain Combo-Breaker (D-Walker)
  • Likes: Orange, lion, bacon, memes
  • Dislikes: Rap and pop music, yellow, anime, annoying people, people misspelling "never mind" as "nevermind", Mimi (Super Paper Mario), wikiers
  • Is homeschooled like Adam.
  • Was hacked plenty of times, usually by mohammed.
  • Deems himself unlucky as he stated all the injuries he gets...
  • Despite being "mentally scarred" by Liliana, he decided to use her as his avatar. Something happened and we thought it was jinxed... He has then switched it.

  • Is Malaysian.
  • Birthday is on 8th November.
  • Past name: Giga Mammoth
  • Nicknames: Wonderboy (Peters_FVK), Adam-Floodam (D-Walker), Abam (abcd), Adam Levine (Yves Quimbao), GM (Mage)
  • Likes: Midtown Madness, green and yellow, video games music...
  • Dislikes: Spambots, spilling food, wikiers, oblivious people, impatience
  • Is homeschooled like abcd.
  • Tends to dig up NC's old posts.

  • Real name is Huzaifa Ali Ahfaz.
  • Older brother of Zartaushat.
  • Birthday is on 12th of April.
  • Is from Pakistan.
  • Past names: Huzahfaz, Awesome Sauce
  • Nicknames: Huzio (Adam), AS (Vinnie)
  • Likes: Playing cricket, reading books, Robby and Shannon, comma Kage (AF's typo), nuts, cotton puffs...
  • Dislikes: Spambots, insects, worms, loneliness, darkness, trees...

  • Past name: Pizza90 (old account but was deleted), Pizza91
  • Nickname: BlueberryTears (D-Walker, Adam asked for it...)

  • Is from Watford, England, United Kingdom.
  • Birthday is on 11th of September.
  • Past name: Cosmic34
  • Nickname: Cosmic (generally)
  • Dislikes: Annoying people, being called by his real name

  • Elder sister of KSS.
  • Birthday is on 9th of November.
  • Dislikes: People making big deals out of things

  • Is from United Kingdom.
  • Likes: Red, blue and green, football, Flipline, Youtube, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter...
  • Dislikes: Spambots, mean forumers, idiotic wikiers, Pewdiepie, school...

  • Is from Georgia.
  • Nickname: Doki (generally), Dokigirl (ApplesNOranges)
  • Dislikes: Mayo ocean, blobfishes...

  • Is Malaysian-Chinese.
  • Birthday is on 16th of October.
  • Past names: Meepers, Meeper
  • Nicknames: Meeps (generally), Meepit (abcd but was disapproved), Peppers (Peters_FVK but was disapproved), Meep (GB only), Meepernoodle (Adam but was disapproved), Meeperson (DigitalArt but was disapproved), D-W (Penguin022)
  • Likes: Cold sweet desserts, wings, fantasy, imagination, dragons, black, red, purple and silver colours, video games music...
  • Dislikes: Worms, wriggly stuff, extremely annoying, ridiculous and confuzzling situations (especially with users and IP addresses), yaoi and yuri *shudders*, plagiarism (she feels insulted from that), when people thinks that she can do anything and everything in a short amount of time, obsessive perfectionism, people who don't follow simple instructions, emoticon and spoiler tag spammers, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black...
  • Current moderator of the forum
  • Known for her "headbleeds" in response to situations she deems overly ridiculous. An undead version of her was the result since Halloween.
  • Admits that she has "killed" her PS2 on 2 separate occasions due to non-stop gaming.
  • Only 5 forumers have known her real name and all have been asked (and "threatened") to keep it secret.
  • Have gender-bend Tony twice by accident in the Shoutbox but nobody noticed.
  • Contrary to popular belief, she actually prefer to not be referred as "Madam" or "Madame" because it would make her sound old.

French Fry 544
  • Is from America.
  • Birthday is on 12th of May.
  • Likes: French fries, magenta colour, Flipline Forum, Mindy
  • Dislikes: People who say sherbet as "shebert", gray and brown, unibrows, and soggy pizza

  • Brother of CreeperSlayer03 who then deleted his account.
  • Birthday is on 27th of October, 2001.
  • Past name: DoctorCheeseCake
  • Nicknames: DCC and Doc (past)
  • Likes: Friends, food, family, cheesy potatoes, panda bears, churros, dubstep...
  • Dislikes: Wikiers, the dark, tight spaces...

  • Is a guy from Indonesia.
  • Birthday is on 4th of April.
  • Nicknames: Icho (generally), IAH (D-Walker)
  • Likes: Oreo, pop music, Pet Society, Prudence and Shannon
  • Dislikes: Worm, slow internet speed, boy-band, wikiers

  • Is Filipino.
  • Birthday is on 2nd of February.
  • Past name: Sonic286
  • Currently inactive.

  • Real name is Sebastian Mihajlov.
  • Is from Norway.
  • Birthday is on 27th of September, 1999. Coincidentally, it was the day Jacksmith was released this year.
  • Likes: Playing chess, PewDiePie
  • Dislikes: Ray William Johnson
  • Failed to crack an egg properly while trying to cook his Norwegian Cheese Omelette. Also, he ate it with his spatula.
  • Known for his "Let's Play" on Flipline games on Youtube, along with Windowswind.
  • Used to play soccer before.
  • The fact that he claims that he thinks Utah is "sexy" and is obsessed (not exactly) with the other female Papa characters have earned the ಠ_ಠ expression from D-Walker.

Jojo Is Not Pleased
  • Birthday is on 8th of August.
  • Past name: Nukes
  • Nickname: Nukies and JINP (timaeusTestified but was disapproved and the latter is unknown)
  • Likes: Yankees fan, Giants Fan, Devils Fans, Knicks Fan

  • Younger brother of ChibiGurlLOLZ:).
  • Birthday is on 28th of September. Has the same birthday as Mindy (another member, not the customer).
  • Past name: CoolA928
  • Nickname: KSS (Vinnie at first but now generally), KiSS (Doki, but was disapproved), Cola (past), Saucy (Vinnie)
  • Likes: Asian food, french fries, pizza, junk food...
  • Dislikes: People mistaking him as a Chinese/Japanese/etc, being called "KiSS", puddings, any sort of crap, school projects, wikiers...
  • Almost had a heart attack from seeing Liliana... But of course, that was just an exaggeration...

  • Birthday is on 22nd of April.
  • Nickname: Mage (generally), Hong-Kee boy and magic-tears (D-Walker), Hong-Kee Kong (Adam but was disapproved)
  • Has been mistaken as a girl by plenty of members, probably because of his username...
  • Sometimes known for his "X-Mode" at times when he gets infected by the X-Virus (this one is based on the X-twins, not to be confused with the one from Club Penguin)
  • Known for his typos in which he would always facepalm after finding that out.
  • Usually gets hanged over a dragon pit whenever he irked D-Walker with some of his witty comments.

  • Is from the US.
  • Likes: Music, Flipline, sports, school, Harry Potter
  • Dislikes: Tootsicles, original wikia, etc.
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Flipline Games Achievements:
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria *COMPLETE ~ Rank 113*
  • PL2: WBA *COMPLETE ~ 100%*
  • Jacksmith *COMPLETE ~ Level 100*
Things to do:
  • Try to do something about Flipline Fantasy fan game
  • Try to find a way to continue Flipline Fantasy fan fiction
  • Try to revive Flipline Fantasy idea
  • Gaming goals
  • Flipline RPG cards
Constantly doing:
  • Stay sane
  • Stay neutral
  • Keep outta trouble
  • Keep trouble out
  • Host FAC
The only FC shipping that involves my FC that I seem to "accept/tolerate":
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« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 08:23:38 AM »

  • Real name is Ross Adriel Manuel.
  • Birthday is on 7th of March, 1999.
  • Past name: ewn
  • Likes: Willow, Shannon, racing, darkness...
  • Dislikes: Stubbornness, arrogance, insects, being called back as "ewn", boredom, being called "self-centered", rudeness, stalkers, spambots...
  • Uses  Cry a lot.
  • A lot of members seem to have trouble understanding his grammar. That role is shared with Atomic_Fan as his is just as confuzzling.
  • Grammar has been nicknamed as "Adrielian" by abcd in connection to his real name.
  • Was hacked by mohammed once.
  • Claimed that he was a tantrum guy.
  • Had been wishing for Akari's Flipdeck, he finally got it.

  • Cousin of Booyakasha (used to be PrincessDaisy).
  • Birthday is on 7th of February.
  • Past names: cocopuffs and nerdybirdy11
  • Nicknames: NC (generally), nerdy (past generally), Nutty (Meepers), NutellaCreeps (aqwerz), nerdy (past)
  • Likes: chocolate, anime, drawing, Latin music, manga, reading, soccer, video games, some Korean novelas, Street Fighter, cooking, TinierMe, Vocaloid, her 3DS, playing trombone, and Flipnote Studio/Hatena, TMNT, MLP, watching PewDiePie and Game Grumps...
  • Dislikes: Spicy food, frozen computer screens, being annoyed, being bored, Zangief on Hardest mode, being spammed by newbies online, the fact that her DSi will not play sound again, and missing a shoutbox conversation with the admins.
  • Meepers always had the urge to call her NBC (Nutty Butter Cups) instead of NC (NutellaCrepes) due to her giving her the nickname "Nutty" but she always ended up thinking of NBC. NC doesn't mind being called NuttyButterCups.
  • Predicted that there was something not right about Liliana... She was right...
  • Will fill the whole SB up if she gets too bored.
  • aqwerz once misspelled her username as "Nutellacreeps" but the latter didn't mind it.
  • Tends to get her old posts dug up by Adam.

  • Is Malaysian.
  • Birthday is on 25th of July.
  • Past name: aqwerz
  • Nickname: aqwerz-tearz (Meepers but was disapproved), aqwersz (abcd but was disapproved), Feelers (DigitalArt but was disapproved)
  • Likes: Yellow
  • Dislikes: Intolerance
  • Very known for her typos and short posts, which greatly annoys XWFY.

  • Older brother to penguino.
  • Birthday is on 31st of August.
  • Nickname: Penguin (generally), Pingu2 (Nina), Penguan (Adam)
  • Likes: Red, penguins...
  • Dislikes: Bickering...
  • Friend of lionman360

  • Younger brother of Penguin022.
  • Likes: Bloons TD, reading

  • Birthday is on 26th of October.
  • Past name: fanpapa1
  • Nickname: Trollerboy and Peters Peterson (Adam)

  • Is Malaysian.
  • Nickname: Popish (generally), sleepyboi (Adam)
  • Uses  Sleepy a lot.

  • Birthday is on 8th of October.
  • Nickname: Paprika (Adam but was disapproved)
  • Is afraid of blood and will do his trademark screaming in response.
  • Was inactive but came back a few times.

  • Birthday is on 15th of June.
  • Nickname: hellomayo (Nina), shalommayo (Adam)
  • NC found out that "shalomblue" means "helloblue".
  • He's a vegetarian.

  • Real name is Robert and is from South Africa.
  • Brother to papasam99 who quit after 1000 posts.
  • Birthday is on 17th of July.
  • Nickname: slobsterhead, Buttered Lobster and dropster (Adam), slobstears (Meepers)
  • Cry just as much as Nina does...

  • Real name is "Nick" or short for Nicholas.
  • Twin brother of Vinnie.
  • Birthday is on 16th of November.
  • Past name: Nickito
  • Nickname: timaeusTears (Adam but was disapproved), Timotei (Peters_FVK but was probably disapproved)
  • Likes: Homestuck, Nick and Georgito...
  • Dislikes: Random bumping and useless topics, egg salad...
  • Matt misspelled his new username once.
  • Currently makes Poke-sprites.

  • Brother of the_defined
  • Birthday is on 27th of May.
  • Nickname: Tonio (generally), Antonio (sometimes)
  • Dislikes: PewDiePie, useless threads...
  • Was hacked by his brother (the_defined) once and was saved when he managed to come back on. The latter was spanked for that...
  • Grammar was nicknamed as Tonierian by AS.
  • Helped revive the forum together with Neomonster during 2011.
  • Misspelled his username once.

  • Current username is his real name or short for Vincent.
  • Twin brother of timaeusTestified.
  • Birthday is on 16th of November.
  • Past name: Cool Ace
  • Likes: Mario Kart, Allan...
  • Dislike: People overusing the Mia! suffix for foods that aren't Mexican (like brownies and coffee), PewDiePie...

  • Real name is Aidan David Morris.
  • Is from Tyldesley, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Birthday is on 11th of February, 1998.
  • Nickname: Wind Man (Adam)
  • Likes: Dogs, procrastination...
  • Dislikes: Slow walkers, ambition-less people, sprouts...
  • Known for his "Let's Play" on Flipline games on Youtube, along with Jojo88.
  • Is a high achiever in school.

Xandra Will Find You
  • Birthday is on 29th August.
  • Past name: FanofthePapaGames
  • Nickname: XWFY (generally)
  • Titles: Prince of Mockery (Meepers)
  • Dislikes: Posting short posts less than 5 words, revealing things about himself
  • Seems to have very weird fears...

  • WarGraver is the very first member who isn't an Admin and made the first topic that isn't by Matt.
  • HealthInspectorWeston found the Evil smiley when it was hidden.
  • DeviantArtist nonecansee is the first fan artist to make a fanon couple (AlbertoxPenny) became canon when Penny's Flipdeck is released. slobst was not pleased... *facepalm*
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Flipline Games Achievements:
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria *COMPLETE ~ Rank 113*
  • PL2: WBA *COMPLETE ~ 100%*
  • Jacksmith *COMPLETE ~ Level 100*
Things to do:
  • Try to do something about Flipline Fantasy fan game
  • Try to find a way to continue Flipline Fantasy fan fiction
  • Try to revive Flipline Fantasy idea
  • Gaming goals
  • Flipline RPG cards
Constantly doing:
  • Stay sane
  • Stay neutral
  • Keep outta trouble
  • Keep trouble out
  • Host FAC
The only FC shipping that involves my FC that I seem to "accept/tolerate":
Andrew X Nous (Mage's)
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