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Author Topic: Religion (NO FIGHTING OR I BURN YOU WITH FIRE....The last part, JK)  (Read 14532 times)
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Terrorists did it, they say they are Muslim but they are actually doing what we are NOT supposed to do.

Also Science has not proven anything against our religion, only helped us become more confident.
Yep , it's harram in Islam to kill someone without any good reason

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RioluEV [29|Jul 07:03 AM]:   what?
Mr. L [29|Jul 07:04 AM]:   wat
VampireGirl12 [29|Jul 07:04 AM]:   I WILL ROB A BANLK
VampireGirl12 [29|Jul 07:04 AM]:   *BANK
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PeppermintLeaf [26|Aug 02:11 PM]:   did I hear bout cookehs
PeppermintLeaf [26|Aug 02:13 PM]:   !!!!!!
VampireGirl12 [26|Aug 02:14 PM]:   I WANT THE COOKIE!
PeppermintLeaf [26|Aug 02:15 PM]:   Cookeh! > v <
[26|Aug 02:15 PM]:   PeppermintLeaf jumps on da cookeh
VampireGirl12 [26|Aug 02:16 PM]:   NO COOKIE FOR YOU! *jumps on top of PLeaf*

Title: Da Cookeh Fight 2
PeppermintLeaf [26|Aug 02:23 PM]:   yo meanie
VampireGirl12 [26|Aug 02:23 PM]:   Cheesy
PeppermintLeaf [26|Aug 02:23 PM]:   gimme ma cookeh >n<
VampireGirl12 [26|Aug 02:23 PM]:   *eats all of the cookies*
PeppermintLeaf [26|Aug 02:23 PM]:   :-(
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Title: Da Cookeh Fight 3
Maryssa [26|Aug 02:28 PM]:   Errr...
Maryssa [26|Aug 02:28 PM]:   y no share
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VampireGirl12 [26|Aug 02:30 PM]:   who wantz a cookie

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« Reply #587 on: September 21, 2014, 04:03:09 PM »

Yep , it's harram in Islam to kill someone without any good reason

Also, so many people get our beliefs wrong.

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IVE go yi]ou..

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