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[My FC introduction]

Name : Blue

Gender : Male

Age : 25

Occupation : Veteran

Like : Weapons

Dislike : Broken weapons

Fun Fact : He doesn't speak.

He's veteran and former high-security officer. His personality is quiet and few words, but he can make friendship with everyone. Blue's past memory was really bad. He was joined into the war and he's got fatal injured by unknow reason. He's well after the war 8 months. He want to eat something. And then, he's decide to buy a taco at Papa Louie's restaraunt and he's happy with the taste from taco!

Name : Doctor Glenn

Gender : Male

Age : 29

Occupation : Psychiatrist

Like : Treatment

Dislike : Losing his glasses

Fun Fact : He hates glasses with wrong lens. (Because he's nearsightedness.)

Glenn was born in Washington DC, USA. His father is Chinese doctor and his mother is nurse. He's grows up with medicine lesson and he's take care about the food and healthy, but he's trusting in Papa Louie's food. Because he's believes in food of Papa Louie is good for everyone. He's good doctor when the accident is coming.

Name : Ron

Gender : Male

Age : 19

Occupation : Unknown

Like : Computer games

Dislike : Steam's summer sale

Fun Fact : He's autistic person and he can't stand still every time.

He's one of teen in upper secondary school. No one know about his nationality, but possible he's live in North-America zone. He's very fun and exciting with friend, he want to eat burger with some cola. And then, he's goes to Papa Louie's Burgeria restaurant and he has meet Marty and Rita. They have make a friendship each other.
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