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Author Topic: Kamarov's Art Request Topic  (Read 399 times)
It's Kamarov!
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I'm an old user who got forgotten and have a little amnesia
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Palindroma: I spot a few inaccuracies. Eyebrow

Nonsense, Palindroma. This looks beautiful.

FC topic:
My 10 Commandments:
1. I MUST close the shoutbox if I get angry.
2. I MUST NEVER block any forumer unless not doing so would make things worse.
3. I MUST NOT EVER start or join fights.
4. If I do start a fight by accident, I MUST try to stop it.
5. I MUST move on from things that happened in the past, such as bans and fights.
6. I MUST respect other people's opinions, no matter how infuriating they seem to me.
7. I MUST apologize WITH SINCERITY if I offend someone (which BETTER be by accident).
8. I am allowed and maybe even encouraged to be pessimistic, but I MUST not make a scene if I lose.
9. I MUST be respectful of other people's art.
10.I MUST LOVE this forum.
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Draw Neville head to knee
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