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Author Topic: Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack (ZechAkari's version)  (Read 5508 times)
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« on: September 20, 2017, 08:14:43 PM »

Credit to Sean for idea. I just have a lot of ideas for this game, so sorry if you feel I copied.

Level 1: Burrito Bay
Level 2: Rice Road
Level 3: Casserole Jungle
Level 4: Enchilatown
Level 5: Lake Nacho
Level 6: Quesadilla River
Level 7: Tortilla Beach
Level 8: Guacamole Caverns
Level 9: Ocean Madish
Level 10: The X Zone

Starter Character: Mitch or Maggie (No ability) (Both weapons are a fryer)

Burrito Bay:
Rescue Carlo Romano (Needs no ability) (Weapon: Banjo, rapid melee) (ability: none)
Rescue Tohru (needs no ability) (ability: none)
Rescue Kayla (needs ground pound) (ability: dash)
Defeat 3 Tacotarantulas(still thinking) needs no ability
Find 5 Coins (still thinking) needs ground pound
Find 100 Coins (needs gliding)

Rice Road:
Rescue Rhonda (needs no ability) (ability: ground pound)
Rescue Franco (needs ground pound) (ability:none)
Rescue Kenji (needs dash) (ability: none)
Defeat 6 Tacoturantulas (needs gliding)
Find 5 Coins (needs x2 jump)
Find 100 Coins (needs ground pound)

Casserole Jungle:
Rescue Nick (needs no ability) (ability: swim)
Rescue Zoe (needs: swim) (ability: none)
Rescue Georgito (needs: x2 jump) (ability: crawl)
Defeat 8 Tacoturantulas (needs crawl)
Find 5 Coins (needs swim)
Find 100 Coins (needs: dash)

Rescue Jojo (needs no ability) (ability: x2 jump)
Rescue Gremmie (needs x2 jump) (ability: swim)
Rescue Quinn (needs crawl) (ability: none)
Defeat 11 Tacoturantulas (needs: swim)
Find 5 Coins (needs: pushing)
Find 100 Coins (needs: wall jump)
NEW BOSS: Tako Tariyoce (thinking)

Lake Nacho:
Rescue Rico (needs no ability) (ability: pushing)
Rescue Allan (needs dash) (ability: double jump)
Rescue Ninjoy (needs pushing) (ability: wall jump)
Defeat _ Burgerzillas (needs wall jump)
Find 5 Coins (needs swim)
Find 100 Coins (needs pushing)

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9/19/17 - Closers
9/19/17 - Akari
10/4/17 - Xerneas
10/20/17 - Blank
11/14/17 - Swampert, Sceptile and Blaziken
11/16/17 - Complete Zygarde
12/4/17 - Franchise Owner by Excalibur
12/5/17 - Restaurant Star by Excalibur
12/13/17 - LePete laughing
12/19/17 - Cyrus, Pokemon Team Galactic
1/18/18 - Blank
2/28/18 - Red/Blue Blastoise Sprite
3/3/18 - derogatory
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X Portrait
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X using Blast Burn
4/4/18 - Charjabug
5/18/18 - Nothingness
6/15/18 - Thor In The Battle Of Wakanda
8/25/18 - Restaurant Legend by Excalibur
3/3/20 - peepoClap

Survivor Placings:
Amazon Rainforest - 9th place - Voted self out
Mato Grosso - N/A

TWG Stats:
TWG XCVII - Lunatic Asylum - Ended Early | Role: Disguised Wolf
TWG XCVIII - Locked and Loaded - Lost as Cop
TWG XCIX - Faraway City - Won but died, Human
TWG C - Theory Of Everything - Lost as Seer
TWG CI - Foreign Affairs - Modkilled,
 but won as human

TWG CII - Reversal of Fortune - N/A
TWG CIII - A Normal Day Outside - Was going to host, but N/A
TWG CIV - Lost Connection - Won but died, Human
TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations -
 Won as Decoy Wolf

TWG CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile - Lost as Psychic
TWG CXX: Tick Tock - Lost as Seer

TWG CXXI: Abnormal Evening Iside - Host!
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« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2017, 04:03:18 PM »

Looks good
Can't wait to see more.


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