Question: Who should own and maintain the MVP post?

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Not removing my signature until Flipline makes a CMC3:
AskJoe [Jun 30 11:19 PM]:   Flipline should make Cactus McCoy 3.
Kangablue [Jul 02 12:59 AM]:   I want Cactus McCoy 3 now Sad
Phil Swift [Sep 12 07:43 PM]:   They need to make CMC 3
Penguin022 was quietly listening to his own music while also praying for Cactus McCoy 3 to come out, which honestly, would be a good idea since I love the game personally.
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New TWG forum?


The main benefit is that banned users will be able to play, but it also makes it easier to keep track of stuff.
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Game Statistics:

TWG LXXVIII: Rock Frontier
Host: Nickito
MVP: Zero
Town MVP: DJ Roomba
Independent MVP: Abu
Winners: Wolves and Amnesiac

TWG LXXIX: Penalties
Host: Lenny
MVP: !!Vinnie927
Human MVP: Lover of Lemonade
Independent MVP: Robin the Mage
Honorable Mentions: Nickito, Leia
Winner: Wolves

TWG LXXX: Superstitious
Host: noname
MVP: Leia
Human MVP: Penguin022
Wolf MVP: Nickito
Honorable Mentions: Not a Spy, Butanol, Olivia
Winners: Vigilante and Maniac

TWG LXXXI: The Room Where It Happens
Host: Penguin022
MVP: Wheatley
Red MVP: Butanol
Blue MVP: Wheatley
Green MVP: Arme Thaumatergy
Orange MVP: Leia
Purple MVP: Lenny
Winners: Red Team and Blue Team

TWG LXXXII: Shifting Tides
Host: Abu
MVP: Red
Human MVP: KitKatExtreme
Honorable Mention: DJ Roomba
Winner: Wolves

TWG LXXXIII: Another Party of Death
Host: LogicallyLogical
[Stats: Unknown? Where the bleep did the lounge go]

TWG LXXXIV: Magicus Extremos!
Host: Kirby
MVP: Wheatley
Human MVP: Penguin022
Wolf MVP: Symphony
Winners: Wolves, Amensiac, Potion Maker

TWG LXXXV: Choosing Factions
Host: Faiz
MVP: Wheatley
Wolf MVP: Penguin022
Independent MVP: Cosmic
Honorable Mentions: Leia
Winner: Humans

TWG LXXXVII: Catchphrases
Host: yves
[I have no idea what happened here I can't find stats anywhere]

TWG LXXXVIII: Perfection
Host: Nickito
MVP: Stormbreaker
Human MVP: Ataino
Wolf MVP: Kassem
Independent MVP: Stormbreaker
Honorable Mention: Qazikol
Winner: Humans

TWG LXXXIX: The Demon Within
Host: Olivia
MVP: KitKatExtreme
Human MVP: dar
Wolf MVP: Nickito
Independent MVP: Qazikol
Honorable Mentions: Greenviceroy, Toasty, Ataino
Winner: Wolves, Oracle, Succubus

TWG XC: Return of the Circus
Host: Leia
MVP: Coach Huzzy
Human MVP: Widow
Wolf MVP: Qazikol
Honorable Mentions: Ataino, KitKatExtreme
Winner: Circus

TWG XCI: ???

TWG XCII: Werewolves in SPACE!
Host: Qazikol
MVPS: No MVPS given, just feedback
Winner: Wolves and Amnesiac

TWG XCIII: Pathological Lying
Hosts: Leia and KitKatExtreme
Statistics: Unknown after KKE deleted her posts

TWG XCIV: Morality
Host: Nickito
MVP: Qazikol
Human MVP: StarfallQueen
Winner: Wolves

TWG XCV: Revolution
Host: Faiz
Ended due to inactivity before a winner could be declared

TWG XCVI: Flipline
Host: MariaYuki
MVP: singersky89
Human MVP: IllogicallyIlogical
Independent MVP: Keifer
Honorable Mentions: Lu, Temmie
Winner: Wolves

TWG XCVII: Lunatic Asylum
Host: TotesAngel
Game was ended before a winner could be declared because the host no longer wanted to host

TWG XCVIII: Locked and Loaded
Host: Raven and Leia
Human MVP: Kassem
Independent MVP:  Qazikol
Winner: Wolves

TWG XCIX: Faraway City
Host: Abu
Overall MVPs: Red/Green
Independent MVP: Gigi Lee Lann
Honourable Mentions: DeluxePizza, KitKatExtreme, Leia, Lore, Red Velvet
Winners: Humans and Hunter

we're somehow missing 3 games here? 100, 101, 102? where did they go

TWG CIII: A Normal Day Outside
Host: Ataino
MVP: KitKatExtreme
Human MVP: CursedSkylark
Wolf MVP: Leia
Independent MVP: Raven
Winners: Humans and Maniac

TWG CIV: Lost Connection
Host: Kirby
MVP: Penguin022
Wolf MVP: Lusamine
Independent MVP: Toasty
Honorable Mentions: Lore, Leia, Nick and Flare
Winner: Humans

TWG CV: The Sea-Suns of Visitations
Hosts: Qaikol and KitKatExtreme
Stats are unknown, KKE deleted her posts

TWG CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile
Host: Abu
MVP: Nickito
Human MVP: Deluxe Pizza
Independent MVP: CursedSkylark
Winner: Wolves

TWG CVII: Age of Mythology
Host: Qazikol (and KKE?)
MVP: Blatant Wolf
Human MVP: Robin
Independent MVP: Nickito
Winner: Wolves

TWG CVIII: Return to the Courtroom
Host: Bandero
Wolf MVP: DeluxePizza
Human MVP: Hunter of Stars
Honorable Mentions: Leia, Penguin022
Winner: Humans

TWG CIX: Back to Basics
Host: CursedSkylark
Overall MVP: Faithesque
Town MVP: Penguin022
Honorable Mention: DeluxePizza
Winner: Wolves

TWG CX: Kainu Mosir
Host: Pizzacino
Overall MVP: Penguin022
Wolf MVP: Faithesque
Independent MVP: Raven
Honorable Mention: Cosmic, BackAgain.gr
Winner: Humans

TWG CXI: Wait For It
Host: Cosmic
MVP: Green
Human MVP: Moana or Kirby
Wolf MVP: Cat Kyle
Honorable Mentions: Moana or Kirby, Penguin
Winner: Arsonist and Maniac

TWG CXII: The Penitentiary
Host: DeluxeFaith
Town MVP: Penguin022
Wolf MVP: Green
Independent MVP: Hunter of Stars
Honorable Mentions: Moana and Moon
Winner: Wolves

missing TWG CXIII

TWG CXIV: The Lost Files
Host: Rias
MVP: lajoie
Human MVP: jbvann
Independent MVP: Raven
Honorable Mentions: eevee, DeluxePizza
Winner: Wolves

TWG CXV: Mirai
Host: Rias
MVPS not awarded
Winner: Wolves

TWG CXVI: Stan Loon Stream Butteryfly
Hosts: Qazikol and KitKatExtreme
MVPS: Unclear, KKE had the topic
Winner: Humans

TWG CXVII: The Secrets of the Boulevard
Host: CursedSkylark
Town/Overall MVP: Archie
Wolf MVP: AwesomeHwy
Honorable Mentions: AskJoe, sansaery
Winner: Humans and Fool

TWG CXVIII: The Time Travel Paradox
Host: Soup Mia
MVP: Nickito
Wolf MVP: Penguin022
Independent MVP: CursedSkylark
Honorable Mention: AskJoe, Archie!
Winner: Humans
hullo so I tried to do this but I'm still missing a good amount of info, if you know stuff please let me know or so we can fill it in

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Also check the KKE archive topic for those games she deleted

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The forum wouldn’t be like this if they had just stanned Loona :pensive:
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Stan Loona
stan loona
Stan Loona
AskGowon [Jan 17 08:02 PM]:   Stan Loona. Stream Butterfly.
Stan Loona!
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remember when i was supposed to host an abnormal evening inside and nobody signed up so i quit the forum


9/19/17 - Closers
9/19/17 - Akari
10/4/17 - Xerneas
10/20/17 - Blank
11/14/17 - Swampert, Sceptile and Blaziken
11/16/17 - Complete Zygarde
12/4/17 - Franchise Owner by Excalibur
12/5/17 - Restaurant Star by Excalibur
12/13/17 - LePete laughing
12/19/17 - Cyrus, Pokemon Team Galactic
1/18/18 - Blank
2/28/18 - Red/Blue Blastoise Sprite
3/3/18 - derogatory
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X Portrait
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X using Blast Burn
4/4/18 - Charjabug
5/18/18 - Nothingness
6/15/18 - Thor In The Battle Of Wakanda
8/25/18 - Restaurant Legend by Excalibur
3/3/20 - peepoClap

Survivor Placings:
Amazon Rainforest - 9th place - Voted self out
Mato Grosso - N/A

TWG Stats:
TWG XCVII - Lunatic Asylum - Ended Early | Role: Disguised Wolf
TWG XCVIII - Locked and Loaded - Lost as Cop
TWG XCIX - Faraway City - Won but died, Human
TWG C - Theory Of Everything - Lost as Seer
TWG CI - Foreign Affairs - Modkilled,
 but won as human

TWG CII - Reversal of Fortune - N/A
TWG CIII - A Normal Day Outside - Was going to host, but N/A
TWG CIV - Lost Connection - Won but died, Human
TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations -
 Won as Decoy Wolf

TWG CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile - Lost as Psychic
TWG CXX: Tick Tock - Lost as Seer

TWG CXXI: Abnormal Evening Iside - Host!
Soon 2B Unavailable
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bye everyone!!!

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I feel like somebody should update this topic sometime in the forseeable future

bye everyone!!!
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