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Author Topic: TWG XCVIII - Locked And Loaded [Lounge]  (Read 25335 times)
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Were there any signs towards IllogicallyIllogical being the normal Wolf? Red Velvet had a 1/2.5 (since I was unlikely to be the normal one) chance of blocking the kill, and we still had enough numbers that we could probably survive and get Faithèsque lynched if she sides with us.

As for the recklessness in my Guardian claim, I did not say that I would be Guarding skylark, just that I visited him once to get myself confirmed as a special role that cannot kill.

Otherwise, wonderful work everyone for the second most posted-in TWG.
The main sign was the fact that Illogically barely posted (maybe once or twice) but wasn't modkilled/replaced was a big red flag that I'm surprised nobody picked up on. It meant that he had to be PMing, and seeing how he only claimed human, he was probably a wolf.

Also sorry about the Guardian thing, I didn't have wifi and I was just going off of the notes I took of the game.
I qctually didn't have anything to do. Getting killed by the wolves isn't something you can negate,  and xith school and lots of posts, it's literally impossible to "note down suspicions"
I never said that getting killed by the wolves was something you could've changed, pretty much the whole point was that you should've been more active. It's not great when you need to be informed of everything that's going on- wolves can take advantage of your confusion and use it to drive the lynch.

Slightly unrelated, but do you think your activity would have been different if you were a role that needed to submit an action every night, like wolf/seer/guardian? (This doesn't really have anything to do with feedback I'm just curious)
Yeah in my opinion this feedback is overtly negative and rude. Literally almost no actual feedback here just "Why aren't you playing the game??/Why did you mess this up so bad??".
Hold up. Do you actually think that this is all critisism and "literally almost no actual feedback"?
You misunderstood that post lu
I believed kke was seer but i had a feeling i was wrong like i tend to be
And in the end i was
Oh, got it, sorry about that.
Yeah for example let's look at this stuff:

Why is the inactivity feedback for Futaba extremely criticisive while the one for Red is not?

Not trying to give less credit for KKE here, but all of the wolves were trying to frame Nickito, KKE did not "single-handedly" do it. She had support.

Temmie's feedback is ignoring that maybe he did that on purpose as a strategy. Instead it makes him look like a lazy person.

etc. etc.
Futaba was not active from the time that he signed up to the time we replaced him- he may have never even read his role PM. Red actually posted once or twice.

Look. You can dispute this, but from a host's perspective, KKE really kind of did it single-handedly. Yes, she had wolf support, but it was pretty much KKE telling the wolves how to act and what to post. 

If it was a strategy, I think Temmie would've told us by now. I'm not really sure how it would've helped town, but that would be interesting to learn about. We weren't trying to make Lore seem like a lazy person, but what do you think we should've said instead?
Actually, when Archi’s account was deleted, he told me he was Monster and I knew all this time. I forgot about it. Laugh
For future reference, definitely not really something that should happen. It could really screw with the game.

Did I get everything? I think I got everything? Tell me if I didn't get everything and I'll respond and stuff

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