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Author Topic: Papa's Churcheria  (Read 17814 times)
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Dakal is just so cool

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« Reply #75 on: August 16, 2019, 01:32:11 PM »

Possible style h

Survivor Madagascar:

FC Games- Rule The World:
Out of Context Quotes:
somebody didn't take their meds today
Speedo is owned by Ode
hello I have time to upload my balls
Colonel Kori hired Pete and South America to clean Louis.
This year, North Korea has attacked the old dog
I love your Oven
The man who is green, matures without warming up and is already full of money.
it looks like all these posts were created by hippies
My belly is my ticklish spot too
If being good-looking/attractive to girls was a crime, I'd be a law-abiding citizen.
Get in my signature
Remove excessive foreign languages
in few minutes, i will end making my new sexy FC
Virgil van Dick.
They need to hire new civilians and fire the old ones
This time the dog wakes up!
I don't believe he's in my bottom
What a pity about those nuts
De Ja Vu [Jan 03 02:50 PM]: i want so much to say bad words and to be rude now. But, i can't, beacuse i can get banned.
give me a holler
I hate mine too. Cheery
If i'll get Permabanned today, i just want to say, it was pleasure to meet u all guys, i like this forum so much, but sometimes, there's an end to a story, and my story might over soon.
21 weeks down, 13 weeks to go.
Cause we are gonna be... Forever, you and me - High by Lighthouse Family
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« Reply #76 on: August 16, 2019, 02:59:18 PM »

In my country Papa = Pope
I'm Brazilian
I'm also Brazilian!  Smiley

"We can do it!" - Layla, Mobile Legends
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I'm also Brazilian!  Smiley
Sério? Que cidade?

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