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Author Topic: Forum Profile Help  (Read 1368 times)
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Did you read the help button at the bottom of the Flipline Forum?
And you clicked the Profile section on Help button?

If not, I have to say....

For All members and includes Admins and Users:

You could view any topics and boards, posts. and you could view any profile.

The Summary screen is not only there about the user who clicked. but also the 1st screen you seen for your own profile. Like Name, Age, Location, etc.

For Users and Admins:

You could post replies for topics. Evenly, Read the forum guidelines before posting.
If you violate the guidelines, Matt and Tony (admins) could ban you. so watch out.
You could also change the theme, hide the email or online status, and modify your profile.

You could also send PM (Personal Message) too. but still obey the forum guidelines.
Delete your account is the way you could restart or to quit.

For Administrators Matt and Tony:

They could track user and IP, then show permissions and they could edit the titles for users and assign members to member groups. Evenly, they could delete their own account but with confirmation question.

But watch out on your posts, Matt and Tony could ban you IF you violate the forum guidelines.

For more info, Click here.

(This topic is locked already because if you didn't view the help button and profile section, you could view this)
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