Question: Favorite Cup Sizes, Mixables & Syrups
Small - 12 (5%)
Medium - 31 (12.9%)
Large - 40 (16.6%)
Nutty Butter Cups - 7 (2.9%)
Strawberries - 7 (2.9%)
Blueberries - 4 (1.7%)
Cookie Dough - 19 (7.9%)
Creameo Bits - 16 (6.6%)
Marshmallow - 10 (4.1%)
Pineapple - 4 (1.7%)
Yum 'n' Ms - 16 (6.6%)
Chocolate Syrup - 28 (11.6%)
Vanilla Syrup - 12 (5%)
Strawberry Syrup - 5 (2.1%)
Mint Syrup - 10 (4.1%)
Banana Syrup - 4 (1.7%)
Rainbow Sherbet Syrup - 16 (6.6%)
Total Voters: 64

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Author Topic: Favorite Cup Sizes, Mixables & Syrups in Papa's Freezeria  (Read 194755 times)
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L and Pineapple btw

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Cookie Dough,
Chocolate Syrup

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