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Author Topic: TWG XCIX: Faraway City (Humans and Hunter win!) (MVPs POSTED!)  (Read 111975 times)
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If its me, bc idk who else had a chance of seeing the rolelist, then i never saw it bc i dont know where it is and also i never thought II and Lore were wolves at first

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There will be no discussions of cheaters because KitKatExtreme has stalled us long enough, even going as far as to ignoring it when people bring it up. Not sure if it's on purpose because she is aggrieved at losing, but we cannot know.

MVPs have arrived! They are final.

This is not feedback, but discussing the strategies and seeing what led to my MVP choices. Constructive feedback will be posted in the Lounge soon. I have decided that we are deserving of two main MVPs. I will keep this topic open for discussion just a while longer. Feel free to discuss what is below, but please do not insult anyone's strategies.

MVPs: Red/Green
Independent MVP: Gigi Lee Lann
Honourable Mentions: DeluxePizza, KitKatExtreme, Leia, Lore, Red Velvet

Why did I choose Red and Green to get the MVPs? Let's look at what they did.

Despite the lies that spread during the game about how there was no strategy required for the town to win because "Overpowered Angakkuq led to miller gaming and all of the blue roles PMed Red!!", the one and only person that PMed Red their role was Leia. After Red and Leia got in an alliance, Red reached out to Red Velvet the Gentleman. After DeluxePizza's "I'm a role that the wolves want to kill" post, Red contacted him and discovered that he was the Hunter. And for the final main part of the alliance; Red and Leia both agreed that Green was probably not an ordinary Human. Red also decided to reach out to Green, and although both distrusted each other at first, the amazing plan of using the revived Psychic to kill a wolf soon came about. Good timing, because KitKatExtreme had been investigated as a likely Brutal Wolf at this point, and ridding the town of their Brutal Wolf this way was a great strategy. Up until this point, Red had been doing most of the planning, but Green soon took over the alliance and after Leia discovered that Qazikol was the Tide Chimer, he led the town in their lynches very well, and even if he messed up in his guesses he had good reasoning for all of them. It's a shame that they were very rarely revealed publically because it caused most people to think that you were random lynching without any strategy. Some of the leads that he set up included IllogicallyIllogical, Lore and Gigi Lee Lann, all evil roles.

Where Red was incorrect in his guesses, Green wasn't, and vice-versa. Green trusted Sodium Chloride, but Red didn't. Red trusted Gigi Lee Lann, but Green didn't. Together, along with Leia's Investigator results, they managed to form a large alliance quickly enough that they had a small pool of suspects to go through, and from there the two used that to narrow down possible wolves to about four or five people. Wonderful work. Both of you deserve MVPs.

The actual role, Humans, played a decent game. blankin did a great job of getting involved in the game and the alliance despite her inability to lynch. She had some good contributions to the town. Cyrus and Ravine Roth died too early to accomplish anything. Natalya only joined the game to make sure that we have 18 sign-ups but still tried to get involved wherever possible, and did provide some insight on possible wolves.

Red Velvet gets an honourable mention for his good scumreading and good use of his limited abilities as the Gentleman. He is one of the only TWG players who decides to take risks instead of sticking to what the power roles discover, pursuing previously unthought of leads. This is how real mafia is played and it should be encouraged. I will have some feedback directed towards Red Velvet in improving this strategy; the wolves took advantage of his scumreading without explanation.

Leia gets an honourable mention because she was an integral part of the alliance. Without her abilities, the town would never have been able to form their large alliance or pursue any of their leads. It was smart on her to claim to Red so early on; it was a risk that paid off. Without it, KitKatExtreme may have convinced Red fully. Leia did not contribute as much as she probably could have, but this may just be the fact that she had no east internet access for a few days to blame. Leia created a great rolelist and kicked off Green and Red Velvet's leads.

The rest of the blue roles did not do as much. Nickito and Qazikol were inactive for a majority of the game, and skylark ended up dying too early both times. When he was alive, he did a good job though of providing some possible blue roles to get investigated for the alliance. skylark should try to get more involved in the future.

KitKatExtreme gets an honourable mention for her wonderful attempts to convince Red to trust her, and thereafter confusing the town. Unfortunately for her, her endeavours for the former were unsuccessful. Regardless, the argument that she provided was well thought-out and had very few holes in it. If she had not been investigated as the possible Brutal Wolf just the night before, the encounter may have gone differently. It was still surprising that Red was barely convinced by it, throwing it away in favour of "Leia claimed to me first." Afterwards, her conflicting lynches led to a lot of confusion in the town. Claiming Investigator at that point was just not a good idea, but she couldn't have known. Great job for what you did end up doing.

Lore started off the game by not being very involved and possibly even hindering the wolves by investigating the (revived) Psychic claim. But, towards the midgame, Lore had the ingenioius strategy of abusing his discovery of Gigi Lee Lann being the Blackmailer. He convinced Gigi to come out of the shadows and blackmail people. If Sodium didn't gamethrow, this strategy could have led to the wolves winning, because the humans would have been stalled out while Sodium killed important targets that Lore suggested, like Red Velvet. There will be no Wolf MVP, but Lore will also be getting an honourable mention.

Sodium Chloride gave up completely. I don't know if this should lead to a gameban or not but his gamethrowing possibly cost the wolves the win, as much as he said that there was no point to it Lore's strategy did give him a chance. I don't have the full story for this yet but apparently KitKatExtreme and Sodium Chloride deciding that throwing the game for the wolves was the best idea because they both decided that Red had looked at the rolelist so there was no point in trying anymore. I am the only person who has access to the rolelist doc, so this did not happen. Red's gameplay was not without flaws either.

IllogicallyIllogical did not do very much. To my understanding, he was busy for a majority of the game, making this understandable. He still did provide possible strategies and wolfing targets when he was online, so he didn't do nothing at all.

Gigi Lee Lann gets the Independent MVP for playing well until a few slip-ups towards the end. He did well being more silent this game instead of quickly becoming a target like usual, and when people got suspicious of that, Red strangely defended Gigi with his "possible Human claim" and Gigi saying that he will be less active this game. Gigi looked set to win, but in the end, after Leia investigated him there wasn't too much of a chance. He still tried and played well, even making an attempt to convince the town that he was just an ordinary Human after death.

DeluxePizza gets an honourable mention for trying to pursue leads as best as he could in the endgame. He has a lot of potential as a TWG player, defending his points and trying to complete the rolelist fill-in-the-blanks. At the beginning, he only followed what the alliance did though.

Shuichi Saihara didn't try. Hopefully if he ever signs up again he would at least lynch once a day.
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