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Author Topic: Forum MBTI Chart  (Read 11753 times)
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stan loona
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The same thinng, but with you thay you are askjoe.
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it's not the 4th anymore but IDK what to change it

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I keep fluctuating wtf
Now I am ENTP-T
and I used to be P over T by a lot in that last category
but now I am more T wtf
and I have gotten F over T before so idek

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All my shoes have mysteriously disappeared. I suspect the Nargles are behind it.
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Will edit all of this one day, I promise

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TWG XCVIII: Locked and Loaded: Lost, Role: Insomniac
TWG XCIX: Faraway City: Won, Role: Psychic
TWG C: Theory of Everything: Lost, Role: Human
TWG CIII: A Normal Day Outside: Won, Role: Coroner, Town MVP
TWG CIV: Lost Connection: Won, Role: Seer

TWG CV: A Sea-Sun of Visitations: Lost, Role: Human
TWG CVI: Dostoevetsky's Exile: Lost, Role: Anastasia (Arsonist)
TWG CVII: Age of Mythology: Lost, Role: Egyptian Human
TWG CVIII: Return to the Courtroom: Won, Role: Chief Justice
TWG CX: Kainu Mosir: Lost, Role: Kainu Wolf
TWG CXII: The Penitentiary: Lost, Role: Prisoner
TWG CXIV: The Lost Files: Lost, Role: Oracle
TWG CXV: Mirai: Lost, Role: Necromancer
TWG CXVI: Stan Loona Stream Butterfly: Lost, Role: Eidetic Wolf
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I retook it and got INTJ, Architect

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XCVI - Loss - Politician
XCVII - Loss - Seer
XCVIII - Loss - Human
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C - Loss - Wanderer
CI - Host
CII - Win - Insomniac
CIII - Loss - Disguised Wolf
CIV - Win - Human
CV - Loss - Human
CVI - Win - Arctic Wolf
CVII - Lose - Seer/Servant/Human
CVIII - Host
CX - Win - Lvov
CXI - Win and MVP - Arsonist
CXII - Win and MVP - Espionage Wolf
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Entrepreneur, ESTP-T.
56% extraverted, 51% observant, 63% thinking, 60% prospecting, 61% turbulent.

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61% Extraverted
56% Intuitive
51% Feeling
54% Prospecting
58% Turbulent

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