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Author Topic: Papa’s Browneria (Redone)  (Read 756 times)
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« on: February 13, 2018, 02:34:03 AM »

Workers: Greg and Yippy
Location: FudgeVille
(X) Christmas
(N) New Year
(V) Valentine’s Day
(P) St. Paddy’s Day
(E) Easter
(C) Cherry Blossom Festival
(L) Summer Luau
(S) Starlight Jubilee
(F) Sugarplex Film Fest
(M) Maple Mornings
(H) Halloween
(T) Thanksgiving

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Strawberry Fudge
Triple Chocolate Fudge
Vanilla Fudge
Caramel Fudge
Blackberry Fudge
Peanut Butter Fudge
Lemon Fudge
Blueberry Fudge
Caramel Apple Fudge
Red Velvet Fudge
Cotton Candy Fudge
S’mores Fudge
(X) Peppermint Fudge
(X) Gingerbread Fudge
(N) Tutti Frutti Fudge
(N) Flavor X Fudge
(V) Raspberry Fudge
(V) Neapolitan Fudge
(P) Mint Chocolate
(P) Lime Fudge
(E) Wildberry Fudge
(E) Lavender Fudge
(C) Botamochi Fudge
(C) Spicy Cherry Fudge
(L) Dreamsicle Fudge
(L) Luau Punch Fudge
(S) White Chocolate Fudge
(S) Jubilee Fudge
(F) Rootbeer Float Fudge
(F) Fizzo Fudge
(M) Maple Fudge
(M) Butterscotch Fudge
(H) Candy Corn Fudge
(H) Witch’s Brew Fudge
(T) Pumpkin Fudge
(T) Cinnamon Fudge

Batter Mixes:
Chocolate Chips
Cookie Dough
White Chocolate Chips
(X)Crushed Candy Canes
(N) Yum n’ Ms
(V) Bubble Gum Cream
(P) Mint Cream
(E) Jellybeans
(C) Konpieto
(L) Tropical Charms
(S) Mulberries
(F) Popcorn
(M) Bacon
(H) Shadowberry Derps
(T) Mini Chocolate Acorns

Placeable Toppings:
Salted Caramel
Gummi Onion
Nutty Butter Cup
(X) Frosted Wreath
(X) Tree Cookie
(N) Confetti Pie Tarts
(N) Yum n’ M Cookie
(V) Candy Heart
(V) Heart Cookie
(P) Mint Bar
(P) Chocolate Coin
(E) Candy Egg
(E) Tulip Cookie
(C) Blossom Cookie
(C) Mochi
(L) Gummy Pineapple
(L) Madelienes
(S) Star Cookie
(S) Dipped Strawberry
(F) Sweetish Fish
(F) Blots
(M) Mini Donut
(M) Waffle Stick
(H) Candy Corn
(H) Sugar Skull
(T) Pecan Pralines
(T) Feather Cookie

Chocolate Drizzle
White Chocolate Drizzle
Caramel Drizzle
Strawberry Drizzle
Raspberry Drizzle
BlackBerry Drizzle
Whipped Cream
Marshmallow Whip
Chocolate Mousse
Dreamsicle Drizzle
Blue Moon Drizzle
(X) Santa Cookie Drizzle
(N) Sugarplum Drizzle
(V) Red Hit Cinnamon Drizzle
(P) Irish Cream Drizzle
(E) Pink Lemonade Drizzle
(C) Sakura Drizzle
(L) Pineapple Drizzle
(S) Cherry Bomb Drizzle
Butterzinger Drizzle
(M) Honey Drizzle
(H) Licorice Drizzle
(T) Candy Corn Drizzle

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