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Author Topic: Papa Louie 4 Ideas!  (Read 3762 times)
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I made a "plot" for When Pancakes Attack.

Yippy is in her cookie stall on a normal day when a mysterious customer appears. The customer shows his true face and Yippy recognizes him (Radley Madish). Yippy runs to Papa's Pancakeria where she finds Cooper, Prudence and some customers. Radley Madish follows Yippy to Pancakeria and opens a portal with a warp coin leading all the customers (also Yippy) to Munchmore.

Avatars of 2019:
2nd January - Lana Del Rey (Honeymoon)
1st February - Lana Del Rey (Lust For Life)
16th February - Marlon (Pokemon Black and White 2)
March 4th - Cilan (Pokemon Black and White)
April 1st - Lea (Easter Style)
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