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Author Topic: The Fighting World [Rated T For Teen]  (Read 8935 times)
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whew, sorry for the long delay! I'm not fully sure if I told anyone on the forum or not but my laptop broke sometime in mid December and because the only computer I had other than my own was a family computer (and with every using it all the time only gave me about 1 hour/2 hours a day) I pretty much could not make any new chapters from december thru late january. But it is now been repaired and works fine now. I will be getting back to making new chapters soon-ish. But, I do have some slightly bad news... I have decided that after this story arc ends, I will be moving this to Wattpad. I know it sucks but I feel like it will fit better there as really tbh the website is based around people making fan fics so I think it's a good move. Plus, with how much work I have poured into this, I fear deletion of this topic, not that there is anything bad with this topic but you guys remember the huge deletion thing back in 2017, if it happened again then this story would all be for nothing. However, the TFW encyclopedia will stay here. other than making like a wikia or something I really don't know how to keep a place that just stores a crap-ton of information other than here. so for the long wait but I hope you guys stay for the move to Wattpad. Smiley

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