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Author Topic: Active Member Registry  (Read 4154 times)
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« Reply #105 on: August 26, 2018, 07:11:54 PM »

Penguin last edited this yesterday, can I assume he did everything or did he leave me with stuff to do?

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AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.
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« Reply #106 on: August 26, 2018, 07:12:58 PM »

I'm not an active member! Hurrah!

Sign me up, Daddy!  Wink
No, Thicc Daddy was not the OP.

9/19/17 - Closers
9/19/17 - Akari
10/4/17 - Xerneas
10/20/17 - Blank
11/14/17 - Swampert, Sceptile and Blaziken
11/16/17 - Complete Zygarde
12/4/17 - Franchise Owner by Excalibur
12/5/17 - Restaurant Star by Excalibur
12/13/17 - LePete laughing
12/19/17 - Cyrus, Pokemon Team Galactic
1/18/18 - Blank
2/28/18 - Red/Blue Blastoise Sprite
3/3/18 - derogatory
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X Portrait
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X using Blast Burn
4/4/18 - Charjabug
5/18/18 - Nothingness
6/15/18 - Thor In The Battle Of Wakanda
8/25/18 - Restaurant Legend by Excalibur

Survivor Placings:
Amazon Rainforest - 9th place - Voted self out
Mato Grosso - N/A

TWG Stats:
TWG XCVII - Lunatic Asylum - Ended Early | Role: Disguised Wolf
TWG XCVIII - Locked and Loaded - Lost as Cop
TWG XCIX - Faraway City - Won but died, Human
TWG C - Theory Of Everything - Lost as Seer
TWG CI - Foreign Affairs - Modkilled,
 but won as human

TWG CII - Reversal of Fortune - N/A
TWG CIII - A Normal Day Outside - Was going to host, but N/A
TWG CIV - Lost Connection - Won but died, Human
TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations -
 Won as Decoy Wolf

TWG CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile - Lost as Psychic
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« Reply #107 on: August 26, 2018, 07:18:39 PM »

You just got back yesterday so it will be awhile

who can't love that face
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Antonio Brown (Feb.25)
Ace(One Piece) (Mar.1)
Pika-Vanni (Mar.7)
Clovers (Mar 13)
Bup (Mar.19)
Chibi Monika (Mar.27)
TCB Dad (Apr.1)
Trafalgar D. Water Law(OP) (Apr.7)
Rob Lucci(One Piece) (Apr.15)
Earth (Apr.22)
Creepy JacksFilms (Apr.27)
Cinco de Mayo Onion (May.2)
Silvers Rayleigh(One Piece) (May.8.)
CG This is America (May 17)
E (May 24)
God Usopp (One Piece) (May 29)
Despacito 2 (Jun.16)
Queen ANATO(Albums to Listen to) (Jun.24)
Obunga (Jul.4)
Carlo Going Crazy (Jul.25)
Mad Duck (Aug.4)
Smoker (One Piece) (Aug.11)
Excuse me wtf? (Aug.19)
Dabbing Noob (Aug.26)
Phil Swift (Aug.29)
Jeff Andonuts (Sep.4)
Scott The Woz (Sep.10)
Dark Magician Girl (Sep.17)
Nico Robin (One Piece) (Sep.23)
Waluigi (Oct.1)
Nami (One Piece) (Oct.5)
Stock Photo guy (Oct.28 )
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« Reply #108 on: August 26, 2018, 07:52:08 PM »

Penguin last edited this yesterday, can I assume he did everything or did he leave me with stuff to do?
All I did was change Orz's name and then I saw you were online so I stopped.

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Penguin022 was quietly listening to his own music while also praying for Cactus McCoy 3 to come out, which honestly, would be a good idea since I love the game personally.
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« Reply #109 on: September 03, 2018, 08:25:54 PM »

Put me off the list.
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« Reply #110 on: September 13, 2018, 11:49:34 PM »

I'm now eligible for this.

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« Reply #111 on: September 26, 2018, 03:58:12 PM »

I was gone for so long that I am still active xd

Undergone name change too.

Fluffy Wolf is an adorable and fluffy wig.
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AuroraLights making a TWG XCVII: Lunatic's Asylum story post (pre-reroll) showing Temmie was lynched Day 1, simulating a response from me.
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More like Singer-handedly

Green just mocking my 10 second win as a wolf after saying a quote single-handedly explained my Favourite November TWG
TWG Stats:
TWG XCIV: Morality: Won, Role: Brutal Wolf
TWG XCV: Revolution: Game Died, Role: Undecided
TWG XCVI: Flipline: Won (Last Player Alive), Role: Psychotic Wolf, MVP.
TWG XCVII: Lunatic Asylum: Game Ended Early, Role: Rascal Wolf

TWG XCVIII: Locked and Loaded: Lost, Role: Insomniac
TWG XCIX: Faraway City: Won, Role: Psychic
TWG C: Theory of Everything: Lost, Role: Human
TWG CIII: A Normal Day Outside: Won, Role: Coroner, Town MVP
TWG CIV: Lost Connection: Won, Role: Seer

TWG CV: A Sea-Sun of Visitations: Lost, Role: Human
TWG CVI: Dostoevetsky's Exile: GAME IN PROGRESS
Cursed Survivor Results:
Mato Grosso: 14/16 (Caceres) [FORUM]
South Tyrol: 12/16 (Misurina) [FORUM]
Bahamas: 13/14 (Nassau) [NK ORG]
Denmark: 16/20 (Eysturoy [SURVIVOR UNLIMITED]
China: 15/16 (Di [SAIBI]
Colombia: 5/18 (Tikunas, Tikunas, Boring) [NIC-KAT]
Wales: 14/18 (Cennin, Defaid) [KIEFORG]
Four Elements: 3/20 (Aeras, Nero-Aeras, Stoicheia) [BRITORG]
The Outback: 10/18 (Arkaroola, Kakadu, Kata Tjuta) [KOROR]
Latinoamerica (ALL STARS): 19/20 (Birra) [NIC-KAT]
Pirate Island/Maldives: 1/18 (Ingquondo], Amandla, Kaloz) [JOVIVOR]
Peru: 10/18 (Lima, Machu Piccu) [Gem/ntoast's ORG]
Faroe Islands (ALL STARS): TBC/18 (Utoyggjar)
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4 - Will.I.Am ft. Britney Spears: Scream and Shout
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2 - Sebalter: Hunter of Stars
1 - Donny Montell: I've Been Waiting for This Night
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« Reply #112 on: September 28, 2018, 04:53:56 PM »

I'm now eligible for this.

AskJoe   05:18:24 PM   Nothing
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« Reply #113 on: September 28, 2018, 05:02:14 PM »

I thought we agreed to shut this down

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AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.
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