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Author Topic: Papa's Revised Gamerias Shorts  (Read 9393 times)
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« Reply #30 on: June 04, 2018, 09:44:40 AM »

yeah lol, it's a unique word ;p (and not used very often either)
Too lazy to think about it so I'll just leave it like that.

Also everyone, sorry for not posting any shorts. I'll do my best to think of the way of the story. And school is near in my country so I might get lesser time in shorts.

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« Reply #31 on: June 06, 2018, 05:22:38 AM »

No Idiosyncrasy Challenge Part 2

The Challenge III:
7:00 PM, In the living room (20)

Papa Louie: Jester...
Jester X Game: Yeeees!!
Papa Louie: There are 20 left, who are the people who failed the challenge?
Jester X Game: Let's see...Utah, Scooter, Clover, Matt, Doan, Mitch, and Maggie. The time is 7:00 PM.
Roy: That leaves 5 hours to go.
Jester X Game: 19!!
Papa Louie: 19? Who's the 19?
Jester X Game: Check outside.
Roy: Huh? *Sees outside the window* Wait a minute? *Went outside*
Papa Louie: Roy!! Wait!! *Went outside*

7:05 PM, Outside (19)

Joy: *Run while carrying a duffel bag* (I need to hurry before-)
Roy: Joy!! Where are you going?
Joy: Roy? Papa Louie? What...are you guys doing here?
Papa Louie: What are you doing outside? Are sneaking away?
Joy: Um…
Roy: Where are you going anyway?
Joy: (Think fast!! My Uncle and my Brother are staring at me!!) I'm...have to go to the hospital because...my dear friend from Sakura Bay just got herself a leg injury and...she needed someone to take care for the whole night.
Papa Louie: Really?
Roy: Poor thing.
Papa Louie: You should go now.
Joy: Thanks. *Left*
Papa Louie: Let's go in. *Went inside with Roy*
Joy: (That was closed, now time to stop a robbery...again.)

7:15 PM, Back inside (19)

Roy: Sometimes I wonder why she always sneak aw-
Jester X Game: 18!! *Points at Rita who's watching a movie*
Rita: Don't judge me.
Timm: Hey!! Is that Dance Fever?
Cecilia: Can we watch?
Rita: Sure.
Timm: *Sits down* Oh boy!!
Cecilia: This is gonna be good.

7:30 PM, In Taylor and Chuck’s room (18)

Taylor: *Came in*
Chuck: *Playing videogames* Hey Taylor!! Look at my high score!! Maybe you should beat my score!! *Eating nachos*
Taylor: *Took a picture of him*
Chuck: What are you doing?
Taylor: Just gonna post the pic in Flipbook to see your fans about you eating nachos in a ugly way.
Chuck: What?! No!! I'm might lose my followers!!
Taylor: Come and take it!!
Chuck: Errrrrr!! Do that and I'll destroy the video game!!
Taylor: You wouldn't dare!!
Chuck: I will.

7:45 PM, In the Solary Kid’s room (18)

Mandi: *Enters with Tony* Um…
Tony: *Sees Doan and Matt sleeping while tying up*
Mandi: It's only 7:45 PM, we can make it without us.
Tony: Good idea. *Starts taking of the kids*
Jester X Game: 17!! 16!!

8:00 PM, In Rudy and Alberto’s room (16)

Rudy: *Taps on the wooden floor*
Alberto: Can you stop that?
Rudy: Sorry, since I can't play the bass...I have to play the drums.
Alberto: You mean the floor?
Rudy: Exactly.
Alberto: Alright?
Alberto: I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! *Left*
Rudy: Alberto!! *Sends a text to Maggie* I need to chill out. *Plays the bass*
Jester X Game: *Appears* 15!!
Rudy: Dang it.
The Challenge IV:
8:15 PM, Outside Maggie and Penny’s room (15)

Alberto: *Bangs the door* OPEN THE DOOR!!
Maggie: This is for your own good. Besides, you two need space.
Alberto: I'm guessing you lost since you sounded more-
Maggie: SHUT UP!!
Alberto: Let me in or-
Chuck: Don't even think of doing bad pics about me!!
Taylor: Lose already and you wouldn't lose your followers!!
Chuck: I'll break your videogame if you-

*Both accidentally ran to the door and broke it*

Chuck and Taylor: OWWWWWWWWWW!!
Penny: Alberto!!
Alberto: Penny!! *Hugs her*
Jester X Game: *Appears* 14!! 13!!
Maggie: (I miss being carefree)

So it might probably end either part 3 or part 4 and too lazy to think anymore words. In the mean time, the next short wouldn't be part three since I have no clue what to write next. After the next two, back to this story.

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« Reply #32 on: June 06, 2018, 06:48:19 AM »

Can't wait for the next...
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« Reply #33 on: July 08, 2018, 05:58:53 AM »

I been in this prison for a month for the crimes i committed over the years. My name is Moe who was kind man and once a comic book shop owner of Moe's Lair until everyone discovered that i'm the infamous criminal the Dynamoe who steals valuable goods and kidnapped some people for money or other stuff. But i don't really like hurting people and always act like a gentleman.

I was arrested by my crush and arch-nemesis, Ninjoy or should i say...Joy. I can't believe my close friend and Papa Louie's niece was the vigilante Ninjoy, and she was shocked when she discovered my true vigilante after she took my mask and punched me to the eye giving me a black eye. I also did the same to her, except the eye part. We both were shocked the entire time that Shannon captured a pic of us, which lead to everyone knowing our true identities.

After that happened, i ran away from them and hidden myself but i was caught and arrested by her. Normally i escaped so successfully and get away with it but since everyone knows who the Dynamoe is, i decided that i accept on her taking me away to prison. I already knew that someday i'll be imprisoned for my crimes. I remembered that Ninjoy was crying the whole time while walking there, i don't know. I'm guessing she was sad that me and the Dynamoe are the same person and she was taking me away to jail.

A day after that, i was the defendant in the court room and i was found guilty. The judge gave me a 3-year sentence for my crimes over the years and went to a secured prison. I was wearing my prison uniform and was cellmates with Guy Mortadello who i remembered that he is the owner of that disgusting meat pies, rival of Papa Louie, and a thief who stole some instruments. Why steal those? There's nothing relevant about it. I wish i had my glasses in me. The inmates here, they kinda respected me since i been stealing so many valuable goods and got away from Ninjoy.

I thought i might have a rough life in prison, but it turns out great...except our work labors and the food in the cafeteria. I don't know what's in that stuff, i miss the food from Papa's restaurants especially those hot dogs. I also got so many visitors which are the news reporters interviewing me about my crimes and many more. I even flirt some female reporters which they got mad. I also like to mess with Duke Gotcha who got angry so much that he was about to break the glass but ended up getting his hand hurt in pain. I kinda like messing with him. But this time, it's different.

My black eye was now gone and i was laying in my bed, pulling some rose petals from a rose that i stole from that policewoman who just got it from her husband and i keep saying "She loves me...she loves me not...she loves me...she loves me no-" and that's when Guy Mortadello got annoyed "Can you please stop!? It's getting annoying!!" I got up from my bed and said "Sorry Guy, but i was just thinking about her. You know? Joy who's also Ninjoy that-"

"Yes i know!! You just been talking about her for a month!! Why am i cellmates with you!?" said Guy Mortadello. I said to him "I don't know, it was the polices' decision." He ignored me, and went to his bed. I was about continue pulling some petals till Hank came.

"Hey there Hank, what are doing here?" i said. And then he said "I'm the acting warden for the week since the other warden was sick, so i'm in charge here!!" Him? As the acting warden? This police officer has many surprises. "That's great for you, why do you come here?" I said to him. And then he said, "Well you got yourself a another visitor." Another visitor? "Really? It's been a month and i'm still getting interviewed. Am i really that famous?" i said. "I'm sorry to say this, but this time...it wasn't a news reporter." said Hank.

"Not a news reporter? Then...who is it?" i said. "Why not see it for yourself?" said Hank. After that, he open my cell, handcuff me to the back, and went to the visitor's room. When i got there, i was unhandcuffed and was placed No. 4. "Good luck" he said and left. I wonder who's my visitor, i just hope it wasn't my parents or-

"It's good to see you...Moe." That voice? Oh no...i look at my front and saw a girl with brunette two pigtails and purple eyes. I just realized it was Joy, the secret identity of Ninjoy. I can't believe my visitor is her. I haven't seen her since the trial where she testified about me. I stood silence for a couple of minutes and she's been staring at me for a couple of minutes.

"Moe!! Don't pretend you don't know me!? We been dealing each other for a long time!! I just want to talk to you!!" she said. What is she gonna talk? Is she gonna hate me for being the Dynamoe? Or maybe she wants to talk about me having a crush on her? I just want to know what happened to her after the revelation. '

I said to her "Fine, but i want to know what happened after that revelation?" she blinks few times and started answering "Oh, it's going great exactly. My uncle and my brother are proud of me being a vigilante, i trained many young people to learn martial arts, and i got interviewed by the news reporters which i hate to do...mostly to Duke Gotcha." she said. I guess she enjoys getting her secret revealed. "That's amazing, and you're enjoying it?" i said to her, but that's when she getting depressed.

"Yeah, but there some worst parts. Like i was lawsuit for some damages i did from the accidents as Ninjoy and some criminals started kidnapping some people i cared. Luckily i managed to do it, but...it might happened again. I don't want...to...lose...them." She started crying, i guess this is my fault for revealing her secret to Flipverse. "I'm sorry for this, it wouldn't for me...you wouldn't-"

"THAT'S NOT WHAT I CAME HERE FOR!!" she said and glares at me so angry while standing, then she shake her head and sit down. "Sorry, it's hard to have this kind of relationship since that incident." she said. And then i said "I understand, i guess you want to know what happened after that." she started smiling and said "Of course, i want to know what happened during your imprisonment."

"Hm...alright, it wasn't that bad actually. Many of the inmates are nice to me since i am the infamous the Dynamoe and i was cell mates with Guy Mordatello." i said to her and she started to raising her eyebrow. "Guy Mordatello? You mean my uncle's rival?" she said. "Yeah, that Guy Mordatello. So anyways, i also got many visitors that are news reporter." i said to her and that's when she started laughing.

"I know, i seen the news numerous times about you and love the part when you did to Duke Gotcha. Even though i don't like Nowtime News, i wanted to know what happened to you." she said. "But there some bad times, like the hard labor we had and the food...i don't think it's food." i said to her so depressed. "Hey? I have a surprise for you." A surprise for me? She grabbed something from the floor and appears to be a pizza box.

"Pizza? For me?" i said so surprisingly. And then she said, "Of course silly, i figured you will be imprisoned for a long time. I thought, maybe i'll give you some pizza since you wouldn't be ordering one of Papa's restaurants during your imprisonment." I can't believe she's doing this, but... "It's very nice but i can't accept this, i am a criminal and i deserve being here." And then she started staring at me so weird.

"Moe, i know you love me." I can't believe she brought it to the discussion. "Yeah, but i was crushing you as Ninjoy...but not saying that i don't like you as Joy. I just...love you." i said so embarrassing to her. And that's when this she said next, "I understand, to tell you the truth...i have a crush on you." Wait what? She has a crush on me?

"Are you serious?" i said. "Well...of course, but as Moe...not as the Dynamoe. But discovering that you both are the same person, i starting to have feelings more about you. You are really a gentleman to me and so romantic. I can't stopped thinking about you. I would have visited you a long time ago, but i'm afraid you'll blame me for this." she said and started frowning.

I can't let her be happy, so i place my right hand to the glass and said to her "I don't blame you, you're just doing your job as a vigilante. Once i get out of here, maybe...we should go out on a date." i said so politely to her. She started to blush and placed her right hand to the glass and said so excitedly "Yes!!" I was so happy that...we're a thing now.

"But you have to finish your sentence, not by escaping." she said and i laugh "I wouldn't planning on doing that."


Sorry i didn't post well, school has just arrived and laziness. This will be the first and yet the only kind of short here.

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« Reply #34 on: July 08, 2018, 06:28:37 AM »

Your fiction is so....AWESOME!!I finished reading it and felt amazed.I should make an Dynin animatic in this month because you inspired me again Tongue

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Cool!  Smiley

Hi everyone and have a nice day! Cheesy
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« Reply #36 on: July 09, 2018, 12:57:07 PM »

I kinda skimmed through it but it looks nice, although three years in prison is kinda long, longer than my fanfic, mine had him in there for six months (since he never physically hurt anyone and only stole and threatened people while robbing, and I don't know anything about real life prison lol)

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Is the story going to continue?
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