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Author Topic: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©  (Read 14220 times)
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lol, their reactions to discovering jewelry are hilarious

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Chapter 104...

"Big Brother, do you have a lady?"


"A wife?"

"A wife? No."

"Are you charming a girl?"

"No. I have never dated in my life."

"Date? Like the fruit?"

"No, we call them dates where I come from."

Sky nodded his head and thought seriously for a minute. "Tell me what else you do, Big Brother."

"Well, my job is... you know how your grandfather and those other men found that book with drawings? My friend drew those and I take the pictures," Big Brother said to Sky who was seated on his lap. Other younger children were play fighting in the grass. "Oh? Well, he draws very well. Tell him I like the drawings," Sky cooed as he looked through the drawing book again. "Your job is taking pictures?"

"Uh-huh. What's yours?" Big Brother teased and wished he hadn't after seeing Sky's happy face fall. "I take care of the babies and my cousins... I have to cook, clean, and hunt whenever their parents' are gone for the day..." Big Brother heard Sky whisper, his eyes staring at his aunts.

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that..."

"It's alright. When I am no longer a child, they will kick me out, and I'm on my own forever!"

Big Brother hated the way Sky sounded so happy at the fact of being thrown out as if he were nothing but another mouth to feed. Sky played with his fingers.

"Big Brother, do you believe in Deities?"

"Why? Do you?"

"I do."

"Deities, huh? Mmmh, I suppose. I don't listen to most of the rules-"

"Would you believe me if I told you I was a God?"

Big Brother was taken aback. He never thought of Sky being one. Sky looked up at him waiting for an answer.

"Are... you?"

"The Vulture Tribe says I am and the pay homage to me. Do you believe them? Do you believe in me?"

"What kind of Deities do you believe in?"

"The Earth Goddess. The Sun God and Moon Goddess, and Loyal."

"Loyal? Back home, we pay homage to him, too."

Sky brightened when Big Brother said this. He wasn't alone on this! Big Brother was still stunned with Sky.

"But... I don't listen to most of Loyal's Laws, Sky."

"Laws? What's that? What are they?"

"Those Laws are the only time I curse him."

Before Sky could ask, he and Big Brother heard heckling and vulgar jokes as well as cruel remarks. Big Brother got up, and Sky slid off his lap. Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird at the white men who were laughing at the uniting ceremony. Wandering Feet went on as if the men were not there.

"What is so funny?"

"Look at him! Look how he is allowing two women to be married!"

Wandering Feet had no idea what the men were saying, but he knew it wasn't good. The laughing and cruel words went on. Big Brother's face redded with anger and humiliation. Sky looked up at him, and at Wandering Feet. "What is wrong? I see nothing wrong with this," Sky said; Wandering Feet still praying for the terrified women. The men laughed at Sky.

"It is a sin for the same sex to fall in love!"

"It is not. It is the two spirits falling in love."

"According to Loyal's Law, these women should be killed."

"Killed?? No, no-"

"Sky, let me handle this."

Big Brother stepped up to his friends and talked to them in a hushed voice. Wandering Feet went on, but held onto the women's hands.

"They don't listen to those laws here. Let them do what they want-"

"Keep living in sin like this? No, this ends now."

One of the men grabbed the women by the neck and she screamed in terror. Sky jumped out of the way when Wandering Feet stomped up. What happened next, Sky couldn't believe. Wandering Feet had the man pushed to the tree with a knife to his throat. Big Brother held some odd shaped thing in his hand, pointing at his friend.

Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt bother had their arrows pointed to the white man. Wandering Feet shoved the man harder to the tree. "If you ever taint my Tribe again with your ignorance I will kill you!" Wandering Feet snapped. The man was trying to push Wandering Feet away, but Wandering Feet wouldn't let him go. Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt walked closer and stood beside Wandering Feet.

"Stop! Wandering Feet, let him go!" BlackWater yelled, pulling weakly at Wandering Feet's arm. "Skunk Pelt, this isn't what we want, put your arrows down!"

Wandering Feet released the man, spat at his boots, and walked away with the women in front of him. "Get out! Get out and do not come back!!" Wandering Feet yelled as Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird followed him.

"What's he saying?"

"He's telling you to leave. I agree with him this time,"
Sky said cooly before walking to Calling Bird. "Sky..." Big Brother said, and Sky looked at him.

"Please, Big Brother. If you care for your life, do not come back to the Peacock Tribe. Ever."

Sky ran after Calling Bird. Big Brother felt horrible seeing Sky ran away.




"I don't... I don't feel like talking to you until I hear what Big Brother has to say."
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Chapter 105...

Standing at the bottom of the small hill, Quill shielded his eyes from the sun. Wandering Feet was standing at the top with his arms crossed and glaring the men. It has been two days since that bigoted action and some thought that Wandering Feet would forget about it, but he didn't. Calling Bird stood next to Skunk Pelt who was carrying Sky in his arms. Sky peeked over Skunk Pelt's shoulder and looked at the baby strapped to his back.

"Tell pretty boy that my men were joking around and meant no harm, kid," Quill said to Sky.

Sky shrugged and looked at Wandering Feet. If looks could kill, all of them would be dead in two seconds flat.
"Oi, Wandering Feet! Quill said that-"


"He said no, Quill."

Quill hissed and looked at his men before looking at Calling Bird. "You. You are always talking to pretty boy. You talk some sense into him."

Sky quickly translated and Calling Bird walked up the hill to talk with Wandering Feet. Everyone watched as Wandering Feet chewed Calling Bird out before Calling Bird hurried away with his head down.

"Wandering Feet? Stop being a baby and-"

"This was your idea talking to these ignorant white pigs, Skunk Pelt! Now they won't leave!"

"Wandering Feet, I already received my punishment from BlackWater, try to-"


Skunk Pelt shrugged. Who can blame Wandering Feet for being stubborn and not accepting Quill's apology? One of the women poked her head out from her hut only to be yelled at by Wandering Feet. Everyone, even Burning Tracks were ordered to stay in their huts whenever the white men came to the Tribe. Quill looked at Sky.

"Is he always this stubborn, Sky?"

"Wandering Feet is someone you don't want for an enemy. Treat him and his people poorly, and he won't let you forget."

Big Brother shook his head. They already angered one of Sky's people and had to be the one who holds grudges. "How are we going to study about the Peacock Tribe then?" Quill asked flatly.

"You can try the Vulture Tribe."

"The Vulture Tribe?! They are nothing interesting to take notes about!"

"Yes, they are!"

"No, they are not! They are dirty and no good! Look, look! Look at him!"
Quill said, pointing at Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt was scratching his head while the baby on his back slapped him with his fluffy pelt scrap. Skunk Pelt looked up and said, "What is it?"

"You see?!"

Sky leaned forward from Skunk Pelt's arms and slapped Quill's face before anyone had time to stop him. Everyone gasped seeing this. "I will not have you talking about Skunk Pelt and his people like this, Quill. This has gone far enough. Skunk Pelt is not dirty, and Wandering Feet does not have to talk to you or your men after they way you treated them," Sky said sharply, pointing his finger to Quill's face. "We have given you nothing but kindness and respect, and you treat us as if we have no feelings. I'm warning you, Quill. If you or your men keep up this disgusting act, I will no longer help you."

Quill looked from side to side. Sky glared at Quill as he looked at his men.

"Fine. You drive a hard bargain, Sky. Tell pretty boy that my men are sorry and that we will leave him alone.

Sky glared at Quill for a few seconds before turning to tell Wandering Feet. Wandering Feet shook his head no and made a rude gesture with his hands before leaving.

"I don't need to know what he meant. I can tell he is still mad," Quill said, shocked that Wandering Feet did this. Even Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt looked shocked.

After the men left, Sky and Skunk Pelt grinned at Big Brother who came up with a gift. "Can you give this to Wandering Feet? I know he still mad but tell him that I am deeply sorry for the ignorance in my team."

Skunk Pelt took the gift after Sky translated. Before Sky could talk with Big Brother, Quill walked up.

"Since we cannot talk to Wandering Feet... why not you, Sky?"


"Yes, you. There is so much that we don't know about you."

"Like what?"


Sky grew cold, and he looked at Big Brother for help. Big Brother looked at Quill with large eyes. Skunk Pelt turned away quickly, still holding Sky in his arms.

Quill's gaze stayed on Sky as Big Brother talked to him.




"I think... they are overstaying their welcome..."
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hmm, seems like the tribe alliance is falling apart.

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hmm, seems like the tribe alliance is falling apart.
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Chapter 106...

Seven Nights Later.

A Week Later.

Summer was coming to an end, and the white men were still with Sky's people. Wandering Feet was still furious, and he didn't like the gift as predicted. Quill was writing down in his book about the Tribes late one night.

The Eagle Tribe. (Already have enough information.)

The Peacock Tribe. (Forget about this Tribe until that priss calms the hell down)

The Vulture Tribe. (Give it a look)

Sky's whatever Tribe? (Look into this as soon as we return)

One day, Sky waved goodbye to Quill and the white men in the boat. Big Brother stayed behind with Sky and a few other men who will return home later. Sky was pleased and stayed by his Big Brother for the longest time. After the Quill left, Wandering Feet came down with Burning Tracks but went back home dragging Burning Tracks behind him when he saw a few of the white men and Big Brother. Calling Bird shrugged.


Then, Sky discovered something horrible. One afternoon while sitting with Big Brother and Skunk Pelt, Big Brother asked Sky if he could see the sky cloth that was always around Sky. Sky happily gave it to him and felt a wet rawness when it was off his shoulders and into Big Brother's hands.

"It is a very pretty cloth."

"Yes, Sky held it in his hands when his father gave him his name."

"Sky, what did Skunk Pelt say?"

The language that Sky understood and spoke fluently left him as soon as the sky cloth was gone. Big Brother's words came out distorted and hard whenever he spoke.


Sky looked at Skunk Pelt. "Big Brother is asking you a question..." Skunk Pelt whispered to Sky. Sky began to panic.

"I don't know what he is saying, Skunk Pelt!!"

"What?? What do you mean you don't know what he is saying?!"

"I don't know!! It's gone, and I wasted my ability!!!"
Sky wailed pitifully to Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt grinned at Big Brother and turned to Sky, hiding him and himself with the low hanging branches. Big Brother watched as Skunk Pelt tried to calm wailing Sky down. With all of this wailing, BlackWater hobbled up to Big Brother and pointed at the branches. Big Brother shrugged and said that he didn't know. BlackWater got down to his knees painfully and looked inside.



Quickly, Skunk Pelt came out from the branches rubbing his sore head. Sky gradually stopped crying and crawled out from underneath the branches. BlackWater came up as well. "Is everything alright?" Big Brother asked slowly to Sky who walked up to him. Sky gave him a sad look and tugged at the sky cloth in Big Brother's hands.

As soon as the cloth was back on Sky, the wet rawness left and Sky felt dry and whole again. Big Brother, Skunk Pelt, and BlackWater stared at Sky.


"It worked, BlackWater!"

"I am very glad, Sky. Now, tell your brother."

Sky quickly turned to Big Brother and told him that the cloth needs to stay with him so he can understand his language. Big Brother looked more shocked and terrified than relieved.

"Soooo, this has to stay with you?"


"Okay then."

Big Brother sat there in silence for a few minutes. BlackWater and Skunk Pelt played a game with Sky while Big Brother thought of his next plan.




"What is it, Big Brother?"

"How would you... like to learn my language?"

Sky looked at BlackWater and Skunk Pelt.

"Can they learn, too?"

"Only if they want to learn."




"That was scary, Loyal..."
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Chapter 107...

"This is too hard!" Sky groaned to Calling Bird as they practiced with Skunk Pelt in the hut. Calling Bird silenced Sky with a look before turning back to Skunk Pelt who was complaining like Sky. BlackWater sat far away, learning by himself. A few of Big Brother's friends were teaching the children and the other Tribe members in another hut.

Sky learned a few words. Calling Bird was able to speak 13 words, and Skunk Pelt spoke a five. BlackWater barely got it but learned four words.

Wandering Feet refused to learn when someone asked him if he wanted to learn. "Dirty devil language." Wandering Feet said, but Wandering Feet was no fool. Someone was teaching him a late at night because he wanted to know what these men were saying for caution.


Quill did return as he said with the ten men who went with him. Everyone waited for his return early in the morning. Quill was surprised seeing everyone waiting for him. "Oh, heck. How long were they waiting outside?" Quill said as he climbed out of the boat. "Not long," Big Brother said and explained how they can tell time and how many days have passed by reading the sky and the sun. Quill nodded his head and glared at his broken watch. Sky peeked from behind Big Brother's legs and saw a few more boats coming up to shore. Big Brother looked and swiped Sky's sheet off his shoulders so he wouldn't understand what he will be saying to Quill. As Sky climbed on Big Brother to get his sheet back, Big Brother and Quill argued.

"I told you not to bring them! Didn't I say not to bring more?!"

"Who gives orders here? You or me??"

"You, but can't -"

"Enough. It's not like we are going to live in this heathen place."

Big Brother's head snapped back at Quill's words. Heathens. Sky got his sheet back and Calling Bird pulled him off of Big Brother's back, his eyes staring at the boats. Skunk Pelt whispered to Mossy Braid who looked just as troubled.

Sure, there were new men on the boats, but women as well. Skunk Pelt swallowed his spit and feared that he made a huge mistake.

The day went on. The women of Sky's land mingled with the white women and showed them their huts and children. Some of the white women cooed at huts and the children; some sated their negative opinions as if Sky couldn't understand.


"Wandering Feet!!"

Wandering Feet hit the top of his head on a wooden plank connected inside of his hut when Burning Tracks crawled in yelling.

"What?! What is it!!?" Wandering Feet snapped as he rubbed his bruised head.

"What do we do!? The white-"

"Kill them! That was my damn order and you idiots forgot-"

"They are women!"

Cursing, Wandering Feet shoved Burning Tracks out off his way and ran out of the hut. "What the hell??" Wandering Feet almost yelled seeing all the women walk in his Tribe, looking and touching things as well as his people. Sky was trying hard to round them up, but it was like herding cats.

"Ladies, ladies, we are not supposed to be here."

"Why not? It's beautiful here as well as the people."

"That is very kind of you, lady. But, this is-"

Sky stopped when he saw Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks. "Damn, damn, damn, damn- Ladies! Let's go!!!" Sky yelled, pushing one of the women, but face-planted in the dress.

"Oi! what is the meaning of this!!?" Wandering Feet yelled, and Sky wasn't sure if he was talking to him. Wandering Feet stomped up, ignoring Burning Tracks who was after him.

"No, Wandering Feet! No!!!"

But, Wandering Feet fell into the trap. The white women surrounded him talking and touching him. Wandering Feet tried to run, but the women had him trapped.

"Help! Burning Tracks!"

"Hello! What is your name?"


"How old are you??"

"Burning Tracks!"

Burnin Tracks tried to get Wandering Feet, but a few of the women blocked his path, cooing how strong he was and touching his mask. Wandering Feet looked around in horror at the women around him. Men in the Peacock Tribe were also trapped by women who were admiring their looks. If it were men here, Wandering Feet would've killed them.

But women? Women. They were another story. Plus, Wandering Feet was scared that they might hit back.

Sky walked up to the women and scared Wandering Feet.

"Is this man your father, Sky?" one of the white women said to Sky. Sky could hear Wandering Feet telling the women to back off. "Him?? Nooooo, that's Wandering Feet," Sky replied.

"Oh? I thought Wandering Feet was your daddy since he is handsome as you."

"Noo, my mother was born here... so that's where it came from."

"Oh, how nice."

Sky was glad that the women didn't ask where Sky's mother was. As the women trapped Wandering Feet, Sky stood around, sticking things in his pouch as revenge. A few of the women in the Peacock Tribe were livid that the white women were near their men and husbands. Sky listened to the women chatter and joke about the men.

"Is he married?"

"Looking at the men here makes me forget that my husband is here!"

"Oh, stop!"


"How are they so handsome??"

"What's your name, handsome one?"

"Why does this one act as he has never seen a woman before?"

Wandering Feet had enough, broke away, and hid in his hut like a scared child making the women and Sky laugh. Burning Tracks got away as well, and the wives of the Peacock Tribe were trying to get their men back.

"Come on, ladies. Let's go back," Sky said to the disappointed women but left with him to look at Skunk Pelt's tribe. Wives scolded their husbands who were on the floor, taking the wrath of their wives.




"That was weird..."
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Chapter 108....

"Okay. What you all need are names," Quill said one day to Sky and Calling Bird. Sky translated, Calling Bird made a face. "I already have a name. My name is Calling Bird," Sky heard his grandfather say sourly to Quill. "I kinda understood what you said, Calling Bird, but you need real names," Quill replied nicely but Sky could hear the annoyance in his voice. "We have names, Quill and we are very proud of them," Sky said, eyeing the white men outside who were talking to Skunk Pelt in another hut. "Sure you are, now come on now. Let's find you a name, Sky," Quill said oblivious to Sky's words. "Uh, they want to keep their names as much as we do, Quill," Big Brother said but Quill ignored him.

"Let's start with you, Calling Bird."


"We will call you... Becker. Do you like that name? I like it on you."

"I am Calling Bird!!" Calling Bird said, his accent heavy like honey making it hard for Sky to understand clearly. Sky wrinkled his nose at the name his grandfather received. Quill turned to Black Eyes. "You. I will call you... Wade. That's a good name for you."

"No!" Black Eyes shouted at Quill's face. Quill frowned and moved on to Sky. "You can be called Bobby. My father was named Bob. Robert actually."


"Sky, keep your voice down!!" Calling Bird said sharply before pulling Sky to his side. Sky could feel Calling Bird's rough hands on his shoulders. Quill and Calling Bird looked at each through half-lidded eyes. "No Bobby. Sky. Sky is his name. Bird Of Many Colors also. He keeps name. Sky," Calling Bird said in choppy English and swept Sky out of the hut with Black Eyes behind him. Outside, Skunk Pelt was waving his hand as a no to his new name as the white men tried to force the name on him and BlackWater. "I. I am Skunk Pelt. BlackWater. Father. Mother gave him name," Skunk Pelt said in terrible English as soon as Sky and Calling Bird walked up. "No Victor. No Willard. BlackWater. Skunk Pelt." Skunk Pelt stated and walked away with BlackWater. Quill huffed.
"You people are very stubborn."

"So are you, Quill..."



Standing in a circle, Calling Bird was talking to Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks. Skunk Pelt was standing with BlackWater and Black Eyes. "They want to change our names, Wandering Feet!" Skunk Pelt nearly wailed. Wandering Feet had a tired look on his face. "I knew these men were nothing but trouble."

"Yes, they want to give you and Wandering Feet a new name as well," Calling Bird said to Burning Tracks.

"Let's hear it."

"Burning Tracks, your new name is... how do you say it?"


"Right. And Wandering Feet's name is Zack."

"I don't like that name! I don't any of this! I don't want to have a name their DIRTY DEVIL LANGUAGE!!!"
Wandering Feet yelled at Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird. Calling Bird shrugged. "The white men said that your name is stupid and that you need a new name."

"My father gave me this name," Wandering Feet said sharply to Calling Bird. Burning Tracks looked up at the dark sky. Wandering Feet only got his name because when he was little, all he did was wander off. People thought he was soft in the head, but Wandering Feet just liked to walk and think. Burning Tracks' daydreaming was interrupted by BlackWater's staff poking him. "Do you like your name, Burning Tracks?" BlackWater rasped. "You know he doesn't," Wandering Feet said for Burning Tracks. Burning Tracks merely nodded his head. Skunk Pelt turned back to Calling Bird.

"What do you say, Calling Bird? Have these white men overstay their welcome?"

"They eat too much, talk too much, and are rude as a boar; Look what they did to Wandering Feet."

Skunk Pelt nodded his head and told Wandering Feet what does he think. "These white men need to leave with their women. They bring us bad luck. How can we live in peace with them laughing and tearing apart our lives?" Wandering Feet said, his voice almost sounded desperate. Before Skunk Pelt could talk, BlackWater spoke up.

"Yes, these men are trouble, but we never turn down each other, do we?"

"They are different, BlackWater,"
Black Eyes said coldly. "These men are nothing like us."

"We are all brothers and sisters, Black Eyes."

"They are not. They are strangers who came only to curse, spit, and laugh at us."

"That is what you think, Black Eyes. I think differently."

"You are crazy, BlackWater. You are endangering your Tribe and Skunk Pelt. Even him."

Black Eyes pointed to Skunk Pelt's chest where Withering Bark's orphan son rested in the wrap. The baby nuzzled his fist and yawned. Everyone but Black Eyes looked at him with sad eyes.

"This meeting is over. Skunk Pelt, Calling Bird. You choose. Good night," Wandering Feet said and left with Burning Tracks.




"What do I do...? What would you do with these men, Loyal?"
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Chapter 109...

Autumn was here, and Calling Bird began to wonder if the white men were ever going to leave. Each day, Calling Bird woke up hearing them. Black Eyes didn't like them one bit and showed it whenever they were near. Calling Bird didn't blame him, most of the white men made fun of their language, skin color, and how they lived. The women were just as bad. They said awful things about women in each Tribe for their very little clothing on the upper half of their body. Judging them for how they fed their newborns in the open with no blanket over their bare chests. Calling Bird didn't see a problem with this since they were feeding their babies. Some of the women listened to Sky when he told them not to go to the Peacock Tribe because Wandering Feet didn't like it, most of them disobeyed and went anyways. Wandering Feet didn't do anything since they were women, and they took advantage of this. Skunk Pelt would go over to Wandering Feet's Tribe each day to help, but he couldn't be there all the time. Sky tried to make the women leave, but they only swatted Sky away. Since Wandering Feet didn't do anything, the white women would make fun of him, and they laughed at him for being weak.

Burning Tracks was also a victim of the teasing, but he didn't do anything. One day, while sitting by his hut and listening to the teasing, one of the women removed Burning Tracks mask.

"HEY!!!" Sky yelled stormed over to where Burning Tracks was hiding his face with his hands as the women laughed at him. Some of the women didn't laugh but scold their friends for doing this to Burning Tracks. Of course, they didn't listen. Burning Tracks refused to come out from his hut a day later.

One day, Calling Bird was walking up the hill to see Wandering Feet with one of his daughters and Big Brother where they found Sky trying hard to make the women stop as they teased Wandering Feet.

"Go away," Wandering Feet said as best as he could, pointing at the boats for them to go back home.

"He talks!"

"Go away!"

"Leave him alone!"

"Does he always act like this, Sky? Even with his wife?"

"His wife is dead, now go away!"

"Explains a lot because he is a weakling."

Sky yanked at the women to stop, but they wouldn't listen. Wandering Feet slapped their hands away and they laughed at him. Other men and women in the Peacock Tribe watched Wandering Feet from their huts because they were ordered to stay inside because Wandering Feet didn't want them getting hurt.

"I said go!"

"Ooo, showing some spice, are you?"

"What happened to your wife, Wandering Feet? Did she die because you couldn't take care of her?"

Wandering Feet knew very little, but he knew that they were making fun of his wife. Quickly, Wandering Feet turned away from the white women and their taunting. Sky yelled at them to stop and Calling Bird walked towards Wandering Feet to help him. Sky didn't catch what the women were saying and what happened next stunned him and everyone. One of the women kissed him on the mouth as a joke to hurt him since they heard that he believes that he will meet his wife in the spirit world. Everyone in the Peacock Tribe gasped in shock as Wandering Feet pulled away and ran. Big Brother stormed up to the women and picked up Sky.

"Shame on you! All of you!! Teasing Wandering Feet because his wife is gone!! Shame! How dare you touch a married man!!!"

"He isn't married anymore-"

"Wandering Feet knows he will meet with his wife again!!"

"Oh, please. That heathen place is not real."

"He believes it is."

"Face the facts; his wife is in hell, and so will he because-"

"All of you get out!!"
Big Brother yelled startling trembling Sky. On the walk home, Sky hugged Big Brother's neck.

Back at the Vulture Tribe.

BlackWater heard Skunk Pelt yelling and swearing as well as the white men. Clay pots and baskets flew out of Skunk Pelt's hut when BlackWater hobbled up, and he saw a few of the white men and their priests tumbled out of Skunk Pelt's hut. Skunk Pelt's black-eyes blazed with hatred as he raised his staff to hit the priest.

"Skunk Pelt, no!!!" BlackWater yelled, and Skunk Pelt stopped.

The white men and their priests all glared at seething Skunk Pelt. Stomping his foot and his staff to get everyone's attention, Skunk Pelt yelled, "My name is Skunk Pelt!!! My father is Moldy Bark, and my mother is Jumping Frog!! I do not believe this Loyal's laws! I am Skunk Pelt!!! When I die, I will go to the spirit world by the glory of Sky where I will live and hunt forever in the skies!!! I do not believe in Loyal who will damn me for being who I am! You white men have brought me nothing but pain and worry! Get out!! If I see you on my land again, I will kill you all!!" BlackWater pulled at Skunk Pelt to calm down, but Skunk Pelt yanked his arm away.

Big Brother was on top of the hill with Sky, both of them holding their breath.

"Big Brother-"

"I told Quill not to force it on them!!"

"Force what?!"

Big Brother said nothing as he ran down the hill with Sky. Sky could feel the tears in his eyes as he prayed.




"Loyal, get them out before something happens!!! Who are you and why are you letting this happen!?""
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