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Author Topic: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©  (Read 19417 times)
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Chapter One...

No one knew how the three tribes broke apart years ago. There were three tribes.

Eagle Tribe.

Peacock Tribe.

Vulture Tribe.

The Eagle Tribe was the strongest. The Peacock Tribe was the weakest, and the Vulture Tribe was the wisest. The three tribes were helpful to one another, but their friendship was being held by a thin hair.

Anything or anyone could break them apart.



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Chapter 2...

The tribes went hunting with each other because they all had a mouth to feed. Someone was sick in a tribe? Members of the tribes would get together to heal the sick or wounded.

Things were okay for them.

Each tribe had a chief.

Calling Bird from the Eagle Tribe.

Wandering Feet from the Peacock Tribe.

Skunk Pelt from the Vulture Tribe.

Each chief had the elders and one Wiseman.

Spotted Wings from the Eagle Tribe.

Burning Tracks from the Peacock Tribe.

BlackWater from the Vulture Tribe.

Skunk Pelt had no children nor wife. He was impotent.

Wandering Feet had a wife, but she died giving birth to a premature child.

Calling Bird had a son named White Feather. His pride and joy.

Burning Tracks had a daughter named Sun Dancer.



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Chapter 3...

Although the tribes were friendly, the laws were strict. Each tribe must marry member from their own tribe. If one makes a child with one member of another tribe, the punishment was severe.

Devil practicing was forbidden. If a woman or man has a child with the Devil, their child will be killed or thrown out with a marking on their skin.

Nothing about the father or mother. The sin was blamed on the child.

No one thought it was a bad thing.

Or did some think it was?


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Chapter 4...

Some say it was the parent's fault. Some say it was the child's fault. One said it was a curse of the Deities, and the person lived like that for years.

When it came down to it.

It was no one's fault.

Only no one believed the Vulture Tribe when he said it was a blessing.



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Chapter 5...

"It's because of you, we are no longer united. You are the demon who broke the bond."

"I- I'm- not- I'M NOT WHAT YOU THINK!! I'll do better... please..."

The cries were never heard.



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Chapter 6...

Let's go back.

It started one morning. The three tribes came together to celebrate the Growing to Bloom of White Feather. Normally the tribes stay away from these ceremonies, but the came together if it was the daughter or son of a Chief or Soothsayer.

That's how it started.

Calling Bird painted his son's face with red paint to show the others that he was no longer a child. Each chief and soothsayer sat next to Calling Bird.

After it was done, each member celebrated for Calling Bird's son. As the people dance or talk, White Feather was talking with his friends and messing around.

White Feather was shoved playfully by his friend and bumped into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry. Here, take my hand."

Sun Dancer reached up to take White Feather's strong, rough hand. White Feather went back to talking to his friends, but his mind was on that girl he tripped.

When the Ceremony was over, each member said their goodbyes, but Sun Dancer?

Sun Dancer and White Feather were talking. It wasn't Sun Dancer's father told her to come with him.

No one saw the spark between the two.



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Chapter Seven...

Oh, the days were long for White Feather and Sun Dancer. Late, when everyone asleep, Sun Dancer would leave her hut and head over to the tall grass where White Feather was waiting.

It was forbidden to be with each other despite the bound that held the three Tribes together.

No one ever saw them together. No one ever saw them laughing silently with each other. Sun Dancer's family never took notice of their daughter. No one.

No one saw ever saw the two kiss for the first time.

They, themselves were blessed by someone, and they knew it.

No one saw when White Fether was with Sun Dancer were together in the grass.

No one found them.

Stupidly, White Feather and Sun Dancer were together too long.



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Chapter Eight...

White Feather was worried sick thinking about Sun Dancer. Where was she? She hasn't visited him for weeks.
White Feather was making a basket when he heard everyone talking and the sound of feet running. Getting up quickly, White Feather crawled out of his hut and followed the crowd.

His father, Calling Bird was in the front. Glaring at Wandering feet who was talking to him with hatred in each word.

"White Feather?"

White Feather stayed far back seeing everyone from The Peacock Tribe standing there behind Wandering Feet.

"White Feather, where are you, my son?" Calling Bird called again.

Everyone parted to give White Feather some room as he walked to his father.

"Yes, Father?"

"Come here," Calling Bird ordered.

"What is it?"

Calling Bird was about to speak, but Wandering Feet stopped him.

"You! You were-"

"Wandering Feet, you call my son by his name."

"Ha! Son?! More like a wild dog!"

Everyone yelped when Wandering Feet insulted Calling Bird's son. Calling Bird's black eyes sparked black fire as he tugged on White Feather to farther back.

"I will not stand for this, Wandering Feet. My son is not a dog."

"Your son. Your son..."


"Your son was with one of our women,"
Wandering Feet growled.

White Feather froze. He could feel the heat from his father who glared at him.

"Lies. My son-"

"Oh? See for yourself."

From the back, White Feather heard screams and curses.

"Sun Dancer..." White Feather whispered.

The men made their way and threw Sun Dancer on the floor. Shivering, Sun Dancer covered her stomach with her arms.

"White Feather, is this true? Were you with her?" Calling Bird said.

White Feather knew that his father was praying that it wasn't true. Looking down, White Feather gazed at Sun Dancer who was pleading to him.

Sun Dancer pleaded to White Feather to deny that he was with her so he would not have to suffer.

"Please, White Feather."

Her eyes begging him to deny it.

White Feather looked everywhere. Only a man with the morals of a wild beast would leave his wife with a child.

Boldly, White Feather picked Sun Dancer up.

"I was with her, Father," White Feather said as he gently rubbed Sun Dancer's bruised face with his hand.

"She will give me a child."

White Feather and Sun Dancer pressed their foreheads together. He could feel Sun Dancer's stomach that was slightly firm.

"White Feather! This is forbidden!"
Calling Bird boomed.

"It is? I didn't notice. I thought we were all brothers and sisters," White Feather retorted.

His face smirked at Wandering Feet.

Wandering Feet's sharp brown eyes glared into White Feather's steel-blue pair.



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Chapter Nine...

Not many people supported White Feather and Sun Dancer.

"I'm sorry for this, White Feather."

"Sorry? This is the best thing ever!!"

"Where should we go?"

"I don't know. I'll find a way, don't worry."

Sun Dancer nodded her head and stared at the purple clouds while White Feather scanned the land.

A week later...

"Here you go, Sun Dancer!! I have made you a hut!!"
White Feather yelled one morning.

Sun Dancer sat up; her rounding stomach made it harder for her to sit. Far off, a hut sat by the trees hidden by the bushes so no one could see them.

"Oh, White Feather!"

"Like it?"


Sun Dancer hugged White Feather.  Looking down, White Feather gazed at Sun Dancer's stomach.

"Is the child happy?"

"Yes, it can't wait to see its father."


"Yes. Already supporting us? You never fail to surprise me, White Feather."

Sun Dancer squeezed White Feather's rough hands and left to see how the hut looked inside. Before White Feather could hunt for the day's meal, Sun Dancer screamed.

"White Feather!! A snake!!!"

Laughing lightly, White Feather went to the hut and found a small snake resting on the floor. Sun Dancer was pressed against the wall breathing hard.

"No worries, Sun Dancer. It's harmless. We can keep it to eat the mice and bugs."

"It's small."

"It will grow."

White Feather picked up the snake and put it in a basket before leaving.



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Chapter Ten...

Things were fine with Sun Dancer and White Feather. Some friends Sun Dancer came over to see Sun Dancer, helped her, checked on her, and made small things for her baby.

White Feather worried when he saw the women teaching Sun Dancer how to breathe during birthing.

"Remember. Breath through your nose and exhale out your mouth. If you start panting, it will get worse."


"Bite down on the leather or a stick."

"Do not fight or hit when you are giving birth. The longer it takes, one or both might die."

"The cord might be wrapped around the neck. Untie it if it is."

"And then?"

"We'll be there. Don't worry.

After a quick goodbye, Sun Dancer's friends hurried out before the Elders in their tribe found them missing. White Feather stopped one.

"Let me go!"

"I'm going to hurt you. I want to thank you for helping her, Rotting Wood."


Rotting Wood nodded her head and ran after her friends. White Feather stared at them until they were out of sight.

"White Feather?"

White Feather walked into the hut and sat down in front of Sun Dancer who was rubbing her stomach.

"What is it?"

"Oh... the baby."

"What's wrong? It's not time yet, is it??"

"No... Listen."

Pulling White Feather close, Sun Dancer laid her husbands head to her stomach. Holding his breath, White Feather listened.



"Your child happy."

"Oh, I can hear the child."


Smiling, White Feather kissed Sun Dancer's stomach. Sun Dancer smiled at her husband who had his eyes closed and was listening to his child.




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Chapter Eleven...

A few months later...

The cold wind blew gently at White Feather as he walked with his father.

"White Feather."


"How is your woman?"

"She is due soon."

"Good, good. I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"About the child."


"I want you to stay with me and for Sun Dancer to return back to her people."


"I know she can't with the child. I need you back, my son."


"The only thing that is pulling you, and Sun Dancer away is the child."


"I have had enough of this. White Feather."


"When... when the child is born-"

Calling Bird stopped. White Feather was glaring at him.

"Say it. Say what you want."

"To keep peace among us all, you must-"


White Feather turned his head. Rotting Wood was running up.

"What is it??"

"It's Sun Dancer! Oh, please come quick!!!"

Giving his father hard look, White Feather ran after Rotting Wood.



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Chapter Twelve...

White Feather sat behind Sun Dancer as she squeezed his hand. Sun Dancer's friends were bustling around.

"Are you okay?"

"For now."

"Do you want anything?"

Sun Dancer looked into her husbands' eyes. Their steel-blue eyes were heavy with sadness.

"Don't leave me, please..."

"I won't."

"Okay, Sun Dancer. Let's start."

Sun Dancer nearly cried for her child and for her husband.

Calling Bird stood outside next to Wandering Feet. It looked like everyone came.

Even the Vulture Tribe.

"Excited, Calling Bird?" Skunk Pelt chirped

"I do not know, Skunk Pelt."

"This is it. This is the one."

"You do not know what you are talking about, Skunk Pelt," Wandering Feet snapped. Skunk Pelt just smiled at him and looked at the hut.

"This it."


"It's a boy!"


"What is it?"

"It's dead."


"Look how pale- Aaaaahhhh!!!"

Windy Night screamed seeing Sun Dancer's baby. The baby was a pale color with soft light blue hair.



Sun Dancer sat up as her friends screamed and pointed at her baby. The baby was crying loudly and hitting around. White Feather's hand flew to his mouth.

"Don't touch him!!! It's diseased!!!"

"Oh! Oh!"

Despite the pain, Sun Dancer shoved her friends and her husband out of the way. Getting down, Sun Dancer knelt by her wailing baby and picked him up. He son was still wailing but stopped when his mother held him close to her chest.

"Oh... you are beautiful."

Sun Dancer's eyes filled with tears seeing her son. Gripping his mothers' finger, Sun Dancer's son opened his eyes.

Oh, they were steel-blue like hers.

Everyone calmed down and stared at Sun Dancer who was pressing her nose against her son's tiny nose. White Feather knelt down next to her and stared at his son.

"Why is he pale?"

"I don't know. I don't care."

Smiling, White Feather scooted closer to his wife and took the baby from her. White Feather's son looked up at him with wide eyes.




White Feather and Sun Dancer were engrossed with their son, that they never saw Sun Dancer's friends leave.

Calling Bird, Wandering Feet, and Skunk Pelt entered the hut.

"Oh-no..." White Feather whispered.

The baby started to cry again.



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Chapter Thirteen.

White Feather stood up slowly when he saw his father and the others.


"Let us see him. Maybe we can think of something."

"I do not think so, Calling Bird,"
Wandering Feet said coldly. Skunk Pelt smiled kindly at White Feather which made him nervous. Why is Skunk Pelt happy? White Feather's thoughts popped when Skunk Pelt's grainy voice spoke.

"Is that him?"


"Oh. Oh, let me see."

Skunk Pelt pushed his way through and knelt down in front of Sun Dancer who was shaking slightly. Skunk Pelt's dark eyes sparkled seeing the pale squalling baby.

"May I?" Skunk Pelt said softly.

Sun Dancer gave him the crying baby. Gently, Skunk Pelt rocked Sun Dancer's baby. 

"Ah. He is a beauty. Be proud Sun Dancer and White Feather. Your son is-"

"It's born, Skunk Pelt. Nothing new about that."

"This one is not like us, you."



Calling Bird walked to where Skunk Pelt was. The baby was looking at Skunk Pelt who smiled down at him.

"Why are you holding him first, Skunk Pelt? It's only right if the father of the child to be held by its-"

"Forgive me. I had to wrestle the child from you. You had him too long," Skunk Pelt snorted.

Calling Bird cleared his throat after Skunk Pelt said that sarcastic quip.

"Let me see."


"Why is he pale?"

"That we do not know..."

"Hmmm. Wandering Feet?"


"Sun Dancer may have been with another man."

"No, she wasn't."

"You do not know that."

"Look at him."

Wandering Feet grabbed Sun Dancer's baby by the head and looked into his eyes.

"Blue. Blue like his parents'," Wandering Feet pointed out.

"That means nothing!"" Calling Bird shot back.

"Oh, he is their son," Skunk Pelt chirped.

Turning his head, Skunk Pelt smiled at White Feather.

"Be proud," Skunk Pelt whispered.

"I am. I am, Skunk Pelt."

"What is his name?"

"Skunk Pelt, why are you even here?? You are not part of this!" Wandering Feet snapped at Skunk Pelt who sighed tiredly.

Skunk Pelt shrugged, nodded his head to White Feather and Sun Dancer. Sun Dancer smiled when Skunk Pelt wiggled two fingers to her baby as a goodbye.

"I have to go now."

Skunk Pelt spun on his heels and went to the entrance. Wandering Feet grimaced when Skun Pelt dug his wood staff into his foot.

"I will kill you both myself if you hurt the child," Skunk Pelt hissed.

"Why do you even care?! Look at him! He is the bastard child of Sun Dancer! He is nothing-"

"I see the child. Born free of sin. Born between the Eagle Tribe and Peacock Tribe."


"I see the one who will unite us all. Where we can marry without this nonsense."

"Skunk Pelt, leave!"

"I see him. I see someone better than you, Wandering Feet,"
Skunk Pelt went on.

Skunk Pelt spat at Wandering Feet's face and then left.



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Chapter Fourteen...

A day later.

Everyone from the two fighting tribes sat on the soft earth talking or arguing. Sun Dancer's friends were far away. They were forbidden to talk to her as well as White Feather's friends. Sun Dancer sat with a few women as she held her baby close to her.

White Feather stood before his father and Wandering Feet. Looking up, White Feather stared at the trees that swayed as the strong wind blew at them.

"White Feather, you may be wondering why this is happening-"

"All because of you and Wandering Feet who cannot understand."
White Feather said bitterly.

"That is enough, my son."

"Hear me out, White Feather,"
Wandering Feet said slowly.


"We can preserve peace. I will leave with Sun Dancer and everyone else from my tribe."

"Is there is more, Wandering Feet?"

"Yes. You, all of us can keep the bond between us all if you."

White Feather knew the answer.

"Kill. Kill the child," Wandering Feet said. His voice poisoned with hatred.

"And how will that keep us at peace?" White Feather countered.

"White Feather, the child was born yesterday. It won't be difficult if you do it now."


"I know how much you want to lead the people when it is time for your fathers' passing, White Feather."


"This child is getting in your way."

"Is he??" White Feather held his words making Wandering Feet pull back.

"Yes, not only you but everyone."


"He is getting in your way, you and Sun Dancer's lives will be destroyed. You will be outcasts. Your father will disown you."

"Father, are you hearing this? Do you agree with him?"

Calling Bird's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Please, White Feather. You know you are my sun and life-"

"Am I, Father? Am I everything you said? Is everything changing now because I won't kill my own son?"

"White Feather, please."

"Was everything you said to me a lie?"

"No! I love you, and I want you happy."


"Stay with me, White Feather. Just listen, and we can go on with life."

"What about Sun Dancer?"

"She will return home. Think, my son. If you refuse, you will hurt as well."


"If you love her let her free. Please listen,"
Calling Bird begged his son.

White Feather refused to show emotions.

"Everything will return to the way it was?"

"Yes, yes! Just, please end him."

White Feather looked at his father and Wandering Feet. The wind was blowing loudly. Slowly, White Feather walked to Sun Dancer and took her child from her. Sun Dancer screamed and tried to grab White Feather.

"No, White Feather!!"

"Down, woman!" One of the men snapped and pulled Sun Dancer.

"White Feather! Please!! It's not his fault!!!"

White Feather walked away as Sun Dancer screamed for her baby.

"It's for the best, White Feather," Calling Bird said grimly.

"Next time you will not be this foolish," Wandering Feet hissed.

White Feather nodded his head. Sun Dancer screamed even louder when White Feather stood by the river that he will use to kill his son.

Mothers covered their ears so they wouldn't hear the soft screaming. Men stared straight ahead.

White Feather raised his son to the heavens and looked up at him.

"Beautiful..." White Feather whispered.



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