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Author Topic: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©  (Read 17465 times)
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Chapter 15...

White Feather lowered his son into the cold river.

To purify him. A blessing that all newborns go through to confirm that they are part of the earth forever.

The baby shrieked and wailed from the shock of the cold water.

"Now, you too are part of this earth. The earth will remember you forever, my son," White Feather said loud enough for everyone to hear. Sun Dancer held her hands to her mouth.

"WHITE FEATHER!!!" Wandering screamed.

"White Feather, what are-"

"My son is part of the earth now! This is my son; this is Sun Dancer's son."

White Feather held his son up high above his head. The wind blew, and the sun shone brighter as the birds began to sing.

"The earth and all its beauty rejoice for him!"

White Feather raised his arms up higher. His son stared up at the sky. It's beautiful...  A colorful bird flew by and cheeped shrilly. No one has ever seen this bird before. White Feather smiled seeing it.

"Bird of Many Colors! His name is Bird of Many Colors!" White Feather shouted as the earth continued to rejoice. Bird of Many Colors reached up to the sky.

Sun Dancer jumped up and ran to her husband as he lowered his son down into his strong arms. In Bird of Many Colors hands was a light blue cloth.

"Where did you get that for him?" Sun Dancer said.

"I... I didn't..." White Feather said as he examined the cloth.

"White Feather, you are making a tremendous mistake!!" Calling Bird yelled.

"Mistake? No."

"White Feather, you are endangering yourself and everyone!!!"

"Wandering Feet, don't you think it is time to cut that bond that parts us all?"
White Feather chirped.

"WHAT!!? This bond keeps us-"

"Afraid, separated, a bond that hurts us all."

Wandering Feet stood up and pointed his finger at White Feather.

"Shut your filthy mouth! This bond is the only thing that keeps us at peace!" Wandering Feet screamed.

White Feather glared.

"This isn't peace, Wandering Feet. This bond is not right. Look. To keep this so-called "peace", my son was going to die."

"It is-"

"No, Wandering Feet. My son."

White Feather and Sun Dancer looked at their son who stared back.

"Is the bond that will unite us all."

"No! No, he is not!!"

"I'm done with you, Wandering Feet."

"Calling Bird, do you hear this?!"

"I do."

Calling Bird stood up to face his son.

"White Feather?"



"If I cared, Father. I would've drowned my son by now."

"Goodbye, White Feather."


White Feather put his arm around Sun Dancer and walked back to their hut. Wandering Feet heard snickering.

Skunk Pelt walked away with his Wiseman, BlackWater. Both of them laughing at Wandering Feet and Calling Bird.


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Chapter 16...

Everyone ignored White Feather and his family for disobeying. White Feather had too much on his mind to worry about everyone else. The only people who came was Skunk Pelt and his Wiseman. They never entered the hut, they stayed outside and talked with the forgotten family.

"How is your son, White Feather?"

"Good, good; he's healthy and strong."

"That's great. How is your woman?"

"She's doing fine with the baby. Tell me, Skunk Pelt, why is it only you and BlackWater who come to see us?"
White Feather asked.

"Well, we don't think like the other fools there, my boy. You are brave, and we admire that. What happened to you, should be practiced by everyone." Skunk Pelt chirped.

"Your Tribe is truly the wisest among us," White Feather said softly.

Skunk Pelt made clicking noises with his tongue and brushed the air as if he was brushing White Feather's words away.

"You, my son, are the wisest. You threw everything into the river instead of your son," BlackWater rasped.

"I am slightly torn that my father threw me away as well..."

"Calling Bird is not meant to be a father when he left you."


"Enough of this. Do you have any food, White Feather?" BlackWater sad quickly.

"No, I haven't had any time with the baby and all."

BlackWater and Skunk Pelt smiled at White Feather. Since BlackWater had a stooped back it was wise for him to stay behind and watch over Sun Dancer while Skunk Pelt left with White Feather.



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Chapter 17...

One night while Sun Dancer and White Feather rested on the floor with Bird of Many Colors sleeping between them. Sun Dancer gently touched her baby on the nose. He didn't look like them.

"Are we making a mistake, White Feather?"


"We decided how to live, but we never asked our son..."

"He can't talk."

"I know, but I don't want to see him suffer because of us,"
Sun Dancer whispered softly.

"I know what will happen as soon as he starts walking."

"We are fine; we can take all this useless hate-"

Bird of Many Colors held onto Sun Dancers' finger.

"I don't want to see our baby getting hurt and not understanding why they hate him."

"I know, Sun Dancer. I know."

"Why can't they love him?"

"They are corrupted by their false bond."

"I don't want to see him crying because they hurt him."

Sun Dancer sounded close to crying as she smoothed down Bird of Many Colors hair down.

"Will he understand why? Will he hate us for doing this to him??"

"Do not talk like this, Sun Dancer."

"I know. Will he ever love us for the life he will live?"

Sun Dancer and White Feather looked down when the baby cooed. Bird of Many Colors was looking at both of them.

He couldn't speak, but the way he looked at them said everything.

"I love you both."

That's all Sun Dancer and White Feather needed.

Everything was going to be fine.



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Chapter 18...

Skunk Pelt knelt by BlackWater as he sprinkled his spicy smelling powder into a clay bowl before adding water and a few roots. The other Tribe members walked about with their daily tasks and children. Rubbing his hand through the white part of his black hair, Skunk Pelt handed a spoon to BlackWater.

"Taste this," BlackWater croaked.

Skunk Pelt made a face when he tasted the spicy bitter mush.

"Who is it for?"

"It is medicine in case Sun Dancer's baby gets sick."

"That baby is never sick,"
scoffed Skunk Pelt.

"Just in case something happens, Skunk Pelt."

"What are you doing now, BlackWater?"

"I need to get more roots. Help me."

Taking BlackWater by the arm, Skunk Pelt gently lead him outside. Outside, BlackWater hunted for roots while children hunted with him.

"Skunk Pelt, you have seen the child right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Remember when we were watching White Feather proclaim that the earth rejoices for his son?"

"Oh, yes. I remember."

"The earth was singing its joy, was it not?"

"It was, BlackWater."

"Did you see what the child had?"


"It had a cloth with him."


"Do you know where it came from?"

"No, you?"

"No. I'm about to find out, my son."

BlackWater struggled, got up and grabbed the roots from the children who were stealing it from his basket. Together, BlackWater and Skunk Pelt went back to the hut where BlacWater lived in.

"Do you have any idea, Skunk Pelt?"

"BlackWater, you are wiser than I. I beg you to tell me."

Smiling, BlackWater gave the cloth to curious Skunk Pelt. Gingerly, Skunk Pelt held the cloth and sniffed it.


"Just wait, Skunk Pelt."

Skunk Pelt held the cloth while BlackWater crushed the roots.



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Chapter 19...

Skunk Pelt sat cross-legged by BlackWater as he lifted his gnarled hand to the darkening sky. The stars twinkled, and the sun stopped where it always stops. BlackWater held up his hand and an old cloth bag of his.

"BlackWater, what are you doing?"

"Hush now. I'm busy."

Skunk Pelt stared at the fireflies fluttering around them. Soon, BlackWater opened the bag and released the powder into the purple navy sky adding more to Skunk Pelt's curiosity. BlackWater held Bird of Many Colors cloth he had.

"I see it now."

"What is it?"

"Look up into the sky, Skunk Pelt."

Getting up, Skunk Pelt gazed into the sky with BlackWater.

"Do you see him?"

"Him who?"

"Keep looking. Hold this cloth."

Slipping the cloth into Skunk Pelt's hand, BlackWater went back to looking at the sky. The stars seem to spin slowly.

"BlackWater! The stars! They are-"

"Hush, Skunk Pelt."

Skunk Pelt gasped and took a step back from where he was standing as his mind flashed images from the sky.

The sun.

A large white sphere next to the sun.

Planets going by behind the sun and mysterious orb that had stars with it.

All of them hidden behind a glossy sheen of a cloth. Skunk Pelt felt small and insignificant looking. Far away on a crystalline trail, a man.

A man with long black hair walking down the trail with his arms held out to his sides. The same cloth was covering his slender body.

Skunk Pelt fell down when the visions vanished. BlackWater nudged him with his staff.

"Do you see now?"

"I saw him!"

Jumping up, Skunk Pelt yanked BlackWater up to his feet.

"Up, old man!"

"Careful, Skunk Pelt. I'm not as young as you."

"Come on!"

"What is the rush?"

Skunk Pelt was already racing up the hill to get to Sun Dancer and White Feather.



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Chapter 20...

Twenty minutes later...

Running up the hill, Skunk Pelt called for White Feather to hurry. White Feather raced up the hill with his son strapped to his back with Sun Dancer at his heels. BlackWater was waiting for them.


"What is it, Skunk Pelt??"

"Look at the sky!"

White Feather and Sun Dancer looked up. Nothing. Just the sky.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, can't you see him?!"

"See who??"

"Him! Your son!!"

"He is right here."


"Skunk Pelt, calm yourself,"
BlackWater snapped. Skunk Pelt was too excited. White Feather and Sun Dancer looked at each other and back at Skunk Pelt.

"BlackWater, do something,"
Skunk Pelt yapped.

"Alright, alright. White Feather, Sun Dancer?"


"I want you to hold this cloth for me, alright?"
BlackWater said softly.

White Feather took one end of the cloth as well as Sun Dancer. The cloth stretched. Bird of Many Colors snored softly behind White Feather.

"Now look into the sky."

Obeying BlackWater, Sun Dancer and White Feather looked up.

And saw him...



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Chapter 21...

"What kind of a trick are you playing on us, Skunk Pelt!?" White Feather snarled after seeing the visions.

"It is not a trick! It's the truth!" Skunk Pelt said loudly.

"It can't be! There is no such thing-"

"It is! It is true! You and Sun Dancer were blessed by the Gods and Goddesses!"
Skunk Pelt yelled.

"No, we are not."

"You are! You two are worthy to have a God for a son!!"

"Stop, Skunk Pelt! You are making it worse than it already is!!!"
White Feather yelled.

Sun Dancer kept looking at the sky as she held her son.

"It is true, White Feather! BlackWater said it was!"


"It is true, White Feather. You and Sun Dancer are the parents of a God."

"How can it be? I want to believe it-"

"You don't want to, White Feather. You are afraid to admit that you already believe it."

White Feather stammered and ran his fingers through hair. Sun Dancer looked down and her son.

Bird of Many Colors looked up at her.

Holding another cloth.

"Look! He has another!"

"Why us, BlackWater?! Tell us, please!"

"You two have proven yourself worthy to be the parents of him. You have broken the bond that we are all in."

"Shouldn't we be cursed?"

"No. This is your blessing for breaking the bond."

"What is this cloth the baby has?"

"It's the sky."

BlackWater rubbed Bird of Many Colors soft hair. White Feather and Sun Dancer smiled at each other before laughing with Skunk Pelt. BlackWater smiled as Skunk Pelt and his friends laugh and sing their praises. Skunk Pelt took Sun Dancer's son and held him up to the sky. Bird of Many Colors gasped when he felt himself being lifted higher and higher.

"Look! Look at your sky!"
Skunk Pelt yelled. Bird of Many Colors kicked his legs and reached up. Turning the baby around, Skunk Pelt was beaming at Bird of Many Colors while his parents stood behind Sunk Pelt with BlackWater.

"You new name is Sky! Son of White Feather and Sun Dancer! Our God of the Skies! We forever praise you, Sky!!!"

Before Sun. Before Moon. Before Cosmic. Before Galactic. Before Starlight.




This is Sky's lifestory.
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Go! It's my birthday! Happy birthday to me and here is my gift!!!  Hooray Kiss
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Chapter 22...

"I'm telling you the truth-"

"Skunk Pelt, no one believes your crazy story!"
Wandering Feet yelled.

"It's true! He is the God of the Skies!" Skunk Pelt shot back and angry Wandering Feet. Calling Bird sighed angrily. The people from the tribes sat around looking at Skunk Pelt and BlackWater.

"Therefore, since the child is-"

"No. Stop. We are not listening anymore,"
Calling Bird interrupted.

"The child is higher than us! He is a God, and you hate him! He is powerful than all of us!"
Yelled Skunk Pelt as he shook his fist. BlackWater sat up in case Skunk Pelt needed him. Standing up, Wandering Feet pointed his finger at Skunk Pelt.

"You now are slandering the Deities!? You will be punished, Skunk Pelt!!!"

"Now, Wandering Feet. He is a child himself-"

"I am not a child. I am 16 years old. I am a man already,"
snorted Skunk Pelt. It irritated Skunk Pelt whenever they call him a child. So, he became a Leader after his father died, it doesn't give the right to call him a child. Wandering Feet looked around the hut.

"Who here believes in the crazy child!? Who is delusional like him?!"

No answered. Smirking, Wandering Feet looked back a livid Skunk Pelt.

"There you have it. No one believes you."

"So, everyone is just a stupid as you and Calling Bird, Wandering Brain?"

"You stupid, foolish child!! The Deities will punish you and your idiot tribe!!!"
Screamed Wandering Feet.

"Go eat a snake, Wandering Feet. Fill your worthless life with more poison of the devil, you bastard," Skunk Pelt spat.

"Now, Skunk Pelt. That is wrong if Wandering Feet eats his own brethren,"
BlackWater taunted.

Now, Wandering Feet was enraged. Stalking to Skunk Pelt, Wandering Feet struck him hard across the face. Calling Bird yelled at Wandering Feet. Skunk Pelt kept his head turned. The pain burned on his face but he refused to cower from Wandering Feet. Doing so would make him look weak when he was not.

"Get out, you worthless excuse of a human," Wandering Feet hissed.

"Fine. I will leave. I will leave and never come back to this tribe nor Calling Bird's," Skunk Pelt said sharply.

"First wise idea coming from you-"

"There will be a day when the child will judge you, and you will have no one to save you."

With that, Skunk Pelt spat in Wandering Feet's face and went to BlackWater.

"Come on, old man."

Looking over his shoulder, BlackWater simpered at Calling Bird and Wandering Feet.

"Be ready. The time is coming when the God of the Skies will judge you."

BlackWater hobbled out with Skunk Pelt.



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Chapter 23...

White Feather a Sun Dancer didn't know what happened with Skunk Pelt and BlackWater, it didn't go well most likely by the way Skunk Pelt came back livid. White Feather knew that Skunk Pelt was banished for blasphemy.


"Where is the baby?"
Skunk Pelt interrupted.

Sun Dancer passed Sky over to Skunk Pelt who bounced him gently and looked intently into his face.

"I have no idea what is going to happen, Sky. All I know is that your life will be a hard one," Skunk Pelt said softly.

Sky looked up at Skunk Pelt's sad eyes.

"I want you to be brave, alright? Don't show any weakness."

"Skunk Pelt, he is a child-"

"Leave me be!"

White Feather backed off when Skunk Pelt snapped at him. Rubbing Sky's face, Skunk Pelt smiled down at him.

"I have to leave you for the meantime, Sky."


"Sky. My God, there will be a day when we will meet each other again."


"By then, they will know who you are."

Skunk Pelt pointed to the heavens.

"I don't have to worry if anyone can hear me. Whenever I am afraid, I will look up at the heavens and remember that you are with me forever for you watch over us all," Skunk Pelt choked out.

"Oh, Skunk Pelt, that was beautiful,"
Sun Dancer said softly.

"Not as beautiful as him," Skunk Pelt rasped.

Skunk Pelt kissed Sky's hands before passing him to BlackWater.

"Sky, Skunk Pelt and I ask for one thing from you."


"Remember who you are. You are Sky. God of the Skies. Guardian of the Universe. Never forget that."

Sky blinked twice before nodding his head slightly. Sun Dancer and White Feather were shocked seeing their son nod his head. BlackWater smiled and gave Sky back to his mother.

"Take good care of him."

"We will."

"Do not fear for him. He is the bond that will unite us all one day."

"I hope-"

BlackWater slapped White Feather on the legs.

"You don't hope! He will."

"Alright, I'm sorry. He will."

"It will take time, but Sky will show them."

"Especially Wandering Feet,"
Skunk Pelt grunted.

BlackWater smiled at scowling Skunk Pelt and told him it was time to go. Sun Dancer and White Feather waved goodbye to their retreating friends.

"I don't see why we can not talk to them, BlackWater. They threw them out!"

"I don't know, my boy. Calling Bird and Wandering Feet are- are- are what?"

"I don't know, old man..."
Skunk Pelt said sadly.

As Skunk Pelt and BlackWater trudged back to their tribe, Skunk Pelt noticed something.

"Hey, BlackWater. Where did you get the nice cape?"

"I was about to ask you where did you get yours."

BlackWater and Skunk Pelt felt the soft airy cloth. Looking up, BlackWater and Skunk Pelt grinned at each other.



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Chapter 24...

A few months later....

"AH!!! Where are you going!?"

Sky squeaked when his mother grabbed after he escaped from the basket that he rested in. White Feather smiled seeing his wife as she walked back to the basket and placed the runaway baby back in. Sky kicked his small legs in protest.

"Oi. He is getting faster."

"And smarter."


White Father pointed. An upturned basket was scooting away across the dirt floor until it bumped into the wall with a soft oof. Sun Dancer got up and placed her son on her lap. Giggling, tiny Sky played with his mothers' long fingers.

"Ever noticed how he changes colors?"

"Yes, he is funny that way."

Looking outside, Sky smiled at the rain that trapped them all inside the hut. These days were the best for Sky. He had his parents' all to himself. A long snake slithered across the floor eating the bugs that ran in to seek shelter from the rain only to fall into a death trap. Sky giggled seeing the snake and reached out to it.

"When do you think he will start walking?"

"Let him take his time. He is already crawling, and it's hard to catch him,"
Sun Dancer replied tiredly.

"Let me take him for today, Sun Dancer."

Thankfully, Sun Dancer gave Sky to his father and laid down. White Feather played with his son near the entrance of the hut. Someone landed on the roof and looked at White Feather and Sky upside down.

"Hey, how is everything going??"

"Oh! Withering Bark, don't scare us like that."

Withering Bark beamed at White Feather and waved at smiling Sky. Since Skunk Pelt couldn't visit them, he sent his cousin to check on the banished family.

"Rainy day. Hard to catch today's meal!" Withering Bark chirped.

"Oh, we'll eat the berries and dried meat we have."

"Saw a deer today, killed the deer, skinned the deer, here is your share."

White Feather thanked Withering Bark as he took the deer leg. Sky stared in awe at the long meaty leg. Withering Bark smiled at Sky.

"How is he?"

"Fine. He is crawling now."

"That's great. Take care of yourselves now!"

"Thank you, Withering Bark, give our thanks to Skunk Pelt."

"Bye now! Bye, cutie!"

Sky waved his fat baby hands at Withering Bark before he left. No one knew that Skunk Pelt was sending his cousin to take care of White Feather's family which was a blessing to them. Without Skunk Pelt and his tribe, White Feather wouldn't know what he would do. Sadly, White Feather didn't know how he would repay them all for their help even after Skunk Pelt said not to worry about it.

Sky played on the floor and thought carefully.

When he gets older, he would bless Skunk Pelt and his people for everything one day.



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Chapter 25...

Standing on top of the hill, White Feather shielded his eyes and scanned the area.

Down below, White Feather could see Sun Dancer making a pair of shoes from the leather Withering Bark gave them. Tiny Sky was crawling near her and playing with the smooth wood White Feather gave him.  Smiling, White Feather went back to searching for today's meal. With the dried deer meat in his pouch, White Feather wondered if he could catch a badger if he laid it out by its den. White Feather snorted at the thought. One badger will only feed them for two days.

Climber higher, White Feather stared at a stag grazing far away. Slightly excited, White Feather prepared his arrows to make his kill. Before White Feather could make his shot, he heard a soft coo.

White Feather looked down the hill. Sun Dancer was on her knees with her arms outstretched and calling happily to her baby. Tiny Sky was struggling to get to her. His wobbly legs shook as he took his baby steps. Lowering his bow, White Feather watched in awe as his son took his first steps.

Sun Dancer was still calling for her baby as he took wobbly steps. White Feather did nothing but watch.

After a falling down several times, Sky made it to his mother who gave him a bear-hug as she praised him. White Feather smiled seeing his small boy walk for the first time. The stag got away, but White Feather didn't care. Seeing his son meant more than the stag.


Tired, White Feather dragged his weary body back to the hut with a dead badger swung over his shoulder. It was a small badger, but Sun Dancer could use its pelt as a blanket for Sky. Seeing White Feather, Sky pointed, and Sun Dancer looked up from her looming.

"White Feather! I have a surprise for you!" Sun Dancer yelled.


"Sky was walking!"

"Oh, I saw him from the top of that hill over there,"
White Feather said, pointing to the hill he stood on.

"You saw?"

White Feather said dreamily. Sun Dancer picked up her baby and told him to walk for his daddy. Kneeling down, White Feather beckoned for his son to come to him. Grunting softly, Sky took one wobbly step when his mother let go of his hands. Sun Dancer watched with large eyes as Sky wobbled to White Feather who was encouraging him that he could do it. Looking at his father, Sky wanted desperately to get to him. Boldly, Sky took one unsteady step only to fall down on his rear.

White Feather and Sun Dancer laughed quietly as their son squealed in anger. Holding out his arms, White Feather coaxed Sky to keep trying.

Each step was difficult for Sky as he hobbled to his father. Sun Dancer kept a close eye on them both. White Feather started to laugh when his son was only two steps away from him. Smiling, small Sky picked up his pace and fell over in his fathers' arms. Picking him up, White Feather cradled his laughing son him. Looking up at the purple sky, White Feather said a small prayer of thanks. Sun Dancer walked up and asked White Feather why was he thanking the Deities.

"Oh... thanking them for giving me him and for letting me live to see him grow."



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Very interesting story~ I might actually read the whole thing.

One thing I'm confused about- one chapter says White Feather has steel blue eyes, and another says Sun Dancer has steel blue eyes (the baby had her eyes) but if it says the baby has her eyes and he also had blue eyes, why wouldn't the baby have his eyes? (Also I'm a huge supporter of couples with different eye/hair/skin colors, and it would also make more sense to me if they had different eye colors lol)

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Very interesting story~ I might actually read the whole thing.

One thing I'm confused about- one chapter says White Feather has steel blue eyes, and another says Sun Dancer has steel blue eyes (the baby had her eyes) but if it says the baby has her eyes and he also had blue eyes, why wouldn't the baby have his eyes? (Also I'm a huge supporter of couples with different eye/hair/skin colors, and it would also make more sense to me if they had different eye colors lol)
Thank you~  Smiley

White Feather and Sun Dancer both have steel-blue eyes to show that they are not like everyone else in the tribe they were born and banished in. ("A flaw" is what everyone says about them) Plus, White Feather and Sun Dancer's blue eyes get them into trouble sometimes because they don't look like the other dark-eyed tribe members.

So, like them, banished and hated, Sky received his parents' eyes.
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I am in love with this story

hEllo teeewedgie I’m excite d to play a fun game of twg goood noiiiiiiggt
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