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Author Topic: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©  (Read 9607 times)
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I am in love with this story
Aw~ :3
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Chapter 26...

Standing beside White Feather, Sky hung onto his fathers' long legs sucking his thumb. White Feather held up his thumb to the west.

"Sky, don't suck your thumb," Sun Dancer said.

Looking down, White Feather smiled at small Sky.

"Oh, he just doing what I am doing," White Feather laughed.

"You suck your thumb?" Joked Sun Dancer.

"No. I'm checking the wind," White Feather bitterly replied while Sky held up his wet thumb to the east. Nothing. The wind was coming from the south. Far off, Sky saw smoke from a fire. White Feather and Sun Dancer looked up at the smoke as it rose higher into the cloudy sky.

"Looks like Burning Tracks is talking to Spotted Leaf with the smoke."

Sun Dancer nodded her head and looked upset as she remembered her father. Burning Tracks was furious with her before she left, but Sun Dancer knew that her father was only acting like that to keep from crying as she left him forever. Sky stared at the smoke for the longest time before scurrying back to his mother in fear.

"What is it?"

Sky said nothing but hide his face in his hands. White Feather and Sun Dancer shrugged and went back inside their hut.

Far off, Burning Tracks was drawing something in the black dirt as Wandering Feet stood in front of him with his arms crossed.

"Why does that crazy Skunk Pelt think Sun Dancer's baby is a God? Tell me, Burning Tracks. Why do they think such idiotic thoughts?" Wandering Feet said coldly to Burning Tracks as he drew in the dirt.

"This. The child himself is possessing those fools,"
Burning Tracks grumbled to irritated Wandering Feet.

Bending over, Wandering Feet studied the drawing in the dirt. A terrible looking monster with wings on its back as it stood on all fours like a dog.

"I should have known..." Smirked Wandering Feet.

Far off, Sky held onto his mother whimpering.

Those awful green and blue eyes in the smoke.



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Chapter 27...

A year later...

"Come on, Sky. You can do it."


"Say Mama."




"Sun Dancer, he'll talk when he is ready."

"He wants to talk now."

"Sure, sure."

"Just help me, please."

Getting up, White Feather stood beside Sun Dancer as she made weird noises to confused Sky. Already a year and Sky still wasn't talking.

Withering Bark said it was alright that Sky couldn't talk yet, but Sun Dancer as afraid that Sky was tongue-tied like other unfortunate children. Small Sky played with his feet and ignored his mother.

"Oh, baby. Why won't you talk?"

"He'll talk, Sun Dancer. Give him some time."

Sun Dancer sat up and sat her baby in sitting position to help him talk again. Sky clapped his hands at his mother who was trying hard to make him talk. Looking around, Sky spotted his smooth slab of wood and pointed at it. Sun Dancer sat up straighter.

"If you want your toy, you have to say mama or papa," Sun Dancer coaxed.


"Go on."

White Feather started to laugh when Sun Dancer glared at her baby that was starting to fuss and whine for his toy.

"No, Sky. Speak."

With a huff, Sky crawled to his toy, but Sun Dancer got there first. Angrily, Sky reached for his toy.

"Say something, Sky!"

"Say anything, Sky. Please, your mother and talk,"
White Feather groaned.


Sky frowned. He didn't want to talk. Whatever he might say will hurt his parents'.

If he said mama, his father might be hurt.

If he said papa, his mother will be sad.

He loved them both so much that he didn't want to hurt them.



Crossing his arms, Sky thought long and hard while his parents' stared at him. Only one word popped in Sky's mind. A word he often heard.

"Try again, baby," Sun Dancer said.

"Say anything,"
White Feather said.

"Family?" Sky said.

Sun Dancer and White Feather looked at each other and back at Sky before breaking into a smile.

"You did it!!!" Sun Dancer cheered. 

"Fantastic, Sky!" White Feather said.

Sky clapped his hands seeing his parents' cheer for him. All three of them relived and happy. Sky can talk, and Sky picked the right word for them all.



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Chapter 28...

"You see this, Sky? This is the earth. She is your mother," White Feather said slowly as his son played in the dirt by rubbing it on his face.

"I already have mama. Mama is in the hut making the meal,"
Sky piped.

"No, Sun Dancer is your mother, but this is your mother who gives you everything you need."

"Like what?"

"See that deer over there,"
White Feather said as he pointed to a small deer eating the grass.


"Without the earth, that deer would not even be alive."

"Oh? Anything else?"
Sky said as he scooped up a handful of dirt and looked at his father who towered over him.

"She gives you the food you need to live. From plants to the meat."

"Meat grows?"

"When the plants the animal eats, yes, meat grows."

"Dirt, too?"

Curiously, Sky looked at the handful of dirt in his hands before shoving it in his mouth.

White Feather yelled and slapped the back of Sky's gently head to make him spit out the dirt. Sky spat out the dirt and felt like crying.

"I don't like this food!" Sky pouted.

"That is because you do not eat the dirt, boy; the dirt is a blanket for the seeds."

Sky watched in wonder as his father buried a pecan in the dirt. Pointing up, White Feather stared at the tall trees.

"Look. Look what the earth has done for this tree."


"Look. The trees used to be a small seed and the earth raised it with her family to make it become the mighty tree that it is today. Without the earth, there would be no tree to give us pecans and other food,"
White Feather said softly.

"But, you planted the seed," Sky rasped.

"Yes, but if I only had the seed and no earth, the seed will spoil and not grow."

Sky nodded his head and looked at the pine nuts that were scattered on the ground. Birds twittered at him, and small animals ran around after each other.

"The earth is my mama?" Sky asked.

"She is the mother of everyone."

"Why do we use the tree branches sometimes then? Won't that hurt her?"

"As long as we give back to her, nothing will hurt her."

On wobbly feet, Sky hugged his father before plopping down on the dirt and kissed the earth.


"I love you, mama."

Getting up, Sky brushed the dirt off his legs and lifted his arms for White Feather to pick him up. As White Feather walked home, Sky smiled at the earth's beauty.

"I love the earth..." Sky said dreamily.

"I love her, too, Sky," White Feather said in the same tone of voice.

Oh, the earth is beautiful.



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Chapter 29...

Of course, even after White Feather and Sun Dancer were banished, most of the Tribe members bothered them.

White Feather found snakes in the basket that held the dried berries.

Sun Dancer's clay pots and jars were shattered.

Children would throw rocks of mud at Sky who was minding his own business.

One day as Sun Dancer cleaned a gash on whimpering Sky's shoulder, Sun Dancer turned around to White Feather who walked in. White Feather sighed tiredly seeing his angry wife and crying son.

"I can't take this anymore, White Feather! They are hurting him!!" Sun Dancer yelled after she dragged White Feather outside so Sky would not see them yelling.

"What do you want me to do, huh?! Tell them to stop!? It will only make matters worse!" White Feather shot back.

"We have to do something!!"

White Feather and Sun Dancer were to busy arguing to noticed Sky watching them.

"There is nothing we can do!"

"We can move farther away from them!"

"Sure, that's easier said than done, Sun Dancer!!

"Why do we have to live this close anyway!?"


White Feather stopped when Sky ran up to him and tugged on his pants.

"What is it?"


Sky pointed to the bush. There was nothing, but Sky was still scared.

"What did you see?"

"I saw a demon with berries!"

"How did this demon look, Sky?" Sun Dancer said quickly.

"He had a mask. A mask with black feathers and he told me to come to him."

White Feather picked up his whining son and bounced him gently as Sun Dancer glared.

"Burning Tracks..." White Feather said coldly. Sun Dancer nodded her head sharply. White Feather didn't wait for further questions. The three of them moved farther away nearer to the Vulture Tribe.



"IDIOT!! They got away!!!" Wander Feet barked at Burning Tracks who only kicked dirt at him. Calling Bird came out from the empty hut.

"How was I suppose to know!? I can not-"

"Why are we even doing this?"
Calling Bird interrupted.

"Burning Tracks was supposed to poison Sun Dancer's baby, but failed to do it!"

While Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks fought, Calling Bird looked back at the empty hut.



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Chapter 30...

Far away from the grassy fields, Sky held onto his fathers' hand as he watched the Buffalo hunt with wide-eyes.

"Papa, papa, I wanna do that!" Sky yelped as he bounced around beside his father. White Feather scowled seeing his father lead the hunt.

"Do what? Hunt a Buffalo?"

"Yes! I wanna hunt, too!"

"You'll be trampled on, Birdy,"
White Feather stated bluntly. Sky jumped around.

"No, I won't."

"Yes, you will. Those beasts are crazy."

"I can do a better job!"


"I need a wolf pelt to hide me."

"Sorry, no go. I won't let you," White Feather said sharply. Sky glared at White Feather before giving his last shot.

"Mama would let me."

"Sun Dancer wouldn't let you."

Looking down, White Feather noticed that Sky looked close to tears as he watched the hunt.

"Oh, Birdy. You and I will hunt for a Buffalo together one day. Don't cry," White Feather said as he ruffled Sky's blue hair.

"Only babies cry! I'm not crying!"
Sky said sharply, but White Feather wasn't convinced.

"Tell me what is wrong then?"

"I was hoping I could catch one so we could eat tonight,"
Came Sky's sad reply. White Feather just smiled and kneeled down to Sky's height.

"What makes you think we won't eat?" White Feather whispered

"They never share even if the animals belong to mama earth."

White Feather nodded his head knowingly to sad Sky. Looking over his shoulder, White Feather noticed Skunk Pelt arguing with Calling Bird.

"Do not worry, Birdy. Skunk Pelt and his Tribe never forget about us," White Feather smiled. Picking up Sky, White Feather walked back to their new hut where Sun Dancer was making soup. Two hours later, Withering Bark was walking up with a huge smile on his face as he lugged a heavy sack.

You'll never go hungry with a few friends.



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Chapter 31...

Autumn was approaching fast. White Feather and Sun Dancer had to collect berries and nuts to store away with the dried meat.

Carrying a basket full of dried berries, Sun Dancer walked back to the hut with one-year-old Sky running after her. Sun Dancer stopped walking and felt her son bump into her legs. White Feather came up with a crooked grin.

"Ummm. My sisters are here, Sun Dancer..." he said sheepishly.

"Why?? Why are those hags here?!"

"Hush! They might hear you! I guess my father forced them or they came on their own."

"Tell them to go."

"I can't."

Sun Dancer grimaced. White Feather's sisters came from Calling Bird's first wife who died of a disease in the chest. Calling Bird found another wife who gave birth to White Feather and died a year later. Sun Dancer hated White Feather's sisters as much as they hated her. They were always slandering Sun Dancer by saying she was with another man and other vile things.

"Sky is here," Sun Dancer said bitterly.

"That's alright; he can meet his aunts-"

"You have to get him."


"He's running,"
Sun Dancer said. Looking over Sun Dancer's shoulder, White Feather squawked seeing Sky running. White Feather cursed and bolted after his runaway son.


Sky was running fast, but White Feather caught him. Sun Dancer shook her head seeing White Feather walk back with Sky who was hanging onto his fathers' and digging his feet into the wet dirt.

"Don't you want to see your-



"NO, NO, NO!!!"

White Feather had enough and scooped up Sky in his arms. Squealing, Sky kicked and hit at White Feather as he was carried back to Sun Dancer.

"Can you blame him?"

"Let's go."

Like how Sun Dancer predicted, the family meeting went out of control. White Feather's sisters were ugly and rude as usual towards Sun Dancer and Sky. White Feather tried to make Sky behave and sit with his aunts, but Sky screamed and wailed for Sun Dancer to hold him. When White Feather tried to get Sky to show them a sheet of his sky, Sky kicked dirt at his aunts. The way their son was acting made White Feather embarrassed and Sun Dancer hide her snickering.

"A God, huh?"

"That's what BlackWater said."

"I see nothing Godly about him."

"He's a child, what do you expect?"

"More than this."

One of Sky's aunts spanked Sky to make him behave which only made matters worse. Sky kicked her and yelled at her to get away from him.

"Go away, snake piss!!!"

"Birdy- SKY!!!"
White Feather yelled.

Sun Dancer stared at White Feather in shock. Sky overheard his father and Withering Bark talk and curse about Wandering Feet and Calling Bird. Quickly, Sky ran to Sun Dancer, jumped into her arms and hugged her.

"Sky, that was not nice-" White Feather started, but Sky interrupted.

"I don't like them," Sky replied bluntly. Sun Dancer took her son inside the hut and didn't come out until White Feather's sisters left White Feather trudged inside. Sun Dancer was playing with Sky on the dirt floor.

"Sun Dancer-"

"They spanked him. Sky had the right to hit back."

"Where did he-"

"White Feather. Babies pick up words left and right. Be careful when talking."

Sitting down, White Feather rested next to Sun Dancer. Sky crawled onto White Feather's lap and sighed contently.



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interesting, it sucks that people keep trying to persecute the family and kill the child but makes the story more intense, and I like the part where he talks to his family. also I think you meant "you'll never go hungry with a few friends" (second to last chapter)

Thank you~  Smiley

White Feather and Sun Dancer both have steel-blue eyes to show that they are not like everyone else in the tribe they were born and banished in. ("A flaw" is what everyone says about them) Plus, White Feather and Sun Dancer's blue eyes get them into trouble sometimes because they don't look like the other dark-eyed tribe members.

So, like them, banished and hated, Sky received his parents' eyes.
okay, that makes more sense then.

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interesting, it sucks that people keep trying to persecute the family and kill the child but makes the story more intense, and I like the part where he talks to his family. also I think you meant "you'll never go hungry with a few friends" (second to last chapter)
 okay, that makes more sense then.
Thank you kindly~ I'll fix it.  Smiley
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Chapter 32...

Panting from the cold, Sun Dancer trudged through the snow with Sky leaping in her tracks to keep from sinking in the deep snow. Holding blocks of broken ice in her basket, Sun Dancer looked over her shoulder to see if her son was behind her since Sky was so pale that it would be hard to find him. It was a blessing that White Feather killed a black otter and used it's pelt to make a hood for Sky's cape. Humming, Sky hopped into the snow track and smiled up at Sun Dancer.

"Cold, mama."

"I know. I have to get ice to melt for water. Let's keep walking."

Sun Dancer trudged through the snow with Sky at her heels. The cold wind whipped at Sun Dancer and Sky as the sun begin to set. Afraid of wild animals, Sun Dancer had to wrap Sky around her back to keep him safe. It didn't take long for Sky to get bored and bother Sun Dancer on her back. To make him stop, Sun Dancer started to sing a lullaby to him to help him sleep. Fussy Sky tried hard to keep his eyes open, but it was futile for a baby like him. Soon, Sky was sleeping, and Sun Dancer smirked hearing his soft snores.

Sun Dancer hated how far the frozen river was because it took a long time to get home. But Sun Dancer hated bumping into her old tribe or White Feather's. Today, she was lucky.

Singing softly, Sun Dancer kept walking and never saw Calling Bird hiding in the tree looking at her.

And Sky.

Shaking slightly, Calling Bird lifted his bow to shoot an arrow at sleeping Sky's head. There was nothing that White Feather or Sun Dancer could do if they killed Sky. They were only two banished members. Burning Tracks and Wandering Feet told Calling Bird to do it after an argument two nights ago.

"Why are we trying to poison the child?"

"To make it look like he ate the poisonous berries,"
Burning Tracks explained to Calling Bird, Wandering Feet stared at Calling Bird rudely.

"Why? Why don't-"

"Calling Bird, I am starting to see that you are withdrawing from this,"
Wandering Feet interrupted.

"I am not! Why waste our time on the child?" Calling Bird said vehemently to Wandering Feet.

"The child is a demon remember? Anyone who practices the Devil's work will be punished."

"We already banished them, so-"

"Yes, we banished them, but White Feather refused to kill him!"
Burning Tracks snapped.


"Are you falling for this child, Calling Bird?"


"You are. That's why you are acting like this because of the child."

Calling Bird pulled back and looked away. All was quiet in the hut except for Wandering Feet who was shuffling around.

"Calling Bird?"

Turning his head, Calling Bird's eyes landed on arrows that Wandering Feet held in his hand.

"Kill him," Wandering Feet said coolly.


"Kill him. You are becoming too soft with that child."

Calling Bird looked up at Wandering Feet and back at the arrows. Seeing his hesitation, Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks started to say cruel jokes at Calling Bird until he snatched the arrows and left.

Now, Calling Bird was pointing the arrows at Sky's soft head from a tree. If he waited any longer, Sun Dancer would get away.

Calling Bird released the arrow.

The arrow made a soft whizzing sound as he headed towards Sky. Calling Bird hid his face behind his hands so he wouldn't see when the arrow landed.

The arrow broke when it hit the cloth that covered Sky's small body and head.

Calling Bird peeked out from his fingers and saw the broken arrow. Not sure if he should be relived, Calling Bird sighed and watched Sun Dancer leave. Before Sun Dancer took a turn, Calling Bird saw Sky looking at him.

After a few minutes, Sun Dancer noticed Sky was awake.

"Awake already? What are you looking at, baby?"

"... A monster."



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Chapter 33...

Swinging his basket, Sky wandered behind the hut to gather the berries that grew in a snow-covered bush.
White Feather was gone, and Sun Dancer was inside leaving Sky alone to find berries. Taking wobbly steps, Sky walked to the bush full of purple frozen berries. Happily, Sky picked his favorite berries and tossed them into the basket. The snow continued to fall from the cloudy sky and onto the small God. Getting on all fours, Sky crawled into the bush to find the berries that were hidden in the snow.

Soon, Sky gathered that he needed and crawled out from the bush and hopped back to the hut. Sun Dancer took the basket and let her baby play outside for a few more minutes. Sky ran outside into the snow and threw himself into the cold blanket. Squealing with joy, Sky tossed the snow around and rolled around in it. Behind the hut, Sky was gathering a few sticks to play with when he spotted berries scattered in the snow. Puzzled, Sky crawled over to the berries thinking that he dropped them.

Sky picked the berries and thought about taking them inside.

Four berries will not be missed, and it will be alright to eat them. Sky opened his mouth.

"I wouldn't eat those unless times became difficult."

Sky jumped and dropped the berries.

Jumping down from the tree, a man walked towards Sky and took the berries from him. Sky looked up at him in terror. The man was covered in a wooly pelt from a bear making him look twice his size.

Sky stood up and extended his hand.

"I'm Sky."

"... I'm Spotted Wings."

Slightly amused, Spotted Wings looked down at Sky before shaking his hand once. Kicking the snow, Sky kept staring at Spotted Wings who was poking the berries.

"I thought so..."

Getting down on his knees, Spotted Wings held out his hand to Sky who poked the juicy berries. Redish black juice bled out onto Spotted Wing's palm.

"These, Sky, are Devil Berries."


"The berries show no mercy when one eats them- the poison moves slowly before it takes away your soul like the devil."

"I didn't know that."

"Now, you do."

Spotted Wings hid the berries in his pouch before getting up to walk away. Sky took a few steps and grabbed Spotted Wings pant leg.

"Thank you," Sky said cheerfully.

Shocked, Spotted Wings stopped and looked down at Sky who smiled thankfully at him. Spotted Wings was unsure if he should be kind or reject the child. Calling Bird will be angry if he catches him talking to the enemy.

The enemy was a child. His innocence was as pure as the snow that fell.

"You're welcome..." Spotted Wings said carefully. Sky cocked his head as he looked up at towering Spotted Wings and saw the eagle feather in Spotted Wings braid.

"Why did you help me? Don't you hate me?" Sky questioned.

"I don't know. For some reason, I had to stop you from eating that fruit," Spotted Wings whispered to Sky. Not turning away, Sky nodded his head.

"Thank you..." Sky said again to confused Spotted Wings. Spotted Wings just grunted and turned to leave. Sky watched Spotted Wings trudging in the snow. Before Spotted Wings took a turn home, he looked over his shoulder to see if Sky was still there. Stiff as a tree, Sky was staring at Spotted Wings.

"I am the Wiseman of the Eagle Tribe. But, I don't know, Sky."

Spotted Wings turned and walked home. Sky stood there until Sun Dancer came out to get him.

Spotted Wings hid his tracks because he knew Burning Tracks will be back to see if the berries were eaten.



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hmm, interesting. so he's probably tough enough to be protected against physical attacks...

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Chapter 34...

A Month Later.

"Alright, Birdy, this is a beaver."

"Looks ugly, papa."

"Yes. It's not very pretty up close."

White Feather hung the beaver upside down on a wooden pole and took a knife. Sky walked up with a clay pot and set it under the beaver. The large animal's lifeless eyes were open. Throwing the whetstone on the floor, White Feather held the knife to the beaver's neck.


"I don't wanna; I want to go play."

"Sky, you have to learn, alright? My father taught me when I was your age,"
White Feather said bluntly and grabbed his son before he could take off.

"I don't wanna see you kill it."

"It's dead already. We have to let the blood drain out before it spoils inside and the meat will rot."

Sky sighed tiredly, nudged the bucket and told his father to go ahead. After pushing Sky back with his foot, White Feather sliced the neck of the beaver and let the blood spill out into the clay pot Sky set out. Sky watched is disgust as the dark blood poured into the pot like water. When the last of the blood dripped out, White Feather cut off the private parts, threw them aside, and cut from the tail all the way up to the neck. Sky watched his father as he swiftly sliced the pelt off and gave it to Sky. White Feather proceeded to remove the innards and threw them aside to cook later. Sun Dancer came up with another basket for the pelt.


"I'll take it, baby. Hand it over to me."

Sun Dancer smiled at Sky and took the pelt away to wash it. Sky didn't like seeing his father and mother do such things to an animal, but it wasn't for fun. White Feather and Sun Dancer did this to live.

The pelt was needed to keep warm and for other things.

The meat they would eat and not let it go to waste.

The blood?

Sky had no idea what the blood would do. Most likely dye the clothes Sun Dancer makes.

After a few hours, White Feather held up the skinned beaver and shook his head. Sky didn't notice how small it looked now that it no longer had its pelt and innards.

"It's not very big, is it, papa?" Sky questioned as he poked the carcass with a stick. White Feather stared at it for a long time before answering. "No. It's an adult, but rather small."

"Will it feed us?"

"Yeah, for a day..."
White Feather thought bitterly. Sun Dancer came up and looked at Sky.

"What's wrong?"

"The beaver is small."

"That's alright. We still have some dried meat in the hut."

Sun Dancer and Sky went back inside the hut leaving White Feather alone with the carcass. Taking the knife, White Feather began to cut off the legs and arms. Far off in the distance, White Feather could see his old Tribe walking back with the carcass of a bear. Calling Bird was in the lead. White Feather stared longing at the meat.

Would it hurt...?

No. It's best not to ask for a portion of it. Thinking of Sky's skinny legs and body, White Feather hacked away harder at the carcass. He couldn't take meat from Calling Bird nor Wandering Feet because it will make him look weak. The Vulture Tribe had to move far away from White Feather and Sun Dancer because there was some sickness going around and Skunk Pelt feared that they would get it. It's been a while since Withering Bark came by. Members from the two other Tribes were helping the Vulture Tribe by feeding them and giving them medicine; White Feather knew that Skunk Pelt was telling the other members not to let White Feather and his family not to starve and to send them food for the winter.

But with Calling Bird and Wandering Feet still breathing, it was oblivious what was happening to their share.

White Feather placed the meat aside and washed his knife clean. Like yesterday, White Feather won't eat tonight. He had to feed Sky since he was little.

White Feather walked slowly to the hut with a heavy heart; how can he be a good father when he couldn't even feed his son and wife?

A sharp whistle pierced White Feather's eardrums. White Feather looked over his shoulder and saw a hooded figure waving at him; White Feather waved, and turned to walk away but the hooded figure whistled again.

"What do you want?" White Feather called to the figure.

The mysterious figure ran to the middle of the plains and placed down a basket before running back. White Feather was confused.

The figure stared at White Feather for the longest time before pointing at the basket, and at White Feather.

It dawned on White Feather who it was. Hiding the beaver meat in a basket, White Feather ran to the basket and picked it up. They were both forbidden to talk to each other, but a wave would be alright.

White Feather bowed his head to Skunk Pelt who waved goodbye to him. Feeling his troubles disappear, White Feather jogged back to the hut where Sun Dancer and Sky were waiting for him. Both of them were surprised when the saw smiling White Feather.


"Skunk Pelt, you can get into a lot of trouble doing that!" Mossy Braid exclaimed while Skunk Pelt laid flat on his back trying to get some sleep.

"By who?" Skunk Pelt asked scared Mossy Braid.

"Wandering Feet! He forbid you to-"

"He said not to talk to them, Mossy. He never said I could not leave things from the distance. Plus, I wasn't talking. Wandering Brain never said I couldn't wave or whistle."

"It's obvious what Wandering Feet meant, Skunk Pelt!"

"Unless he says so, then I will stop."

"... You are going to keep this up, aren't you?"

"As long as I keep an eye out, I can keep doing this, Mossy."

Skunk Pelt smiled at Mossy Braid and told her she could go now. Still scared, Mossy Braid wandered out and looked at the smoke that rose where White Feather lived.

"Those poor saplings..." Mossy Braid whispered sadly to herself as she walked back to her hut.

The Vulture Tribe are the wisest.

And cunning. Calling Bird and Wandering Feet both suffered sprained ankles after falling into the traps Skunk Pelt set because they were starving Sky.

Skunk Pelt did warn them both.



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Just to let you peeps know, some chapters in this story will not be posted for adult content. Those chapters will be posted on Wattpad.

Just a heads up. Undecided
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Aw. Sad

Here they are: http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=23360.msg1791696#msg1791696 *sandwich to the head for advertising*

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