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Author Topic: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©  (Read 8993 times)
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Chapter 40...

"Wake up, baby. Everyone is scared and we have to begin our day."

The baby snored softly beside Sky. Far away, Sky heard screaming. He had to wake up this baby.



"Burning Tracks, it was a just a minor mistake in the heavens."

"You say that? Why did the sun vanish?"


"No, I am sure it had to do with White Feather's leech."

"What do you say, Wandering Feet?"

"We will see. If the sun stays near the mountains later at sunset, it was a mistake."

"If it vanishes?"

"Then, it is White Feather's son."

The sun was high in the sky again, and everyone was working or hunting while the kids stayed with their mothers. Burning Tracks turned to Spotted Wings.

"Will the sun always do this now, Burning Tracks?"

"I do not know. If it does, so be it."

"Hmmm. How strange that a Sun God will do this each day."

"Sun God?? what is that??"

"A God."

"I know that for the love of- What does this Sun God do?!"
Buring Tracks barked at Spotted Wings who only looked up at the clouds. Wandering Feet and Calling Bird both pleaded to Spotted Wings to talk.

"A Sun God is... well- er?  He rises in the morning when he wakes up, he goes down to sleep and to let us now the day is done,"
Spotted Wings stated still looking up at the clouds.

"Hmmm. That seems more believable than Burning Tracks words," Piped Calling Bird. Burning Tracks frowned at him.

"You can not let your guard down with that child still around."

Burning Tracks stalked away with Wandering Feet in tow. Calling Bird and Spotted Wings went on with their walk.

"How do you know such things, Spotted Wings?"

"I do not know."

"You must-"

"Listen, Calling Bird. You and I both are having doubts about White Feather's son."

"I do not-"

"You do. We are both thinking that everything is a lie and Sky truly is the Sky God."

"Shut up! What if someone hears you!"

"You see? By now, you would've slapped me for talking like this."

Calling Bird sputtered and looked around before slapping Spotted Wings.

"Too late. You let your secret out."

"Oooh! Don't let Wandering Feet know about this!"


"We are already hanging by a string since Sun Dancer and White Feather got together! Any more trouble and The Peacock Tribe will leave!"


"Just, do not speak of this again!"

Calling Bird hurried off. Spotted Wings looked up at the sky again.




Late at night, Sun Dancer laid her head on White Feather's lap with Sky on her chest. Sky hugged his toy tightly as his mother ran her fings through Sky's dark hair.

The sun had vanished again.

"Look at you, Sky. You look like us."

Sky's pale skin turned as dark as his parents' and his light colored hair was now black. His eyes stayed blue.

"I don't know what is happening," Sky whispered. Sun Dancer looked up at White Feather.

"What's wrong, Birdy?"

"I- the sun..."

"What about it? It will come back."

"The baby..."


Sky's eyes were wide as he stared at the fire his mother made. Sky could hear the baby's soft snoring.

"I was in this room- a bright room... bright as the sun."


"There was this baby crying on the floor."


"I went to sleep next to him so he would calm down."

"Did he?"



"I felt this strange urge. An urge I never felt before, I knew what I had to do even though I have never felt it."

Sky pressed his head against his mother and squeezed White Feather's fingers.

"What does this mean...?" Sky implored to his parents.

"Why are you afraid?"

"Not for myself. Is the baby alright?"

"He is now. He has met his God. The God who will forever be with him."

Sky nodded his head. The fear left inside.

That's all he wanted to know.

"Good night, mama. Good night, papa."

"Good night, Sky."

"Good night, Birdy."




"Good night, baby."



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Chapter 41...

The sky was dark again as the sun went to sleep; Sky was walking behind with his mother and father as all three of them hauled back sticks to burn. Sun Dancer looked behind her and smiled seeing Sky struggle to carry his small bundle.

"Give it to me, baby."

"I can 'arry it."

"Come on, Sky. I'll carry it."

Sun Dancer stopped, stooped over, and took the sticks from Sky.

Sky's arms stopped burning when his mother took the sticks from him. Skipping ahead, Sky hummed as his parents' walked slowly behind.

"Do not run off too far, Birdy!" White Feather called when he saw Sky disappearing. Sky ran up and trotted beside White Feather. Soon, Sky's legs ached, and he wanted to rest.

"Pick me up!"

"Sky, papa is-"

"Pick me up!"

White Feather smiled painfully at Sky and let him scramble onto his back. Sky smiled and wrapped his arms around White Feather's neck.




Back at the hut, Sky was playing around with the beetles when he heard drums beating and whooping. Sun Dancer and White Feather looked up hearing the drums and whooping.

"What is going on, mama?"

"I don't know."

"Looks like someone from the Vulture Tribe is united or they have a baby," said White Feather, pulling Sky onto his lap. Sun Dancer clapped her hands together startling Sky. "Oh! That's nice!"

"A baby? Can I play with the baby?" Sky asked his father who shook his head no.

"Newborns are very little, and they need to stay with their mamas."


Sky sat back unhappily thinking about a new playmate. White Feather glance over at Sun Dancer.

"Should we?"

"Wait until he is a bit older. Right now he needs us."

White Feather nodded his head and patted Sky's back to help him sleep. The whooping and drums went on.

Far away in the Vulture Tribe, Skunk Pelt had untied one of his Withering Bark's sisters with one of their men.

It was a happy union, and Skunk Pelt was happy for them; Withering Bark was proud as well for his sister.

"Looks like she'll be a mother soon!" Withering Bark said, nudging Skunk Pelt.


Skunk Pelt looked back sadly at his own empty hut. It wasn't long ago when BlackWater told him that he couldn't give his wife any children. After that bad news, Skunk Pelt lost his wife to a disease in the skin before they were even united. 

Skunk Pelt decide to steer away from that kind of business.

Still, he felt lonely in his hut. With a tired sigh, Skunk Pelt looked up at the sky while everyone celebrated.



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Chapter 42...

Sky sat alone outside of the hut looking up at the night sky. Stars were blinking at him.

Everyone was asleep except for Sky. Sky reached up to the night sky to catch a star.

Far away, Sky stared at a strangely shaped object in the sky. It always showed up after the sun left. It has been doing that for weeks making Sky wonder what it was. First, it was a black orb in the sky. Then it started to change. It turned into a curved shaped gray object which reminded Sky of a dry reed.

Then it changed into half of a circle like a boat standing up.

When his parents were asleep, Sky would sneak outside to look at his strange friend. Tonight, it was full and hiding from the world.

Seeing it like this, Sky sang softly to it hoping to coax it out from hiding. The glowing object refused.

Getting up, Sky ran to the hill where he and his father always stood to look at the Tribes. The white object was still hiding. Sky made it to the top of the hill and waved to his friend. The peculiar, glowing orb floated upward higher above Sky's head.

Sky's blue eyes widened seeing his midnight friend. Slowly, Sky reached up to see if he could touch it since it was unusually close to him.

Sky touched the glowing orb. No one could see him. Sky's small dark hand rested on the white, cold surface.

Closing his eyes, Sky saw a small baby resting in her crib.

"You. You are the Moon..." Sky whispered to the moon. Sky pulled his hand back and watched as the moon lifted away from him and rose towards the sky.

She wasn't afraid anymore.




From the three Tribes, each Chief stood outside looking up at the moon.


Skunk Pelt held both hands to his chest seeing the moon. He didn't know why he felt like crying seeing such beauty.

"It's...beautiful..." Skunk Pelt choked out.


Wandering Feet reached out his hand towards the moon that seem to be calling him; his throat ached dreadfully seeing the moon.

"What are you...?" Wandering Feet rasped to the moon.


Calling Bird stood there looking up at the moon in a trance. What was this thing that was hunting him?

"Oh... oh..." Was all Calling Bird said to the moon.


Far away on the hill, Sky was dancing and singing his praise to the Moon Goddess.



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Chapter 43...

Someone tipped Wandering Feet about Spotted Wings and his doubt about Sky being a demon. Wandering Feet didn't tell Calling Bird nor Spotted Wings, but Spotted Wings could sense it. Late at night when everyone even Calling Bird were resting, Spotted Wings threw all of his belongings into a leather bag and grabbed his staff. He had to get out fast. Spotted wasn't afraid of Wandering Feet, he knew that if he stayed; it will only bring more trouble to the Tribes and Sky. Quickly, Spotted Wings tied the string on his bag and left his hut.

Looking back will only bring more heartache.

Trying to keep his ragged breathing down, Spotted Wings hurried past the huts and Calling Bird's. He couldn't say goodbye. For a long time, Spotted Wings told Calling Bird if something should ever happen and the secret got out, Calling Bird was to deny that he also had doubts and Spotted Wings was to take the blame. When Calling Bird finds out that he is missing, he'll know why.




Owls hooted and flew by above Spotted Wings head. Spotted Wings ran faster. He had to get away before the sun rose. Far away from his Tribe and Wandering Feet's. Far away from Skunk Pelt's Tribe.

Spotted Wings had to leave. Where? He didn't know. Spotted Wings crashed to the floor when he tripped on something.



Spotted Wings heart skipped a beat. Sky was getting up.

"What are you doing here!?" Spotted Wings hissed at Sky who was trying to get up; Spotted Wings picked him up, gently spanked him, and told him to go home. Sky looked up at him.

"Where are you going?"

"Away! Far away!"


Spotted Wings looked at Sky. Sky was holding his toy and waiting for Spotted Wings to speak.

"For you."

"For me?"

"Wandering Feet knows about my doubt; I have to get away to keep you and everyone safe."

"You don't have to do that..."

"I want to."

"Please don't."

"Sky, please."

"Where will you run?"

"I am meeting a few friends who will get me out of here,"
Spotted Wings lied as he looked around in fear. Sky looked down sadly at his bare feet.

"Will I see you again?"

"Why are you asking questions? You barely know me."

"I know you enough, Spotted Wings."


"All because of me, you are leaving.

Sky patted Spotted Wings on the leg. Spotted Wings knelt down to Sky and looked at him in the eyes.

"This is not your fault, Sky."

"It feels like it."

"It is not your fault."

"Then whose fault is it?"

"Take pity on those who hate you, Sky. They do not know."

"How come?"

"I do not know... all I know is that this is not your fault."


"Be brave, Sky. One day, they will all see who you are."


Smiling, Spotted Wings ruffled Sky's black hair. Sky hugged Spotted Wings goodbye. Holding his breath, Spotted Wings looked around.

Sky held onto him. Slowly, Spotted Wings hugged Sky back.

"Look at me. I'm hugging a God!"

Sky smiled and hugged Spotted Wings even tighter.




Sky stood far away waving goodbye to Spotted Wings. Spotted Wings was walking backward and waving both hands to Sky.

A long navy colored sheet of the sky covered Spotted Wings. Hugging his toy, Sky waited until he could no longer see Spotted Wings before going back home.




Calling Bird stood outside of Spotted Wing's hut with livid Wandering Feet.

"The fool ran, Calling Bird."

Calling Bird nodded his head slowly.




Far away from the other Tribes, Spotted Wings was singing as he traveled. Looking up at the sky, Spotted Wings smiled.

He will meet Sky again somewhere else in another world. He just had to wait.



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interesting. however, it's getting a bit hard to read it with all the ellipsis points, I think it would be easier if there was just one instead of three


more like this


not like this




with too much space in the middle that makes me have to scroll down a lot

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Chapter 44...


A year had gone by, another line carved into the stick, Sky was getting slightly older. Today while playing around, Sky was too wrapped up in his hunting game that he didn't see the trap set out for small animals. A strong rope was knotted around Sky's ankle as he hung upside down from a tree- swinging back and forth, Sky screamed for help. Mainly his father or mother. White Feather walked up and found his son hanging upside down.

"Caught anything, boy?" White Feather quipped and leaned against the tree. Sky shook his head no and squirmed. "Help me!" Sky whined, reaching his small arms to White Feather. White Feather gently pushed Sky back and forth.


"Don't fret, Sky. Try to-"


"Sky, stop thrashing around and listen to me,"
White Feather said firmly and swung Sky into his arms so the blood wouldn't rush to his head; Sky sighed seeing his world right-side-up again.

"Sky, when you are caught in a trap or injured. Never make a noise or cause a scene."

"Huh? Who will come to my rescue?"

"When you caught in the enemies trap, don't let them see you or hear you.


"Do you want to be in any more trouble? Screaming like that will make you an easy target to kill."

"Oooohhhh... and?"

"You do not want that. You want to escape. "


"First step. Look around."

Sky looked around with his father; the string was still tied around his ankle.

"Tell me more, Papa."

"Everything clear? Good. Next, if you caught in a snare like this; find the weakest knot and start working on it until you are free."

White Feather lowered Sky until he was upside down again. Sky grunted as he tried to reach the rope around his ankle.

"I can't do it."

"Use the upper half of your body. The legs are no longer useful now that you are tied up. Push yourself up with the upper half to reach. Like this."

Quickly, White Feather climbed up the tree and hung upside down next to Sky. Sky smiled at him.


Swiftly, White Feather flipped himself forward and grabbed hold of the tree trunk. Sky watched in awe. It looked extremely easy for his father. "I can't do it." Sky complained. White Feather wasn't going to let that pass.

"You will never know unless you try, Sky."


"Do as I did."

White Feather waited for Sky to begin. Sky took a deep breath and swung his body weakly. White Feather told Sky to keep trying. Glaring, Sky tried over and over until he got it. Sky squealed with delight when he touched his ankle, but fell over again.


"That was fantastic, Sky!!"

Sky swung around while his father told him the next step. "Once you have flipped yourself up, look for the weakest part of the snare. Try it," White Feather ordered once Sky flipped himself up and hung onto his legs for dear life. Skys arched back burned because he wasn't use to being hunched over in mid-air trying to untie a snare.

White Feather watched as Sky poked and tugged at the snare.

"Found it!!" Sky crowed to his father. White Feather jerked his head sharply at Sky to go on. Sweat beaded up on Sky's forehead as he untied the snare; he could feel the tight rope becoming loose around his ankle.

"I got-"



Sky landed on the hard ground when he foolishly let go of the rope. White Feather cursed and jumped down to see if Sky was alright.

"Birdy? Are you alright??"


"This is my fault. I should have been holding onto you."

Sky's head rolled around as he looked up at the swaying trees. Sky looked at White Feather.

"Should I cry?"

"What an odd question. But yes, when you fall like that, it is best not to cry."


"But, since it's only me here, go ahead."

White Feather picked up Sky and let him weep on his shoulder. Sky rarely cries because he thinks only babies cry, but he couldn't help himself this time.


Sun Dancer scurried out from the hut like a squirrel when she saw White Feather walking up.

"What happened??"

"Oh, his lesson ended off painfully."

Sun Dancer took sniffling Sky from White Feather and cradled him close to her. Sky started to weep again now that he was with his mother. White Feather's eyebrow went up slowly seeing Sun Dancer fret and sooth her child. Now, Sky was only crying because he knew that Sun Dancer would give him the attention he wanted. White Feather knew his game.

"We'll try again tomorrow, eh, Birdy?" White Feather said to Sky who nodded his head.

"Tomorrow, White Feather. Make sure YOU get hurt and not our baby,"
Sun Dancer huffed and went back to the hut carrying smiling Sky.

"Sun Dancer!!" White Feather yelled.

Oh, well.



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Chapter 45...

"You see this, Birdy?"


"This is Turmeric."

White Feather pulled out a strangely shaped root that looked like an owl pellet. Sky wrinkled his nose.

"We use this to heal an wound and other uses."

White Feather handed it to Sky. Sky held in his hands before trying to eat it. White Feather gripped Sky's wrist to stop him.

"Let's see how it looks," White Feather told weary Sky who only shrugged. White Feather cut the Turmeric root in half. The inside of the Turmeric looked like a sweet potato to Sky.

"Looks funny."

"Yes, but watch."

Placing a stone bowl on the dirt, White Feather crushed the root until it turned into orange powder. Sky sat cross-legged in front of his father.

"Now what?"

"Now we save it in this jar."

"Is this the stuff mama used when a broken branch landed on you?"

"Yes, she also used this yesterday when you fell out of a tree."

Sky thought for a minute. Sun Dancer did pull out a jar full of orange powder.

"How does mama know how to use this stuff, pap?"

"Her father was a Wiseman, so he taught her when she was very young."


Sky took the jar of powdered Turmeric to Sun Dancer who received it gratefully. White Feather glared when his son came back with a small bowl of mush with raisins.

"Where did you get that?" White Feather growled when Sky sat next to him eating his mush with his fingers. "Mama. She said I was a smart baby and I deserve a treat." Sky said with his mouth full. White Feather honked and said he should go in next time to get some of that action.



A day later...

"Be careful, Birdy. Never leave your fingers where the arrowhead is. You'll cut yourself."


White Feather stood behind Sky as he taught him how to shoot an arrow. Sweating from the summer heat, Sky licked his dry lips and aimed his arrow at the bush where he was supposed to hit. He wasn't ready to shoot at wild game yet. White Feather lifted Sky's arms a bit higher and told him to take a step back. Sky stepped back.


The arrow landed not too far from the bush. Sky was disappointed.

"Do not fret, Birdy. Let's keep going."


Sun Dancer watched her husband teach their child how to shoot an arrow until the sun was beginning to set.

"Did you see, mama? I almost hit the tree," Sky said as Sun Dancer combed down his hair. "I saw you both, you did very well, baby," Said Sun Dancer. White Feather placed the prickly fence in the entrance of the hut to keep wild animals out.

"I wanna try some more tomorrow."

"You will."

"When can I learn how to mix herbs like you, mama?"

"Whenever you want."


"If you want."

While White Feather laid down to rest, Sun Dancer instructed Sky how to mix the right amount of herbs and water. Sky listened carefully.



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Chapter 46...

Crouching low in the high grass, Sky crawled alongside his father and mother as they watched quails that were cheeping and eating the seeds White Feather left.

"Look at them, Birdy."

"I like that funny thing on their head."

"Focus, Birdy."


"Watch them; We want the male."

"Why not the female?"

"If she has chicks with her, we must leave them alone."

"Okay. How can you tell which is the male?"

White Feather pointed to a quail that ruffling its feathers and acting big in front of the other quails. White Feather smiled at Sun Dancer while Sky nodded his head leisurely.

"That's him?"

"Yes. The male acts like that to impress a female."

"Did you do that with mama?"

"Maybe. Mama must have been-"

"I only picked papa because he was the dud and no one wanted him. Pity the poor fool, Sky."

White Feather frowned when Sky and Sun Dancer started to laugh at him. That was not true.

Sky watched a mother quail and her chicks walk past them without even noticing them.

"Oh, they are cute!" Sky squealed softly as the quail pecked at the seeds with her babies.


"We did a good job on these grass coverings."

"It's itchy though..."

Sun Dancer had to agree with her husband about the disguise they made. Taking out his slingshot, White Feather placed a stone in the pouch and prepared to swing it at the largest male. Sky grabbed White Feather's arm before he could take his shot.

"What are you doing!?"

"Going to-"

"No, don't! They are too cute!"

"So is a deer."

"No, not quails!"

"Stop, Birdy."

"They are too little for eating."

Sky whined and tugged at White's Feather's long hair while Sun Dancer was laughing at White Feather who was trying to get Sky off.


"What will we eat then?"

"Wait until the quails are older!"

"The silly birds won't grow anymore!"

"Forget it, White Feather. Sky will cry if you kill one."

Sky was close to tears and tugged at White Feather. White Feather sighed and let go of his slingshot.

"Alright. Not today."

The quails scattered when Sun Dancer stood up to take Sky home. White Feather watched the dinner run away.

Next time, he won't bring Sky. Sky never cared when they killed other animals, why did he care about a silly bird?

White Feather was annoyed when Sun Dancer told him that Sky doesn't eat birds because he loved them too much. White Feather and Sun Dancer had to hide the bird meat with vegetables so Sky wouldn't starve.



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Post a chapter later.
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Chapter 47...

Picking up his small spear, Sky aimed at a pelt that was hanging on a tree branch.

With a careful eye, Sky threw his stick at the pelt.


Sun Dancer came out from behind the bear pelt.

"Don't do that! You'll ruin the pelt!"

"Sorry, mama."

Sun Dancer pulled the spear out an frowned at the small hole in the pelt. Sky kicked at the dirt and smiled at his mother.

"Go practice on something else, baby. Not on the pelts I need."


Sky ran off with his spear while Sun Dancer patched up the hole. Far off, Sky practiced what his father taught him in the high grass. Small animals ran away from Sky; Sky chased after them hoping to catch one rabbit for tonight. Very soon the animals will hide for the winters.

They were very plump with fat and Sky wanted to catch as many as he could to please his parents and to feed them.

The winter was very hard for them all. It was hard for everyone who is lazy enough to slack off during the autumn season. Sky wasn't going to be like that ever. He wanted to be a swift hunter like his parents.

He was strong enough for it, why waste away your youth when you can be running and hunting?

But, there was more to life than that. White Feather taught him how to hunt and skin animals. Sun Dancer taught Sky how to cook and make medicine.

Sky was taught by both of them in growing, making clay pots and other useful things in life.

Most of all, Sky was taught to love and care for the earth and everything around him. Sky could do that.

Sky found his bow and arrows he left outside overnight and chased after a rabbit.

A rabbit with black feet.

Sky ran after the crazy rabbit that was filled with poison. Soon the rabbit came to a halt and laid there. Sky ran up to it to kill it. Looking down, Sky stared at the purple juice oozing out of the rabbit's open mouth. The dying rabbit was breathing heavily.

An animal knows when plants are not good for eating. Sky knew that one.

Far away, Burning Tracks was looking at him.

This time, Burning Tracks intention was to kill Sky along with his parents. He heard that Sky was learning how to hunt and was good at skinning his prize.

All it took was one foolish child to kill them all.


Sky stared at the rabbit before stabbing her. The rabbit stopped moving and died. Happily, Sky picked up his prize and looked over at her. Plump and its pelt was silky.

Burning Tracks watched, his wooden mask covered his face and part of his torso to help him blend in with the trees.

"Such a foolish "god"," Burning Tracks laughed to himself. Getting up from his spot, Burning Tracks stood up and looked back at Sky who would be running off.

Sky wasn't.

Instead, Sky was glaring at Burning Tracks with his bow pointed at him. Burning Tracks took a step back, Sky released his arrow, and it zoomed in at Burning Tracks face.



At the hut, Sky found that his father was already home. Sky hugged his father's leg and asked him what did he catch.

"Oh, fish- hey, where is your arrow?"

"I have them."

"You had ten; I only see nine."

"Oh, I killed a monster."

White Feather smiled thinking that Sky was lying to him, so he decided to humor him.

"Where was this monster?"

"Behind the trees."

"How did he look?"

"Like the trees. He had a wooden mask on!"

Sun Dancer stopped as well as White Feather. They both knew that Burning Tracks wore a wooden mask to hide his face.



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Chapter 48...

"Who were you shooting at!?" White Feather demanded as he shook Sky by the shoulders. Sky was too scared to answer his father. White Feather never shouted in anger at him. Sky's eyes were wide. "Who were you shooting at!?" White Feather repeated. "Answer me!"

"A- a-" Stuttered Sky. Sun Dancer came to Sky's rescue and took him away from White Feather. Sky hugged his mother tightly, tears gathered in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

"Stop it! You are scaring him!" Sun Dancer snapped at White Feather.

"He'll have more to be scared of when Wandering Feet finds out!"

"Stop it! Stop talking like that!!!"

Sky blinked twice. Wandering Feet? He heard about him. Giving White Feather one more nasty look, Sun Dancer told Sky to look at her. Sky turned to look at his mother. Her face clouded with fear.

"What did you shoot at?"

"A monster."

"What kind?"

"He had a big wooden mask on to hide his ugly face, mama."

Sun Dancer nodded her head. Her father always wore that mask. Sky shot at her father which will anger Wandering Feet.

"Why, baby?"

"He poisoned a rabbit! It was harmless, and the monster gave it Devil Berries!"

Sun Dancer looked at White Feather who was shocked.

"He poisoned it and was watching me as I killed it!"

"You killed that rabbit?"

"It was suffering."

"And? Why were you hunting?"

"I wanted to bring home food,"
Sky said sadly. He hated that monster with a passion. How dare he hurt the earth's children like this.



"Was this monster attacking you?"

Sky thought for a minute.

"No... but I wanted to kill him for hurting the rabbit."

"Oh, Sky... never kill to get revenge."

"But, he-"

"Never do that. It will not help, it will only give you more pain."


"You will have to live with that thought for the rest of your life."

"The rabbit, mama, the rabbit!"

Sun Dancer rubbed down Sky's hair and rocked him.

"It's hard to understand, baby. But when one hurts you or your friend, Mother Earth never forgets."


"Never, she has her way. Those who show her kindness and lives without fault, she will reward them when their time has come to an end."

"The monster?"

"The wicked will be punished by her and the other Deities."

Sky sighed and rested his head on his mothers' shoulder. White Feather felt guilty for yelling at Sky when Burning Tracks was the one who attacked Sky first.

"White Feather?"

"Yes, Sun Dancer?"

"Go see..."

"Alright. Sky, where was this monster?"

After Sky told him, White Feather left to see the body of Burning Tracks.


The body was gone.


An hour ago.

Groaning, Burning Tracks sat up. The head of Sky's arrow was stuck in his wooden mask and nearly hit between his eyes.

Yanking the arrow out, Burning Tracks got up to see if Sky had taken the rabbit. The poisonous rabbit was near Burning Tracks.

"Damn it."

Burning Tracks got up and went back home. Wandering Feet was swatting pesky children out his hut when Burning Tracks arrived.

"I never knew you had three eyes, Burning Tracks."

"What makes you say that, Wandering Feet?"

"The third hole in your mask. So! The kid got you first?"

Burning Tracks ignored Wandering Feet and went back to his hut. Burning Tracks swore on his life that he would never tell anyone how a child defeated him.



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he's getting pretty smart~

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Chapter 49...

As quickly as autumn came, winter moved in. The animals went into hiding, the trees lost their fruit, and the garden wouldn't grow until spring. While White Feather hunted and Sun Dancer made clothing from the warm pelts, Sky would hunt for frozen pecans, practice, or play outside. The meat was scarce, but the shamed family made it through with the help of friends, and a mysterious outsider who would leave them some food or herbs.

A few months later...

Pulling on his snug moccasins, Sky grumbled about how he wanted to play outside without them.

"Your feet will freeze, Sky."

"So? Just wait for them to heat up like-"

"They will."

"See? And-"

"But we will have to cut them off because they no longer have blood in them."

Sky ran outside with his moccasins on. Sun Dancer watched him from inside the hut and warned him if he was wandering away. Sun Dancer had to keep a close eye on Sky thanks to evil Wandering Feet and his sick-minded ways. That and Sky would gorge himself on the snow because it tasted good.



"Stop eating that!"

"It's good! Try some!"


"Come on! Let's put some berries in the snow!!"

Reluctantly, Sun walked out of the hut with berries. Sun Dancer told Sky that only for a few minutes.

Sky made small snow-cakes with sprinkled berries and gave it to his mother. Sun Dancer told Sky that they might get sick, but after eating the frozen cake with sweet berries; there was no going back.

Sun Dancer and Sky ate snow-cake after snow-cake until White Feather found them both groaning inside the hut.

"Sun Dancer..."

"I didn't think it will taste that good... ooohhh..."

Sky whined at White Feather to pick him up since Sun Dancer couldn't do it. Smirking at Sun Dancer, White Feather picked up Sky. His stomach swollen with snow. Cradling his whiny son, White Feather hunted for the herbs to help with Sky and Sun Dancer's stomachaches. After boiling the herb, White Feather held the bowl to Sky's mouth. Sky took one drink, made a face, and pushed it away.


"Come on, Birdy. It will make you feel better."

"I hate this stuff!"

"Don't say that word; the earth grew this, now you drink it."

Sky sighed and gulped down the rest of the hot drink. Placing Sky besides Sun Dancer and covering him with a blanket, White Feather turned to Sun Dancer.

"Your turn."

"Ew. I never did like that stuff."

"Come on."

Sun Dancer took the bowl and drank down the drink before she lost her nerve. Lying back down beside sleeping Sky, Sun Dancer thanked White Feather.

White Feather looked worried.

"What is it?" Sun Dancer asked him.

"There is a black cloud far away."


"It's the cloud of a winter storm,"
White Feather said, his voice shaking slightly. Sun Dancer looked at the pelts that White Feather will use to cover the entrance. Back at the other Tribes, everyone was preparing for the storm.

"We will be fine, don't worry."

"How do you know?"

"Hmmm. We have food, you are home, Sky is with us, and the hut is secure. We are going to be fine,"
Sun Dancer said happily to boost up White Feather's spirits. Feeling a bit better, White Feather smiled back at her. Since Sun Dancer and Sky were sick and White Feather wasn't that hungry, so he placed the spiky fence over the entrance, and nailed in the pelts. White Feather laid down next to Sky with a large blanket over him and Sun Dancer. Sky was snoring between them both. To know if the sun was going down, White Feather and Sun Dancer watched Sky gradually change colors. His pale skin turn a soft pink to a dark hue like them. His hair became pitch black showing them that it was night already.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, but White Feather was safe and warm with his family just like he wanted.



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Chapter 50...

While Sky was resting with his family, far away from the hidden Tribes, the town from the other side was in the middle of the storm. Thunder boomed, lightning flashed, the wind shrieked, and the night was pitch black as the snowstorm raged. The foolish who went out to get a petty thing got lost and froze outside in the snow. The people depended on the sunstones or warmth and used its rays to light their way and to keep warm. Sadly, they didn't collect enough of the sunstones that day because they never saw the black cloud.

Inside, families huddled together and prayed for the storm to cease. The snowstorm became even more powerful. Snow built up and trapped families or hermits inside of the homes, barns and other shelters. Fear grew inside of the people's hearts, were the Deities listening to their pleas?


He came into the world crying.

Instead of sunstones, the people were blessed greatly by a God.

He gave them fire.

In the heavens, a Goddess named Seikatsu listened to the cries of joy and songs of praise.

Nuzzling his small fist, the newborn God rested inside of the arms of his older brother.

Like Sky, no one will understand the newborn God.



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