Question: The best?
Calling Bird. (Eagle Tribe) - 0 (0%)
Wandering Feet. (Peacock Tribe) - 0 (0%)
Skunk Pelt. (Vulture Tribe) - 1 (100%)
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Author Topic: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©  (Read 4757 times)
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lol, their reactions to discovering jewelry are hilarious

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Chapter 104...

"Big Brother, do you have a lady?"


"A wife?"

"A wife? No."

"Are you charming a girl?"

"No. I have never dated in my life."

"Date? Like the fruit?"

"No, we call them dates where I come from."

Sky nodded his head and thought seriously for a minute. "Tell me what else you do, Big Brother."

"Well, my job is... you know how your grandfather and those other men found that book with drawings? My friend drew those and I take the pictures," Big Brother said to Sky who was seated on his lap. Other younger children were play fighting in the grass. "Oh? Well, he draws very well. Tell him I like the drawings," Sky cooed as he looked through the drawing book again. "Your job is taking pictures?"

"Uh-huh. What's yours?" Big Brother teased and wished he hadn't after seeing Sky's happy face fall. "I take care of the babies and my cousins... I have to cook, clean, and hunt whenever their parents' are gone for the day..." Big Brother heard Sky whisper, his eyes staring at his aunts.

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that..."

"It's alright. When I am no longer a child, they will kick me out, and I'm on my own forever!"

Big Brother hated the way Sky sounded so happy at the fact of being thrown out as if he were nothing but another mouth to feed. Sky played with his fingers.

"Big Brother, do you believe in Deities?"

"Why? Do you?"

"I do."

"Deities, huh? Mmmh, I suppose. I don't listen to most of the rules-"

"Would you believe me if I told you I was a God?"

Big Brother was taken aback. He never thought of Sky being one. Sky looked up at him waiting for an answer.

"Are... you?"

"The Vulture Tribe says I am and the pay homage to me. Do you believe them? Do you believe in me?"

"What kind of Deities do you believe in?"

"The Earth Goddess. The Sun God and Moon Goddess, and Loyal."

"Loyal? Back home, we pay homage to him, too."

Sky brightened when Big Brother said this. He wasn't alone on this! Big Brother was still stunned with Sky.

"But... I don't listen to most of Loyal's Laws, Sky."

"Laws? What's that? What are they?"

"Those Laws are the only time I curse him."

Before Sky could ask, he and Big Brother heard heckling and vulgar jokes as well as cruel remarks. Big Brother got up, and Sky slid off his lap. Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird at the white men who were laughing at the uniting ceremony. Wandering Feet went on as if the men were not there.

"What is so funny?"

"Look at him! Look how he is allowing two women to be married!"

Wandering Feet had no idea what the men were saying, but he knew it wasn't good. The laughing and cruel words went on. Big Brother's face redded with anger and humiliation. Sky looked up at him, and at Wandering Feet. "What is wrong? I see nothing wrong with this," Sky said; Wandering Feet still praying for the terrified women. The men laughed at Sky.

"It is a sin for the same sex to fall in love!"

"It is not. It is the two spirits falling in love."

"According to Loyal's Law, these women should be killed."

"Killed?? No, no-"

"Sky, let me handle this."

Big Brother stepped up to his friends and talked to them in a hushed voice. Wandering Feet went on, but held onto the women's hands.

"They don't listen to those laws here. Let them do what they want-"

"Keep living in sin like this? No, this ends now."

One of the men grabbed the women by the neck and she screamed in terror. Sky jumped out of the way when Wandering Feet stomped up. What happened next, Sky couldn't believe. Wandering Feet had the man pushed to the tree with a knife to his throat. Big Brother held some odd shaped thing in his hand, pointing at his friend.

Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt bother had their arrows pointed to the white man. Wandering Feet shoved the man harder to the tree. "If you ever taint my Tribe again with your ignorance I will kill you!" Wandering Feet snapped. The man was trying to push Wandering Feet away, but Wandering Feet wouldn't let him go. Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt walked closer and stood beside Wandering Feet.

"Stop! Wandering Feet, let him go!" BlackWater yelled, pulling weakly at Wandering Feet's arm. "Skunk Pelt, this isn't what we want, put your arrows down!"

Wandering Feet released the man, spat at his boots, and walked away with the women in front of him. "Get out! Get out and do not come back!!" Wandering Feet yelled as Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird followed him.

"What's he saying?"

"He's telling you to leave. I agree with him this time,"
Sky said cooly before walking to Calling Bird. "Sky..." Big Brother said, and Sky looked at him.

"Please, Big Brother. If you care for your life, do not come back to the Peacock Tribe. Ever."

Sky ran after Calling Bird. Big Brother felt horrible seeing Sky ran away.




"I don't... I don't feel like talking to you until I hear what Big Brother has to say."

When I give my warning, I mean it. I do not play around when it comes down to my warnings. If think I am not serious, you are in for a nasty surprise...
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