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Author Topic: TWG CVIII: Return to the Courtroom (Lounge)  (Read 5083 times)
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« on: May 11, 2018, 06:21:55 PM »

TWG: Return to the Courtroom

In their perpetual run from the wolves, the humans found themselves back in the town of law seen so many years ago. They wanted the wolves in jail, and they were willing to risk a trial in order to do that. However, wolves who know they might go to jail become a bit... let's say anxious, and anxious wolves tend to crave... bloodshed. Will the town survive and deliver justice? Or will things take a turn for the worse?

Human - ordinary, participates in lynches
Insomniac - has anxiety about the trial and can't sleep, knows who visits him at night
Disguised Wolf - a wolf, but is green

Chief Justice - each night, picks two people and learns if their colors match
Guardian - can protect someone each night from the wolves
Necromancer - can revive one dead player at night, they will be revived at daybreak
Bailiff - can shoot three players at night, turns into a human if he shoots a blue role
Stalker - each night finds out who a player visits

Wolf - just an ordinary wolf
Brutal Wolf - chooses someone to kill when lynched
Wolf Shaman - each night finds someone's color
Mason - thinks they're a human, but is red

Amnesiac - once per game can remember as a dead player, accepting their win condition
Murderer - once per game can kill 2 people at night, wins (beats others) if he makes it to the end

1. Blast Burn
2. DeluxePizza
3. CursedSkylark
4. Penguin022
5. Aburrito
6. Robin the Wizard
7. Blatant Wolf
8. xoBasicFaith
9. Leia
10. Sean the Scooper
11. Kirby
12. Sayori
13. Burn
14. Niko~
15. Zulpiz
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Long Signature:
TWG Stats:
LXXXIX - Win - Disguised Wolf
XC - Loss - Human
XCI - Loss - Insomniac
XCII - Win - Wolf
XCIII - Loss - Cheater
XCIV - Loss - Guardian
XCV - Game Died - Guardian
XCVI - Loss - Politician
XCVII - Loss - Seer
XCVIII - Loss - Human
XCIX - Win and MVP - Angakkuq
C - Loss - Wanderer
CI - Host
CII - Win - Insomniac
CIII - Loss - Disguised Wolf
CIV - Win - Human
CV - Loss - Human
CVI - Win - Arctic Wolf
CVII - Lose - Seer/Servant/Human
CVIII - Host
CX - Win - Lvov
CXI - Win and MVP - Arsonist
CXII - Win and MVP - Espionage Wolf
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9/19/17 - Closers
9/19/17 - Akari
10/4/17 - Xerneas
10/20/17 - Blank
11/14/17 - Swampert, Sceptile and Blaziken
11/16/17 - Complete Zygarde
12/4/17 - Franchise Owner by Excalibur
12/5/17 - Restaurant Star by Excalibur
12/13/17 - LePete laughing
12/19/17 - Cyrus, Pokemon Team Galactic
1/18/18 - Blank
2/28/18 - Red/Blue Blastoise Sprite
3/3/18 - derogatory
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X Portrait
3/19/18 - Mega Charizard X using Blast Burn
4/4/18 - Charjabug
5/18/18 - Nothingness
6/15/18 - Thor In The Battle Of Wakanda
8/25/18 - Restaurant Legend by Excalibur

Survivor Placings:
Amazon Rainforest - 9th place - Voted self out
Mato Grosso - N/A

TWG Stats:
TWG XCVII - Lunatic Asylum - Ended Early | Role: Disguised Wolf
TWG XCVIII - Locked and Loaded - Lost as Cop
TWG XCIX - Faraway City - Won but died, Human
TWG C - Theory Of Everything - Lost as Seer
TWG CI - Foreign Affairs - Modkilled,
 but won as human

TWG CII - Reversal of Fortune - N/A
TWG CIII - A Normal Day Outside - Was going to host, but N/A
TWG CIV - Lost Connection - Won but died, Human
TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations -
 Won as Decoy Wolf

TWG CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile - Lost as Psychic
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oh, wait, I meant signature.

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TWG Stats:
TWG XCIV: Morality: Won, Role: Brutal Wolf
TWG XCV: Revolution: Game Died, Role: Undecided
TWG XCVI: Flipline: Won (Last Player Alive), Role: Psychotic Wolf, MVP.
TWG XCVII: Lunatic Asylum: Game Ended Early, Role: Rascal Wolf

TWG XCVIII: Locked and Loaded: Lost, Role: Insomniac
TWG XCIX: Faraway City: Won, Role: Psychic
TWG C: Theory of Everything: Lost, Role: Human
TWG CIII: A Normal Day Outside: Won, Role: Coroner, Town MVP
TWG CIV: Lost Connection: Won, Role: Seer

TWG CV: A Sea-Sun of Visitations: Lost, Role: Human
TWG CVI: Dostoevetsky's Exile: Lost, Role: Anastasia (Arsonist)
TWG CVII: Age of Mythology: Lost, Role: Egyptian Human
TWG CVIII: Return to the Courtroom: Won, Role: Chief Justice
TWG CX: Kainu Mosir: Lost, Role: Kainu Wolf
TWG CXII: The Penitentiary: Lost, Role: Prisoner
TWG CXIV: The Lost Files: Lost, Role: Oracle
TWG CXV: Mirai: Lost, Role: Necromancer
TWG CXVI: Stan Loona Stream Butterfly: Lost, Role: Eidetic Wolf
Cursed Survivor Results:
Mato Grosso: 14/16 (Cáceres)
South Tyrol: 12/16 (Misurina)
Easter Island: 1/12 (Colours & Tribes Soon)
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I sound very bord
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« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2018, 01:36:43 PM »

this one is very similar to ToS lol. I will actually sign up this time since I've been able to be more active lately

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I sign

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sin in

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i hate math

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XCVIII: Locked and Loaded - Lost/Wolfed Night 5 | Wolves Win (Role: Fool)
CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations - Won+MVP/Survived to the End | Wolves Win (Role: Disguised Wolf)
CVI: Dostoevsky's Exile - Lost/Ignited Night 4 | Wolves Win (Role: Lev)

CVIII: Return to the Courtroom - Lost/Lynched Day 2 | Town Wins (Role: Murderer)
CIX: Back to Basics - Won+MVP/Survived to the End | Wolves Win (Role: Wolf)
CX: Kainu Mosir - Lost+Wolf MVP/Lynched Day 1 | Town Wins (Role: Fluffy Bird Wolf)
CXI: Wait For It - Lost/Lynched Night 2 | Arsonist/Maniac Win (Role: Brutal Wolf)

CXII: The Penitentiary - HOST | Wolves Win
CXIII: Mirai - Lost/Wolfed Night 1 | Wolves Win (Role: Human)
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« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2018, 12:44:04 PM »

sign up

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« Reply #11 on: May 14, 2018, 04:58:08 AM »

Unsign because:
- I don't think I can do well even if I win.
- I don't think I would be more active later on because of real-life issues when my family don't know how to treat em well.

Can't help with it fam.
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« Reply #12 on: May 14, 2018, 01:26:08 PM »

y'all need to sign-up because I'm in the mood for some good old fashioned TWG

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« Reply #13 on: May 14, 2018, 01:36:36 PM »

sign up
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« Reply #14 on: May 14, 2018, 01:37:02 PM »

well i'm one of the few people who enjoyedthe original courtroom
so i guess i'll sign

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