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Author Topic: 6th Annual Flipline Forum Awards  (Read 596 times)
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Welcome all, to the 6th Annual Flipline Forum Awards! I’m not really one for speeches, but I will say this: If you voted for KKE for User of the Year, or yourself in any of the categories, I did not count your vote. Sorry.

Anyways, up first we have the Best Flipline Game Player Award!! This forumer is great at playing Flipline developed games like Gamerias and platformers. Drumroll please~

And the winner is . . .:
Sodium Chloride!

2nd Place: Kangablue
Also nominated: DeluxePizza, SpongeBob29, and Kiefer
Next up is the Best Forum Game Player. Slightly different from the last one, this forumer is skilled in playing all sorts of forum games, from TWG to Survivor to _____.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd Place: Gato
3rd Place: DeluxePizza
Also nominated: Nickito, blankin, Memes, Temmie, Qazikol, Sodium Chloride, skylark89, Jody, Gigi Lee Chan, Cyrus
Next up is the Best Other Forum Game. You all had a lot of opinions on this, but in the end there were two games that stood out.

And the winner is . . .:
Tied for 1st: Customer Hurt/Heal Race Game and Battle of the Genders

Unfortunately, we can’t split this award in half, so please direct your attention to the poll at the top of the thread to determine which game will win Best Other Forum Game! You have 5 minutes to vote. The rest of the results will be revealed at the end of the voting period, where you’ll have another 5 minutes to react before the next award is revealed.

2nd Place: VulpesVespa’s Quizeria
3rd Place: Vending Machine
Also nominated: Ship the User Above You, TWG Race Game, Universe Simulator, Yum or Yuck, The Alphabet Game, Survivor, Disturb a wish, Pokédex Game

*After the voting period, the winner was Battle of the Genders
Next up is Best FC Maker. Despite a controversial Customerpalooza, this user still created impressive in depth fan characters for the forum.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd Place: Juniper Montage and Nonsensical
3rd Place: OC Fanatic
Also nominated: Natayla, Faithesque, AyKooChao, DeluxePizza, HG
Next up is Best Fanfiction Author. The board may have slowly died out this year, but this user has been consistently creating solid content for the forumers in her well-known I AM . . .  story, along with skits and other stories.

And the winner is . . .:
Mint Cherry!

2nd place: Aleister Black
Also nominated: Ianiant, Natayla, Excalibur, Ravine Rother, border, blankin
Next up is Best _____’s Gameria. I probably should’ve been more clear about this award, because I got some varying results. Apologies for this- it will be cleared up next year. Despite the confusion, it was clear that the forum favored one user to win this award. This user has managed to keep track of numerous gameria orders to please the digital customers. Drumroll please . . .

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Sodium Chloride
Also nominated: Sky, Kiefer, Snowman Sean, Cyrus, Marshmallow guy, Chema
Next up, we have Most Likely to Become a Global Moderator! The forum was clear about who they thought Matt would appoint to oversee the forum’s actions. The winning user is widely thought to be one of the most trusted forumers by Matt, only second to Joe.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Juniper Montage
Also nominated: Sodium Chloride, Leia
Next up is Most Improved User. The winning user had some controversial interactions with users on this forum, but has been doing much better recently and making active steps to improve. Congrats to . . .

And the winner is:

2nd place: you got mail
Also nominated: HG, Flipfan Oofis, MarkiplierFana, Gaster
Next up is the Most Missed User. The winning user had been a strong force in this forum as the oldest active member. Known for her memes and copypastas among other things, give it up for the previous host of the forum awards . . .

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Watermelon
3rd place: Sent
Also nominated: Chef Ben, magicmusic, Lollipop, Dark~Knight
Next up is the Most Comedic User. There were a lot of nominations for this, but one user managed to pull away. He’s constantly cracking jokes and making everyone smile. Drumroll please . . .

And the winner is . . .:
Gigi Lee Lann!

2nd place: Nickito
3rd place: HG
Also nominated: Sent, Lusamine, KitKatExtreme, Lore, Excalibur, Leia, DeluxePizza, Bang, Ianiant, border
Next up is the Kindest User. The nominations were pretty consistent for this one. The winner is indisputably kind to everyone he talks to.

And the winner is . . .:
Shuichi Saihara!

2nd place: Juniper Montage
3rd place: Faithesque
Also nominated: KitKatExtreme, Tamatim, Momo-senpai, Kangablue
Next up is Ruler of the Shoutbox. This user is often found in the shoutbox, whether that be lurking or engaging in conversation.

And the winner is  . . .:

2nd place: KitKatExtreme
3rd place: Flipfan Oofis
Also nominated: Shuichi Saihara, Gigi Lee  Lann, Ianiant, Rachel AMber, Chieko Tsukada, Excalibur, AskJoe
Next up is Best Username. Somehow, all throughout vote collection, there was never a tie in this category.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Qazikol
3rd place: Rainbow Rocket and trash
Also nominated: the, Psyker-kun, memes, TheStarvingOne, DeluxePizza, Sodium Chloride, Swamp Sashimi, Nukes, Red
Next up is Fan Artist of the Year. There was a variety of nominations, but one user certainly stood out.

And the winner is . . .:
Swamp Sashimi!

2nd place: Mannie
3rd place: Ianiant
Also nominated: Chieko TSukada, Mint Cherry, Excalibur, OcFanatic, DokiDokiTsuna, Lemonade812
Next up is Newbie of the Year. Once again, a lot of submissions, some for users who didn’t technically meet the criteria. However, one user stood out.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Gigi Lee Lann
3rd place: DeluxePizza
Also nominated: Josh_Legacy, zeezo, Ianiant, Cyrus, skylark89
Finally, we have User of the Year. So many users were nominated for this award, including KKE somehow, despite the fact that I specifically wrote not to? Anyways, there was one user with more votes than the rest. He is constantly keeping the forum align with the rules by dealing with reports, deleting spambots and alts, and applying the banhammer when needed. You can probably tell who he is just from the description, but give it up for . . . *drumroll*

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Lusamine
3rd place: AyKooChao
Also nominated: Zetsubeau, Sent, Matt, Sodium Chloride, Leia, Suichi Suihara, DeluxePizza, Kangablue, Park Jinyoung, Ianiant

Thank you all so much for voting this year in the 6th Annual Flipline Forum Awards, and congratulations to everyone that won!! I had a lot of fun hosting. I’m currently in the process of putting all of the results on the front page, along with links so you can read the reactions, which should be done in 10 minutes or so. This topic will be left unlocked and stickied for a few days so you guys can discuss. Here’s to a year of (hopefully) less forum drama!!

note: someone deleted the original topic, so I'm posting the results and commentary here. Soph and Moana think it's BabaJi but idk *glares at all users with moderation powers*. see y'all in a few months.

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