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Author Topic: Brother E's Classic Fan Fiction (Part 3)  (Read 311 times)
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I just wanted to show everyone, but here's my classic story of how Joey first became a detective. This was made when I was eleven-thirteen years old, back in 2011-2014. So, please pardon my grammar! I didn't revise it. I wanted to keep it original.

                                                                       Power Rocks
                                                                           Part 1
   After the NASA Space Shuttle Co. trip to the moon, the rocks are going home with Joey. They say goodbye to the Power Potatoes and Power Shoes.
   While they ate supper, Joey's father said, "How was your trip?"    "Kind of dangerous," said Joey.   
   "How?" said Joey's mom.    "Because a robber got in and Joe tried to tell us, but he was so tired, he couldn't tell us in time. The rocket then went off," said Joey.
   "Oh my!" said Mom, in a scared voice.
   "And I almost got shot two times in a row!' said Joey.
   "Well, I guess that was dangerous!" said Dad.
    Mom said, "Time for bed."
   "But I didn't eat!" said Ks.
   "That's because you were sleeping!" said Roc.
They all laughed.
        In a matter of minutes they went to bed. In the middle of the night they heard a sound. A robber was in the house! Joey grabbed Dad's gun and went looking. His mom and dad woke up to, so did Andrew. Joey told everybody to get back. Joey pointed the gun at the robber. Dad called the police and the police came up fast! One of the police men said to Joey, "Would you like to be a police officer?" Joey thought that was a great idea, after all he was sixteen. He said," Mom, Dad can I be a police officer?"
   "I don't know…"
   "But I can shoot, Mom. Please Dad, can I go?"
   "OK, son," said Dad.
   "Yes!" said Joey.
   Joey said good bye to his mom and dad, then he went in the car with the rocks.
   "Look at our son," said Dad, proud of Joey.
   "I don't think we should have let him go," said Mom.
   "It's ok; the rocks will look after him," said Dad.
     In the police car, a police officer asked Joey,      
   "How old are you, son?" asked one police officer. "Sixteen," said Joey.
   "That's old enough," said another.
   "This is a big police station!" said Ks.
   "It's the biggest one in town!" said Joey. Just then the alarm went off!
   "A ROBBER IN MAIN STREET!" said the speaker.   
   "Load your guns everybody!" said the chief.
   "Guess you can’t train today," said a police officer.
   "Chief, we already found that three more robbers are with the one robber we heard about," said another police officer.
   "Actually, there is two more robbers!" said another.
   "Ok every one, let's do our very best we can," said the chief.
   The nine police cars with four police officers in them sped down the road. When the robbers saw the police cars they hid! The police cars came up fast.
   "We better be careful, they might be hiding anywhere," said the chief.
   The chief knocked on the door," Come out of that house, if you’re in there!" said the chief. Someone opened the door and jumped on the chief and tried to take his gun from him! Just then Joey came and jumped on the robber and pushed him off of the chief! "Thank you...........what's your name son?"
   "Well, thanks, Joey" said the chief. "Well old robber, you’re going to jail for long time." said the chief.
   "I'm going to look for some more robbers." said Joey "You go look somewhere else." Joey went around the house. He didn't find any robbers until........a robber jumped on him. Joey tried to reach his gun but he couldn't! The robber caught is gun instead! Just then, Roc came and ran in the robber's stomach!
   "Oomph" said the robber and dropped Joey's gun! Joey grabbed the gun and put it in his pocket.
   "Good job, Roc!" said Joey.
   "Any time!" said Roc.
Below are the author's notes.
Joey's original partners, and they still are, are two head sized rocks named Roc and KS (pronounced like CJ.) I just can't put the rocks in the Flipverse. Also, this has nothing to do with any Flipline characters. We didn't know about Flipline until probably 2012. We only became familiar with the Flipline forum this year.  

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Here's part 2!
                                     Power Rocks
                      Part 2
   "Only four more robbers to go." said the chief. "Where are we going?" said Joey.
   "Back to the police station," replied the chief
   "Why?" said Joey
   "Didn't you find any more robbers?"
   "Well shush, boy! That’s all you need to know!" exclaimed the chief.
The chief drove the police car fast to the station." Time for everybody to go home! We have a meeting in the morning. We are going to Mr. and Mrs. Clerk's rich house, in the morning at 8:A.M. Be sure to wear your best clothes!" said the chief.
Just then the chief turned to Joey
“And a special thanks to Joey, our newest addition to the police. But since he been a great help to us and help a lot with the robbers, I’m going to make him, with the rocks help of course, the town’s junior detective!”
The police cheered.
“Thanks chief,” replied Joey, “But how can I possibly take such an honor…”
“Nonsense,” said the chief, “You and your rocks have been a great help to us in the past.”
“Well, thank you chief.” said Joey.
The police cheered again, especially the rocks.  
   The next morning was busy at the Clerk's house. They were very rich just like the chief said it would be. "Were here!" said Joey.
   "Wow look at all the people!" said Andrew.
   "Mrs. Clerk, how nice it is to see you!" said Mom.
   "How nice is it to see you to, Mrs. Holmes!" said Mrs. Clerk.
   "This is my son Joey."
   "Hello, Joey." said Mrs. Clerk.
   "Hello 'mam," said Joey.
   "Would you like some punch?"
    "Sure!" said Mr. Holmes.
   "Where's your husband?"
   "He's talking with your husband!" said Mrs. Holmes.
   "Where are you going Joey?" said Andrew.
   "I am going to talk with the chief and his officers. Are you going with Mom, Dad, or me?" said Joey.
   "I'm going with Dad." said Andrew.
   "Ok." said Joey. Joey walked over to the chief and his officers.
   "There's Joey! Hey Joey!" said the chief.
   "Hey, Chief Anderson!" said Joey.
   "Do you know what Joey?"
   "No, what?"
   "Well, anyway, we think that somebody they know is sneaky."
   "Why?" said Joey.
   "See that man over there?"
   "Yeah?" said Joey
   "Does he look sneaky?"
   "Yeah?" said Joey
   "We think he's the one."
   "It's time for the dance!" said Mrs. Clerk. Everybody started dancing.
   "This is our chance to look at that guy, Roc!" said Joey
   "Ok Joey." said Roc. So they spied on the man, until............he turned around! “Young man, what are you doing?" said the man.
   "Uh.....well, I"
   "It’s ok," said the man
   "Ok?" said Joey surprised.
   "Roc, where are you?" Joey whispered.   
   "I'm right here." said Roc.
   "Why are you hiding under the punch table?" said Joey.
   "Because I thought that we would get in trouble by that man." said Roc.
   "Well, I have a feeling that guy is a robber," said Joey.
   "So do I!" said Roc, "Well anyway, where's Ks?"                        
    "He's over there talking to Mr. Clerk," said Joey.
    "Well, can I go with him?" said Roc.
   "Ok," said Joey. So Roc ran to up meet Ks and Mr. Clerk. Joey walked up to meet the chief. “Hey, chief,” said Joey. “I tried to get close to him but, he turned around and saw me.”
   “Good job, Joey,” said the chief. “You tried your best but, I thank that guy is just very clever.”
   “Everyone,” said Mrs. Clerk. “I am going to the back and going to get some more punch.”
   “Do you need help, Mrs. Clerk?” said Joey.
   “No thank you, Joey, I can do it on my own,” said Mrs. Clerk.
 So Mrs. Clerk went to the back. Some different boy was there that nobody invited. He was a European boy. Not a fancy boy, not a rich boy, but he was a poor boy. He went in looking for some food. His name was John. Joey saw John looking for some food. Joey went up to him and said “What are you doing?”
   “Please, don’t hurt me! I’m just looking for some food,” said John.
   “Well you don’t need to be stealing but, I’ll tell Mrs. Clerk, she’s a nice lady,” said Joey
   “Ok.” said John. So Joey and John went to see Mrs. Clerk. Then something was wrong. They could not find Mrs. Clerk! Then they heard Mrs. Clerk screamed “Help me!” Help me!” she screamed. Every one heard the scream. The chief had his gun, just in case he needed it. Everyone ran up the stairs into the room. “What’s the matter?” said the chief.
   “A guy came in this room and told me to be quiet. Then he covered my mouth and took all of our money!” said Mrs. Clerk. “There’s a man running away!” said Mr. Clerk at the window. Chief Anderson ran to the window and opened it. He raised his gun and aimed….  “BANG!” went the gun.
There was a silence in the whole house. No one moved, no one said anything. Everyone just watched and looked.  
Did you know that Joey's last name is Holmes? Also realize only Andrew is there. No Heather, Scooter, Jessica, or Luke and Cecily.
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Power Rocks
Part 3
Suddenly, some guy went in the way of the man that was running away! The bullet missed the robber but, the guy got in the way! Everybody ran to see who the guy was. It was Detective Radford! The best detective, for a long time, the town’s people ever had! He grabbed the man by the arm. When everyone saw the man, he was the robber!   
“You’re going to jail.” said the chief. So the police car went of site. Everyone went back inside. The party kept going. Joey was walking when he saw some boys. They were talking about the gas prices going high. “My father says that they might go so high that we might need to get an electric car.” said one boy.
 “Well, you boys are talking about gas prices.” said Joey.
“Yeah, they’re going to high!” said another boy.
“They are too high.” said Joey.
“Well,” said Roc interrupting, “I had the weirdest subject! Some guy came up and said “Do you want fruit punch or lemonade.” So I said lemonade, but the lemonade had no sugar!” said Roc. Just then Ks came up and said “I had the weirdest subject! There was this guy who came up and “Do you want fruit punch or lemonade.”
“Let me guess,” said Joey “You said lemonade and it had no sugar?”
 “No,” said Ks “I said fruit punch, but it had no sugar in it!” said Ks.
 “Is it supposed to have sugar in it?” said one boy.
 “I don’t know,” said Ks.
Well, the party has been going on for two hours. It was almost done, just one more hour to go. Just then three crooks came in and said “Hands up!” Everyone gasped. There was silence in the room. The robbers just looked puzzled, and then started to steal valuables. Ks wondered “Why won’t they steal the disgusting lemonade and fruit punch?”
 “They really don’t want it, I guess?” said Roc.
 Just then the chief came back with two police guys beside him! The robbers pointed their guns at the police men and threatened them. Joey and the rocks didn’t know what to do! The police men had no more help! Ks went up said to the robbers, “Do want to steal this disgusting fruit punch and lemonade, whoever made it?”
 One robber started shooting at Ks! Ks screamed and ran behind Joey’s leg. “He’s yours?” said the robber. Joey nodded, scared. “He’ll get it next he talks so smartly.”
 “Who are you talking about, Mr. Smarty Pants!” said Ks. The robber grew with rage! “Come on!” said the leader robber. “Don’t waste your bullets!” Ks was teasing the robber, sticking out his tongue, pulling his cheeks sideways, and much more! Then Joey had an idea. “I’ll try to sneak up on them and try to knock them out to get the guns and give them to the police officers.”
 “Ok” said Ks. Joey snuck up to one of the robbers and knocked him out. The other robbers heard the noise and looked, but they didn’t see anything. Joey gave the gun to the chief.
“Hands up!” said the chief. The robbers put their hands up and dropped the guns. The other police officers grabbed the guns. Then two police cars came. The chief and the other police officers put the robbers in the police cars. Then the police cars drove off. Joey and Ks went back to Roc. “This is a long party.” said Roc.
“Here, Mrs. Clerk, said the chief “Here’s yours and Mr. Clerk’s money and appliances.”
“Thank you!” said Mr. and Mrs. Clerk. Joey went back to his mom and dad. “Hi Mom, hi Dad. Did you see what happened!” said Joey.
“Yes,” said Mom and Dad.
 “It was quite a fright!” said Mom.
“Yes it was!” said Dad. The party was almost over. Joey and the rocks were getting ready to go. “Bye!” said Mr. and Mrs. Clerk.

When they got home a phone call rang. Dad answered it and was Mr. Clerk, who was saying they would have another party a week from now. Dad said they would be there.
 Days went by and Andrew was so excited that they were going. It was two days until they were going, but on the last day something happened. Mr. and Mrs. Clerk were robbed! The party was canceled until they found the crook. Andrew was not happy. He wanted to find that robber and put him in jail by himself. At the Clerks, Mrs. Clerk was waiting for evidence about the robbery. Just then a police car came and the chief and Joey, the new police officer, came to the door. “We didn’t find the robber,” said the chief while Joey held up a report. “We see if we can find him in the morning.” 
The original name of the saga was the Power Rocks.

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