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Author Topic: Flipline Stories (Part 3 Is Out!!!)  (Read 776 times)
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« on: August 21, 2018, 06:29:31 PM »

Brother Z: OK, here's part one.

Luke: Me and Peter are going to the new ice-cream store.  Cheery
Debra: Don't you mean Papa's Scooperia?
Luke: Yes.
Debra: Alright, but don't get into any trouble on the way.
Luke: OK, we won't. Goodbye mom!  Wink
Debra: Goodbye!  Smiley
*Luke meets his cousin on the way.*
Luke: Hey Peter! How are you?
Peter: Hey Luke! I'm doing fine, how about you?  Smiley
Luke: I'm doing fine too. Say, what do you want when we get there?
Peter: Well, I think I'll get the Neopoliton special. What about you?
Luke: I think I'll have the, Hmmm.... I don't what I'll have.  Undecided
Peter: Well, you better start thinking, because there it is!
*Peter points at a small building. It was a small, two story building, with a waffle cone
wall on the outside and a shady drape over the door and the windows.*
Peter Oooh! This'll be exciting! We can choose whatever we want!  Sleepy
*They enter the building.*
Carlo: Hey Luke and Peter! What will be today?
*Koilee looks up from wiping off the tables.*
Koilee: Hello, Peter and Luke! You can sit at this table. It's clean because I wiped it off right now.
Peter: Thanks Koilee! And I'll have a Neopoliton special, Carlo.  Wink
Carlo: OK, but what about Luke? Does he want anything?
Peter: Yes, he does. But right now he's figuring out what to get.
*Luke thinks quietly to himself.*
Luke: Hmm.... It's a hard choice to decide what to get. There's so many choices.  Hmm
Peter: Luke, are you going to get anything?
Carlo: What do you want, Luke? There's a line behind you.  D:
*Luke looks behind them. There was a line behind them!*
Luke: Well, I Hmmmm......  Depressed
Peter: Luke, decide what do you want. What about the Burple Cow? Or the Chocoholic?  smh
Luke: Well, I'm thinking. Hmmm....  Depressed
Peter: Come on, Luke! Decide!

To Be Continued......
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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2018, 06:18:50 PM »

Good start!

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« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2018, 07:05:09 PM »

Brother Z: Here's part two!   Smiley

Luke: Okay, I think I will have the Burple Cow special.  Wink
Peter: Finally, you made up your mind!  Exasperated
Carlo: Alright, it'll be out in a few minutes.
*Goes to the ovens in the back room behind the service desk.*
Peter: Thanks, Carlo!  Cheesy
Luke: Let's go to the table that Koilee told us to sit.
Peter: Okay.
*Both sit down at the table.*
Luke: Oh boy, this'll be fun! We can stay here and eat ice-cream all we want!  Laugh
Peter: No, Luke. We're not going to stay here all the day.  Hmm
Luke: Oh, I thought we were.
*The doorbell jingles as a family of three comes in.*
Carlo: Hey, Franco! What will it be today?  Grin
Franco: Hello, Carlo! We all want a simple order, please; one chocolate chip cookie, one scoop of vanilla ice-cream, and whipped cream and a cherry on top.  Wink
Carlo: OK, it'll be out in a few minutes.
Lisa: Oh hello, Luke and Peter!  Love
Peter and Luke: Hi, Lisa!
Lisa: So, what's up? Anything exciting?
Peter: Well, nothing much. Just schoolwork. What about you? Undecided
Lisa: Well, me and my family went to a amusement park yesterday.  Cheery
Luke: That must have been fun. The same with me as it is with Peter. Nothing exciting.
*Koilee sets Luke and Peter's ice-cream on their table.*
Peter: Thanks, Koilee!  Grin
Koilee: Welcome, Peter!  Smiley
Franco: Come on, Lisa! Our ice-cream is ready to eat!
Lisa: OK, dad. Goodbye Luke and Peter!  :3
Luke and Peter: Goodbye, Lisa!
*The doorbell rings again.* This time a man with black, crazy hair and sideburns, glasses, and a nice suit comes in.*
Carlo: Hey, Moe!
Moe: Hello, Carlo!
*Luke and Peter look at each other.*
Luke and Peter: Moe!?!?!?!?  Shocked
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« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2018, 02:06:15 PM »

Brother Z: Alright, here's part three.

Luke: What is he doing here? I thought he was in jail!  ???
Peter: I think that's why he's not in jail anymore.   Eyebrow
*Points at Joy walking beside Moe.*
Luke: Maybe she wants him to be her husband so she doesn't want him to go to jail.  Smirk
Peter: I don't think so Luke. Maybe she just wants to be friends.
Luke: Well, are you going to ask them, Peter?  smh
Peter: No. Let's just eat our ice-cream before it melts.  Wink
Luke: Okay.  :3
*Both eats their ice-cream. Moe sees them.*
Moe: Why, look at these fine young boys, Joy! Just eating their ice-cream!  Smiley
Joy: Why, hello little boys! What's your name?  Cheery
Luke: My name is Luke and his name is Peter.  Cheesy
Joy: Such nice names! Well, we have to go order our ice-cream, so goodbye!  Grin
Luke and Peter: Goodbye!
*Luke and Peter get up, throw their ice-cream trays away, and leave. As they leave Luke sees some very dark rain clouds*
Luke: Man, look at those dark clouds!   D:
Peter: Yikes! We better get home before it starts to rain!  Shocked
*Starts raining.*
Luke: Oh, no! We must find shelter now or we will get soaked!  Grimace
*A bolt of lightning streaks through the sky. Then followed by thunder.*  *KABOOM!!!*
Luke: AAAAAHHHH!!!  ??? *Rain beats down harder.*
Peter: Let's get under that gazebo for we won't get wet!  Exasperated
*Both get under the gazebo.*
Peter: Whew!  Nervous Good thing we didn't get that.......
Luke: Peter. Look at me.   Hmm
*Peter looks at him in shock because Luke looks like he fell in pool of water.*
Luke: Got any towels? *dripping wet*
Peter: Of course not, Luke! We're not at home!  Laugh
Luke: Well, I'm cold and wet!  Angry
Peter: I can't do anything about it. Huh?!?! Who's that in the rain over there?!  Shocked
*Peter points behind Luke. Luke turns around.*
Luke: Why, that's Marty and Rita!  D:

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« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2018, 11:22:48 AM »

Brother Z: If you don't know who Luke is or what Luke looks like, here's his Flipdeck. (Peter's will be out soon!  Smiley)

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