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Author Topic: Papa's Wingeria To Go  (Read 2113 times)
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« Reply #30 on: October 27, 2018, 03:57:22 PM »

Now standard ingredients apparence:
Marinara Sauce (a ketchup glass that has marinara sauce! have the design of the ketchup)
Kiwi dip Syrup (a kiwi inside of a brown bowl which actually is a kiwi syrup)
Mushroom Spit (a skewer of mushrooms)
Pickle (it's a smaller version of the pickle of papa's hot doggeria)
Yum Yum Sauce (same design of the papa's taco mia HD and sushiria)
Fried Calamari (cutted and open strips of fried calamari)
Steak Sticks (cut once steak of papa's taco mia, the pan will be full of it)
Beet Sauce (heartbeet arrabiatta glass but beet have not heart format)
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« Reply #31 on: October 28, 2018, 06:38:45 AM »

Holiday Ingredients Apparence:
EggSnow Sauce (a white glass to have a egg logo)
Wildflower Carbonada Dip (wildflower carbonada inside of a white bowl)
Pickled Eggs (a skewer of pickled eggs)
Chorizo Spit (a skewer of chorizo)
Southwest Sauce (same design of cheeseria)
Salsa Dip (salsa inside of a green bowl)
Avocado (a avocado inclined to fit in the plate occupyting a little space)
Pineapple Spit (a skewer of pineapple)
Glazed Ham (a glazed ham inclined to fit in the plate occupyting a little space)
Fried Onion (a "finger" of fried onion)
American Cheese Dip (liquid american cheese inside of a navy bowl)
Brisket Beef Spit (a skewer of brisket beef)
Bratwurst (a thim piece of bratwurst)
Marzen Mustard (same of sushiria)
Bierkäse Dip (liquid bierkäse inside of a light blue bowl)
Schnitzel (a schnitzel inclined to fit in the plate occupyting a little space)
Colorful Cheese Baloon Spit (a skewer of colorful cheese balls)
Salty Apple Sauce (green apple design in the glass, to have green on the spout and beige on the remainder)
Black White Cheese Dip (liquid black and white cheese inside of a blue and yellow bowl)
Big Top Cucumber (a cucumber with teriyaki sauce and parmesan sauce)
Spooky Veggies (a skewer of fajita veggies with the halloween colors)
Jackmomole Sauce (same design of cheeseria but with a tiny spout)
Purple Pest Dip (purple pesto inside of an orange bowl)
Mussels (same design of pastaria but inclined for side)
Sweet Potato (a skewer of sweet potatoes)
Gravy Sauce (same design of taco mia HD/to go)
Pumpkin Pondoro Dip (a punpkin pondoro inside of a light brown bowl)
Turkey Spit (a skewer of sliced turkey)
Gooze Spit (a skewer of sliced gooze)
Snowflake Mayo (snowflake design in a white glass and the spout green and red)
Roasted Romana Dip (roasted romana inside of a light green bowl)
Basil Leaves Spit (a skewer of basil leaves)
Blue Cheese Jersey Sauce (blue cheese of pastaria design and jersey hat design in a blue glass)
Midnight Marsala Dip (midnight marsala inside of a maroon bowl)
Cheez Puffs (same design of pizzeria HD)
Riccota Balls (a skewer of riccota balls)
Azuki (same design of cheeseria)
HeartBeet Arrabiatta Dip (heartbeet arrabiatta inside of a pink bowl)
Heart Tomatoes (a skewer of tomatoes with heart format)
Broccoli (a big broccoli)
Gold Mustard Deluxe (coin design in a yellow glass)
Shamrock Salsa Spit (a skewer of salsa leaves)
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« Reply #32 on: October 31, 2018, 06:17:46 AM »

New Items: Only new items it's posters! Except 2 later i go show!
Marinara Poster: Marinara Sauce Bonus
Eggs Poster: EggSnow Sauce Bonus
WildFlower Poster: WildFlower Carbonada Dip Bonus
Pickled Eggs Poster: Pickled Eggs Bonus
Kiwis Poster: Kiwi Dip Syrup Bonus
Chorizo Poster: Chorizo Spit Bonus
Southwest Sauce Poster: Southwest Sauce Bonus
Salsa Poster: Salsa Dip Bonus
Avocado Poster: Avocado Bonus
Mushroom Poster: Mushroom Spit Bonus
Pineapple Poster: Pineapple Spit Bonus
Glazed Ham Poster: Glazed Ham Bonus
Fried Onion Poster: Fried Onion Bonus
American Cheese's Poster: American Cheese Dip Bonus
Beef Brisket Poster: Brisket Beef Spit Bonus
Pickle Poster: Pickle Bonus
Bratwurst Poster: Bratwurst Bonus
Marzen Poster: Marzen Mustard Bonus
Bierkäse Poster: Bierkäse Dip Bonus
Schnitzel Poster: Schnitzel Bonus
Yum Yum Poster: Yum Yum Sauce Bonus
Hog Wings Poster: Hog Wings Bonus
Ballon Poster: Colorful Cheese Ballon Spit Bonus
Apple Poster: Salty Apple Bonus
Zebra Poster: Black White Cheese Dip and Big Top Cucumber Bonus
Spooky Fajita Poster: Spooky Veggies Bonus
Jack-O-Lantern Poster: Jackmomole Sauce Bonus
Purple Pest Poster: Purple Pest Dip Bonus
Mussels Poster: Mussels Bonus
Sweet Potato Poster: Sweet Potato Bonus
Gravy Poster: Gravy Sauce Bonus
Pumpkin Poster: Pumpkin Pondoro Dip Bonus
Turkey Poster: Turkey Spit Bonus
Goose Poster: Goose Spit Bonus
Snowflake Poster: Snowflake Mayo Bonus
Romana Poster: Roasted Romana Dip Bonus
Basil Leaves Poster: Basil Leaves Spit Bonus
Fries Poster: French Fries, Curly Fries & Fried Calamari Bonus (and remove posters of curly & french fries poster)
Jersey Hat Poster: Blue Cheese Jersey Sauce Bonus
Clock Poster: Midnight Marsala Dip Bonus
Cheez Puffs Poster: Cheez Puffs Bonus
Riccota Poster: Riccota Balls Bonus
Azuki Poster: Azuki Bonus
Heartbeet Poster: Heartbeet Arrabiatta Dip Bonus
Tomatoes Poster: Heart Tomatoes Bonus
Beet Poster: Beet Sauce Bonus
Broccoli Poster: Broccoli Bonus
Coins Poster: Gold Mustard Deluxe Bonus
Shamrock Poster: Shamrock Salsa Spit Bonus

Now Furnitures: Jacksmitch Game now is a item of BavariaFest, and now too have Steak Stick Sign!
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« Reply #33 on: November 15, 2018, 10:40:42 AM »

Order Evolutions: Clover: (evolution same original)
                          Mindy: (have not evolution)
                          Timm: (evolution same HD)
                          Hank: (evolution same original)
                          Boomer: (evolution same original changing determined ingredients)
                          Ember: (before unlock blazeberry sauce, remove chicken wings with it)
                          Rudy: (evolution same HD)
                          Clair: (before unlock blazeberry, the order stay same of original)
                          Allan: (have not evolution)
                          Marina: (before unlock pickle, have nothing replacing, and before awesome sauce have ranch)
                          Kahuna: (before unlock pickle, have nothing replacing)
                          Cletus: (before unlock french fries, have nothing replacing)
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