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« on: October 11, 2018, 08:15:39 PM »

OnionFest: Wild Knot crust (crust)
                 Zesty Pesto (sauce)
                 Wild Green Provolone (cheese [i know to have not cheese holiday])
                 Onion (topping 1 [i know too to onion is a standard ingredient])
                 Green Onion (topping 2)
Baseball Season: Peanut Crust (crust)
                         Sugarless Butterscotch Sauce (sauce)
                         Stadium Gorgonzola (cheese)
                         Salsa Provolone Ball (topping 1)
                         Spinach Peanut (topping 2)
Pirate Bash: Anchovines Anchor Claw Crust (crust)
                  Vessel Beer Sauce (sauce)
                  Skull Flag Asiago (cheese)
                  Squid (topping 1)
                  Dried Meet (topping 2)
ChiliFest: Hard Cellentani Crust (crust)
              Milled Rico's Chili (sauce)
              Smoky Cheddar (sauce [yes standard ingredient])
              Chili Pepper (topping 1)
              Thai Chili Pepper (topping 2)
Neptune Feast: Shrimp Trident Crust (crust)
                       Venetian Vongole (sauce)
                       Light Soft Cheddar (cheese)
                       Lobster (topping 1)
                       Crab Stick (topping 2)
Gondola 500: Race Flag Ravioli Crust (crust)
                    Raceway Thai Chili Carbonada (sauce)
                    Garlic Provolone (cheese)
                    Race Flag Basil (topping 1)
                    Garlic Bread Roll (topping 2)
Big Top Carnival: Candy Jack Crust (crust)
                         Salted Apple Sauce (sauce)
                         Colorful Provolone (cheese)
                         Raddish Smiley (topping 1)
                         Cotton Blue Cheese (topping 2)
Sky Ninja Returns: Teriyaki Filled Crust (crust)
                            Wasabi Sauce (sauce)
                            Asiago Ninja Mask (cheese)
                            Cantaloupe (topping 1)
                            Hakuto Peaches (topping 2)
Portalini Feast: Pepperoni Bread Crust (crust)
                      Tzatziki Sauce (sauce)
                      Riccota Cheese (cheese)
                      Romaine Lettuce (topping 1)
                      Marinara Solid Carbonada (topping 2)
Cherry Blosson Festival: Melopan Crust (crust)
                                   Teriyaki Sauce (sauce)
                                   Aged Gouda (cheese)
                                   Narutomaki (topping 1)
                                   Tofu (topping 2)
Sugarplex Film Fest: Popcorn Crust (crust)
                              Root Beer Float Carbonada (sauce)
                              Liquid Nacho (cheese)
                              Raisin Dud (topping 1)
                              Salsa Film Ingress (topping 2)
Comet Con: Lunar Loaf Crust (crust)
                  Purple Marsala (sauce)
                  Comet Parmesan (cheese)
                  Space Ration ZX85 Solid Carbonada (topping 1)
                  Ovni Onion (topping 2)
Groovstock: Chai Reverb Crust (crust)
                  Honey Mustard Sauce (sauce)
                  Drum Plate Cheddar (cheese)
                  Runt Tomato (topping 1)
                  Asiago Headphone (topping 2)
St. Paddy Day: Key Lime Crust (crust)
                      Gold Mustard Deluxe (sauce)
                      Lucky Provolone (cheese)
                      Shamrock Salsa Leave (topping 1)
                      Gold Coin (topping 2)
Romano Wedding: Fiori Risoni Crust (crust)
                           Cathedral Carbonada (sauce)
                           Bouquet Cheese (cheese)
                           Wild Rose (topping 1)
                           Wild Violet (topping 2)
Holi: Pav Crust (crust)
        Tofu Carbonada (sauce)
        Paneer Cheese (cheese)
        Samosa (topping 1)
        Fish Curry (topping 2)
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St. Paddy’s day should be:
Cilantro-Lime Soda Crust
Zesty Pesto
Green tomatoes

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