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Author Topic: Possible holiday ingredients  (Read 305 times)
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OnionFest: Wild Knot Ranch Taco (shell)
                 Liver Con Cebola (meat)
                 Onion (topping 1 [i know to is a standard ingredient])
                 Wild Onion Sauce (sauce)
                 Green Onion (topping 2)
Baseball Season: Candy Jack Shell (shell)
                          Sausage (meat)
                          Spinach Peanut (topping 1)
                          Salted Butterscotch Sauce (sauce)
                          Butter Corn (topping 2)
Pirate Bash: Gray Seafood Pita (shell)
                   Squid (meat)
                   Blueberries (topping 1)
                   Vessel Beer Sauce (sauce)
                   Blue Cheese Topping (topping 2)
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