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Author Topic: Flipline: Escape the Night! (Epilogue - FINAL PART!)  (Read 128155 times)
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Trivia about me and this comic:
I never read it I was too late Pensive
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Petition for Kaito to become an author
1. Ibzy

Me and all my FCs wish you an amazing day!
Vote for Owen, Feng and Lavender for KCP20!
10.09.17 = Blake
4.10.17 = Timm and Cecilia
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1.11.17 = Moe (da best male customer)
14.7.19 = Owen (one of my entries in KCP19)
28.7.19 = My KCP Entries (KCP Trio)
19.8.19 = Owen (entry in KCP19) with coloured
10.9.19 = Owen in FC Games
4.10.19 = Lavender dressed up as a witch for Halloween
6.11.19 = Owen shown as the winner in FC Games: Season 1
22.11.19 = Skyler da underrated kween
26.12.19 = Owen as a judge in FC Games 2
13.02.20 = Owen & Piper (Happy Valentine's Day 2020!)
17.02.20 = New Update of PLP is here!
02.03.20 = Elliot doing the robot during the countdown to St. Paddy's. Day
22.03.20 = elliot in online school
19.04.20 = phil from the promised neverland
17.05.20 = me stroking a meerkat (i'm green hoodie guy)
01.06.20 = devin from ridonculous race
18.06.20 = new name and promised neverland gif
26.08.20 = skyler for pnc20
03.09.20 = skyler isn't in pnc2020 so error
04.09.20 = drawing of owen
25.09.20 = ibzyfrost
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Bethany: Owen! With "H" and double "N"
Rachel: Oh, Lord! You don't even know how his name is spelled!
Bethany: Am I supposed to?
Rachel: Yes!
Bethany: I am sorry, I am not a denominator.
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Rachel: Because surname is such an important factor as well, you fool!
Not that I am stalking his FC topic or anything but anyway
cuz they've got S P I C E S
She kidnaps Matt and Tony in there
You've been judged, nasty boi
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Me: Reveals OC
Kaito: Nice
Kaito: Reveals FC
Forum: OMGGGGGG!11!!!!!11
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Since Dakal made a list of random trivia about Survivor Madagascar, I realized that I never did something like that for Flipline ETN, so here's a list of some things that didn't exactly go as planned:

- As you guys know, the death order was randomly selected at the beginning of the comic, but the original death order was: Ode, Sidney, Davis, Dakota, Jay, Cheyenne, Blaise, Ocean, Vivian, and August. I switched Vivian and August after Chapter 6 so Skye wouldn't be the only female left and become an obvious survivor prediction.

- The day before I started this comic, I had created all of the guardians who would be in the comic in PLP. The thing is, half of the guardians were actually Flipline customers in Halloween costumes (Papa Louie as a mummy, Allan as a vampire, etc.).

- I had created a guardian who never appeared in the comic, called Dark Man. He was just some creepy dude in a Sky Ninja mask and a biker uniform, and since I never really planned any story for him, I just left him out of the comic entirely.

- Reed being in the story was because of a question Ianiant asked me in my Q&A, which was "Were there any FCs that got invited to the ETN Party, but weren't able to make it?" I answered Reed just to have an answer, and after giving it some thought, I decided to have Reed appear at the end of the story to try to rescue the guests.

- If I remember correctly, Blaise smiled four times throughout the entire comic: when he was playing air hockey, in a confessional after Sidney's death, while playing the Guitar of Revival, and right before he died.

- At the start of the story, the "spirit of the house" and the Beldam were two separate things, but I eventually made the two characters the same. Beldam wasn't even supposed to have a role after Chapter 3, which leads into the next piece of trivia...

- Fletcher being possessed by the Beldam was actually a rather last-minute decision. Originally he was supposed to be some crazy dude without any backstory, but around Chapter 6, I decided to slowly make hints that Fletcher was the Beldam all along.

Once again, thanks for all your kind words, guys. Smiley

Lol,  the Halloween costumes.

Trivia about me and this comic:
I never read it I was too late Pensive

You're not too late for the Mafia Mystery that Katio inspired me to do.   
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Jay and Vivian will survive I'm calling it here
Oh hey I was right

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Also, I remember that topic now. It was for the TWG.
Xolo, more like Brolo, am I right?
So much nightmare fuel, I love it!
Times flies when you just see characters die one after the other I guess
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Matt [Feb 13 02:16 PM]:   hey
Okay I made one in a similar style: Pensive
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10 Haunting Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster.
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technically everyone survived

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« Reply #2375 on: October 22, 2020, 03:41:29 PM »

yeah yeah, bump.

this comic was master peace, i can't let it die, some people may wanna read it.

im acutally glad Sidney died.

don't exepct me coming active, here as soon as possible.
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« Reply #2376 on: October 22, 2020, 04:10:19 PM »

Yeah it was cool but that doesn't justify bumping a topic that has been basically closed for about 5 months. And if anyone wants to read it, they can access to it through the Comic Discussion, that's it's purpose after all.

Happy 2021 everyone!
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This topic is still unlocked? Bruhh let’s change that

PM me your prayer requests! Jesus loves you! Cheery
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