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Author Topic: Say Something About Above User's FCs!  (Read 283281 times)
Petey K
Better Than Papa!

Gary is the best blue penguin

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« Reply #4995 on: Today at 06:32:53 PM »

Jane's younger self is adorable!

Stompin Bob: hey wanna hear joke about Petey?
G Billy: no
Stompin Bob: K
Beep boop
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Summer (even though it's not summer)

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« Reply #4996 on: Today at 07:03:28 PM »

Ashlyn takes being a horse girl to another level and I have nothing but respect for her.

Deano and Trishna for Next Chefs!
Interesting quotes:
PastaFan3000 [Jul 06 10:38 PM]: wtf PP is in the game?
Ianiant [Jun 26 09:57 PM]:   New Customer: Alabama!
Hermes [Jul 14 05:24 PM]: @A Building Yes, there's a lot of incest, and I love it.
Stormzee [Jul 16 05:12 PM]:   She's touching me
Wow you really are unique and detergent
A tomato jumping beside just saw this.
The tomato does not know how to feel about this.
Hermes [Jul 20 12:15 AM]:   You are just big balls!
Hermes [Aug 08 01:50 AM]: Joe can be my sugar daddy
CalaMity [Aug 17 09:21 PM]:   DO YOU GUYS LIKE PITA CHIPS

Not even Loona can save her from defeat Pensive
ChurroSalesman25 [Sep 16 10:31 AM]:   great idea, Simp
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Cyndaquil is Back

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« Reply #4997 on: Today at 07:17:00 PM »

Axel looks super cool and I love his style

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