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Author Topic: Fan Games Board Guidlines - (PLEASE READ) Revised 25th February 2021  (Read 3467 times)
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Here are some board guidelines to follow to make the Fan Games community a friendly and more fun place!


First of all, please do not spam the Fan Game Board.

Same Ideas
If you want to make a fan game, but someone else has already made it, you can make it but just put (my version) or state that it is different to someone else's. This will save arguing about so-called plagiarizing. However, if you steal an original title, other than Cactus McCoy 3 and Papa's Gamerias, you should credit them. A lot of people may label it as their brand, for example, Bob's Fan Games: Papa's Pizzeria.

Fan Games HQ
A list of all your fan games and content in the form of a HQ kinda thing like "Bob's Fan Games" is fine, providing you have enough Fan Games and content to fill it.

Off Topic Fan Games
If you have a fan game but it is not Flipline related, put in the title of the topic, NOT FLIPLINE Related. This will save people arguing for ages whether that topic should be moved or not.

Finish It!
Don't make a fan game if you are not going to put any effort into it. If you just make the topic, and some standard ingredients, but bother with nothing else, this really should be a suggestion, not a fan game. This is not necessarily saying you must complete it all but at least make a good start.

Fan Game, or Suggestion?
Fan Game- Where you put effort into it and put badges and orders and everything.
Suggestion- Where you make the topic just to say you want the game.

Didn't go overboard. If you save up loads of posts, then use them. If you don't use them ever, and you have some left over, DELETE those posts. Anything more than a full page of reserved posts is not necessary.

Over Doing Spoilers
Not needed. It makes it complicated for the viewer of it so, chill with the spoilers.

FC Sign-Ups
In a Fan Game, people like to save spots for FC sign ups, and sometimes there are limits. If your FC isn't submitted, there could be a reason for that. Maybe you signed one too many and the last person you posted wasn't submitted. Just kindly ask the owner why and don't start a fight. Owners are not obliged to do FC Sign-Ups so don't pressure or force them too.

Credit is given where credit is due. If you are going with a trend you should credit the original idea. E.g, Bob makes an Ikea based game and calls it "FLIPKEA". Then Sally makes it and calls it "Papa's Ikearia" Sally should credit Bob, especially if Bob makes a request. Try to compromise. A mutual agreement should be made between the users involved,.

Respect People's Ideas
DON'T BE MEAN OR RUDE TO PEOPLE ABOUT THEIR IDEAS. If you do not like someone's idea, just don't post. It is very mean to tell people their ideas suck, so don't. Doing so could possibly get you banned if someone reports you, so don't do it!

Controlling Fan Games
Please do not try and take over somebody else's Fan Game. It isn't fair. Some creators may be open to suggestions, but don't go too far. This can take credit away from the creator and can make the creator feel like their game wasn't good enough.

Don't Make a Topic With Nothing In
If you have an idea for a fan game, don't just make the topic with a snazzy Game Title and post "coming soon" and then a bunch of reserved posts, say something about it. This is counted as spam and will be reported after a day.

Limit Your Fan Games
Please do not spam a load of topics at once. Try and focus on one or at most two fan games at any time. Posting a load of fan games at once can clog up the board and be unfair on other fan game creators who are trying to show their fan games too.

Have Fun!
Enjoy your Fan Games, have fun making them!
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