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Author Topic: If Papa Louie was in Smash Bros.  (Read 86 times)
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Title says it all. What I think Papa Louie's moveset would be in Super Smash Bros. (ANYTHING IN PARENTHESIS IS DAMAGE)
Jab - two generic punches and then a pizza paddle to the face! (1.1/1.4/3)
Multijab - Papa Louie takes out a spatula and rapidly jabs it forward. (0.7 per multijab; 3.2 Finisher)
Forward Tilt - Throws a bucket of hot popcorn. Low damage, yet, high knockback (5.4)
Down Tilt - Papa swings his trusty Pizza Paddle! Spikes players on ground (6.2)
Up Tilt -
Forward Smash - Use your pizza paddle to reflect projectiles and whack foes! (17 Uncharged; 26.3 Full Charge)
Up Smash - Similar to F-Smash, but upwards! Good for projectiles above you. ( 15.2 Uncharged; 25 Full Charge)
Down Smash - Fire Boomer's Roman Candle. Functions like ZSS' Down smash, but it launches after hit. (12.5 Uncharged; 22.7 Full Charge)
Neutral Air -
Forward Air - Swings a Plushie forward, good for combos (3)
Back Air - Papa Louie swings his Pizza Paddle behind him. (9)
Up Air-
Down Air -
Neutral Special - Throw a Pepper Bomb forward! It bounces  once before exploding. Watch that you don't get hit as well! (16)
Side Special - Shoot a cheese gun, and your opponent gets stuck! Only works on ground and 50%+ (2.1 Hit) (Jump thrice to get out)
Up Special - Jump on a cupcake and fly up! (6.8 Cupcake when falling)
Down Special -
Papa puts down a Pizza Box, and it warps opponents (close enough) to MunchMore! They get hit by a bunch of enemies, and then Sarge appears and throws a Pepper Bomb, which launches the opponents! (45% Total)

And that's it for right now. I might edit this later and add more attacks (like grabs) or you can suggest some!
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