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Author Topic: Google Translated Flipdecks!  (Read 109792 times)
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Baby, what's your sign?

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It's baaack (for those who care ofc)


Hometown: Tastyville
Occupation: Music Agent
Loves: Bananas
Hates: Cover Bands

Ever since she was young, Janana has been a connoisseur of popular music. Although she cannot play any instrument herself, Janana has stayed rooted in the music scene by becoming a freelance Music Agent. She first fell into the job during high school, when she worked part time at Hugo's Warped Records. There, Janana managed bookings for her boss, DJ Honey Buster. Since then, she has expanded her client list to include bands such as The Beach Cobblers, Doom Brûlée, and the highly acclaimed, Scarlett and the Shakers.

Place of origin: Tastiville
OCC spa representative
It's like a banana
Dislikes grouping:

Jinana has been known in folk music since childhood. Although Jan Janana can’t play a single instrument alone, he mostly sings solo songs. He got his first job at high school, part-time at Wargo Records in Hugo. There he directs his lead DJ, Honey Buster. Since then, his clientele has grown, including shoemaker, Doom Brûlée, and the famous Scarlett and Shaker.
"It's like a banana"

Who cares about the rest of the info? This literally explain herself Laugh

2019/2020 Avatars:


January 2nd - Lana Del Rey (Honeymoon)
February 1st - Lana Del Rey (Lust For Life)
February 16th - Marlon (Pokemon Black and White 2)
March 4th - Cilan (Pokemon Black and White)
April 1st - Lea (Easter Style)
May 1st - Lea (Onionfest Style)
June 3rd - Scooter (Donuteria Uniform)
July 3rd - Bisexual Pride Flag
July 21st - Lea (KCP19 Style)
August 13rd - Honeymoon (KCP19)
August 31st - Lana Del Rey (Doin' Time)
September 15th - Melanie Martinez (Strawberry Shortcake)
November 16th - Lana Del Rey (Honeymoon)


January 1st - Sarah as Beth (Orphan Black)
May 3rd - Syd (I Am Not Okay With This)
June 21st - Ellie (The Last of Us II)
August 10th - Sienna
September 17th - Ellie (The Last of Us II)
October 7th - KCP20 Entries
November 9th - Lea
December 8th - Ultraviolence Album Cover
2021 Avatars:
January 3rd - Definitely Maybe Album Cover
January 11th - Lana Del Rey (Chemtrails Over The Country Club)
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Hometown: Whiskview
Occupation: Aromachologist
Loves: Cherries
Hates: Foodcourt Dumpsters

Every morning at 9 o’clock, the subtle scent of cherries, sandalwood, and other aromas waft through the corridors of Whiskview Mall. As most patrons know, the source of this fragrance is from SmellBound, a small kiosk shop that is owned and operated by Cherissa. There she sells perfumes, incense, and essential oils. Cherissa is a self-proclaimed aromachologist and believes that scents can be used to drive out negative energy and improve one’s aura.

Hometown Beater
Work experience
Cherry love
Deficit of banana ittigrines

See fragrant cherry blossoms and sandalwood at the Venture Show Hallway from the evening. You know, most fuel consumers are less than Cherissa and don't smell in front of the store. As far as, there are linseed oil, cosmetics and oils and we sell essential oils. Sheres believes that artificial flavors and sweeteners can be harmful.

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