Question: What is your favorite baking time (I also added 2 dumb ones for no reason at all)
No Baking At All (Seriously...) - 1 (6.3%)
Light-Bake - 1 (6.3%)
Regular - 13 (81.3%)
Well-Done - 1 (6.3%)
Extreme Burnt (Seriously...) - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 15

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Author Topic: Favorite Baking Time  (Read 5662 times)
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Every Quotes about my FCs:
Cora is my fav... i felt in love with her.
Cora looks great in your profile picture!
Cora is a kween!
Cora is Cool
Cora is the best of your PLP characters!
Cora has become an icon on this forum!
Cora will get into top 32 for sure
Cora is my favorite of yours! I love how you used an American theme without making it too Starlight Jubilee!
Cora would be a great customer if she were to win KCP, especially for Starlight BBQ/Jubilee.
Cora would be a great customer if she were to win KCP, which is pretty likely
Cora is my favorite FC of yours!
Cora really does look KCP material!
Nice work on that Cora portrait
Cora is good
Cora is a perfect choice for KCP!
Cora definitely deserves to be among Top 32 of KCP20
Cora is such a QUEEN!!
Cora might made it to KCP
Dominika is so unique!
Dominika for KCP20!
Dominika is really cute! I love her colors
Dominika's color scheme is really unique! She looks really chill.
Dominika has a great color scheme and her design is awesome
Dominika is awesome! She's lovely and definitely one of my personal favorites.
That new FC you posted has just an awesome colour scheme!
Juliette is a shining star!
Love the color scheme of your newest FC!
Juliette has an awesome design! I like her color combinations too!
Juliette has an awesome design! She is fantastic!
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Surprised a troll hasn't gone for Extreme Burnt

Forum Guy Funny Moments:
Do you stan Loona?
1. nothings ever my fault, if you believe otherwise, then say hello to a fresh permaban
PB&J Dip is the Pink Gold Peach of the holiday ingredients
I don't think anyone said that, but okay.
Even people from Wisconsin have limits.
Top 10 most surprised anime moments.
Now kiss me
As a cow I sign
It’s to help transport the baby on vacations to Afghanistan, and to hide the baby when running from the police
That's not a fun fact that's a sad fact
mom's angry duck
"Bruh! You stupid."
let's get this bread
yo wtf
This topic smells like New Orleans
*Brother E has a bruh moment.*
girl looking cute as hell, can i be the virus to your corona
i guess greg was gay after all
.tsixe ton seod doG
Top 50 music artists?
Sean the Scooper [Mar 30 09:27 PM]:   I just found out a woman was shot repeatedly today
Robin the Wizard [Mar 30 09:27 PM]:   Very relaxing
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Why is...why does this need a topic?

Signature? Where can I sign?

If I'm not back, I may be someday.
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