Question: Grand Championship!
Fran - 10 (40%)
Brandice - 15 (60%)
Total Voters: 24

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Author Topic: Speedo's FCT S5 - KCP All Stars! (And The Winner Is... BRANDICE!!!)  (Read 18579 times)
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Brother E: Correct! He is Pizzaccino. Wink

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Brother E: Correct! He is Pizzaccino. Wink
It's a joke

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It's a joke

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Annabell and Monty have been eliminated from the tournament.
Congrats to Mercy and Christian for moving onto the Blackberry Division Semi Finals!

Speedo's FC Tournament Season 5 - KCP All Stars!: Blueberry Division: Round 3:

Elise from KCP19   -VS-   Juliet from KCP18
Dice from KCP13   -VS-   Fudge from KCP14

You decide who moves forward to the Division Finals and closer to winning the tournament!


PM me your prayer requests! Jesus loves you! Cheery
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Season 5 - Host, hopefully
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Juliet and Dice

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Elise and Dice


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Papa's Elise and Dice

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Elise and Fudge

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Elise and Fudge

Hello, I'm Masquerade!

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Elise and fudge

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very cringe
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Elise and Dice

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Juliet & Fudge

Me and all my FCs wish you an amazing day!
Vote for Owen, Feng and Lavender for KCP20! http://www.flipline.com/kcp20/d6x8mrz64f
10.09.17 = Blake
4.10.17 = Timm and Cecilia
28.10.17 = Timm going in portal (Papa Louie 3)
1.11.17 = Moe (da best male customer)
14.7.19 = Owen (one of my entries in KCP19)
28.7.19 = My KCP Entries (KCP Trio)
19.8.19 = Owen (entry in KCP19) with coloured
10.9.19 = Owen in FC Games
4.10.19 = Lavender dressed up as a witch for Halloween
6.11.19 = Owen shown as the winner in FC Games: Season 1
22.11.19 = Skyler da underrated kween
26.12.19 = Owen as a judge in FC Games 2
13.02.20 = Owen & Piper (Happy Valentine's Day 2020!)
17.02.20 = New Update of PLP is here!
02.03.20 = Elliot doing the robot during the countdown to St. Paddy's. Day
22.03.20 = elliot in online school
19.04.20 = phil from the promised neverland
17.05.20 = me stroking a meerkat (i'm green hoodie guy)
01.06.20 = devin from ridonculous race
18.06.20 = new name and promised neverland gif
26.08.20 = skyler for pnc20
03.09.20 = skyler isn't in pnc2020 so error
04.09.20 = drawing of owen
25.09.20 = ibzyfrost
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Rachel: You said what now?
Bethany: Owen! With "H" and double "N"
Rachel: Oh, Lord! You don't even know how his name is spelled!
Bethany: Am I supposed to?
Rachel: Yes!
Bethany: I am sorry, I am not a denominator.
Rachel: I am sure you don't even know how that's spelled either. Besides, Owen is a quite usual name nowadays. When I walk down the street, I can name at least 3 Owens at a time.
Bethany: Then why didn't you invite one of them?
Rachel: Because surname is such an important factor as well, you fool!
Not that I am stalking his FC topic or anything but anyway
cuz they've got S P I C E S
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