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« on: September 22, 2019, 05:30:14 AM »

So there would be 4 stations:

Order station
Prepare station
Cook station
Build station

After taking the customers order, you would move to the prepare station.
There you would select the type of meat(chicken, pork, beef etc...)
Then you would season the meat with a variety of spices.
You would also cut the meat, however the customer ordered it
Then you would cook the meat, and the style of potato they ordered( roast, mashed, boiled etc...)
Finally, you would assemble everything on the plate. The meat, potatoes, and any other things they might want(stuffing, vegetables, gravy etc...)

I don’t know about holidays, but holiday ingredients would be:
1 meat
1 potato
1 vegetable
1 extra
1 spice

Cook boosters
Plate guide
Cutting guide
Specials board.
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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to the forum! Good idea btw

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Welcome aboard and Prepare Station should be called Prep Station

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