Question: Sea Division: Round 1
Angel and Colin - 14 (73.7%)
Abby and Colin - 1 (5.3%)
Angel and Lee - 4 (21.1%)
Abby and Lee - 0 (0%)
Total Voters: 17

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Author Topic: Travis Customerpalooza 2019 [Sea Division: Round 1]  (Read 4250 times)
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Submit up to two customers in PM in the Forum http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?action=profile, give his or her characters appropriate names and submit. This time, those with the Papa Louie Pals app can submit their Pals using white background, otherwise your characters will not be accepted.

The top 32 vote-getters are taking part in the tournament to determine the first winner of the tournament. Submissions for the contest were accepted from Sunday, October 13, 2019 - October 18, 2019.
Actual Division:
1. Chandler (Male) by Geillade12
2. Emilya (Female) by Geillade12
3. Danny (Male) by canela
4. Angel (Female) by canela
5. Edwin (Male) by Adrian2802
6. Leidy (Female) by Adrian2802
7. Greek (Male) by Greenste
8. Tia (Female) by Greenste
9. Jack (Male) by Tamatim
10. Thalia (Female) by Tamatim
11. Cameron (Male) by James giacotib
12. Clare by (Female) by James giacotib
13. George (Male) by JK55556
14. Abby (Female) by JK55556
15. Terrence (Male) by MAYURA
16. Madison (Female) by MAYURA

1. Reznor (Male) by Petey K
2. Raquel (Female) by Petey K
3. Fredd (Male) by #Sweet cake
4. Lydia (Female) by #Sweet cake
5. Anthony (Male) by Soup Mia
6. Juliana (Female) by Soup Mia
7. Lionel (Male) by Girasolito Happy
8. Silvina (Female) by Girasolito Happy
9. Colin (Male) by The Yes Men
10. Lapis (Female) by The Yes Men
11. Lee (Male) by CoverM
12. Bailey (Female) by CoverM
13.Juan (Male) by -YellowPenguins-
14. Mona (Female) by -YellowPenguins-
15. Colin (Male) by Bassettt
16. Winona (Female) by Bassettt
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Go Colts!
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Hey look I changed my name
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I would like to reserve

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Reserve S’il vous plaît!

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reserve, please
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Can you link me to the wiki plz?

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Hey! I'm James. make PLP scenes and my favorite Flipline game is Sushiria! 
oh yeah I also make FCs
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1.11.19 - James in Papa Louie 2
15.11.19 - James dressed as a cowboy
22.11.19 - Taylor Portrait
8.12.19 - James on a bench
18.12.19 - Merry Christmas! (James in Christmas backdrop)
26.12.19 - Lucy is ready for the FC games 2!
30.12.19 - Hello 2020! (James in fireworks backdrop)
2.1.20 - James with a Warp Key
20.1.20 - James in the Bakeria
3.2.20 - James with a Warp Key during the night
13.2.20 - James holding a rose for Valentine's Day
17.2.20 - James with a pie
1.3.20 - James with a comic book
3.3.20 - James serving a pie to James
17.3.20 - Heppy St. Paddy's Day! (James in green backdrop with a warp key)
22.3.20 - James watching TV
5.4.20 - James, Sharel and Kris in a cave looking for diamonds
11.4.20 - Taylor dancing
24.4.20 - James with the delivery phone
22.6.20 - James and Jenny outside of the Sushiria
James [Apr 09 10:34 AM]:   I changed something in my nlue-green outfit
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