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Welcome to Big Brother! Here, 16 houseguests will compete for half a million dollars. However, they won't be sending each other home. Each week, you (the audience) will vote someone out!

Each week, the house will vote for a small number of houseguests to go on the block. Then, the public (i.e the users of this forum (i.e you)) will vote for one person to leave. In other words, I will put up a poll each week with the nominees, and you will vote for the houseguest you want to see leave. You are not voting to save, you are voting to eliminate.

After just 4 houseguests remain, you will vote for a winner. Since the poll would be different than usual, and I don't have faith in you to read, I will be taking votes for the winner by PM.

Below, I will explain how the houseguests vote for who goes on the block.
Voting Process Explained:
Each houseguest will have 5 checks and 5 X's given to them each week. They must distribute these among the other houseguests. They have to use all 5 checks and X's, and they can be given to anyone other than themselves.

The points can be given however they'd like. They can give all 5 checks to one person, and all 5 X's to another. They can give 5 different people each a check, or split them 3 and 2. They can make deals with other houseguests, "I give you checks you give me checks", but of course following through is not required. The only rules are you cannot give yourself checks or X's, and you cannot give the same person both checks and X's. Houseguests can give out their points however they'd like, either voting against an enemy, saving a friend, anything. Voting is private, they will not know who voted for who.

The point totals will then be added up. A check is worth 1, and an X is worth -1. Negative scores are not only allowed, but practically guaranteed. Then, everyone's score will be revealed in a public ceremony, starting with whoever had the highest amount of points. The houseguests with the least points will be nominated. The number of houseguests nominated is not consistent, but will be revealed before points are given out. If there is a tie at the bottom, i.e 3 houseguests are nominated but the houseguests with the 3rd-least and 4th-least points are tied, everyone in the tie will be nominated. (It is therefore theoretically possible for everyone in the game to be on the block at once, but that's basically never going to happen)

Everyone who is on the block will then make a formal plea to the audience. After reading all of the pleas (or not, I can't force you to read them), you will vote. I'm aiming for voting to last for 48 hours. Voting will (hopefully) be private, so no one will no who is getting votes aside from me. After the voting period is over, I will announce who survives in order from most voted for to least. If there is a tie between those who are already saved, I will randomly select who gets announced first because that's not a high priority. If there is a tie for last I'll try to wait a bit longer for more votes to come in.

If you have any questions, ask them in the topic, in the shoutbox, or via PM, but I hope I did a good enough job of explaining this all. There will be some twists to this format over time, but I'll announce those as they come up Wink
List of Houseguests:
16. Nicole

Before we can begin, we must first meet the 16 houseguests! Here are their introductions.

My name is Amanda, and I'm a law student at Truffleton U. People always hear that I'm a law student at the most prestigous university in the country and assume I'm a genius, and, uh, I guess they're not technically wrong but I don't like being called a "genius". I want to blend in with everyone else, both in life and in the game.

However, being a law student means I can be quite persuasive. I'll be able to convince people to give their checks to me, and their X's to my enemies. I'm also a very quiet person, so I don't think I'll be targetted very early. No one will even think to nominate me!

One thing I'll need to work on is avoiding being too talkative. I could talk uninterrupted for probably an hour, but no one wants to hear that. If I annoy people, they'll vote for me. But honestly, if I didn't think I was capable of shutting up, I wouldn't have applied. *laughs*
Hey Big Brother, what's up? My name is Andrew, and I'm here to take this game by storm. By the time we're done, you won't be able to get enough of me.

I'm a model, so I'm naturally charismatic. People are just drawn to me. I feel I'll be able to use that to go far in this game. I plan on bringing in a party atmosphere. No one wants the party to end, you know? I'll lean into the stereotype of the "vapid, idiot model". No one will take me seriously, and that's amazing.

I definitely want a showmance, partially because I feel like it'd be good for my game, but mostly because it sounds like fun. I figure having someone who is watching your back is going to be ridiculously important, like having a spotter at the gym. It's not necessary, I guess, but it's helpful. I'll be using my charm to get all the way to the finale, so see you there.
Surf's up, dudes! I'm Corey, and I'm what you could call the traditional surfer dude. I spend most of my time in the water, trying to get that wave. I'm not a competitive surfer or anything, it's just a hobby. I have lots of fun at the beach, like building sandcastles or looking for seashells. I'm still a child at heart. *laughs*

The best quality I have is that I can let everything just roll off my back. My buddies tell me they've never seen me get angry at anyone, and yeah, I guess that's true. Life's too short to get all worked up over something you can't control, you know? And like, if you can change it, then why haven't you already done that?

Why am I here? It sounded like fun, that's literally it! Dude, just tell me spending 12 weeks getting to know a bunch of new people doesn't sound like a great time, you can't. I'm totally an extrovert, so this will be my element. I'm just gonna try and hang ten, and hold on as long as I can.
I am Edmund Lee, and I am the former mayor of Toastwood. It's not the most glamorous city, but goddamnit it's mine. Before me, that town wasn't on the map at all, but now it's a tourist destination, and I'm proud of that. I accomplished all of my goals, so I retired and decided to let someone fresh leave their mark.

I'm probably going to be the oldest houseguest, and that will be a challenge I must overcome. They're, uh, going to form a group, with those that they like, and that's going to be those that are similar to them. I don't know how I'll achieve that yet, but I'll think of something.

I've had a full life, and I've basically done everything I've wanted to do with it. This seems like a nice opportunity to relax for a bit, without having to think about what's going on around me too much. I might not win, but I've got enough money so that's not a concern of mine.
H-hi, I'm Garrett, I-I'm 25 y-years old, and I'm a so-software developer. My girlfr-friend just, uh, left me, so I'm just l-l-looking for a ch-change, I g-guess. She s-said I wasn't good around other p-people, so I'm g-going to prove her wrong.

I l-love my job. It's like my own little utopia, at a c-computer. If I d-died at a k-keyboard, I'd die happy. Ad-admittedly my social skills, uh, have a l-lot to be desired, but th-that's why I'm here. Wh-what better way to face m-my f-fears than to j-just throw myself at th-them? *laughs nervously*

Obviously, I have a st-stutter. It's not s-super serious, I th-think it comes from str-stress and nervousness. I, uh, probably won't b-be saying too much on the f-first day, but eventually I'll h-hopefully open up. Th-this obstacle may be too m-much to overc-come, but I definitely think that I can pl-play this game, and play it w-well.
My name is Hunter, and I'm a proud veteran of our army. Lately money hasn't been so easy to come by, so I came here for the half a million. I need this money. For all I know these others might need it too, maybe even more than me, but this would change my life so I have to do whatever I can.

I'm an amazing storyteller, and since I've had such an unusual life I have a lot of stories to tell. Some are happy, some... aren't, but that's what's going to help me build relationships. You need friends, you need allies to win this game, and I know I can get those.

Sometimes I do lose my temper, but I feel like I've got that under control. If you blow up on someone, you're nominated and you guys will probably kick 'em out, right? I need to control that, if I don't I'm gone. Hopefully you guys like me, because I expect to be around for a while.
Hey, I'm Jack. I'm 22, and I'm in school for a history degree. I've always been a massive fan of these strategy games, so when I found out this country was getting one I applied that same day. My mind just works the numbers so well, I guess. *laughs* I may be over my head here, but I'll give it my best shot!

I'm totally a nerd, not that that's a bad thing. I've got the glasses, I'm told I've got the same pale skin, although I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. Usually outside of the house I've got a thick book with me at all times, often an encyclopedia. Nothing wrong with being a stereotype, right? *laughs*

In the house, I plan on finding an alliance early and sticking with it as long as is rational. With so many nominations a week, I'll have to go deep under the radar to avoid being nominated. I'm hoping my strategy makes things exciting, both because it will make the game more fun and it might mean you'll keep me around longer!
I'm Jordan Provost, I'm 20 years old, and I'm a waitress at a high-end restaurant. I don't love my job, but it pays the bills, you know. I just don't know what I want to do with my life instead.

I'm usually a wallflower, standing to the side in social situations. I have no problem interacting one on one or in small groups, but with 10 or more people I have difficulty finding my voice. Despite that, I feel like I can do well in this game. I'd like to think I'm easy to get along with, and I'm decent at understanding social situations.

I needed a change in my life, so I'm starting with this. I'll do my best to make this interesting for all of us, and take home the five hundred thousand dollars.
Hi guys! My name is Katherine but I go by Katie, I'm 22 years old, and I'm a professional cheerleader. I've got a naturally bubbly personality, so I think I'll be able to make lots of friends in the house! That's going to be my strategy, just stay off the block because I'm getting so many checks.

I probably look like a dumb blonde, but that's part of my strategy. I have my masters in psychology, so I'll have an edge over everyone else manipulating them to put me on top. If I'm underestimated, no one will ever suspect me. If I can't think for myself, how can I lie? *laughs*

I'm not explicitly looking for a showmance but if it happens it happens. It would definitely have to be the right guy, and honestly I'd do my best to keep it a secret. I don't want to be targetted like that, pairs are going to be dangerous. Here's hoping I'm not on the block too much.
I'm Liz. I'm from Frostfield, where I've lived all my life. I run a restaurant there, and I'm very proud of how big it's gotten. I opened that restaurant up when I was 31, and 6 years later it's one of the most successful in the Frostfield downtown.

I used to be a personal chef at a certain millionaire's home, who would frequently have guests come over. They'd come over to my tiny kitchen, order something, and then just talk about their day. I knew all the gossip in that guy's life. I figure I'll apply that to the game. Just be in the kitchen all day, cooking food and talking to people one on one. Everyone needs to eat, so everyone will come to me. Who would vote out the hand that feeds them?

I'm anxiously looking forward to the challenge of cooking for an entire house. I'm 100% confident my food is good enough, but they might just see an older woman who stays in the kitchen and nominate me early. That would be a shame...
I'm Michelle, from Tastyville, and I'm a dentist. *smiles, showing perfect teeth, then laughs* I just got out of dental school and got a job when I got the call to come on the show, and it was a tough decision... Thankfully, my boss said it was okay, so here I am!

I tend to talk a lot, which should be an advantage. I can keep a conversation going with anyone for hours. My dad always told me I could be in sales if I wanted to, but I love my job. Hopefully I can convince people to spend their checks and X's in a similar way to me, just to control who goes up and who doesn't.

I won't hesitate to give my X's to anyone, even my closest allies, if I think they stand in my way of winning. I might be a bit more ruthless than everyone else, but who knows? Maybe I'll get in there and see I don't have the heart to play the game. I doubt it though. I really do.
Hi! I'm Nicole, and I'm a journalist working for Nowtime News. I'm not usually in front of the camera, but that's fine with me. I pride myself in conducting fair, unbiased journalism, and as far as I'm concerned I'm one of the best of the best! Not the best, but, you know, up there.

As a journalist, my main talent is getting the scoop. If someone lies, I'm gonna know. By now I have a sense of when someone's lying to me, whether it's about who they gave X's to or if they're pretending they like the way I did my hair. Obviously I'm going to have to downplay that, no one wants a lie detector in there.

I'm very energetic, if you haven't noticed! One of my strongest qualities is my determination. I'll keep attacking you until you give me what I want, and then some! *laughs* Trust me, I've made some awfully boring stories interesting, so I can make this show interesting. You won't want to send me home.
My name is Priya, and I am a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical company. A couple of my friends seem to think I'm involved in how the drugs are made, or something, but I don't know. I just know how to sell them to people.

I've always been a strict, "by-the-numbers" kind of girl. My life is basically just a series of "if I do this, that will happen" situations, and that has worked perfectly fine for me. However, I expect this will be a bit different. You won't be able to tell who the audience likes and doesn't like, so it's difficult to target one person.

Obviously, as a saleswoman, I am extremely persuasive. I should, at the very least, be able to keep people from giving me their X's. Maybe even to give me some checks. But at the end of the day, it takes more than avoiding the chopping block to win, you need the support of the audience. Will you guys support me? I guess we'll find out.
I'm Roy, 31, from Tacodale, and I own and operate my own carpentry business. I was in university for bleeping philosophy, if you can believe it. I was only there to play basketball, but when I injured my leg I just dropped out altogether. Best decision I've ever made. I went from pursuing my interest in basketball to my interest in building things.

I built that company with my own hands. Unlike a lot of CEOs, I actually do work too, just like another employee. I'm quite proud of my work ethic, and I think it's something most people my age just don't have. I'm the average, respectable man, and I think people are beginning to appreciate that.

If I had to pick out my least favourite thing, it's stupid people. Any time someone says or does something irrational or whatever, I get so pissed off. Honestly, I don't see that as a flaw. They bleeped up, I'm there to teach them to not do that thing again. I feel my blunt, straight-forward attitude will be popular, sure hope it is.
I'm Seth, and I'm a pro football player. One of my favourite things is seeing people be intimidated by me when they see me for the first time. I'm 6'3'', 250 pounds of muscle, yeah, I see it. It's also my least favourite thing when people are scared of me. I'm a huge softie, I'd never hurt someone... off the field, at least. There, it's my job!

I'm a very confrontational person. If I see someone do something wrong, like really wrong, I step in. If I see like, a pickpocket or something even worse, I step in, no one has ever tried to fight me. It happens way, way too much in Oniontown, but I'm doing what I can. If I see problematic behaviour in this house, I'm calling it out. I'd rather lose for doing the right thing than win because I compromised my morals.

I've totally been hit in the head a few times, so, uh, I'm a bit slow. My memory isn't amazing, and sometimes I take a while to answer questions. My feelings are as strong as ever, though. You're going to see me at highs and lows, and that's okay. I'm ready for this.
I'm Shannon Westbrook, and I'm from Starlight City: the city that never goes to bed. I'm a struggling actress, and right now, I really, really, really need the money, so... here I am! I plan on making this a lot of fun for me, and you. Not them. The other houseguests? They signed up for this, they deserve whatever happens here. Only someone desperate for fame would sign up for this.

I bet they told some story of "oh I thought it would be fun, meet some people" hell no, they all want to be rich and famous. All of them. Anyone who didn't say that word for word is a filthy liar. Here: I want to be rich and famous. That wasn't so hard, I wonder why no one else is going to say it?

I'm often told I'm conceited or self-obsessed. Like, duh. It's called confidence. I'm not saying I'm the best person there is, I know who I am. I'm just proud of the woman I am. If other people perceive that as arrogance or whatever, that's their problem, not mine.

That's the cast of 16 you'll be voting on for the next 12 weeks! (game time, no clue how long this will actually take lol)

Everything the houseguests do will be caught on camera, 24/7. There won't exactly be a long, continuous narrative, but a series of small scenes. They will be in as close to chronological order as possible.

Sometimes, a houseguest will want to give their true thoughts on a situation without anyone else knowing. They can do this in the diary room. A houseguest can confess anything they want there. This is where the truth comes out. A diary room session will look like this:

Nickito: I'm so excited to be in the Big Brother House! My first thought was, which bed am I sleeping in?

Of course most will be more substantial than that.

I think that's everything, if you have any questions let me know!
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Bruh Corey Is Literally Me... Excited for this!

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I'm very hyped for this. Hope this can make it from beginning to end!

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Cool idea, I had a comic in mind for this but it'll be interesting to see your take!

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The First Fight:
Day 1
The 16 houseguests enter the house in a line. They hadn't been allowed to talk with each other at all before this, this is when they're meeting.
The houseguests exchange names and very basic information, like age, occupation, hometown etc.
Priya: Right away, I see a fairly diverse group of people. Some are older, some are younger. A range of different ethnicities. People from all over the country. This is truly a social experiment - seeing how all of these different people will come together and live in a house like this. I'm so excited for this!
Most people have gone around in a circle, except Garrett. He is sweating, visibly nervous about this. Due to a pause, lots of side conversations start up.
Michelle: Wait, let Garrett talk! He's quiet, give him some room.
Garrett: Uh... th-thank you. I-I'm Garrett, and I-I'm a s-software developer. I-
Roy: Huh-huh-hello there, G-g-garrett. N-n-nice to m-m-meet you!
Roy laughs at his attempt at a joke, expecting others to join in. A few nervous giggles can be heard, although it's difficult to tell from where. Garrett steps back behind a chair as if to hide. Seth turns to look at Roy.
Seth: That's not okay, dude. Apologize. Now.
Even though Roy is fairly tall, Seth manages to make him look tiny. Despite this, Roy is not intimidated.
Roy: What? It was a joke! I'm not gonna apologize for a joke! Geez, tough crowd.
Garrett sits down, attempting to avoid the spotlight. Seth walks over to Roy, his face turning red.
Seth: That is not okay. He can't control that stutter, you can't make fun of him for it. What if I made fun of your hair, called you a redhead?
Roy rolls his eyes.
Roy: I've heard worse, dude. Are you trying to scare me? You know you can't hit me, then you're just gone.
Seth: That imbecile made me so ****ing upset. I had to force myself to backdown, while we're still forming first impressions. On the outside, I would have yelled at him immediately and for as long as I felt I needed to, I can't do that in here. I have to be careful.
Corey: Guys, like, calm down! No time for fights, we should just be -
Roy & Seth: No!
Seth: I don't care if you've heard worse, that ****'s just not okay anywhere. He doesn't have a voice to stand up for himself-
Roy laughs loudly. Seth begins to walk away. The crowd begins to disperse.
Roy: Dude, you just made fun of it too! If you're going to get all mad about something, at least don't be a hypocrite!
With this last word, Seth whips his head around and does a literal double take. Seeing Seth's expression, Roy puts his hands up and backs away. Michelle walks over to Garrett, who has not moved or said anything in a while.
Michelle: Are you okay?
Garrett nods.
Michelle: My younger brother growing up had a stutter, and... I always had to take care of him. Protect him from bullies. To me, Garrett is like my brother, someone I need to stand by. He's clearly a very smart man, just held back by his impediment. I'm going to do my best to help him, because for me this is personal.

How to "Bro-Down":
Day 1
Andrew: So my strategy is to just bro-down. I'm gonna get a group of guys together and we're gonna have each other's backs, right? Give out the checks so no one's nominated, early on at least. This group will have the dumbest guys in the house, no one thinks we can organize ****. I gotta find guys who are standard bros who can also keep a secret. Basically, I'm looking for some bros who can follow bro-code, not turn on any bros, so we can make it deep.
Andrew: Hey, Corey.
Corey: Yo, wassup my bro?
Andrew: I was just thinking, there ain't much to do in the house, right? All there is to do is chill and hang out.
Corey: Yeah, that's why I came out here. That sounds like a freakin' utopia to me, man.
Andrew: You and I are vibing, I feel. We're just-
Corey: Bros, right? We're bros, I can already feel it. We're going to be like this *crosses fingers*, I already know it, and this game just started!
Andrew: Yeah, it's insane. I have this connection with you I just don't feel anywhere else.
Andrew: If you were to write a book on what it means to be a bro, which to be honest I don't know what makes a bro, you could literally just have a picture of Corey on the cover. He's so chill, and he's been telling me that he's gonna honour any bro code. That's what I'm looking for, that's what I need. That was so much easier than I thought it would be. Hopefully all the other bros are just as easy to find.

Edmund: I was born in 1964, in Toastwood, to a middle class family as the second of nine children. My mother was the local schoolteacher, but she left her job so she could raise me and my eight siblings at home. My father was a baker. You know, back then, they, they said men couldn't be bakers, back then, but my father-
Andrew begins to nod off. Edmund continues to talk in a monotone voice about his family history for the next thirty minutes.

Jack: You know what I wish we had in here? A giant library. I would just spend all day in there, reading encyclopedias. I'd like to brush up on 15th century China right now, just have that itch I gotta scratch, you know the feeling?
Andrew: *clearly extremely bored* Yes, I have had that feeling so many times before. 15th century China is my favourite century China.
Jack begins to talk about the Ming dynasty at great length. Andrew looks at the camera and mouths "send help".

Hunter: I spent seven years in the military, and that's something I'm very proud of. Serving this country is easily the most important thing I've ever done.
Andrew: In the military, you had a very strict code you had to follow, right?
Hunter: Yes, very strict. Woke up at 6:00 every morning.
Andrew: And you couldn't ever let anyone around you down, right?
Hunter: Of course not, lives were at risk!
Andrew: (whispering) I can work with this.
Hunter: What was that?
Andrew: Nothing.
Andrew: Hunter is a bit older than I was hoping for, but a lot of the men in this house are decidedly not bros. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Anyway, I doubt Garrett would consider himself a bro, so I won't try that. That leaves... Roy and Seth. Aw man, why those two? I guess it's worth a try.

Roy is sitting by himself on a couch when Andrew sits down next to him.
Andrew: Hey, I've been looking all over for you.
Roy: Why? We've all just met, I thought you'd be in bed by now.
Andrew: It's only, like, 11:00. That's not too bad. I was a little worried you'd be in bed, don't know each others' schedules yet, you know?
Roy: Yeah, I usually stay up pretty late. I pulled so many all-nighters in college.
Andrew: Yeah, staying up to finish an essay last-minute? I think everyone can relate to that.
Roy: What? I didn't write essays, I paid my roommates to write them for me. If I stayed up all night I probably had a girl over.
Andrew: I definitely don't think Roy is someone who likes to play with others. I think I'll keep him with me, because why not? The more people we have working together, the more we can influence who goes up. That's what I want.

Day 2
Liz: Hey... Andrew, right?
Andrew: Yeah, that's me.
Liz: Sorry, I'm always awful with names. I'll get it eventually though, don't you worry. *both laugh* Anyway, what do you want for breakfast hon?
Andrew: I was just gonna see what cereals they have here.
Liz: That's alright, if you change your mind I'll be here.
Seth is eating his breakfast with Katie, Shannon, and Corey.
Andrew: Do you mind if I sit down?
Katie: Sure, sit with us!
Andrew: How did you all sleep, first night in the house?
Seth: The beds are a bit small, but I managed.
Andrew: Anyway, I was thinking we need to figure out a system to protect us with the voting.
Seth: (with a mouth full of food) Yeah, that makes sense, don't want to be nominated.
Andrew: (slightly disgusted) I think if we had a group of four or five guys, we give checks in a chain. Say I give them to you, you give them to someone else, they give some to me. Then, we all pile our X's on the same person. We'd all be safe, probably.
Seth: I don't know, is 5 checks enough to prevent a nomination? I like the idea of choosing one of the spots on the block though.
Andrew: I guess we'll just-
Shannon: Whatcha talking about?
Corey: Oh, those two are talking about, uh... bro stuff. Like what kind of beer is the best.
Andrew nods quickly. Seth opens his mouth to clarify, but Andrew signals for him not to.
Seth: (whispering) What? There's no reason to lie.
Andrew: Of course there is. If she knew we had a group, she'd tell everyone and we'd be ostracized. Everyone's going to do this, but whoever gets caught will pay.
Seth: This alliance stuff is confusing. I don't see how I'm benefited by this. I don't get any control over how I use my checks, and other people are more likely to give me X's? I'll give it a go I guess, but I'm not optimistic.

Hunter, Corey, and Seth are all sitting together in a small room by themselves. Andrew knocks on the door with Roy. Roy sees that Seth is in the room and walks away.
Andrew: Wait, come back dude!
Seth: Is... were you going to have him in the group?
Andrew: We want numbers. I'd have an alliance of 15 if I thought I could handle it.
Seth: Let me put it this way. Either he's in the group, or I am. Not both of us.
Andrew: Well... you're already here, so...
Hunter: Honestly, I can't wait for Roy to leave. I imagine he's not making any friends, and he's just so damn loud. I don't think he slept last night.
Corey: I'm sure he's just adjusting to the house, he'll either quiet down when he realises that's what we want, or he'll leave. It's a problem that solves itself!
Andrew: Anyway, this is the group. We can sort out how we'll vote later, like targets and stuff. I'll give checks to Seth, he gives them to Hunter, who gives them to Corey, who gives them to me. A plus five is so helpful that I don't think any of us'll be up there, and we can just chillax.
Corey: I like that plan!
Hunter: Were you even listening?
Corey: What? Yeah! Andrew gives points to Seth, Seth gives points to you-
Hunter: Alright, alright, you were.
Seth: We can't make this too obvious, right? We all need to have other friends in the house, so no one tries to break this up.
Andrew: We might be overthinking this, guys. Maybe we're the only ones voting on strategy, and everyone else will vote out the ones that just annoy them. No way to know.
Andrew: This is just like all of those other strategy shows. You need a group large enough to make an impact, but small enough that it won't implode. This group isn't ideal, but hopefully it will be adequate for the game.
That's all for now, more of Week 1 will come later!
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AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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Great chapter! I like how you structure the story in the post too! Cheesy

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The House Cook:
Day 3
Liz: I want to be a key figure in the house, so they see me as someone they can't afford to lose. So I played to my strengths, and I'm the house chef. If I wasn't a chef, I'd probably be doing everyone's laundry right now, so thank God for culinary school!
It is now lunch time in the house. Liz is running around preparing three different meals.
Corey: Yo, you need any help?
Liz: I think I can handle this, but thank you.
Corey: What's the point in pushing yourself? Don't wanna burn yourself out, you know. Well, I'll be right here if you need me.
Jordan: I feel bad for her, honestly. I just came down here to make myself a grilled cheese, you know? Maybe we could have a menu for her.
Corey: Either make one large meal, or choose from a small set. Yeah, I'm not like a... cooking person, or whatever, but I think that'd be easier.
Katie: Guys, she's a professional chef. Let her use her own judgement.
Liz: A menu might be fun though, you're right. *gives Jordan her sandwich*
Hunter: You could just let us make our own meals. Like, back home cooking is a hobby for me so that would be something to calm me down, personally.
Liz: Is that what you'd prefer? This is just my everyday life, it's nothing to me.
Jordan: You don't have to cook every single meal every single day though. You can take some breaks.
Liz: Why is everyone underestimating me? I know I can do it, it's literally my job. If someone wants to make their own food, I'll let them, sure. But this house has an amazing kitchen, I wouldn't mind just living in it!
The Strategy for Survival:
Day 3
Amanda, Priya, and Jack are sitting together at one of the kitchen tables discussing the game.
Amanda: This first vote's gonna be hard, isn't it?
Jack: Everyone seems to get along, besides maybe Roy but even then he's quieted down I think.
Priya: It hasn't even been 2 days yet, everyone's still in the honeymoon stage. I'm sure things will get ugly soon enough.
Amanda: I'm not sure what the strategy to stay alive is yet. I mean, other than making sure that the other houseguests like me enough to keep me off the block, and hoping that I'm popular enough with the outside world that if I do go up I'll be safe, what is there for me to do?
Amanda: People might just be voting for the ones they don't like.
Jack: Yeah, isn't that basically the point of the game?
Amanda: Think there will be any alliances?
Priya: Probably. Anything to not go on the block.
Amanda: What if the 3 of us, and maybe a couple others, got together? Gave each other checks so everyone has at least 5, then all throw our X's on the same person so they definitely are nominated.
Jack: Or if we get enough people, we could vote down two other houseguests! I bet most people will pile on Roy, which would give us control over two other spots.
Priya: I'll be honest, I don't know if I love the idea of an alliance this early. These things have to be organic so that there's trust between everyone involved. You can't just say "I want you, you, and you" and expect that to last. That being said, if there is an attempt at an alliance I may as well go along for the ride.
Jack: I think 5 is the minimum number, but something like 8 or even 10 would be amazing!
Amanda: I don't know about 10, that's a lot to control. Let's just see who we think would be on board.
Jack: Well, obviously we all know who needs to feel safe here.

Michelle and Garrett are playing chess when Amanda and Jack approach them.
Jack: Hey, can we talk to you guys for a second?
Garrett: Can w-we just, uh... f-finish the g-game?
Michelle: Garrett, we can talk for a little bit.
Amanda: Priya, Jack, and I were thinking about starting an alliance. You know, we'd give each other all our checks, coordinate our X's, that kind of thing.
Jack: And obviously, we'd like you two to join it.
Garrett: W-who would we w-want to t-t-target then?
Michelle: I think an alliance would be a good idea.
Michelle: Obviously I trust Garrett a lot, and Amanda gave off a very good first impression. Definitely not the worst group to go with, I suppose.
Amanda: Great! Obviously we'd be voting for someone other than Roy, he's already getting a ton of votes. Any ideas?
Michelle: Would be better if we talked it over with everyone present, don't you think?
Amanda: Is this not everyone so far? *Jack whispers in Amanda's ear* Oh right, yeah we should wait.
Jack: I was thinking 6 is the ideal number, so if either of you see an opportunity come up, take it.
An Opportunity Comes Up:
Day 3
Nicole: So far everything in here is so exciting! I love everyone I've met, and I feel like I'll be here for a while! I could certainly live in this house for a while, that's for sure. It's so... so big! So today... I thought I'd go exploring!
Nicole is going from room to room, examining the house she hopes to live in for the next 3 months.
Nicole: I'm walking down the hallway, going to check out the green room, then suddenly I hear... "We need to stick together." That's suspicious! So, as any journalist would do, I listened.
???: Yeah, I get what you're saying.
The door opens, Nicole almost falls over. Shannon and Jordan are sitting on the couch, Katie is still holding the door knob.
Katie: Were you listening to us talk?
Nicole: How bad is my luck, getting to hear two whole sentences before getting caught?
Shannon: How much did you hear?
Nicole: I just... heard you say you wanted to stick together. How did you know I was at the door? Did you hear me? Was I too loud?
Katie: No, I had no idea you were there... I just wanted... wait, why were you even listening to us in the first place?
Nicole: You're walking down the hall, you hear what sounds like an alliance being formed, you want to know who's in it and how serious it is, right? I didn't even think there would be any alliances here, which added to my shock.
Shannon: What are you even talking about? There's no alliance here! I was telling them a story about my life outside!
Nicole: Really? What kind of story? Who is the "we" then?
Shannon: Starlight City can be a tough place for a girl, so me and my friends had to stick together there. Have each other's backs. Trust. That's important to me, and with you I don't have any.
Nicole: And why were you bringing up that story? Was it a metaphor for something? Like, I don't know, an alliance?
Jordan: That was a private conversation! You don't have the right to just-just pick apart every little thing that goes on under the house!
Nicole: As a journalist, it's my duty to follow up my hunches.
Shannon: As a journalist, you should know to remain impartial until you have all the facts. Assuming things you have no reason to won't get you anywhere. That may work in the real world, where all you do is try to type up as much **** as you can to sell to those sheep, but in here, that won't fly.
Nicole: I really thought they had something. I really did. Maybe not? Usually my instincts are right, but not always. Maybe the general excitement of this new environment is scrambling my brain? I might need a real alliance to get myself out of this one.
Shannon: Yeah, so... I actually was confirming an alliance of three. Can't believe Nicole was walking by right then. Might have to start whispering when I discuss that stuff. Hopefully I drove her away though. Eavesdropping is something I'm generally for, and I had mad respect there, but I can't have her just listening to everything I say! As far as she's concerned, we're enemies.

Nicole and Michelle are sitting in the red room.
Nicole: I might just be paranoid, but I was thinking I need an alliance. Working together is what we need right now!
Michelle: No way, I was thinking the exact same thing! Who are you thinking?
Nicole: I love everyone, so I don't know. Just any group would do, I think.
Michelle: Hmmm, Nicole should be good at figuring out lies, but I think I'm a decent liar. I want to see if I can just bring her into my existing alliance.
Michelle: Garrett and I are super close, that'd be good. And then Jack and Amanda are so tight, they're not turning on each other, so may as well work with them.
Nicole: Good, good points. That's a good 5.
Michelle: I think 6 is better, you know, just that much more coverage.
Nicole: Great! Who are you thinking?
Michelle: What if we did Priya? She's very nice, and seems to be smart.
Nicole: That's exactly what I would have said. This alliance will definitely work out! We should call ourselves something fun, too.
Michelle: An alliance name? Fancy. Do you have something in mind?
Nicole: With 6 of us, we'd be controlling everything that goes on under this roof. So... drumroll... *Nicole starts tapping on the table* The Puppetmasters!
Michelle: Ha-ha, I love it! Let's go tell the others!
Michelle: It's so tacky, but whatever. I can take it or leave it as long as she's with us.
Nicole: Today's been a roller coaster ride of a day, but I made sure to end it on a high note! Go Puppetmasters!
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AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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Nice chapter! Glad this is coming back Grin

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Love is in the Air:
Day 4
Jordan: So... it's now Day 4. By now, a few things have become obvious. One of them is that there are a few lovebirds in the house...
Seth and Katie are sitting together in one of the bedrooms talking.
Seth: A showmance, it's like a romance on the show. Going in I wasn't like, looking for anything, but Katie is just incredible.
Katie: It's a bit cliche, yeah, the cheerleader and the football player, but... I don't think that should matter.
Seth: I wasn't looking for a showmance, but now there's nothing else I'd want more.
Katie: I'm like... a little scared though. We can be friends, but a showmance is a pair. The others could see us together and nominate us both. I don't want that.
Seth: So... no?
Katie: I mean, I want to be here as long as possible, I know you do too. The easiest way to do that is to avoid being nominated.
Seth: What if we... like... kept it a secret? We can't hide that we like each other, but pretend it's not like *that*.
Katie: I love the sound of that... I'd love to spend time with you, but just the two of us.
Seth: So it's more romantic?
Katie: So no one finds out and targets us! You literally just said we should do that!
Seth: Oh, right.
Katie: It's definitely a risk, but he makes me happy, so I see nothing wrong with that. But if it comes between him and Jordan or Shannon, I know which side I'm picking.

Andrew, Seth, Priya, and Katie are sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast.
Andrew: Seth, you and Katie have been spending a lot of time together lately. Anything happening there?
Seth: I guess you could say that.
Katie: He's just such an interesting person. He reminds me of my friends back home, so it's just really calming.
Seth: Uh... yeah. That.
Priya: You know, there's nothing wrong with expressing your true feelings.
Priya kisses Andrew on the cheek.
Priya: If you want to be together, then you're allowed. There's no rule against it.
Andrew: Do what you want!
Katie: I like him, but I don't like him in that way. Get over yourselves, you sound like children.
Katie leaves the table. Seth follows after a few seconds.
Liz looks over from behind the counter. She was listening to the whole conversation.
Liz: Yeah, there's a spark there. It's obvious that they're trying to hide it, and well... they're not doing a great job. Just staying where I am, it's surprisingly easy to get info like this that might come in handy later.
Andrew: I'm gonna go chill outside, you wanna come?
Priya: Sure, that sounds like a lot of fun.
Andrew: Initially this showmance was just a strategy. I wanted to come in, have my bros, have my girl, and that right there puts me in a decent spot socially. I'm right there at the core of the house dynamic. But honestly, I underestimated what the women in here would be like. I thought I'd have to carefully consider which girl to pair up with, but immediately I just went for the most beautiful girl in the house. For now though, gotta keep it strategical.
Priya: Obviously I like Andrew a lot. He's very smart, very charming, but overall I am here to win five hundred thousand dollars. I think having his vote to control will be very helpful, along with my separate alliance. I feel like I will be well protected.

Hunter and Jack are sitting in the green room.
Jack: What do you think of Andrew and Priya together?
Hunter: It was pretty obvious, he was all over her that first night, heh. I'm probably too old for most of the women here, though.
Jack: I think Nicole's around your age.
Hunter: Ha! Nothing against her, but she's full of energy. My spirit died long ago, I don't think I'd be able to keep up.
Jack: You never know, dude. I'm not saying you have to, but-
Hunter: Good. I won't. But yeah, seeing Andrew and Priya, it reminds me of when I was their age. I got around, alright.
Jack: Yeah I get what you're saying. Do you think we'll see any other showmances this season?
Hunter: Too early to say, dude. I see Shannon's eying Corey, but I dunno if that will be reciprocated or not.
Jack: Ooh, this is so exciting, behind on this side of the camera! If I hadn't been cast, I totally would be just sitting at home watching the live feeds.
Hunter: Oh, you would?
Hunter: Honestly I don't watch a lot of television. It just doesn't interest me right now. I don't care that this is being shown to everyone though. I'm here because I need to win, but I don't want to ruin who I am. I'll be myself, and no one else.
Party Time:
Day 4
Corey: So obviously we will be in here for a while. Hopefully. Three months is... well, a long time, so I figured we should find a way to spend our nights!
The houseguests have gathered in the main room. Bottles of alcohol are spread out on the large table, and Andrew and Priya have prepared many bowls of snack food. Chips, dip, popcorn, veggie trays etc.
Andrew: Obviously this won't be every night, but we're still getting to know each other, so why not?
A Lot of Houseguests: Cheers to Big Brother!
Roy: Finally! This is my kind of house! Not everyone is super into the party, but, like, we'll have fun without them.
Roy and Andrew are playing pool. Every time they sink a ball, they take a drink.
Andrew: Ah dude, you keep sinking them!
Roy: I'm the master of this house! Anyway, I win.
Andrew: There doesn't have to be a winner, we're just trying to get drunk.
Roy: I won, I'm gonna check out the hottub, see who's there.
Andrew watches as Roy wanders over. Seth, Shannon, and Katie are sitting in the hottub, Michelle and Garrett are sitting on the table outside.
Garrett: Th-the thing with R-Roy is... that he's v-very c-competitive. Always h-has to be the v-very best at everyth-thing.
Roy: Garrett, let's arm wrestle.
Garrett: Uh... I-I'd rather not...
Roy: Come on. I want to warm up before I take on Goliath over there. (Roy is pointing at Seth)
Garrett: I... I g-guess...
Michelle: You don't have to do this.
Garrett: No... it's f-fine.
Roy and Garrett take the stance. Within two seconds Garrett's arm is down. Garrett massages his arm while Roy celebrates.
Roy: Hey, Big Boy. It's your turn. Think you can take me on?
Seth looks up, clearly upset.
Seth: What is up with that guy? I just don't get it.
Seth: No thanks, I'm good. Go find Hunter or something, I'm sure he'd be up for it.
Roy: I... already defeated him.
Shannon: You know Seth... Katie's right there.
Seth: Alright, alright. I'll do it Roy.
Seth gets out of the hottub and takes Garrett's seat, leaving it wet. Garrett, who is not wearing a bathing suit, goes back inside.
Shannon: *laughs* Seth is so into her, it's almost sad, but also super sweet at the same time. I'd love it if a guy was into me that much, but Katie didn't seem interested.
Seth and Roy fight for a little while before Seth defeats Roy. Roy yells out and immediately grips his arm.
Roy: Ow, ****! You twisted my arm! Ow! Why?
Seth: It can't have been that bad. Why do I even bother? You always just have to be the center of attention!
Roy: Says the guy who is literally the center of everyone's attention, right now.
Seth: What does that even mean?
Jordan and Jack leave the house, seemingly on the way to the hottub, but turn back immediately when they see Roy and Seth fighting.
Jack: I am so done with those two, honestly. There's just so much fighting going on. Obviously I don't expect sixteen strangers to all get alone, but, isn't this kind of ridiculous?

Priya: Corey, wouldn't you rather be outside?
Corey: I dunno, as the surfer dude of the house I feel like it's my duty to fight that stereotype. Besides, I like the group we got in here.
Amanda, Hunter, Nicole, Priya, Corey, Edmund, and Liz are sitting at the table. Garrett comes inside.
Liz: What's up Garrett?
Garrett: I-it's too l-loud out there now...
Priya makes a "shh" motion, and the conversation stops. Shouting can be heard.
Amanda: Fair enough. Want to chill with us for a little while?
Garrett: Sure, I g-guess.
Nicole: You'll find that we're the quiet ones.
Corey: Dunno about that, but compared to those idiots I guess so. Want me to get you a drink?
Garrett: Hmm? Uh... n-n-no... I uh...
Edmund: No shame in not drinking, boy. I haven't had a drop since I was forty four. Don't regret it at all.
Garrett: Th-thank you, Edmund.
Edmund: Anyway, it's getting late. I'd best get to bed. Good night, all.
Edmund leaves. As soon as he is out of earshot, most of the others laugh. Jack and Jordan rejoin the group.
Amanda: I get that we don't have a clock, but it can't be a minute past 10:00.
Hunter: Maybe he was just tired, it happens to the best of us.
Corey: But... this is basically our job. It's our duty to essentially just chill with everyone else. We're being paid, are we not?
Priya: It's his choice.
Priya: If Edmund wants to risk alienating himself during a party just so he can get a good night's rest, he can. That is a risk though, and I hope he knows that.
Hunter: Anyways, Jack, Jordan, you were gone for maybe three minutes and you're still dry. What happened?
Hunter: Very suddenly, the fact they were still dry when they said they were going to the hottub just ground my gears to a halt. I needed to figure out why. That's the way my brain works, it can get laser focused.
Jordan: Seth and Roy got into a fight again.
Liz: Yeah, we heard.
Corey: Like literally, we heard them yelling.
Nicole: Hunter, want to go check it out?
Hunter: Don't see why not.

Hunter and Nicole go outside. Roy and Seth are still fighting. Michelle, Katie, and Shannon are watching. Katie is wincing, like this is physically painful for her, while Shannon is clearly enjoying it.
Roy: I'm not saying it was intentional, but I still want an apology!
Seth: I'm not apologizing for doing what you asked me to do!
Hunter: Break it up, guys.
Nicole: Fellas, fellas, why fight like this?
Michelle breaks out laughing before catching herself.
Michelle: Sorry, there was a bug in my throat.
Roy: He twisted my arm, and I want an apology!
Seth: We were arm wrestling, I've got witnesses, and his arm looks fine.
Hunter: Let me check it out.
Hunter examines Roy's arm.
Hunter: Yeah, it's still red. Will probably ache for the rest of the night, should be fine by morning. Nothing permanent.
Roy: I told you it was bad.
Shannon: Since when are you a doctor?
Hunter: My grandfather was a doctor, he taught me a bit.
Nicole: Katie, did Seth do this on purpose?
Katie: W-what? No? Why would you think he did?
Nicole: Just trying to get the facts straight.
Seth: Why? I can handle this myself.
Hunter: Guys, just calm down. Please. Seth, you did hurt his arm, but Roy, it wasn't on purpose. Please stop fighting.
Seth: He made me realize I was being a bit of a dick, I felt so bad almost immediately. Man...
Seth: Roy, I'm sorry about this. The injury, denying it, and letting it turn into a fight.
Roy seems surprised that he got an apology.
Roy: I'm sorry I yelled at you so much. Just got heated.
Hunter: There. Was that so hard?
Nicole: Wait - we never figured out what happened!
The camera pans to reveal Andrew was watching the whole thing.
Andrew: Hunter coming in to help out Seth, now that's what bros do. I was thinking maybe Hunter's too different to fit in, nah, he might be the best bro of all.
The crowd goes inside. It is getting kind of late.
Michelle: In this game, conflict is what gets people nominated. That's why I like having Roy and Seth here. However, if Hunter and Nicole come in and diffuse it all, that's not good. Because if people aren't voting on big issues, they get petty. That's a scary thought...
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AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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When’s the first HoH?

Also love this comic!

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What's an HoH

(all of the houseguests will have a hand in the nomination process)

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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What's an HoH

(all of the houseguests will have a hand in the nomination process)
Oh. Wait, you don’t know what an HoH comp is?

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there will be no heads of household this season
Well, I guess everyone is kind of a head of household at all times
This doesn't follow standard Big Brother rules, I outline the new ones in the first post

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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I've decided to remove the poll. When voting comes, you may vote by PMing me the name of the houseguest you would like to save.

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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