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The houseguests were woken up at 7:00 AM by the loudspeaker shouting

Senior Citizens:
Day 5
Edmund: I knew I would be one of the oldest houseguests, if not the oldest. I'm 55, and almost everyone else could be my son or daughter. Eleven of us are younger than thirty. Eleven. That's a lot. Honestly, it's not as bad as I feared, but that's still an age gap I'll have to cross.
Edmund has gathered himself, Roy, Liz, Nicole, and Hunter, the five houseguests over the age of 30, into the red room.
Edmund: Obviously we're all a bit older, and we're going to have trouble connecting. We need to work together, and maybe skew this house away from the partying. Obviously, I won't be able to keep up.
Liz: Edmund says this, and all I'm hearing is "I'm incapable of bonding with the younger houseguests, please help me." Nah, I'm good.
Hunter: All we can do is try our best. I usually only have one, maybe two drinks a week but in here I may as well go along with the crowd.
Nicole: The party was fun, even if some of them are practically half my age.
Roy: You don't look 50.
Nicole: Yes. I am not 50 or even close, you are correct.
Roy: Wait, why am I even here?
Edmund: You're one of the oldest contestants, doesn't it make sense to include you?
Roy: I'm 31. I'm not an old man, I'm like two months older than Andrew or something!
Roy: I thought I looked good for being in my thirties. I still get carded, and I'm still in great shape, and I still get chicks, I'm not an old man!
Hunter: He was kind of loud last night at the party, Edmund. He's not on your side.
Edmund: Roy, don't take this the wrong way. I don't want you to leave. I like your energy, your passion, and that's why I'm trying to help you. I'm trying to help all of you. *waves his arms around the room*
Roy: Yeah, I like that a lot better. Why didn't you lead with that?
Edmund: You have to know how to talk to people, what they want to hear. Roy wanted to hear that I wanted him safe, and so he'd believe me I needed to come up with a reason. It is still my belief that Roy is simply having difficulty adjusting to life in the house, so he will almost certainly calm down soon.
Nicole: So... do you have a plan?
Edmund: I don't want to control the way everyone votes. I'm not saying "give your X's to this person, give your checks there" because that doesn't feel right to me. However, I will say I do not plan on handing out any X's to anyone in this room.
Hunter: Thank you, I appreciate that.
Hunter: Definitely can't say the same... Roy is just so aggravating I need him gone as soon as possible.
Voting Time:
Day 5
The "bros" (Andrew, Corey, Hunter, Seth) are gathered outside.
Andrew: Okay, this should be simple. We all know who we want out. For checks, just go in a circle. I give to Seth, who gives to Hunter, who gives to Corey, who gives to me. Do you all know what you're doing?
Everyone nods.
Corey: I really hope no one's thinking of giving me X's. I've just been chilling, being everyone's best friend, and it might backfire eventually, definitely, but on Week 1? Hell no.

The "Puppetmasters" (Amanda, Jack, Priya, Michelle, Garrett, Nicole) are gathered in the red room.
Amanda: Okay, this should be simple. For checks, let's go in alphabetical order. I go to Garrett, who goes to Jack, and so on. I expect no questions there.
Jack: Yep, pretty straight forward.
Amanda: Then, onto the more interesting matter: our X's.
Jack: We have 30 X's in total, essentially. To keep things simple, we'll all throw ours on one person, so we effectively have 6 sets of 5 to give out.
Amanda: There are some obvious targets, so we'll throw a bit on there to ensure they go up.
Jack: However, there is one particular target I feel like we might be able to snipe now, as previously brought to our attention. Most of us will be voting for them.
Amanda: This is so simple. I'm sure we'll get more complicated eventually, but for now, like, none of us know exactly how this will all shake out. Best to keep it simple.
Garrett: I-I didn't like h-how those t-two just t-told us w-what to do without t-taking any input from us. It f-felt a l-little bossy.

On the large screen in the main room, the host appears. The host is me. Hey, someone needed to be the host.
Nickito: Houseguests to the living room. It is now time to vote. I trust you all know how to vote and who you're voting for?
Everyone nods.
Nickito: Okay. Tonight, four houseguests will be on the block. Four. As a reminder, voting will be private, but you are allowed to tell others who you voted for. We'll start with Corey.

NOTE: I will not be showing everyone's votes fully.

+5 Corey
-5 Roy
"This is just what we discussed. I trust everyone will follow along."
+5 Seth
-5 Nicole
"Obviously giving Seth everything, I'd be very upset if he left this early. As for Nicole, I don't feel comfortable with her listening to what everyone says."
+5 Garrett
-5 Seth
"This is the plan. Seth is just too volatile, and he's fighting a lot. He'll likely be on the block anyway, I'd just like to negate any support he might have.
+3 Katie
+2 Hunter
-5 Roy
"I know I'm supposed to be giving all checks to Hunter, but man, dude's not going anywhere and I want Katie to stay so badly. As for Roy... well, it's Roy.

Nickito: Okay, everyone has voted. We will go to tally the results.
Voting Ceremony:
Nickito: The votes have been tallied. I will read out scores, then names in order of highest to lowest. The lowest 4 houseguests will be nominated for eviction, and the public voters will choose your fate.

[open the following spoilers in order]

With a score of 11...:
Katie is safe. Congratulations on receiving the highest score!
With a score of 8...:
Corey and Priya are both safe.
With a score of 6...:
Michelle is safe.
With a score of 5...:
Amanda, Garrett, and Jack are all safe.
With a score of 4...:
Andrew is safe.

Now, we are down to just eight houseguests left. Half of you will be on the nomination block.
With a score of 3...:
Jordan and Shannon are both safe.
With a score of 1...:
Liz is safe.

Roy, Hunter, Seth, Edmund, Nicole. Only one of you will avoid being nominated Week 1. Let's see who it is...
With a score of -2...:
Edmund is safe.

This means that Nicole and Seth, each with a score of -8, Hunter, with a score of -11, and Roy, with a score of -29, have been nominated for eviction. I will be back shortly to accept your pleas. For now, good night.
Roy: Ha, -29? That's all you've got?
Roy: What did I even do to get minus TWENTY-NINE? Everyone in this house is honestly insane.
Nicole: Wait... why was I nominated?
Edmund: Whew, that was close.
Andrew: Wow, that was interesting.
Andrew: Seeing half of the bros nominated is terrifying. I was half expecting Seth to go up, but Hunter? Why?
After the group naturally disperses, Hunter gathers his alliance into the red room and closes the door.
Hunter: What the hell was that?! We're supposed to have each others' backs here, and you didn't have mine. Seth, where were my checks? I needed checks.
Seth: I gave you checks. Besides, even if you had 5 more you'd still be on the block. Face it, someone wants you out.
Hunter: Katie had a ridiculous amount of points, you definitely gave your checks to her. I don't even care that I'm nominated, I'm just upset you didn't have my back!
Corey: Uh... looks like you care a little.
Seth: I don't know why you're so upset. I'm also nominated, there's an equal chance I go home.
Hunter leaves the room, slamming the door.
Corey: Huh. Well, that was a thing that happened.
Hunter: I just care so much about the game, I'm upset that I'm up here so early. Andrew and Corey were calming Seth down, but not me, so I don't know how much I trust them anymore. Starting to feel like they just wanted a bigger alliance... there are other people I'd rather side with at this point.

Amanda and Nicole are talking outside.
Amanda: Any idea as to why you were nominated?
Nicole: Yes. Actually... I overheard Shannon, Katie, and Jordan forming an alliance but they caught me.
Amanda: So you think the X's are from them?
Nicole: Almost certainly.
Nicole: Honestly, if my theory is correct, I can't blame them. It was hard for me to think of someone to give X's to, I just went for Hunter like Amanda told me. I'd be looking for any excuse to hand them out.
Amanda: If Nicole is actually listening in on private conversations, I might want her gone eventually. She wasn't part of the core group, so I don't feel like I owe her anything. Out of the Puppetmasters she's the one who we only have for numbers. Super expendable.

Okay, here's how this is going to work. Each of the 4 nominated houseguests has prepared a "plea" to you, the audience. They will explain why they want you to keep them around. They are listed in alphabetical order.
Hunter's Plea:
I've been in here just one week, you know, and already I've been backstabbed. But I'm used to this kind of life, these obstacles. I know I can overcome them if I have your help. Believe in me, I will pull through.

I have so much left to give. This week was just me acclimating to a new set of roommates, essentially. After this, the gloves are off. I'll find out why I was nominated. Just let me stay one more week, at least. Thank you.
Nicole's Plea:
Now, I'm not saying I don't deserve to be here. Coming in, I'm obviously like "I'll never be nominated and everyone will love me!" but that might not be the case. All I can say is that no matter what, I've been myself. I've been Nicole, and no one can take that away from me.

I've landed myself in trouble by following my instincts, but I regret nothing. This is simply who I am. If I lose because of that, then I lose because of that. I can live with that, but believe me when I say I am ready to last all 12 weeks.
Roy's Plea:
Oh boy. I kinda figured I'd end up doing this sooner or later. Maybe not this soon, but honestly? Why wait? I got -29. I've got nothing to lose. I'll probably be back up here a lot. If they're going to nominate me, I'll give them a reason to nominate me. *laughs*

Way I see it, I'm the only one starting that juicy drama. I'm the one getting into fights. Without me, you're just watching Nicole and Edmund stumble their way through a much of millenials, honestly not my idea of a good time. I know I'd vote to save me, just saying.
Seth's Plea:
I'm not especially happy with how the week has gone, but already coming on this show is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've met so many people I expect to be close to for the rest of my life. Katie, Andrew, Corey, the list goes on, I love them all and if I left, the worst part would be leaving them.

I'm just a big passionate guy, a gentle giant. Sometimes my passion shows itself in ugly ways, but that's how you know I care. I know I can recover from this shaky start, as long as I'm given a chance. Please, just vote for me to stay.
And it is now time to vote. PM me the name of the nominated houseguest you want to stay in the house. Just 1 person who is on the block. Whoever receives the least votes will be evicted from the Big Brother house. I'm hoping for at least 10 votes.
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AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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I'm almost ready to update, but there is a tie. If anyone else could vote, that would be greatly appreciated.

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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Today is the eviction ceremony. The audience, AKA you, has been voting for the past 2 days to send one of these houseguests home: Seth, Roy, Nicole, and Hunter. For 3 of them, life in the Big Brother house will go on as it always has, but 1 of them will be out here with the host, me, to conduct an interview about their time in the game.

Nickito: Houseguests, please come to the living room.
The 16 houseguests assemble. Seth, Hunter, and Nicole are all wearing fancy outfits, prepared for their possible interview. Roy is dressed the way he always is.
Nickito: Your first week in the Big Brother house is almost over. It wasn't so bad, was it?
Most of the house laughs.
Nickito: Anyway, your week isn't complete without us ripping one of you away. Anyway, here's how this will work. One by one, I will read the names of the safe houseguests in the order of most votes to least. When there are 2 houseguests remaining, I will only read the name of the evicted houseguest.
With the most votes to save...:
Seth, you are safe!

Seth does a fist bump, hugs Nicole, and sits down with the rest of the houseguests.
With the next most votes to save...:
Hunter, you are safe!

Hunter exhales, he had been holding his breath the entire time. He sits down without talking to either Nicole or Roy.
This brings us down to...:
Roy and Nicole. One of you will stay, but one of you will leave the Big Brother house. The houseguest leaving the Big Brother House is...


Some of the other houseguests audibly gasp. Roy laughs while he sits down. A tearful Nicole says good bye and hugs everyone, including Roy and Hunter.

Evictee Interview:
Nickito: Please welcome Nicole!
Nicole exits the Big Brother house and waves to the audience.
Nickito: Now, Nicole, were you surprised to be the first one to go?
Nicole: Honestly, yeah. Everyone was telling me Roy was gonna go, so I let myself feel safe. Apparently he has a lot of fans somewhere.
Nickito: If it makes you feel any better, it was very close between you two. Why do you think you were nominated?
Nicole: I don't know, honestly. There were a few small things here and there, but I still felt reasonably safe because of the Puppetmasters' help!
Nickito: You were given X's by Katie, Shannon, Liz, and Jordan. Katie, Shannon, and Jordan did in fact have an alliance, which is exactly what you overheard.
Nicole: I knew it! I actually thought about directing pressure there, but after I got into my own alliance that would've just been hypocritical so I didn't. Liz is a surprise though.
Nickito: Liz threw her X's around, spreading them out over people she thought would be nominated.
Nicole: Yeah, I get a little jumpy I suppose.
Nickito: Anyway. Is there anyone in there you felt really close to?
Nicole: I'd say I felt closest to Michelle, but for the most part it felt like one whole big family. For a split second, you forget that someone's going to leave, every week. Over time I went from just hoping I wasn't going to wishing no one had to go!
Nickito: Anyway, we enjoyed watching you this season. To the audience at home [you], if you have any questions for Nicole, send them in and she'll answer them. Nicole, everybody! Now let's let the houseguests sleep. They've had a long week, I think they've earned it. Good night!

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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I wasn't expecting Nicole to get the boot tbh

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Brother E: Oof! Nicole was one of my favorites. Too bad she got the boot. Sad
Nice part though! Smiley

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« Reply #20 on: December 24, 2019, 10:34:06 PM »

The first part of Week 2 is underway. Won't be out for a short while due to the holidays, but before 2020 is my goal.

Until then, I had an idea. Some users who had previously expressed interest in voting missed it because they didn't see the nomination ceremony. If you'd like, I can start a PM list, notifying anyone on the list when it is time to vote.

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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Just kidding, it's out today.

This Just In... Nicole Has Left the Building:
The houseguest leaving the Big Brother House is Nicole.
Some of the other houseguests audibly gasp. Roy laughs while he sits down. A tearful Nicole says good bye and hugs everyone, including Roy and Hunter.

Priya: Wow... I did not see that coming at all.
Corey: Congratulations on top fifteen, guys!
Jordan: Always a silver lining, isn't there?
Seth: Just glad to still be here.
Seth: I'm so, so, so grateful to still be here, and with the most votes too! Hopefully this support continues if I happen to find myself nominated again, although I don't plan on it. Just kind of wish Roy didn't have to survive too...
Roy: Ha-ha! I knew you'd save me. I'm the most interesting houseguest, after all. Anyway, after getting -29 I'm probably going up again, so, uh, it'd be great if this whole thing could happen again.
Liz: That was stressful, and I wasn't even nominated. Hearing the host read out the names of the safe houseguests one by one scared the **** out of me, and I know I don't want to find myself there at all.
Andrew: Guess we can just chillax for now, no evictions for another week.
Edmund: It's been a long day, I'm heading to bed. I'd recommend the rest of you do the same.
Roy: OK, Boomer. Wow, I think that's the first time I've said that to an actual Baby Boomer.
Edmund: I was born in 1964, I'm not a Baby Boomer.
Jack: Actually, that's right in the middle of boomers and Gen X, it's arguable either way.
Shannon: I heard that in those situations you're supposed to round up. Or down, I don't know. He's a boomer.
Corey: "Boomer" is a state of mind. He's trying to get us whippersnappers to go to bed at what, 9:30? That's a boomer.
Edmund: I'm 55, that's not even retirement age for most people. I'm Generation X, and proud of it.
Roy: Why are you proud of the year you were born in? You had literally no control over it.
Amanda: This concept of generations is subjective, and since he's definitely in a year which can go either way it's his choice.
Corey: Nah, that's not how it works.
Michelle: Hearing that conversation made me sad. You know who would have been able to debate that subject for hours on end? Nicole. The house is going to be different without her roaming around, waiting to jump into any chat that interested her. This is going to be hard, honestly. I thought evictions would be, like, a celebration. Hey, I'm one spot closer to winning, that's great, but I just feel empty.
Sisterly Love:
Katie: So Shannon, Jordan, and I formed our own alliance last week. It started as a joke, since we're all blondes in our early twenties, I said "people are going to think we're saving each other anyway, may as well actually do it!" We're calling it the Sorority, because that's just exactly what it felt like.
Jordan, Shannon, and Katie are sitting in the red room at approximately midnight.
Shannon: Nicole got evicted, and that's perfect since I led the charge to nominate her. She discovered my alliance, so she had to go. That's just how the game is played. That past vote pretty much confirms that if you're smart you can control who goes up. I know there's another alliance out there somewhere, because I can't see why else Hunter would've gone up. This week, I'm going to try and figure out who is in that alliance, so I can nominate them.
Katie: That was great!
Jordan: Honestly even getting her up was a victory.
Shannon: We essentially control one of the nominations as long as we don't target someone beloved by the house.
Katie: Just hope she didn't tell anyone.
Shannon: Eh, I'm fairly confident there are other alliances in the house, who cares if another one is here?
Katie: How do we decide who to nominate then?
Shannon: Process of elimination. Not me, or any of you. Then, we consider the others one by one.
Jordan: Such as, definitely not Seth.
Katie: Well duh, I actually gave him some of my checks. I knew it wasn't going to help him, but I just wanted to do it.
Shannon: Anyway, for the next week let's just be the sweet girls-next-door, so we can avoid nomination.
Katie: Basically flirt with all the guys, and that's basically 5 voters in our corner.
Shannon: Just have to lay low, make people want to keep me, and that will go a long way. Ideally a target presents themselves like Nicole did, but we'll see.
On the Hunt:
Day 8
Hunter: I was nominated last week, and I still don't know why. However, what I do know is that my former alliance did nothing to help me out there, not giving me enough checks to survive. There's no way that 3 or 4 different people gave me X's, without a majority of the house knowing why. Roy, Seth, Nicole, they all had their problems, and I'm not convinced I did anything on their level. For now, I'm done with them.
Hunter, Jack, and Jordan are talking together.
Hunter: I just hope I don't go back up, you know?
Jack: Being on the block sounds scary, I get where you're coming from.
Jordan: It seems unlikely. You didn't do anything that bad, at least while I was around, so it's probably not personal.
Jack: And the public kept you around, so nominating you would feel like a waste of a spot. I feel like you and Seth should be safe this week.
Hunter: I get that, but it's difficult not being paranoid.
Jack: Ugh... Hunter is getting me to help him figure out why he was nominated, when I was one of the ones who dropped X's on him. Lying to his face is tough, but I have to do it. If I'm caught in a lie this early, I'm done for.
Jordan: The eviction was yesterday, we have plenty of time to just relax. If I had to guess, there's a group throwing random nominations around just to shake things up. It can't be seen as personal.
Hunter: If anything, that scares me more. Not only is there one person voting irrationally, it's a whole group. At least if someone has an issue with me we can talk it out, this... what do I do?
Jack: Think about it, if they're switching it up every week you're almost certainly safe for a little bit.
Hunter: I guess so. For now, I'll just vote the way I have been voting, for those I want out of the house. For now, that's just Roy.

Hunter: For now, I'll keep things civil with the others. I definitely blew up on Seth, I'll admit that, but we can put that behind us. I'm not forgetting that happened though.
Andrew: Yeah, two bros going up last week was scary, but they were top two. That means, in theory, that this grouping is popular. We all get along, aside from one minor speed bump, but that might even be better. Hunter and Seth got into a fight, meaning they trust me more than they do each other. I'm so happy with the bros I chose, I feel as secure as Fort Knox.
The Bros are sitting together outside.
Andrew: Maybe we should split our votes next week?
Seth: Obviously it didn't end up mattering, but throwing all 20 of our X's on Roy got two of us nominated. We should maybe split between two people this time?
Hunter: Roy and someone else, I'm assuming?
Andrew: Yeah, no, my goal is to make sure Roy is up every week until he's gone, unless he changes. That would be nice.
Seth: I want to make up with him, but... he makes it so hard.
Corey: Let the negative energy leave the room, focus on the positive. Seth and Hunter are still in, and a majority is slowly forming. I'll call us the "Kool Kids", spelled with two K's.
Corey: This house has a partying vibe to it, right? What we're doing now is we're having a party each Tuesday night, so two days after the eviction. 'Tis a good chance to bond with the others, and just have a good time. Best part is, that means the ones who are really into the party are forming a... a coalition. That group won't turn on each other early on... which is great!
Seth: Yeah, that's another thing. The house, uh, vibe is still shaping up, and we're headed to the top. That's great!
Hunter: Yes, I quite enjoy that.
Hunter: I've had a big life. I've traveled around working odd jobs for the last ten years, meeting new people everywhere I go. I consider myself quite socially adept, since everytime I visit a new city I have to adapt to that society. Oniontown is very different from Sakura Bay, for example. Despite all of that... I'm old. I didn't consider myself old, but I apparently am. I simply cannot adapt to the parties these kids are hosting. I don't have the energy I used to. If that's their strategy... then it's settled. I can no longer be a part of that alliance.

Hunter: The individual I respect the most in this house is Garrett. Despite his speech difficulties, he decided to put himself out here, and face his worst fear. I'll never be half as brave as him. So... since I'm at a low point, I thought I'd see what he's up to and do something with him.
Hunter, Garrett, and Amanda are sitting in the red room.
Garrett: Sure is h-hot out today.
Amanda: Yeah, I'm staying inside. Hunter, how have you been in and out all day?
Hunter: Just don't like staying in one place, I guess. Garrett, can you and I talk alone for a quick second?
Amanda: I hear "talk alone", from Hunter, who was just nominated. That's strategy. I don't want Garrett alone with ANYBODY, especially not someone like Hunter who I just targetted. Garrett... I don't trust him not to spill.
Amanda grabs Garrett's arm and shakes her head.
Amanda: *whispering* Stay here.
Garrett: W-why?
Hunter: If you don't want to know it's okay.
Amanda: Hunter, anything you say to him you can say to me.
Hunter: Okay... I don't feel safe here. Right now, I trust the two of you the most, so ideally we can work together.
Amanda: I like strategy, that's good. Basically we'd just pile our X's on someone else to take up a spot on the block.
Hunter: Checks feel more important to me at this point, as well as finding out who actually nominated me.
Garrett: W-we c-can help you w-with th-that.
Amanda kicks Garrett softly under the table.
Garrett: I-I don't know w-why Amanda d-doesn't tr-trust me. I c-can't talk to H-Hunter alone, a-and... now I l-lost an offer f-for an a-alliance. I'm s-s-so upset I c-can b-barely t-talk, I f-feel like they d-don't tr-treat me l-like an adult.
Hunter: I don't love Amanda being in on it, but I figured that if I backed out of it she'd get suspicious. I'm in a rough spot still, but... we'll see what happens.
Amanda: So now that Nicole is gone, Hunter gracefully falls right into that spot. I'll tell him how to vote, he's basically a Puppetmaster, he just won't know the alliance exists. Don't know how to deal with him figuring out I nominated him, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

AskJoe [Oct 06 12:17 AM]:   Okay, so maybe I was wrong all along and God actually does exist.

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