Question: Who dies?
Mitch - 1 (12.5%)
Wally - 6 (75%)
Neither - 1 (12.5%)
Total Voters: 4

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Author Topic: When AnEvils Attack!  (Read 2663 times)
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Chapter 1
    My name is Cooper. Here I am lost in the Maple Mountain Woods with my girlfriend & co-worker; Prudence and our pets, my cat and her dog. Their names are Cookie and Pickle, respectively. We're here because we got kicked out of Tastyville High. It's... kind of hard to explain, but I'll get to that later.
    "Do you think they followed us?" Prudence asked.
    "No, the massacre was a big enough distraction," I replied.
    "Ffft," Cookie growled fiercely.
    "What is it, boy?" I asked.
    I turned around, and instantly found out. It was a Mountain Monster! Just kidding, those things only exist in the myths. It's probably just Mitch or Marty joking around. They're like that sometimes. I went to pull of the mask.
    It was a real Mountain Monster! This was bad. Really bad.
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I'm kind of tired of the fangirlizing on Cooper.
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cooper dies
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Chapter 2:
    My name is Prudence. We are running away from a mountain monster, but I only think it wants to kill Cooper. Did you see what he did?! He thought it was Mitch and tryed to pull of it's supposed mask! I found a tree, and climbed it along with the pets. Atleast, I think I'm climbing it with the pets. They're gone!
    "Cookie! Pickle! Where are you?" I yelled.
    "Rowr!" the Mountain Monster shouted.
    I looked down, and saw the Mountain Monster eat Cooper! Oh no! This is bad! But it doesn't end there. Before leaving, he takes the pets! I'm all alone!
    "Are you sure about that?" a voice said.
    "Who...who are you?"
    "It's Maggie. You know, your friend."
    Thank goodness I wasn't alone! But how did Maggie find me?
by the way, AnEvils are evil animals

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I'm kind of tired of the fangirlizing on Cooper.
As if the fanboying wasn't enough.

Why would you make this thread for any reason other than an attempt to prove that god has died?
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Chapter 3:
    This is Maggie here, rushing out of the fire. School got canceled early. I went for my shortcut in the Maple Mountain woods. I'm at the end of the path when suddenly I hear screaming.
    It sounded like Cooper! I rushed over to find out what had scared them. Not to mention I also had a crush on Cooper. When I got there, I saw footprints. I suddenly heard a voice that sounded a lot like Prudence's.
    "I'm all alone!"
    Clearly she didn't notice me. "Are you sure about that?"
    "Maggie? Thank goodness! But, how did you find me?"
    "I heard Cooper's scream." Then I looked around. "Is he..."
    "We might as well tell his parents."
    We set off to Cooper's house and told his parents. Then we set off our own seperate ways. Not too long later, I made it home. I was greeted by my stepdad.
    "Hi, Maggie!"
    "Oh, Hi James."
    I was in the house by the time I heard some booming. I looked out the window and saw something that looked a lot like Cookie, except much more bigger and stronger.
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Chapter 4:
    This is Professor Fitz being really angry. Cooper and Prudence absolutely destroyed the school! That's the second time it ever happened! I might as well tell you both stories.
    When I was a student at Tastyville High, I spent all my free time designing legends, like Mountain Monsters, but in miniature form. One day, I forgot something. I got a little boy to run back to my house and get it. I don't know if it was an accident or on purpose, but the flask the boy (who looked suspiciously like Jojo) handed me turned the mountain monster into a lifesize creation! It destroyed the school, but I didn't get in trouble because it was the boy's fault.
    Now the second, more recent time was just today. I'm a chemistry teacher, and it just so happens that Cooper and Prudence attend this class at the same time. For some reason, they brought their pets with them. The dog and the cat started fighting and knocked over a dangerous tube that set fire to the lab, and eventually the school. Cooper and Prudence got expelled, while everyone else left early, including me.
    I drove to my house and passed a giant cat. I looked and saw Maggie and her stepdad, trying to escape it. I saw that I could help. "Get in my car!" Maggie did, but right when her stepdad opened the door, the cat crushed him (and my door).
    "Where are we going?" Maggie asked.
    "Away from here." I replied.
    Since a door was ripped off of the car, the cat could hear every word we said. It decided to follow us.
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Chapter 5:
    I'm Yippy! A stranger just kidnapped Maggie! And a cat killed Dad! This day is getting bad. I got Grandma. "Grandma, can you drive after the stranger that kidnapped Maggie?"
    "No, Yippy, I will not thrive with the danger that b****-slaped Maggie."
    I got a piece of paper and wrote it out. I had to do this a lot.
    "Oh, you want me to drive after the stranger that kidnapped Maggie!"
    "Let's go!"
    "Not now, Yippy. There's a giant cat outside."
    "Who cares?"
    "I can't win. OK. OK."
    We got in the car, and drove off. The cat followed us.
    "This is bad..." Grandma muttered.
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Chapter 6:
    This is Sue. I just got home from work to find no one at home, with the exception of James, who is dead. The only car there is Mo- wait, she used my car! This happens all the time. I get in my mom's car and drive to the right, where I see some huge cat. It's not too long before I see a smoldering wreckage that was once my car. I see Mom dead in the front seat. But where's Yippy? "Yippy!"
    "Right here, Mom!"
    I turn around and see Yippy, unhurt. "Yippy, what happened?"
    "A cat killed Dad and Grandma. We were driving after the stranger that kidnapped Maggie."
    "Kidnap? Maggie? This is bad. Get in the back."
    Yippy got in the back of Mom's car, and we drove off. In the direction of the cat. I'll do anything to save Maggie.
please reply! I made 4 chapters in a row!
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Chapter 7:
    This is Mitch, chef, speed-eater and prankster. Grandpa Wally's visiting me for a few days. I'm walking home from school and I see something that looks like Cooper's cat, but much bigger. At home, I ask Grandpa if I could drive there.
    "Sure, but lemme come with ya!"
    "Uh... OK?"
    We got in my car and drove off in that direction. We saw two dead people on the way: James and Olga. "We should prob'ly turn back now," Wally said. I turned around to head to Burgerburgh. I need all the help I can get! Once I get there, I see something that looks like Prudence's dog, but much bigger. "This way's prob'ly bad too." Wally stated.
    "What other choice do we have?" I asked.
    "Well, we could prob'ly go to Tastyville."
    "But there's a fire there!"
    "...Starlight City?"
    It was literally the only place left, so that's where we went. Unfortunately, the dog followed us.
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The dog is probably gonna crush the Wingeria...

if only mages could cast revive spells
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