AskJoe (-1) - 11 (7.2%)
AyKooChao (-1) - 11 (7.2%)
CursedSkylark (+1) - 25 (16.3%)
Nickito (-1) - 24 (15.7%)
Penguin022 (-1) - 20 (13.1%)
Pizzaccino (+1) - 27 (17.6%)
SpongeBob29 (-1) - 8 (5.2%)
Tamatim (+1) - 16 (10.5%)
Theo (-1) - 11 (7.2%)
Total Voters: 37

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Author Topic: 2019 Forum Moderator Showdown (mini-bloodbath ELIMINATION.) (VOTE BEST AGAIN!)  (Read 6542 times)
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you should quit this tbh
Brother E: Yeah, it was just a fad that died away. I wonder if anyone would vote even if he made a new round. Undecided

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Yeah I’ve kind of lost interest tbh...

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it's not funny anymore tbh

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This is a dead meme Hmm

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This is a dead meme Hmm

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Yeah I’ve kind of lost interest tbh...

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