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Author Topic: How To Ignore Users  (Read 14695 times)
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Updated 02/14/15

We've just added a way for anyone to ignore a user on the Forum.  Here's what happens when you ignore a user:

  • You won't see any topics this user creates or has created already on the Forum
  • You won't see this user's posts in any other topics
  • If another user quotes someone that you're ignoring, you won't see that quote in their post
  • You will not receive PMs from that ignored user
  • You won't see this user's messages in the Shoutbox
  • New: You also won't see the users's posts/quotes in "Topic Summary" when replying

Here's how you can ignore a user:

1. Go to your own profile by clicking "Profile" on the top menu
2. On the links at the left side below "Modify Profile", click "Ignoring Users and PMs"
3. On the "Ignored Users" list, type one user name on each line for anyone you want to ignore.

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